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    My wife's bull visited us this past weekend and told us we had to rent a show called "You're The Worst".

    I did get it from our local library, and while we are going to watch the whole thing now we started with season 3, episode 8, which is about cuckolding. I watched it with my wife and her bull on Sunday afternoon right before he left!

    The best scene is here: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph599b16042a6fa

    There is another scene after this one where this character meets with another female friend who chuckles saying "I still can't believe you are cuckolding Paul!" And some further discussion then ensues.

    I felt a little sheepish watching it with my wife and her bull but we did all laugh.

    My wife's bull has seen more of the show and said there's lots of cheating that precedes these events, and that in the episode before this his wife comes to him and tells him that she wants his blessing to sleep with other men, which he gives her, culminating in the events of this episode.

    We are planning to watch it starting with season 1 all the way through. It's a quirky show from what I've seen so far and is quite entertaining in its' own right if not quite dark!

    Our bull paid me the dubious compliment of saying "You're a much better cuckold than this character."
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    That is one hot clip!! Thanks for sharing!

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