Your Wife's First Date

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    “You see honey, there is this guy at work and he wants to take me out on a date.” says your wife, searching your face for a reaction.

    You just look at her and laugh, “What the hell are you talking about? Didn’t you tell him you were married?”

    “Of course I did, silly,” she says with a nervous smile. “That’s the thing, he says that this makes it more interesting.”

    “Oh god, is he one of these swinger-types or something?” you say disgusted.

    You wife raises her shoulders and looks at her lap as she twists her fingers anxiously. “Well I don’t know really. I think we both agree that swinging is pretty gross.”

    You start to pay more attention to her, it bothers you that she seems so nervous. “Why are we not just laughing this off?” you ask cautiously.

    She seems to steel her resolve and holds her palms up. “Look, just hear me out here, ok. I am not going to belabor the point about our sex life. I have complained enough about that already and you know how I feel.”

    You roll your eyes, “Oh god, not this again. How often do you expect us to do it after all these years?” you ask annoyed.

    Tears well up briefly in her eyes and your heart melts when you see them, but she gathers her composure and carries on. “I’m just a wife now and men don’t look at me and my own husband doesn’t care to have sex with me much. I never relied on attention from men for my self-esteem…”

    You snort “Ha, that’s for sure.”

    She smiles, “Sure, you know me, I am a modern, independent woman. But still, being invisible to men gets to me after a while. I can’t tell you how flattering it is to have this fellow persistently flirting with me all the time. He looks me up and down and comments on my body.” she pauses and looks into the distance. “Well it makes me blush. It makes my heart race a little with some of that old excitement.” She looks at you frankly, “The way you used to make me feel.”

    “Used to.” you agree thoughtfully. “Ok, it annoys the shit out me to hear that some asshole is flirting with you, but I can’t complain. You are right, I love you deeply, but the spark is burning pretty low right now.” You feel a little dejected.

    You wife pats you on the knee. “Oh well, the sex you and I do have is the best ever. We are so comfortable with each other that we can tell each other exactly what we want, when we want it. There’s none of this awkward teenage fumbling around. I don’t want to have sex with some strange man. That’s not what I am proposing.”

    You look at her skeptically, “Well, what are you proposing then?”

    “Why just that I let this guy take me out on a date, like I did when I was single.” she says simply. “I’ve never had sex on a first date.” she laughs. “So it will make you jealous and maybe that’s ok. You will get excited to think about some other guy paying so much attention to your wife. You might remember that I am a pretty sexy woman after all.”

    You just laugh. “Ok, go on. What do you get out of it besides the flattery?”

    “Well, that’s a lot. I will get excited and maybe a little hot and bothered. After the date, I will kiss him on the cheek and thank him for a wonderful evening. Then I will come inside and fuck your brains out.” her eyes are twinkling and you laugh out loud to hear her use such language.

    The first date goes just as planned, your wife wears a conservative dress and she and this guy do dinner and a movie. She is home a couple of hours later, cheeks flushed with excitement and you do have much hotter sex than usual. You didn’t even feel very jealous really while she was gone.

    So when she suggests that she go on another date, you readily agree. Where’s the harm? But things progress a little differently the second time around…

    “How does this look?” asks your wife, coming into the living room in a see-through bra and panties, wearing thigh high black stockings with garters.

    “Uh, pretty fantastic.” you say, eying her large round breasts with swollen nipples pushing against the flimsy fabric of her bra. Your gaze slides down her hourglass torso to her shapely legs, lingering on the soft pale flesh of her thighs exposed above the dark band of her stocking tops. “What’s this all about? I thought you were going on your second date tonight.”

    “Well I am wearing this under my dress.” she says, raising one shoulder and peering seductively over it at you. “Do you think this is too slutty?”

    “It would be if he ever saw it.” you laugh.

    “Well what if I showed him?” she asks with a smile.

    “Oh, HELL no!” you laugh. “Are you kidding? I like a little spice, but that’s going too far. You are practically naked.”

    “No, I’m not.” she says defensively, as she unconsciously covers her nipples.

    “Look, you aren’t doing that.” you say simply. ‘That is all. Next topic.”

    She looks dejected for a second, then thinks for a second and brightens. “Ok, how about this idea. Why don’t I invite him in after our date to fool around on the couch a little. That is what I would normally do with a guy I liked on the second date.”

    “You like this guy?” you ask suspiciously.

    You wife gives you an exasperated look. “Well sure, he was funny and pleasant. I am not in love with him like I am with you and have been for all these years. I mean come on, how can you really be jealous of some guy I just met? The relationship between you and I is deep.” She pauses and you both look at each other and think about all the good times and the hard times.

    You smile, “It’s pretty ridiculous to be jealous, you are right. But I guess that’s how I am. I still love you.”

    Your wife returns your smile. “Of course, dear. That’s a good reaction actually. I want to push it up a notch by fooling around with this guy a little.”

    “What do you mean by fooling around?” you ask with a furrowed brow, shifting uncomfortably in your seat. You don’t really like the sound of this.

    “Oh you know,” she says lightly, looking away. “A little kissing, a little petting, hugging and snuggling. I never let a guy go very far on the second date. We might even do it with you sitting right there if everyone agrees.” she looks up at you hopefully. You notice that your penis has gotten stiff at this suggestion and you try to cover it up.

    “Yeah, I would rather be in the same room for that part.” you say shakily.

    “Great!” she says excitedly and puts on a much shorter and more slinky dress than last time. You look her over and your hard-on stiffens further, but you don’t object.

    This time, your stomach is churning as you wait for her to return from her date. She didn’t actually tell you where they were going somehow. You aren’t sure how this got overlooked. You try to watch TV, but you can’t. You are too distracted and everything seems annoying. You consider texting her, but you don’t want to seem needy. They are gone much longer than you expected and you are about to give in and actually call her to make sure she is alright when you hear his car pull up in the driveway.

    You are relieved but nervous when they enter laughing and giddy. You wife is flushed again, and you can smell alcohol on both of them, but she isn’t drunk by any means. She introduces you to her date and he shakes your hand with a friendly smile.

    “Your wife is just wonderful. Thank you for letting me hang out with her.” he says.

    You look him in the eye, trying to judge his intentions. “Yeah, she is wonderful. You are lucky to have this opportunity.”

    “Oh I know.” he laughs breaking your gaze and looking your wife up and down. “We have had a blast together.”

    “Where did you go?” you ask.

    “Oh, here and there.” says your wife mischievously. ”Let’s go into the living room. We were just out dancing but I am not done yet. Honey, please put some music on while I grab some refreshments for everyone.”

    You are tight-lipped and invite this fellow into the living room while you put on some jazz.

    “How about some funk instead?” he says walking up and brazenly plugging his phone into your stereo. James Brown beats emerge from your speakers as your wife returns with some drinks. She hands out beverages and dims the lights. “I love James Brown,” she shouts at him. He just nods and they start dancing together immediately, eyes locked with one another.

    You stand there awkwardly for a moment then just sit down and watch them dance, not knowing what else to do.

    They aren’t dancing for long before your wife turns around and puts her ass right into this guy’s crotch. He is smiling and grabs her hips and is grinding himself up against her ass. You stare in shock as this guy dry humps your wife and then quickly come to your senses and jump up and switch off the music.

    “Whoa!” he says surprised and your wife and he separate quickly.

    “That’s a bit much, isn’t it?” you ask her angrily. Your heart is racing. “Dry humping? Really?”

    You wife is laughing and grabs your arm. “Oh honey, look at you. You’ve got your dander up.” She hugs you happily. “That’s nothing dear. It’s just a dance. But we will stop if you want.” She looks at this guy significantly. He’s holding a hand over his crotch and avoiding your eyes.

    “Let’s sit down on the couch and get comfortable.” says your wife. “Are you ok? Why are you holding your crotch.” you wife asks him innocently.

    “You know why.” he says smiling and take his hand away showing her the bulge in his jeans.

    “Oh, I thought I felt something back there.” says your wife looking at you mischievously.

    “Cut the the shit.” you complain uncomfortably.

    She just laughs and they sit down together on the couch. Your wife whispers something in his ear and he looks over at you skeptically.

    “What did you say to him?” you ask a little annoyed.

    “Well she wants to know if I want to fool around.” he says stiffly. “I guess I am here to spice up your relationship or something.” You wife gasps and starts tickling him and he breaks down laughing. “Ok, Ok, I am game if you are.”

    You squirm uncomfortably as they wrestle on the couch, tickling each other and laughing. Your wife’s hair is a mess and she is panting with excitement. Pretty soon he pins her down and starts kissing her neck. “Oh honey, make him stop, he’s molesting me.” jokes your wife in a falsetto voice. You do want to jump up and make him stop, but you just grit your teeth and stay where you are.

    After a moment, she stops struggling and wraps her arms around him. He starts kissing her on the mouth and she eagerly responds with her tongue. Your penis stiffens as you watch your wife and this man making out on the couch.

    You notice that he is starting to run his hands over her body and he has one hand wrapped around her ass and another on one of her boobs.

    “Uh, ok, that’s enough now.” you say, but you stay in your seat.

    At this point they are both ignoring you and greedily licking each other’s tongues. His hand is inside her blouse and he is kneading her ass in earnest. You wife reaches down and grasps his bulge then quickly unzips his fly. She doesn’t look at you as she eases his cock out of his jeans and starts stroking it. You catch your breathe, but you can’t move. You are staring in fascination as he pulls her to her feet and lifts her dress up and off over her head. She lifts her arms submissively to help him undress her. She stands there in her lingerie looking you in the eye as he unsnaps her bra.

    “What the hell are you doing?” you croak, barely able to speak.

    “He’s undressing me dear,” she says matter-of-factly, reaching back she grabs hold of his member and starting stroking it again. “And now I have his penis in my hand and I am stroking it.” she explains smiling. “Now he has taken my bra off and is pinching my nipples which are quite tender and swollen,” she continues, but then she gasps with passion and says “pardon me a moment, dear.” She turns around and drops to her knees before him. She holds his cock in front of her mouth and looks up at him. “May I suck this?” she asks. He simply thrusts it into her mouth in reply and she moans with pleasure as she starts sucking his dick. He turns her shoulders around slightly so that you can see better and your wife looks at you wide eyed, curious to see your reaction. Her mouth is wrapped around his shaft and her cheeks are sucked in as she slides his penis in and out of her mouth, maintaining suction all the time.

    Momentarily, he grunts with satisfaction. She takes her mouth off him and says to you. “I’m starting to taste pre-ejaculate. I think he’s ready to take me now.” She walks over to you and bends over to unzip your fly, her large breasts dangling before you. You cup them in your hands, weighing them as you penis erupts from your pants. She grasps it familiarly, “Please stroke this yourself while you watch, dear. I am going to be busy. “

    Then she releases you, pulls down her panties, and lays on the couch with her legs spread wide for him. He pushes just the tip of his cock into her vagina and looks over at you expectantly. “Uh oh” he says, “It’s going in. Another man’s cock is penetrating your wife there buddy” he laughs teasing your wife as he prods her with the tip of his thing and then withdraws it quickly.

    She wriggles in pleasure for a moment before grabbing his ass and pulling him into her. “Gimme that thing.” she gasps, thrusting her hips up to engulf him. Soon his ass is pistoning up and down as he thrusts himself into your wife. She is grunting and moaning with pleasure, really hamming it up you think. She never makes those sounds when you fuck her. Your mouth is dry and you hard-on is painful, so you just decide you jerk yourself as your wife suggested. You actually enjoy the site of her generous breasts bouncing up and down with each thrust. Pretty soon your wife cries out in climax and her lover pulls out and shoots his load on her belly and into her face. You cum yourself soon after, shooting a good load up in the air and onto your own pant legs. Meanwhile, he straddles her and slaps his limp dick against your wife’s face playfully. “Bad whore wife.” he says while she laughs and tries to push him away. Then he climbs off of her and starts getting dressed.

    She just turns and looks at you with contentment. She is limp with exhaustion and her skin is shining with a post-orgasm glow. Once dressed, he gives your wife a kiss, gives you a friendly wave goodbye, and strides out the door. You look down at the mess you’ve made of yourself and then over at your wife covered in another man’s semen. “How the hell did that happen?” you ask, drained and incredulous.

    “Well that’s how he did me last time actually.” she says with a wry grin. “I thought we could just fool around a little, but that’s just ridiculous. One thing always leads to another and once I felt that hard cock, I knew I would be putting out.” The blood drains from your face as meaning of her words sink in.

    “Ah well, it looks like you enjoyed yourself anyway.” she looking at your cum soaked trousers. “You better give those to me and I will stick them in the wash.”

    And somehow things snap back into the old routine as your naked, cum-soaked wife starts tidying up the mess in the living room.

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