Your wife wants to audition at a strip club

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  1. Your wife comes home one day in a huff.

    "What’s eating you?" you ask, annoyed at how she is slamming the cupboard doors and stamping around the house.

    "Do you think I’m still sexy?" she asks, putting her hands on her hips.

    "Uh, sure." you say nervously.

    "We never have sex anymore." she responds.

    "Oh jeez, not this again. Look what do you expect after 20 years together? " you say.

    "Other men don’t find me attractive either." she sniffs, holding back tears.

    "Well, I’m sure they do…" you respond, not liking where this is going.

    "I was out with my girlfriend Samantha today and these men approached us and asked her if she would ever consider exotic dancing." says your wife angrily. "I mean, they were serious. They work at a gentleman’s club and they actually offered her a job."

    "Well that’s not too surprising." you say thinking about Samantha’s body.

    "What’s that supposed to mean?" she snaps back.

    "Uh, Samantha’s, you know, sort of slutty looking." you say lamely. "Look, what are you so angry about? At least they didn’t proposition you."

    "That’s just the point." she says with exasperation. “Why didn’t they ask me?"

    "Wait, what? You probably seem too… classy for that sort of thing." you say, confused.

    "Classy? Ha!" she pouts. "Old and dumpy is more like it!"

    "Are you seriously upset because some guys…DIDN’T make an inappropriate proposal to you today. Are you actually jealous of Samantha?" you ask, amazed.

    "Frankly… yes. I am jealous. No one has ever propositioned me like that." she sighs.

    You look at your wife in a fresh light. She does still have an excellent body, but she has always been very modest and reserved, maybe even a little nerdy.

    "Look, you just don’t give off that vibe." you say, struggling for words.

    "You mean, I come across as a wallflower. I know it, but I am sick of it." she says angrily. "Samantha just breezily turned them down and casually handed their card to me. I asked her if she was offended but she said that it’s happened now and then over the years and she’s used to it by now." Your wife holds up a gaudy looking gold and black business card. "You know what? I am going to give these guys a call myself and schedule an audition."

    "What?!" you yelp. "You can’t be serious!"

    "Oh I am serious, see if I don’t." she says face flushed with excitement.

    "But you are a married woman!" you say, shocked at this turn of events.

    "That’s true." she says pausing. "I suppose you would be jealous?" she asks.

    "Well, yes, of course. I mean…" you are at a loss for words.

    "Well what if I just did one audition?" she asks hopefully. “Please, honey, my self-esteem could really use the boost. I need to prove to myself that I am still desirable. Can’t you understand that?"

    "Yes, but, umm… you might be setting yourself up for disappointment…" you say hesitantly, not meeting her eyes.

    "Ugh, I know. Believe me, I have thought about that." she says pensively. Then she bursts into tears and runs from the room. "I knew you didn’t think I was sexy anymore." she cries over her shoulder.

    "Oh jesus." you say to yourself as you climb from your chair. "She’s really cornered me now." You walk down the hall and are not surprised to find that she has locked the bedroom door and is crying within.

    "Honey!" you shout. "I am quite sure that you would pass the audition. You still have an amazing body."

    You hear your wife’s sobbing lessen. After a minute, she opens the door, sniffling. "But I am so uptight." she says.

    "Oh jeez, look how you’ve turned the tables on me." you say, taking her into your arms. "Do I really have to be the one to convince you to do this?" you ask.

    "Yes." she says simply, as you hold her.

    "Well, I guess you could have a few drinks before you go down there to loosen up." you say with resignation.

    She pulls away from you. "That’s true!" she says, brightening. "But you will be jealous if I… you know… let other men… see me like that." she stammers and blushes deeply.

    You are surprised by how aroused you suddenly become as she shyly describes showing herself to other men.

    "I am willing to swallow my jealousy and let you do this." you say, your cock growing hard at the thought of your wife stripping for other guys. "But just this one time."

    "Oh thank you, honey. You don’t know how much this means to me." says your wife, giving you a kiss.

    * * *

    On the day of the audition, you wife is beside herself, nervously pacing around the house. She has spent weeks looking at lingerie with her friend Samantha who finds the entire thing quite amusing. Samantha was going to accompany your wife but had to cancel at the last minute. When it’s time to leave, she comes rushing into the living room wearing an incredibly short, skin tight dress and thigh-high stockings. You admire her body appreciatively.

    "Honey, you have to go with me." says your wife, eyes wide with fear. "I can’t do this alone."

    "You’ve got to be kidding me!" you say, stunned.

    "This is too nerve wracking, I need you there with me." she wails, teetering awkwardly in the high heels that she isn’t used to wearing.

    You look at your poor wife standing there hysterical in that sexy outfit, completely ill at ease and you can barely restrain a laugh. "Alright dear, calm down, have a drink and calm your nerves, then I will drive you down there."

    * * *

    The drinks do calm her nerves somewhat and she is in a bubbly mood when you arrive at the club. It’s early afternoon on a Saturday and the club is closed. You and your wife are greeted at the door by one of the managers.

    "Hello Mrs. Smith." he asks grinning broadly and looking her body over. "I’m Jim Reaver, we met briefly a few weeks ago I think. And are you… Mr. Smith then?" he asks, giving you a strange look but offering his hand nonetheless.

    ‘Uh, yeah." you say, shaking his hand hesitantly.

    "Well, alrighty then. It’s a bit odd for a husband to actually be present at the audition." he says as he leads you both inside. "I mean you understand the nature of this sort of audition, don’t you?" he asks, looking at you quizzically.

    "Honestly, I begged my husband to come along because I was so nervous." laughs your wife. "I have never done anything like this before."

    "Of course, that’s perfectly fine. That’s why we are so interested in you, actually." he says looking at her wolfishly. "That shyness is impossible to find in professionals your age. I just want to make sure your husband understands what we are going to ask you to do and that he agrees to it."

    "I guess I know what happens in strip clubs." you say uncomfortably.

    He gives you a surprised grin. "Sure, but let me just explain how this audition works."

    Your wife smiles at him and listens intently. You don’t like the way she is looking at this guy. Does she find him attractive or something?

    "See we will ask your wife to get up on stage and dance a little bit. There will be some guys here. Bartenders, bouncers, you know, maybe some other staff members. So this isn’t like a private thing." He turns to your wife casually, “We understand that you won’t have any routine prepared. We will just offer some suggestions about how to disrobe."

    You wife giggles nervously and blushes, unable to meet his eyes. He waggles his eyebrows at you rudely and you just swallow and give him a false smile in return.

    "Once your wife has stripped completely naked, we will ask her to dance nude for a little while and show us her… assets." he says lasciviously.

    Your wife laughs out loud. “You sound like you are really enjoying this."

    He looks her over slowly and says. "I admit that I love my job." he says.

    "Ok, yeah. That’s great." you say annoyed.

    "Anyway, after the stage dance, we will ask you to do some lap dancing." he says.

    "Ok." she says, giving you a nervous look. "What does that involve?"

    "Well there is some touching of course. That can’t be avoided. Some girls like to brush their bare nipples across the client’s faces. We will try to act like a typical customer to give you some idea of the groping you can expect." he says giving you a gleeful wink.

    "Oh, boy." says you wife, blushing even more furiously. "Are you going to be OK with that, dear?" she asks.

    "Well not really, no." you admit, your stomach flipping.

    Jim purses his lips. "No? Well we can take her into the VIP room for that part then." he says smoothly.

    "Uhh… I don’t know." you say.

    "The VIP room will be fine." pipes up your wife. "My husband is being a real trooper by accompanying me down here. But I won’t make him watch me do a lap dance for another man. That’s asking too much."

    "Oh, I agree." he says looking at her tits. "Shall we get started?"

    "Oh yes!" she says excitedly as he takes her hand and guides her to the steps leading to the low stage.

    "Please help yourself to a seat anywhere, Mr. Smith." he calls over his shoulder. "Bob, get Mr. Smith a drink."

    "Uh, yeah, I could use a lager." you tell the bartender as you approach the bar.

    "Is that your wife?" he asks curiously, handing you a glass of beer.

    "Yes." you admit, taking a swig.

    "Yeah, we get that sometimes. Swingers taking it to the next level." he smiles.

    "Oh, we aren’t swingers." you say, shocked as the music starts.

    "Really?" he says confused. "There goes your wife." he gestures.

    You turn to watch your wife awkwardly start dancing to the music.

    "Hold on!" shouts the manager. "She doesn’t like this song. Put some 80’s music on. You like Madonna, honey?" he calls to your wife.

    She nods meekly, the music changes to 80’s Madonna, and pretty soon she is up there getting into the groove. You are embarrassed at how readily she starts shaking her ass and shimmying her shoulders to make her tits bounce. The manager whistles in appreciation.

    "Ok baby, you got it now. Lose the dress!" shouts one of the bouncers coming forward toward the stage.

    You wife is blushing furiously and pauses to clumsily pull her dress off. Your pulse is pounding as you look around at the various guys in the darkened club looking at your wife in a see-through bra and panties. You turn to see the bartender staring raptly at her as he cleans the glasses.

    "That is hot!" shouts the manager. "Keep dancing!"

    After a few moments, your wife gets back into the swing of things and resumes dancing sexily. Your cock is getting hard at the sight of her shapely figure and bouncing boobs.

    "Will you remove your bra now, please?" calls the manager.

    Your wife reaches behind her and unsnaps her bra, but pauses for a moment, teasing a little by holding her hands in front of her breasts before she pulls it off and tosses it to the manager.

    "Outstanding!" he shouts, catching her bra. "Pinch your nipples!"

    You gulp as your wife obliges him, lewdly pinching her bare nipples and pursing her lips at him. You look on numbly as she dances topless in front of these strange men and the next thing you know she is wiggling her panties down and exposing her dark, freshly trimmed bush.

    "Sweet!" mutters the bartender and you look over at him angrily.

    "Oops, sorry, bud." he says with a wry smile.

    You can’t believe that you are sitting here watching your wife expose her pale gorgeous body as she dances nude for these strange men. Presently the song is over and there is scattered applause and catcalls from around the club.

    "Well done, Mrs. Smith." shouts the manager as your wife performs an awkward, nude curtsy. "Ok boys, we are taking Mrs. Smith into the VIP room, who wants a lap dance?" he shouts. "Bob, you in?"

    "Oh, hell yeah!" calls the bartender, tossing his dish towel down and scurrying out from behind the bar. You stare at him in dismay, but he just avoids your eyes and rushes to the back of the club as the manager helps your naked wife down from the stage and leads her through a door labelled “VIP" in silver glitter.

    One of the bouncers comes over and lays a heavy hand on your shoulder. "Sit tight, buddy, this might take a little while."

    "I don’t like this." you mutter, looking with interest at the strippers as they emerge from the dressing room and congregate at the end of the bar in their skimpy outfits, getting sodas for themselves and laughing in conversation.

    "I know what you are going through. My girlfriend is a dancer." he sighs joining you at the bar. "I don’t like to think about the lap dances or the VIP room activity."

    "What normally goes on in there?" you ask as one of the girls notices you sitting there and heads over.

    ‘You don’t wanna know. Hey Cindy!" he says greeting the stripper. "This is Mr. Smith. His wife is auditioning with Jim in back right now."

    Cindy smile brightly at you as you try not to look at her nipples clearly visible through her transparent top.

    "Omigod, are you like, so jealous right now?" she asks scandalously.

    "Uh, yeah, sort of." you admit.

    "I know, your wife is back there, like, going down on all these guys right now while you just sit here waiting." she laughs, putting her hands on your thighs and rubbing her boobs against your chest suggestively.

    "Ugh, what? No, she wouldn’t go that far." you say distracted by her boobs.

    "Oh yes she is." says Cindy gripping your cock through your pants. "Ooh, you are hard." she growls softly.

    "Uh, I’m sure she’s not." says the bouncer, averting his eyes. "I got to go do something."

    "Don’t worry, I will keep you company." whispers Cindy as she nibbles on your ear and squeezes your cock. "This one is on me." She unzips your pants and starts giving you a handjob right there in the bar shielding your bare cock with her body so no one can see. You don’t know what to do so you just cup her perfectly round ass cheeks in the palms of your hands and let her do her thing.

    When she feels you about to climax, she pulls away suddenly. "Oops, sorry, I can’t let you cum on me, I have to work in this outfit." she laughs and walks away with a little wave as you hastily put your cock away.

    You sit there will blue balls for a few minutes and are about to go to the bathroom to relieve yourself when your wife finally emerges from the VIP room accompanied by the manager, bartender, and several bouncers. Everyone is flushed with excitement and laughing loudly. Your wife is still nude and she is wiping her face and belly with a towel as she locates her underwear and dress. She dresses casually right there by the stage talking to the manager happily. The bartender returns to the bar with a broad grin, giving you a thumbs up.

    "I thoroughly enjoyed your wife, Mr. Smith. You are a lucky man." he says with a devilish smile.

    "Yeah, thanks." you say sarcastically giving him a dirty look.

    Once she is dressed, your wife and the manager join you at the bar.

    "Well Mr. Smith. I must say that you have been a real good sport about all this." says Jim.

    "Yes, you are such a sweetie." gushes your wife, eyes bright with excitement as she gives you a hug. Her face is glowing with pleasure and you are surprised at how vital and young she seems right now.

    "Your wife really blew us all away." says Jim. “We are prepared to hire her on the spot and have offered her $1000 a night base salary, plus tips and commission on all drinks ordered by her clients."

    "And that’s for a four-hour shift!" says your wife excitedly. "I wouldn’t even need to quit my day job."

    "Yeah, that’s a lot of money." you mutter distractedly. Then you blurt out, “I hate to be a stick in the mud, but what went on back there in that VIP room just now?"

    Your wife looks guiltily at Jim who just shrugs his shoulders. "Honey, it was, you know… I performed lap dances for Jim and the boys." she says making a strange face.

    "Well I heard that you were giving them head." you say hotly.

    "From who?" demands Jim casting a suspicious glance at the strippers at the end of the bar.

    "Oh were you talking to those girls?" laughs your wife nervously. "You just don’t understand their sense of humor. They are so naughty, they were just teasing you. Of course I wouldn’t ever do something like that. How could you think that of me?"

    "Well you went through with this whole stripping thing…" you say, somewhat abashed.

    "Mr. Smith, I assure you, this is a professional establishment. No sex acts of any kind are tolerated." he says stiffly as though offended.

    "Ok, then, let’s just go." you say grumpily.

    "Mrs, Smith, it was a real pleasure, I look forward to working with you." says the manager taking your wife’s hand and looking deeply into her eyes.

    She just titters nervously and averts her eyes. “Thank you James." she says meekly.

    * * *

    "I can’t believe I let you talk me into that." you say grumpily on the drive home.

    "Well I’m glad I did." responds your wife casually. “I feel like that was an incredibly liberating experience."

    You glance over at how bright eyed and full of life your wife seems and you can’t help but smile in response. "You certainly seem rejuvenated. I guess I will just suck it up and put this behind us."

    "Were you very jealous?" she asks shyly. "Watching me dance in front of those strange men."

    "Yes, my blood ran cold." you admit.

    "But it wouldn’t be so bad if you weren’t actually there watching, right?" she asks after a moment of thought.

    "What are you getting at? You aren’t seriously considering that offer!" you say in surprise.

    "Honey, it was so much fun!" she gushes. "All that attention! I felt like a movie star up there on stage. It was unlike anything I’ve ever done. Also, I must admit, I liked being so… naughty." she reaches over and grabs your crotch.

    You give a start as she unzips your fly and pulls out your cock as you drive. "Being such a slutty wife has made feel randy." she says as she goes down on you.

    "Oh my god." you say trying hard to concentrate on the road as she blows you. You come to a stoplight and a woman in an SUV looks over in shock and then breaks out laughing. You see her gesturing to her friends as the light changes and you pull away. By the time you get to the next light, you are shooting your load into your wife’s mouth.

    She sits up and wipes the cum primly from her chin. "Besides, the money is pretty compelling." she says as though nothing happened.

    "I’ll think about it." you gasp.

    "You do that dear, you do that." she laughs, and she reaches over to help your put your limp, wet cock back into your pants.

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    My wife is actually getting private pole dancing lessons for Fittness but has always wanted to have a go at being a stripper I suggested that we get her to do an audition when we go to Queensland in September on holidays so we won't have the risk of anyone we know seeing her , she sent emails to a few strip clubs on the Gold Coast yesterday ( this tread prompted me) and are waiting for a reply.
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    Excellent story!
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