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Your top fantasy

Discussion in 'Fantasies and Roleplaying' started by wycome38, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. SmallFry

    SmallFry Member

    My new gf and I only started dating just before this Covid thing really took over in the UK. We have only been in each other's company about a dozen times now and the majority of them has been under social distancing guidelines. (i.e. We meet in a park or a square and sit about 2 metres away from each other. A lot of talking but no physical contact. )
    Sex hasn't even entered into the conversation let alone been on the cards. She has no idea about my sexual history and previous proclivities nor I hers.
    We know something about our lives with former partners but nothing of a sexual nature. We are otherwise just getting to know each other better.
    I desperately want for things to normalise for all the reasons but I of course want to expand the relationship to include physical contact. Definitely lusting for just pure non fetish/ kink driven sex with her but of course my particular desires involving my historical SPH and cuckold lifestyle are always on my mind as well.
    For a start she (as far as I know) has no idea that I have a tiny cock let alone love being "humiliated" about it.
    I have imagined drafting a detailed history of my SPH experiences and subsequent MMF, foursome and cuck engagements and "accidently" allow her to peruse it while in my presence.
    I won't do this even though the draw to do so is massively tittilating for me. (If and when she actually sees my tiny cock I will be disappointed to say the least if the shock and surprise for her is a sexual deal breaker but regardless I know from past experience it will also be very arousing in the aftermath.
    If my fantasy scenario is to become reality I would love the best of both worlds. She is indeed shocked and disappointed by my little dick but like my former wife we enter into an expansive sexual lifestyle and my new gf can enjoy all the cock she likes including mine on occassion.
  2. cuckold_wittol

    cuckold_wittol Active Member

    Our families decide to get us married. We have a mandatory ritual in our town that the bride MUST fuck her old lover(s) one last time. The groom invites her lover(s) and should provide all necessary things until the "ritual" is complete.
    More lovers = better marriage life for couples

    I invite all her 14 lovers and send them upstairs.

    So all our family members are downstairs planning our wedding while we hear her screaming upstairs.

    Everyone congratulate me for a getting such a wonderful bride.
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  3. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    My wife told me that she had that ritual as well. It wasn't all of them, but it wasn't just "one" fuck, and it certainly wasn't the "last time." It's still going on!
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  4. cuckold_wittol

    cuckold_wittol Active Member

    I am planning on writing a story in this. Any ideas are welcome. :)
  5. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Our fantasy relationship with her Dom started with him taking the lead at a party, this intriguing stranger who dropped clues to L and me that his thing was a bit of BDSM. That, and something about his manner and wit affected L more deeply than I knew, right there on the spot. She asked a short while later if I was OK with him being her first "Bull" (more like the first lover we had been role playing about in bed together). The key for us is not to have the time spent with him seem too much like a rigid story line, but rather a spontaneous outcome of our fantasies when we're alone with him. It's gone on long enough that we all know our roles and places, so it's much like he does own her, she wants to be owned, and I like to watch it take place in front of my eyes. The scripts for his parties are more developed toward a certain end or story line, but even then we all fall into the roles if it's a common fantasy of L's and mine.

    Still, away from all that, in public, he owns her so naturally that I'm sure others assume they're a couple and I'm their guest. It's very exciting for me to see them hold hands, touch each other, kiss, and generally "show off" their intimacy in a crowded public place. That said, both he and L don't ignore me. He always finds ways to include me as though I'm their guest, even though he slips little implied hints about how L pleases him in bed, how he loves her body, etc., many times where a stranger or waiter can hear. L does a bit of the teasing as well, but is always careful to give me a wink or knowing smile to let me know it's playing. What started as role playing has gone on for so many years that it does seem very real now when we visit for a few days or a week. She really is his while we're there - we all assume the parts so naturally that it is like slipping into another world or life for a time where they are the real couple and I'm their guest who lusts after her but can never have her. Seeing them partially dressed in the morning for breakfast, or naked by the pool or around the house during the day, watching her stop at random times to give him these loving blow jobs in front of me, or watching them fondle each other on the sofa while we watch a late night movie then see him lead her upstairs to his bed is highly erotic for me and an ultimate luxury for L. She's confessed she does get off a little by doing it all in front of me, but being owned completely by him during our stay is what she loves most.

    As for my control over it, I do have input at times, but sometimes they surprise me. I also have some hard limits as does L, and Dave respects those, mostly, unless he dares to push the envelope a bit. Sometimes that clashes with either L' s or my fantasies, and sometimes it opens a door to new possibilities and opportunities for self discovery. Even when he's dragged us to the precipice now and then, we generally return to our "normal" roles with him later. It's not quite polyamory because Dave has made it clear that he doesn't want emotional involvement or to damage our marriage, but there's no denying that he and L have a special relationship by now - not love exactly, but more like a great affection for each other that they switch on and off when we visit then return home again. He's also her longest term lover, not because of his looks or the size of his dick, but because of his charisma and intelligence - his ability to engage her in fantasies in a way that is naturally and mutually empathic. I often refer to him as her Svengali, one who can influence but not totally control her - an "Alpha" male who isn't the archetype, but merely creative and sophisticated enough to be the key to unlocking her most guarded fantasies and exposing them to me in a way I would have never expected. I could write pages about all of it (and I have in the past), but I still struggle to relate the fine points and how it all fits like a glove for the three of us. It's been a while, and not being able to see him because of the pandemic has been uncomfortable, but we will return eventually, and I'm sure he'll own L in new and exciting ways.

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  6. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Great post, but one quibble:

    I'm not one for labels, but sounds like polyamory to me, especially since there is "great affection" between Dave and L, AND he wants to preserve your love and marriage.

    I'd say the same for Audrey and two couples who she has been with for years, especially the wives, they're genuinely in love. None of it detracts from the love my wife has for me.
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  7. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    I suppose it's how one defines poly. To me it's always meant an equitable relationship between three or more people. Our relationship with him isn't equitable though. It's understood I'm not to have L while we're there with him, and that I'm a kind of "beta" guest. Dave's relationship with us has always been complicated. At times he appears to be emotionally close to L, but then pulls back and distances himself, I suppose when he feels it may appear to L that it's an invitation to a more emotional relationship. He keeps a great deal of his personal life private, and has only recently taken me along to his workplace for a few hours and allowed me to spend some time with the mysterious and gorgeous Gail in my past accounts. At times he treats me like a friend, and at times a helpless cuckold, just as he treats L as a cherished lover at times, but as a submissive slut at other times. He blurs the role playing with reality, always careful to present himself as a kind of sexual puppet master rather than a friend. In addition, we live over a thousand miles away now and only spend time with him a few times a year, which encourages a more intense sexual relationship rather than an emotional friendship. We may never know what's really in his head, or what he actually feels for L. For me at least, and I think for L as well, the mystery behind our relationship with him is what makes it all so hot. We do have plans to retire in a few years and move back to his city to reoccupy our rental house there, so things may change after that. Or, we, or he, may find that too much familiarity may gradually take the heat out of what we have. Only time will tell.

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  8. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Thanks, great post. Your situation is why labels are an exercise in futility.

    Good analogy, in certain ways that is what my wife Audrey is with her lovers, especially the men, who she dominates. With women she plays the sub, but it's under her control. What really stands out to me is how different it is to the balanced, neutral sex life that we have together.

    Another interesting difference compared to us. Among us and Audrey's lover nothing is secret or hidden, we are all truly naked to each other. But then in contrast to you, we are together very often.
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  9. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    This is what some find so difficult to understand about us as well. We like to play with all of it - hotwifing, cuckolding, BDSM - depending on our moods. But we still have great loving sex together all the time. It would be hard enough to explain to those unfamiliar with the lifestyle, but even in forums I get some crap now and then from the purists who think we must fit in a box. Even I can't completely explain why sometimes we dive into submissiveness and the overwhelming need for what some may consider extreme role play, and then for long periods are more private and protective of a more normal sexual relationship. All I know is that our off and on again kinks make for a great marriage and sex life. Flinging open all doors to an open and honest conversation about our sexual needs has been life-changing.

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