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Your top fantasy

Discussion in 'Fantasies and Roleplaying' started by wycome38, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Shambler

    Shambler New Member

    Lis had an affair 4 years ago, and since October of '14, she's been sleeping with other men regularly. Over the last 3 years, she's satisfied every fantasy I could dream up. I've watched or participated as she was DP's, ganged, trained, degraded, filled, tied and blindfolded and taken by men before she took a sybian in public, you name it. After all her experiences, there is one thing that we did together that will remain in memory / fantasy state for the rest of time.

    I remember the first man I ever saw her with, arrived for a two day MFM weekend. Drew was an 9", experienced bull, and after a lunch and another hour of awkward beating around the bush, Drew and Lis were standing a few feet from an armchair I was sitting in, when he finally asked in a genuinely friendly way, "well folks, are we going to do this?" Lis looked to me for a moment, then dropped slowly to her knees in front of Drew, reliving him from his jeans, and taking him into her mouth.

    Lis continued to blow Drew as he helped her out of a sun dress, and I gently rubbed her clit. Eventually, Drew bent Lis over the armrest of my chair, taking over finger duty as Lis began blowing me. I could see that my wife was tense as hell as he lined up behind her, rubbing the head of his cock on her ass and pussy. Lis looked up at me with a frightened expression, appearing on the verge of tears as drew moved into her slowly. I swelled hugely at the sight and that was apparently the signal to her that all would be well. She was able to take all of Drew after that, and enjoyed him many times more over the weekend - but the sight of her face, looking at me as another man entered her for the first time was heart rending and incredibly hot. I'll never see that face and we'll never catch that moment again.
  2. Wife4others

    Wife4others Guest

    Wife getting pregnant from our bulls. She has been late a few times the last few years.
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  3. CuckPride

    CuckPride Well-Known Member

    A hotwife becoming pregnant by her lover is a real possibility, even with precautions. It's beautiful when a wife knows she will have her husband's full support should such a situation arise.
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  4. Wife4others

    Wife4others Guest

    Agreed. As long as everybody is on the same page and agrees.
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  5. Bartleby

    Bartleby Well-Known Member

    Ok here is a fantasy of mine that still corresponds with the reality of the way my wife cuckolds me. The following is unlikely to happen, but not entirely impossible:

    My wife and I are on a holiday trip in a foreign country. On some day trip, we get to meet some other tourists, my wife becomes interested in some young guy. We spend the day with him and the other tourists, and we end up in a bar.

    In a quiet moment, my wife tells me that she is would love to hit on the young guy. Would I mind? I would have to stay a bit out of their way for the rest of the evening. Of course, this is fine with me. I tell her that I will make use of my time by getting them condoms.

    There is no condom vending machine in the restroom of the bar. I have to walk through the strange city in search for condoms. I find a pharmacy that is still open and get some. I return to the bar. I see my wife and the guy kissing. Success! I feel happy.

    I wink to my wife discreetly and stay in the bar, away from them. My wife approaches me, I hand over the condoms. My wife thanks me but has to deliver the bad news that he sleeps in a dorm. She wants to use our hotel room, and asks me to find somewhere else to sleep. She promises to kick the guy out as soon as possible and will send me a text message when that happens.

    I am ok with that, too and leave the bar again. I search some hotels but they are either booked out or way too expensive. I decide to just go to another bar, drink and stay there.

    At some point, the bar I am in is about to close, but still no text message from my wife.
    I return to my hotel. I stand in front of the door of our room. I can clearly hear them fucking. I masturbate a bit, but I have to be careful because someone might enter the corridor and see me. The fucking noises stop, but the guy does not come out. My wife does not seem to care about my discomfort. I consider to send her a message, but then decide against it, because i do not want to annoy my wife with my petty little problems.

    I decide to sleep in the corridor. I fall asleep in front of the door. I awake to the guy leaving the hotel room. The guy just steps over me, grins and leaves.

    I enter the hotel room. My wife is asleep on the bed. I take off my clothes, remove the used condoms from the bed and lie next to her, on the sheets drenched with sweat and semen.

    I wake up and my wife simply tells me she is sorry she fell asleep before sending me a text message. She lets me lick her pussy, we cuddle and fall asleep again.
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  6. Ferdinand

    Ferdinand New Member

    Im drinking and laughing with my wife and a friend in his house, so we start to play cards. Already drunk, we start to bet money, and then, in the final game, very drunk, we bet a sex prize. He wins, and claim my wife's pussy. So i have to prepare her pussy and his cock, so i suck the cock and put it inside my wife's pussy. While they are fucking, i start to lick the pussy with the cock inside, and he put the cock in my mouth and put again in her pussy. After that, he cums inside her and forces me to eat the creampie. While i am on all fours licking her pussy, he ask me if i wanna be fucked too, and i say YES! and i continue to lick her pussy when i feel he opening my ass.
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  7. focus7299

    focus7299 New Member

    My wife sitting me down and telling me that she deserves better than me. Telling me she's not leaving me, but I am far too pathetic to satisfy her. Then she calls up her ex-boyfriend who used to cock slap her in the face and goes to spend time with a real man. She's literally scared to suck cock because she's afraid she will get beat with it. Ugh.. I could never be allowed to do that. Maybe one day fantasy will be reality!
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  8. Nicholas1

    Nicholas1 New Member

    The same story.
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  9. murph's

    murph's Member

    When younger and engaged my wife would sleep with some very dom men. They would use her and share her. One even told me that he could have her anytime he wanted and he loved when I came out to visit because he would fuck her before I got there and than reclaim her pussy as his when I left.

    I would love for her to be with another dominant man that didn't care how I felt and used her, controlled her anytime and anyway he wanted. I would love to see her come home wrecked with her legs still shaking and marks made by her lover or his friends on her body. Showing me that she is completely his to do with what he wanted, how he wanted and when he wanted no matter who was around.....mmmm
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  10. The_thrills

    The_thrills New Member

    It's happened to me in my last relationship... we were engaged... part of me loved it... that's what let me alow it go so far. But a big part of it was quite painful too. All in all, no regrets, learnt a lot from it :)

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  11. The_thrills

    The_thrills New Member

    Don, I have a similar fantasy that stems from a real life experience of a couple I used to play with regularly back when I lived in Dubai.

    The lady is a mother of one, grorgouse and fit, husband upper middle class, she is an absolute bombshell, very classy and has expensive taste.

    Not sure if it was her or her husband who first initiated this fantasy but they started seeking out men who would pay to spend a night with her, essentially prostituting herself to very wealthy men in Dubai. If you're familiar with Dubai you would know just how prevalent and open the prostitution industry is there, it's the one vice that's never prosecuted over there (it's good for business).

    Anyway they started doing this regularly and realized that she commanded quite the premium, they both loved it, I though it was brilliant too... but eventually I just wasnt willing to spend that much money to be with her so I stopped seeing her sexually, although we all kept in touch as friends.

    Not too long into doing this she gets propositioned by a rich prince (a sheikh). The world of sheikhs is highly secretive and the sheikh practically owns anyone who works for him... deal is, you get whatever your heart desires, but you're mine, whenever I want, wherever I want, and for however long I want... you dont leave until I say you can. At this point I stopped hearing from them as often, they wouldn't be able to talk about their experiences nor do I want to get caught up in it... but I often think about them and how their life must be now... this sexy lady is at a powerful mans beck and call... wearing all his expensive cloths and jewelry, I presume at any minutes notice she has to up and leave with this prince and service him on his private jets and yachts... and there's no telling what they're up on there. I wonder if my her husband is still turned on by it and how they manage it all... but its definitely a sexy fantasy to think about.
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  12. veryold

    veryold Member

    I want to relive what I have experienced before: we meet totally innocently with HIM, just for coffee. I had met this attractive man, discussed me with him and told him that I didn't mind if he excited my wife. We talk more or less animatedly, we spend time and get to know the different sides and in doing so my wife starts to feel interest: an interesting man, maybe a friend for once? Again and again such meetings. And you can see it in greetings and goodbyes: the closeness becomes visible. A friendly smile turns into touching hands, touching hands turns into kissing cheeks, kissing cheeks turns into caressing the skin - the nipples come out. And then I am prevented from coming at an appointed time and tenderness begins.
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  13. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    We've played with this fantasy a lot over the years to the extent that just the word "owned" contains a spark of eroticism to L and me. Unfortunately, most men can't sustain the role of the Dom for long and remain respectful to both of us as well as desirable to L. There is usually a temptation to play the role of "owner" as an over-the-top stereotype as time passes, which no longer suspends disbelief for L and me. The exception is L's first lover who continues to fall into the role naturally. We moved away from him years ago due to work relocations but still visit a few times a year to play. The relationship borders on polyamory these days - he's become a friend to us both but he still "owns" L when we're in his home. The key is that he doesn't try too hard to prove she's his there - it's assumed by all of us. It satisfies our submissive needs as a couple for a few days to a week, and then we go back home satisfied and ready to return to "normal" again (whatever that means).

    I've come to believe the desire to be owned, this submissiveness that grows within us over time, is due to stresses and pressures of everyday life. Sex is relief from stress, but placing complete control in the hands of a sophisticated Dom is a welcome relief from deadlines and decision making. Personally, fantasies of the corruption of L were present in me for years before we began hotwifing. Imagining her gradual sexual submission to an Alpha male was a way of extrapolating fantasies of something I thought would never happen in real life to a remote possibility that it might happen. It was coincidence that L had submissive fantasies that she kept hidden until hotwifing drew them out into the open.

    The corruption of the innocent wife, and the Madonna/whore conflict remains a strong motivator for me. It so closely parallels real life and our history together - L's longtime dichotomy of the "proper" girl or wife by day (the almost obsessive need to project it), and her voracious sexual appetite in bed. And then, unexpectedly, her acceptance of role playing in bed followed by her seduction and submission to Dave, her first lover. I wouldn't find it exciting if L wasn't so unlike herself when she's with him - her still shocking comfort of being naked in his home around us, her easy acceptance and eager response to his casual, intimate touches and verbal suggestions of what he'd do to her in bed that night, and her stunning performance in the role playing with others he orchestrates.

    Your story of the wife owned by a powerful sheikh is an avenue we haven't explored in our role playing, but is an interesting idea. Thanks for relating it - that it's real makes it all the more exciting.

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  14. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    This is complicated. My wife just likes to fuck.
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