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Your top fantasy

Discussion in 'Fantasies and Roleplaying' started by wycome38, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. wycome38

    wycome38 Member

    Keep in short, but not too short

    But what is your favourite scenario, and your hot wife, or fantasy about your hopefuly hot wife.

    Did you do them, was reality better or worse than fantasy??
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  2. obedientcuck

    obedientcuck Well-Known Member

    Okay, i'll be the first. i'm going to fudge a bit and share two that are tied for my all-time favorite cuckold fantasies.

    1) i would love to see my wife serving in a harem for our Bull. As a cuckold who regards our Bull as vastly superior to me, i take much greater interest in our Bull's sexual pleasure than my own. i can think of nothing that would sexually please a superior Alpha Male more than having ten wives at the same time devoting their full attention to his pleasure, with all ten inferior cucks kneeling backs to the wall awaiting orders to serve drinks, change sheets, perform cleanup duty, etc.

    2) Tied for first place fantasy is winner takes all wrestling. i would be ecstatic if like a fight for male breeding rights in the wild, our Bull challenged me to a fight with the winner getting to fuck my wife. i would also be somewhat terrified as he could beat the living fuck out of me if he wanted, so that's why it would have to be a safer form of fight like wrestling. Of course, in both fantasy and real life he'd win with hardly any effort at all. The humiliation of having him forcibly subdue me in front of my wife, yielding breeding access to him in terrified self-preservation mode, and watching helplessly as he triumphantly pumps his cock into the spoils of his victory would be amazingly hot.

    As for whether or not we've done these things, no.

    Maybe i could convince them to get two women at once; ten is a bit out of the question for reality. As far as wrestling, that might be a possibility and there would be no doubt of the outcome.
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  3. Ekad91

    Ekad91 Active Member

    Mine is quite ''simple'' and ''vanilla'' per the forum standard. I would love to do a threesome with a tall and muscular man, both my wife and I in the submissive role. Sucking his cock as he deeply kiss my wife, fucking my wife and then he would pull me out of her so he could take his turn and my wife would moan louder as he enters her...just simple things :)
  4. jaynlila

    jaynlila Member

    My wife flirting, kissing, fooling around with our male guest through out the house as I'm setting watching TV in living room. After he's done with her leaves.. she comes to me plays with me shocks me with how dirty she was with him and what he did to her ;)
  5. meco101

    meco101 Guest

    I have moved past the vanilla or stock variety. Could be because I've fantasized about this for a long time and none of my wives or GF's never warmed up to the idea. Plus there was the "absolutely not interested once I came" factor. So in the mean time I had to live on my fantasies. For me cuckolding was not fun without the emotional tension. I was never really into BDSM, crossdressing or any sort of gayness, esp. sucking cock (for any reason).

    So my main idea of a perfect GF/Fantasy would have to have elements of emotional humiliation. To cut to the chase, I would love, if my wife risked showing her flirty side in front of relatives or friends. Not openly, but in an overt way that made them question her(my wife's) infidelity. So extending that fantasy would involve my wife bringing her special play friend and introducing him to our kids. Having me spread dinner and her taking the seat next to him instead of me. The best part would be when I would have to explain to the kids why her friend is hurting her.

    Another fantasy would be when she would be openly concerting with her girl friends (over a beer, at our pool) about the guys they met at the club (i would be overhearing).
  6. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    I really had to think about this for a little while. Michelle has been fucking other guys since 2012, and steadily fulfilled quite a few of hers and mine fantasies. She started off with one guy, and he introduced her to a friend, who introduced her to some friends, who introduced her to others. It’s been gradual, but over the last four years she’s fucked over a dozen guys. Since she does it under the pretext of a cheating wife (and I supposedly know nothing of what’s happening), I’ve NEVER seen her fuck another guy. I really wish I could, but I’ve resigned myself to it probably never happening.

    So I guess that’s one of my main fantasies; just to be able to see her get nailed by one of her studs.

    Another one is simple, but the thrill is partially in the risk. To frame this, let me say that Michelle and I are very careful about concealing our hotwife/cuckold kink. We discussed it for several years before starting, and firmly decided that she would be the cheating wife, and I the oblivious husband. If something did happen and family/friends found out she was with another man, then we’d have the safety of net of telling family/friends ‘she had a weak moment, and strayed, and we’re patching things up’ and we could go through the motions of reconciling. People would much easier accept that, rather than the revelation that I knew and approved of her fucking around.

    Having said all that, one of my cousins married a guy (call him Leon) who was smart, good looking and very pleasant to be around. We all got along well, and occasionally socialized since they lived not too far away. I could tell there was some chemistry between Leon and Michelle, but nothing inappropriate ever happened, or ever would at that time. While Michelle admitted she found him very attractive, she and my cousin were (and are) very close. Michelle said that if Leon was a complete stranger, she probably would have fucked him. But risking a family schism was completely out of the question.

    Back then we did actually role-play it a few times where she’d call me Leon when we were fucking. I fantasized about Leon giving Michelle a good pounding. Not only was there mutual attraction between them, the idea of my cousin-in-law (like a brother-in-law) fucking my wife seemed deliciously scandalous.

    Unfortunately, it turned out that Leon had a problem keeping it in his pants and he and my cousin eventually got divorced. Leon later remarried, but last we heard, that marriage was on the rocks. I don’t know what they split over, but I’d bet it was the same reason he and my cousin divorced.

    Since Leon and my cousin divorced, I’ve sometimes fantasized about him and Michelle unexpectedly running into each other, that chemistry of theirs ignites, defeating their good judgement, and the two of them end up at a hotel. Imagining Michelle being a complete slut for him, and Leon being able to, at long last, add my wife to his list of conquests, is amazing. I’d wager he considers her ‘one that got away’, so he’d finally be able to check Michelle off his bucket list.

    Sadly, it will never happen. For one thing, Michelle and my cousin are still close. For another, Leon still sees my cousin occasionally (they have a couple kids) and he doesn’t seem to be good at keeping secrets. Finally, Doug, Michelle’s bull, decides who she fucks and when she fucks them. The only exception, partially, is me. While he doesn’t limit how often she has sex with me (he considers it too risky, since her withholding sex might raise my suspicions), he does occasionally tell her specifically to have sex with me. For example, they have a good fuck afternoon fuck session, and he tells her, as she’s leaving his place, ‘you fuck your husband tonight, slut’. And he does as her later if she obeyed him. I doubt Doug would allow Michelle to take such a risk as fucking Leon, and he’d be right.

    Sorry, this was much longer than I planned, so ending it here.
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  7. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    My favorite fantasy is my girlfriend falling in love and moving out to live with a guy.

    Back when she was dating guys (while we were already living together), she said to me once that if she ever fell for a guy and moved in with him, she would stay in touch with me as two girlfriends and tell me all about their sex life.

    Needless to say, it has not happened. But if it did, I would be absolutely thrilled.


  8. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Perhaps I'm not very imaginative, but other than occasionally thinking what it would be like to fuck some other woman that I find attractive, there's not much going on in my head in the sexual fantasy department. On the other hand, my wife Audrey has taken me to sexual places I never thought to explore. And by marrying her, she's done things (e.g., MFM, DP) that she never thought she would do. Sometimes reality is better than fiction.
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  9. wycome38

    wycome38 Member

    must admit mine is a little similar to alot of guys i think
    a little vanilla for most

    watching the wife dancing, and her enjoying it
    I hate to dance so she teases me by dancing with guys as i stand at the sidelines
    some of the guys get a little gropey
    i get jealous then i get turned on

    she comes back and says, why dont i dance
    she says if i dont she'll let the guys touch her ass without stopping them
    i say it will take more than that to make me dance

    she goes back to dance
    one of the guys hands is all over her
    she lets him,
    she looks at me and i smile back
    she pushes her crotch into his
    i smile back
    she lets him kiss her
    i smile back
    and so it begins or so i hope
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  10. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    It seems you two will be moving on from the "little vanilla" life before too long. Enjoy the journey, both of you.
  11. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    wycome38, that is definitely not vanilla. It's perfect!
  12. wycome38

    wycome38 Member

    its still fantasy - so far i have seen her dance with other guys - now i play to the non dancing as i like it :)

    ps thanks
  13. xlove19

    xlove19 New Member

    my fantasy

    My fantasy is so simple
    When I am at work my wife calls me and say that she has invited a friend for lunch and I have to get back home now and when I am near home she call me again and say he is at home and she is going to fuck him. I use key to open main gate and when I enter the home I found them fucking in missionary position. My wife looks at me ,smiles and kisses in air for me. He cums in her pussy deep and then say to me that how deep he seeded my wife to impregnate her. Then I get a chance to enjoy sloppy seconds. We eat lunch naked.
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  14. denvercouple71

    denvercouple71 Active Member

    we are now on the mood of my wife going out to fuck a man and coming back home without taking a shower.
    it's really hot to see her coming in with a messy fucked hair, a dirty sweaty body, sometimes with cum on her hair or clothes... I love to realize she was used like a dirty whore.

    another thing is when she comes back home with some bruises on her body (neck, tits, butt). That really turns me on!!
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  15. zincman

    zincman New Member

    My wife works in retail. I want her to meet two horny black guys and I want them to tag team her. I want her to wrap her hands around their cocks, look me in the eyes and say, "Baby, I need this. I can't help it" and proceed to get the shit fucked out of her, and her face glazed.

    We haven't found the right suitors yet.
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  16. asianfun

    asianfun Member

    I had two fantasies. One came true with my ex gf but if I am being honest, fantasy should sometimes stay that way. The other was my gf and my desire to fuck some black guys. We found black guys to have attitude problems and being aggressive when we were at group sex parties. We tended not to pick black guys for that reason. I always wanted to see her sucking on a several long thick black pipes.

    My gf and I were invited to my boss's house for a BBQ. He had a multi-million pound mansion on the outskirts of London. The place was beautiful. On the way there, my gf reminded me of some boss cuckold porn we had seen and started joking about fucking him like in the video. I laughed as all my work colleagues would be there as well as his wife. Deep down I knew how many women he'd slept with in the office so I knew what we was like. The thing that occurred to me was what a revealing saree my gf was wearing (two piece with the midd drift and naval on show). Cleavage and legs were on show. I dismissed this as I know she likes being the centre of attention where men and women are concerned.

    Here is an example of something similar

    We got to the BBQ, parked up and joined the party. There were over 150 people attending. He had a marquee and waiters\waitresses. We dropped our coats off in one of the spare bedrooms. The day rolled on and we mingled and she flirted. The number of guys drawn to my gf was surprising. She also had the knack of drawing women to her too as she has a warm personality. I noticed several guys looking down her top and her legs which would sometimes come in to view from a parting in the saree.

    As the night was drawing in, I suggested to my gf we need to go and speak to my boss. My boss had met my gf once before, but I as soon as he set eyes on her I could see he was mesmorized. I introduced her and we spoke the usual pleasantries. However, despite his wife being there, she didn't seem to notice him focusing on my gf. We chatted a little more and moved on to mingle some more. I was turned on a little by this.

    As much alcohol was consumed and late in to the evening, the party started to wind down. I had been talking shop with colleagues and left the wives talking. I really wanted to start heading home. I was also horny and wanted to find a quite layby on the way home to fuck her hard in that sexy saree. I walked around the gardens and couldn't see her. The ladies including my bosses wife and congregated at the end of the gardens.

    I text her to see where she was. She replied she was in the house; upstairs and come inside. I assume she was having issues finding our coats. I walked up stairs, went to room and she was not there. I then walked in to the next two rooms and nothing. I walked to the next room and door was slightly ajar. I could hear some noises, a deep voice but not make out what was being said. I pushed the door slightly was amazed at what I saw. My gf was on her knees, her saree top was unbuttoned and large 34DD breasts were on show. My boss was standing over with his trousers down and she sucking is cock with vigor. I was so turned and angry at the same time. I didn't want our cuckold life to bleed in to our normal life and that's just what was happening.

    As I walked in, I could tell he was not sure what I would say. My gf removed his cock from his mouth and asked "darling, this is ok, right?". I said of course. She turned to him, licked the pre-cum of his cock and said "see, told you it was ok. He is very understanding". She then devoured his cock again; afterwhich I knelt down as she kissed me. I could taste him. On the bed, I noticed her wet panties. He'd clearly been fingering her. i knelt there for what seemed an age watching my gf suck his cock. She asked me to suck it but my boss wasn't keen. Eventually, he came in her mouth, face and chest. He made a noise I can amount to hearing in a zoo. His cum was thick gooey and alot of it. He said his wife didn't like sex. My gf suggested that she should spend some time with her and change her mind. My boss put his trousers back on sheepishly left me with my gf. There was a box of tissues on the bedside table. I went to pull a few to clean her up but she insisted I clean her up properly. I placed her on the bed and licked the cum off her chin and breasts. She really was enjoying it as she was fingering her self as I conducted my duties. She was very wet.

    We got cleaned up, took our coats. On the way home we fucked in the car. We were both so horny.

    Afterwards, my boss didn't really speak to me and avoided eye contact. However, a month later she said she had received some texts from him about catching up. I asked if she would persuade him to bring his wife but my gf said she didn't want that. He did come round a few times. I was made to watch while wearing a maids outfit while he pummeled my gf. I licked every drop of his gooey cum while he watched; afterwards enjoying the show of my gf fucking me hard with a large strapon.

    My gf and I split up late last year when she moved to another country with her job. Despite being a fantasy, it did effect my promotion prospects I believe. Thankfully, I am working elsewhere now. Not sure I would do that again.
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  17. wycome38

    wycome38 Member

    I recall reading one in a readers form of a contact mag or porn mag

    take the wife out, watch her get chatted up
    pretend to be a tax driver and driver her home, with the guy who pulled her
    she gets saucey and keeps saying - ooh taxi driver you dont min do you

    you drop her off
    race inside the house and watch from the cupboard.

    thats the long story / short
  18. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    My wife and I are kidnapped by a wealthy secret society that specializes in acquiring pretty housewives and turning them into willing sex slaves. I'm forced to watch, day after day, through one-way glass, as they break and turn her.

    She struggles at first, twisting and writhing as she's stripped, tied, drugged, and subjected to a combination of suggestive hypnosis and light S&M. As the days drag on, I watch her nipples stiffen and pussy moisten as her selected Master works on her. Eventually she returns his kisses passionately, begs for more of his cock, and sucks him without being told to, as if it's the most pleasurable thing she knows.

    When the conversion is complete, she is sexually bonded to her Master. He's the only one who can excite her. After weeks of conditioning, we're released to continue to live together as husband and wife, but she's only able to become aroused and come with him. He comes to our house whenever he wants to fuck her, and she immediately strips and sucks him when he arrives. She's so excited, so eager to please him, and to be pleased by him, ignoring that I'm there watching.

    On random nights he takes her to an unknown location to perform sex acts in front of the society's members. He brings her back to me covered with sweat and come, and she acts more satisfied than I've ever seen her. She a loving wife to me, but remains sexually chained to her one Master, forever.

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  19. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    Wow, Don, your fantasy is amazing, and really struck a chord with me.

    My feelings are complex in that I DON’T consider myself a beta male (neither does my wife, who loves alphas). But I find a slutty woman to be absolutely fascinating, especially if it’s my own wife. I don’t want to be dommed by her (she’s definitely a sub, and never would) or another man. But having another man turn her into his personal slut electrifies me.

    She has been seeing a bull for over a year, and in the last year they have been exploring BDSM. They have done it slowly, educating themselves, setting boundaries, and communicating thoroughly. She has definitely changed in the last year, giving him more and more control of her, and is enjoying it immensely. We also make sure to stay connected to one another, and have a great marriage, with no secrets. We trust him, as he does not want to wreck a marriage, and personally has no interest in a real relationship (he’s divorced and not looking for a committed relationship).

    My ‘fantasy’ is by and large, coming true; she’s becoming more subservient to him, and they just agreed to take things another step. He doesn’t know I know about what she’s doing, which has advantages, and disadvantages, but we agreed that’s the way we wanted our cuckolding arrangement; no men would know that I know.

    I guess one of my deep, dark fantasies is (strangely and unrealistically) that he truly takes control of her, and that being his slave becomes her reality, and her role of wife becomes just a facade for our family and friends. Like you, I still imagine my wife being loving and devoted. But she and I would both know that she longs for him when they are apart, and that when we have sex, she’s thinking about him. It’s a very self-destructive fantasy, yet it holds great power for me.

    This week they went to a business convention together (he employs her part time as a personal assistant) and that dark part me imagines her, for the next few days, forgetting she is married and completely focusing on him.

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  20. bill4411

    bill4411 New Member

    If we are talking about fantasy here, then it would be having a sword fight (like in the old days of any time period) with my wife's suitor/lover, with her cheering him on; and the look of glee on her face when he runs me through, leaving his blade deep in my lower belly, as he takes her right then and there.

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