Your girlfriend goes out with another guy

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  1. You and your girlfriend have been living together for several years now and have settled into a comfortable domestic relationship. One day she comes home from the store in an excited and chatty mood.

    "What’s up with you?" you ask her smiling. "You are in a good mood today."

    She blushes in response and tilts her head down shyly. “Oh, uh. Well I met this guy at the store and he asked me out on a date."

    You laugh at how bashful she is being. “Well I assume you told him that you already have a boyfriend."

    You quickly looks you in the eye with an earnest expression. “Oh yes, I told him, of course," she says nodding vigorously. "But he was such a nice guy, we talked for a while and got along really well. He likes all the same music I do."

    You grimace thinking of the bubblegum pop junk that she listens to. “Yeah, well anyway…"

    She looks away. “So you know we stopped and had a cup of coffee at the cafe…"

    "Really," you say, slightly annoyed, but not wanting to show it.

    "Well, yeah. He kept insisting that we hang out again, so I agreed to go have dinner and see a movie together," she holds her hands up. “But I made it clear that it wasn’t a date and that I already have a boyfriend."

    "So how is it not a date?" you ask, struggling to maintain your cool.

    "Well I hang out with other guys sometimes. I guess calling it a date makes it different somehow." she looks a little uncertain and nervous.

    You just shake your head and drop the subject.


    On the night of her date, she dresses modestly and just leaves without mentioning where she is going. You know she is going out with this other guy, but you don’t say anything. You just sit there watching TV, unable to concentrate and unable to deal with your jealousy.

    She comes home very late. Her face is flushed with excitement, hair disheveled with her clothes are all askew.

    "Where have you been?" you ask her, barely hiding your anger.

    She looks away guiltily. "Well I went out with that guy John tonight," she says not meeting your eyes.

    "How did it go?" you ask with a brittle expression.

    "Oh, we had a great time, the movie was fun, dinner was nice. We went back to his place afterward and had some drinks," she is twisting her fingers nervously and not looking at you.

    "Yeah, it’s pretty late now. I was wondering where you were. What did you do at his place?" you ask, working hard to maintain composure, your stomach flipping as you do.

    She takes a deep breath and looks you in the eye. "Ok, look. We listened to music for while and sat together on the couch. After a while, one thing led to another and we ended up fooling around a little bit."

    Your stomach drops and your blood runs cold. “Fooling around?" you croak, unable to say more.

    She gives you a pained expression. “I’m sorry honey, we were just having such a nice time and he was so insistent. I sort of forgot myself. I mean it’s not a big deal really. You are the one I love. He is just some friendly guy I met at the store."

    "How far did you go? Did you have sex?" you ask, and you notice that your pits are soaked.

    "What? No? Of course not," she gasps, shocked. "I mean, you know. We kissed a little. Maybe there was some groping. Nothing serious." she is wriggling with discomfort.

    "What sort of groping?" you ask numbly.

    She makes a scrunched up face at you. “Do you really want to get into all the details?" she asks.

    "I think you owe me that much," you reply stiffly.

    She sighs with exasperation. “Well, he touched my boobs a little," she admits bashfully.

    "Really?" you ask, shifting uncomfortably when you notice your own prick growing hard at the thought. "Your blouse isn’t buttoned properly," you point out.

    "Ok, yes. He unbuttoned my shirt and took off my bra. I honestly don’t even know where my bra is. It’s probably behind his couch or something," she laughs lamely.

    "Ok, yeah, this is very interesting," you say, putting your hand over your crotch to hide your stiffening hardon. "Go on, what did you do while this was going on?"

    She gulps and looks away. "Well we were kissing you know…"

    "And?" you insist.

    "Well, see, he had unzipped his fly and showed me his thing. He kept asking me to touch it," she says not meeting your eye.

    "You mean his penis," you say matter-of-factly squeezing your own cock unconsciously.

    "Uh, do we really need to do this?" she asks, obviously upset.

    "Yes we do," you say.

    Then she notices you gripping your cock and she comes over and joins you on the couch. "Hey wait a minute," she says, laughing. "My god, are you getting off on this?" she asks, grabbing your cock through your pants.

    "No," you object defensively.

    "Yes you are, your cock is hard as a rock," she says, unzipping your fly and pulling your dick out gleefully.

    She knees in front of you and puts the head of your penis up against her face. "You are getting off on the slutty girlfriend fantasy. I should have known when you didn’t object to me going out with him," she says as she strokes your cock.

    "Fuck no," you say half-heartedly as she sucks on your cock for a second.

    "Whatever. I will continue my story for you," she says pulling on your pud and looking you in the eye.

    "John pulled his cock out while he was sucking on my nipples and tried to put my hand on it," she says devilishly looking you in the eye as she jerks you. "I thought that was going a bit too far, so I resisted at first. But he kept insisting and I was getting pretty hot and bothered by the way he was sucking and pinching my nipples. So finally, I just gripped his johnson and started pulling on it like this," she demonstrates on your cock and you groan with pleasure. "See, you like it too. Then he begged me to suck on it, but I refused. I only go so far on a first date you know," she says primly. "So I just kept jerking his cock with one hand and pushed him back onto the couch with the other and pretty soon he shot his load right in my face," she laughs as she continues to work your own prick.

    "Oh shit," you exclaim, and you know you should be pissed, but you are about to cum yourself.

    ‘Yep, it was pretty messy," she says and then pops your cock into her mouth and sucks really hard. You can’t take much of this and shoot your load into her mouth. She gags slightly but keeps sucking and swallows the entire shot.

    "So yeah. This is a little weird that it’s working out like this, but we are going out again tomorrow night and I will probably be sleeping over at his place," she says with a glint in her eye as she walks out of the room. You just sit back in your post-orgasm glow and wonder how you are going to handle this emotionally.

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