Your girlfriend brings a guy friend home from work

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  1. You know that you aren't supposed to be jealous of every guy she hangs out with. Also, you understand that she is very physical and likes to hug her friends. But still...

    "Honey, I am going to bring a guy friend home from work today, ok?" she says, searching your face for a reaction. "We are just going to hang out in the living room on the couch tonight."

    "What are you saying, do you want me to leave or something?" you feel your irritation rise and your heart speed up.

    She reaches over and touches your arm. She is smiling compassionately. "My god no, what are you thinking?" She searches your eyes. "I want you to hang out with us. It's just that I'm in the mood to be mellow and snuggle at home tonight. He and I always like to have friendly hugs and stuff. I want to cuddle on the couch with him tonight. You know, in a friendly way, not sexual at all."

    Your heart beats faster and you feel nervous and confused. "Uh, isn't that a little weird?"

    She tilts her head and looks up out of the corner of her eye. "Yes, I guess it's unusual. But you know how I am. I'm a physical person, I touch my girlfriends all the time. I always hug my guys friend. I'm just warning you that he and I have a very touchy-feely relationship. It's not sexual at all, I am not attracted to him in the least, let me tell you. But I feel comforted when a man holds me close."

    "Um, yeah, ok then, whatever." you say.


    That night she brings him home and introduces you. He seems a little fruity, sort of metrosexual. He and your girlfriend are talking about going shopping together. You are immediately put at ease.

    "Oh god, I have to get out of these work clothes" says your girl. "Come in my room and talk to me while I get changed." She takes his hand and says to you, "We will be right out."

    You are a little stunned by this, but he just grins at you sheepishly as your girl leads him away. It's such a gay look on his face that you just drop it. You can hear that she left the bedroom door open and you can hear them laughing. He has sort of a gay laugh, you tell yourself. You are trying not to get bent over the fact that your girlfriend just took some guy into your bedroom while she changes her clothes.

    When they come out, she is wearing her thin flannel pajamas. Her tits are jiggling freely and you can clearly see her erect nipples pushing through the soft material.

    "Uh, are you wearing a bra?" you ask.

    She scrunches up her face and looks at you quizzically "No. I never where a bra when we are just snuggling at home. What are you thinking?"

    You look at her round ass outlined in the snug pajama bottoms and realize that she isn't wearing panties either, but you decide not to say anything.

    Her guy friend averts his eyes from her body and changes the topic to shoe shopping. They sit on the couch together and pretty soon you start to relax a little. This guy seems harmless. He and your girl talk about clothes and different styles.

    Your girl goes and brings out some drinks and snacks. You are watching her body outlined in her pajamas. Her boobs are bouncing slightly and her nipples are still hard. She bends over to put some snack on the table by the couch and she shoots you a flirtatious glance and wiggles her ass at you. Her friends doesn't notice, and she plops down beside him which makes her tits shake around even more. You are starting to get a hard-on looking at them.

    To distract yourself, you turn down the lights down and put the movie on.

    At first they are just sitting side by side on the couch with their hips touching. They are occasionally murmuring small comments at various points of the movie. At one point, your girl snuggles up against him and he puts his arm around her shoulder. Neither one of them notices that you are watching them and it seems perfectly natural. But, you can see her boob pressed up against him and it bothers you a little.

    A little further along in the movie, she softly says to him, "I'm a little cold, do you mind if I pull this over us?"

    "That's fine." he says. You watch as she pulls the shawl off the back of the couch and spreads it over their laps. You notice that a couple of buttons of her top have come undone somehow, but her friend isn't looking at her chest. She pushes herself up against him and they are cuddling now. She has her head on his shoulder and is rubbing her hand over his stomach. He is running his hand up and down her side, you notice that he pauses to squeeze the soft part of her waist just above the hip, then he puts his hand on her hip and squeezes that.

    You girl notices you watching them and looks over at you with wide eyes, "Are you enjoying this movie, honey?" she asks. Her friend looks at you and smiles simply. He really doesn't seem to think that there is anything odd about him feeling up your girlfriend's body right in front of you.

    "Uh, yeah, it's fine." you say and look away. Your stomach is starting to churn a little and your face is getting hot. You try to focus on the film but they are continuing to rub and stroke each other. They are starting to make little sounds of pleasure. You look over and see that your girl's top is mostly open now and her hand is under the shawl moving around his crotch.

    "Uh, can you guys cool it a little?" you ask as your palms break out in sweat. "Isn't that a bit much?"

    The guy looks at you blearily, with a confused look on his face. You girl look up innocently and slides her hand up his belly away from his crotch.

    "Oops, sorry, honey." she says. "You know I love to cuddle this way. I like being comfy on the couch."

    "Ok, but weren't you just touching his cock?" you ask. You can feel your heart pounding.

    "Not really" she says. I was just rubbing his leg. She pulls the shawl down and you can see that he has a raging hard-on "Like this." she shows you by running her hand up his thigh, stopping just short of his dick which is pointing straight up right along the zipper. She smiles and looks up at her friend. "Wow, are you getting hard?" she asks with interest.

    "No, come on. You guys are embarrassing me." he says blushing. "Can't we just watch the movie, please?" He looks at you beseechingly. Your girl just giggles and nestles back down, resting her head on his stomach. She looks over at you with big eyes to see your reaction.

    You are wriggling in your seat, but you can't make a decision about what to do. You don't want to leave the room, but you can't see yourself grabbing this guy and tossing him out either. An interesting part of the movie comes on and everyone returns their attention to the television.

    After a few minutes, you look back over and see that he has his hand inside her top and he is squeezing one of her tits and pinching the nipple. She has pulled up his shirt and is kissing and nibbling his stomach just above his crotch.

    You can't take this, "For Christ sake, your guys, can you chill the fuck out? Dude, you are feeling up my girlfriend like crazy over there."

    He looks hurt and indignant. "No I'm not." he says. But he leaves his hand inside her shirt. "I mean, yeah, I guess I am, but she said her nipples were tender and she wanted me to pinch them for her." He bends his head down to look at your girl, "Do you want me to stop?" he asks as he continues to knead her boob.

    "No no, you are fine" she says leaving her head on his belly. She looks at you with half lidded eyes, her hand resting right over his cock. "Honey, you knew that we would be snuggling tonight. You know how I like to snuggle. Can't you just relax a little. This is NOT sexual. I think of him as a girlfriend practically."

    He laughs when she says that and pinches her nipple harder and makes her squeak "NICE!" he says. "a girlfriend, huh?"

    She is giggling now and they are struggling on the couch, pinching and tickling each other.

    "Cut the shit" you shout, standing up. Your heart is racing and your pits are drenched.

    They pause, but don't look at you. Their eyes are locked and they are facing each other on the couch, each of them panting from the exertion. Her top is totally open now and her boobs are swinging. His fly has come unbuttoned and the head of his penis is sticking out. Their cheeks are flushed and their eyes are bright with excitement.

    You girl reaches over touches the exposed head of his penis with one finger. She looks over at you and smiles. "Honey, I know we got a little more carried away then I had planned. But um, you can hang out if you want, but you might not want to see this part."

    She shrugs out of her top and bends over to puts her lips around the head of his cock. Her friend reaches down to cup one full breast in each hand and then leans his head back. Your girl unzips his fly and slides more of his cock into her mouth. She looks over at you with wide eyes, cock in mouth, cheeks sucked in.

    Then she chokes a little and pulls it out, laughing. "My god, he just spurted a little cum right in my mouth" she says smiling at you and stroking his dick. She turns to him and puts her face close to his. "You are bad, aren't you. Right in front of my boyfriend, too."

    "yeah, I'm bad." he says huskily, pulling her pajama bottoms down, exposing her round, white ass. "Let me show you how bad."

    Your girl steps off the couch, turning toward you with a big smile as he pulls her bottom off entirely. She stands there naked facing you, smiling devilishly.

    "Get ready, honey." she says to you. Then he pushes her head forward and she bends over at the waist. She puts her hands on the coffee table, looks you in the eyes with open mouthed excitement and then arches her back slightly to present her cunt to this guy.

    He wastes no time and grabs her by the hips immediately sinking himself into her.

    "Oh shit" she says breaking your gaze and turning to look at him over her shoulder. "That feels good."

    You are standing there frozen in shock. Your blood is running cold. As he slowly starts working his dick in and out of your girl, she puts her head down and her tits start swaying back and forth.

    "You might as well sit down and enjoy the show at this point." he says to you. He pokes his thing into your girlfriend for emphasis and she gasps with pleasure. You just feel nauseated and helpless, but you can't look away either.

    You sit and watch as your girl strokes her own clit and gets herself off while this guy drills her from behind firmly grasping her wide hips. Once she is done cumming with a shudder, he pulls out of her and she kneels before him, mouth open. He pops his cock in and she sucks it for a second, then he pulls out and shoots spurt after spurt of hot cum into her face and onto her tits. As the spurts reduce to dribbles, she grabs his cock and sucks it vigorously. She is milking the last of the cum out with her hand. "Oh fuck, stop, it's sensitive he shouts, laughing. But your girl grips him for another second and looks over at you again, cheeks sucked in, eyes wide and questioning. Finally he pulls away and he flops down on the couch. He looks at you while your girl smears the cum around her lips. "Well, that happened." he says shakily.

    Your girl turns to you with cum dripping from her hard nipples unto her soft white belly. Her eyes are glassy and her cheeks are flushed.

    She tries to smile, but she looks like she is about to cry. "Yeah, well... we definitely didn't mean for you to see this..." she says. Then she gets up and runs into the other room.

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