Your girlfriend asks you to help pick an outfit

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    You're girlfriend asks you to help pick an outfit

    "Come help me pick an outfit for tonight." says your girlfriend brightly, bouncing into the living room full of excitement.

    You look up from you laptop and say, “Huh? Where are you going?"

    She pauses for a minute and blushes slightly. "Oh, I thought I told you that I was going out tonight with some guys I met at the coffee shop the other day."

    "You never told me about it." you say defensively. "Who are these guys?"

    "Oh they are pretty funny." she says with a smile. "They invited me out for drinks."

    "I’ll bet they did." you say skeptically, looking her body over appreciatively.

    "Come on, don’t be gross." she says scrunching her nose. “Just help me pick an outfit."

    "Ok, where’s the chastity belt?" you say jokingly, getting up to follow into the bedroom.

    "Har har." she says sarcastically.

    First she tries on some jeans and a t-shirt. She poses for you, turning slowly. You admire her round ass in the tight jeans and the way that the clinging shirt accentuates her jutting breasts.

    "Does this make my ass look too big?" she asks with concern.

    "I like ‘em big." you say with a smile.

    "Ugh, I have to change then." she says.

    "Why are you so concerned about how you look anyway?" you say leaning back on the bed to rest on your elbows as the dresses in front of the closet.

    "Girls always care about their looks, silly." she scolds as she strips down to her underwear. You admire her pale, shapely legs as she pulls on stockings that go just above her knee. Then she puts on a modest dress that goes below the knee.

    "That’s better, it’s more reserved. Your tits and ass were booming in that other outfit." you say.

    "Sure, I should just wear a nun’s habit then." she says putting her hands on her hips and giving you a stern look. "Look, other guys are going to look at my body, ok? Get over it. You look at other girls, don’t you."

    You get a little uncomfortable about having the tables turned, so you just shrug. "Whatever."

    She changes into a much shorter, tighter dress that goes just below her crotch. You look at the portion of her pale thighs visible above her stockings and you feel yourself getting a hard on.

    "That’s hot." you say in spite of yourself.

    She bends over slightly and turns to admire her own ass in the mirror. "Yeah, see, I’ve got to show some skin. I want to keep things interesting." she says.

    "Interesting?" you snort. “What’s that supposed to mean."

    "Jeez, relax will you?" she says with exasperation as she adjusts her neckline to show more cleavage. "I want guys to pay attention to me, don’t I?"

    "They won’t pay attention to what you’re saying they will just be checking out your body." you say, while you check out her body and your cock throbs in response.

    "That’s fine too." she giggles, “It spices things up a little."

    "Oh man," you complain with annoyance.

    "Come on," she says, touching your arm tenderly. "You don’t want to date some mousy wallflower, do you? You should go trawl the library looking for nerdy girls with glasses in sweatshirts and mom jeans." she finishes with a wry smile and you can’t help but join her in a laugh.

    But when she reaches up and pulls her panties down, you give a squawk. "Hey, what’s up?"

    "I can’t wear these, they are giving me panty lines. It’s cool, I’ll just go commando tonight." she says with a nervous laugh.

    "You gotta be kidding me." you say, sitting up. You feel your pulse quicken and your cock getting even harder at the thought.

    She just ignores you and unsnaps her bra as well.

    "Hey!" you say in amazement.

    "The straps were showing," she says lamely. You gaze at her large jiggling breasts with the outline of her erect nipples clearly visible through the thin, material of her tight dress.

    "Your headlights are on." you say.

    "Hello, my eyes are up here." she laughs pointing to her eyes with two fingers.

    "You will be saying that a lot tonight." you say, gripping your crotch.

    "Ooh, are you getting hard?" she asks with interest, feeling your crotch. "I like that. That’s the reaction I’m going for."

    "From other guys?" you ask annoyed.

    "Sure, why not?" she says lightly. She give you a kiss on the cheek and heads out the door. "See you later," she calls over her shoulder. You watch her ass gyrating as she walks away and then she is gone.

    You lean back and think about your girl our drinking with some strange men wearing this smoking hot outfit without underwear. It makes your stomach churn nervously but in the end you decide to think it over with your pants off by yourself.

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