Your girl offers a guy a ride home from the bar.

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    You and your girl are out a bar along with one of her girlfriends. At one point, your girl wanders off to talk to some friends of hers. You don’t pay much attention and are chatting with some people at the next table over when your girl’s friend comes over to you.

    "Uh, we should probably go now," she says looking at you nervously.

    "What’s the matter?" you say. "It’s early yet. I thought you had off tomorrow."

    "That’s right. I don’t have to work tomorrow." She is twisting her fingers and looking away and you are starting to get a little annoyed with her.

    "So what’s the problem?" you demand and then take a drink of your beer.

    She won’t meet your eyes. "Hey, where’s your girlfriend?" she asks suddenly. "If she really wants to hang out, then I will too."

    You look around and see some friends that she was talking to. "Come on," you say.

    "Hey, you seen my girlfriend?" you ask her friends.

    "Who’s this guy?" one girl asks looking you over critically.

    “That’s her boyfriend," says another and then looks over her shoulder.

    "So who is that other guy," asks the first girl.

    Her friends all shush her at once.

    "Don’t fuck with me, you guys. Where’s my girl at?" you demand, puffing out your chest slightly.

    "Uh, I think she’s in the bathroom," one says lamely, obviously lying.

    "Ok, yeah. Thanks," you say and walk away. They all start chattering as soon as you turn away and you can hear a lot of muffled laughter. Your face is starting to burn with embarrassment. Your girl is flirting with some other guy and her friends are all trying to cover for her. That much is obvious at this point. You head to the back of the bar with her friend is trailing behind you nervously.

    You find your girl talking to another guy in the pool room of the bar. Her knees are touching his and their heads are close together. But you take a good look at this guy and your anger drains away immediately. He is a couple of years younger than you and he’s holding a bag of candy. He just seems sort of immature and almost effeminate. It’s hard to picture this kid putting the moves on your woman.

    You walk over and say, “Hey, what’s up?"

    Both your girl and this kid are startled by your arrival and he jumps to his feet immediately, sticking out his hand. "Hey, h-how you doin’?" he asks, stammering slightly.

    You smile at him and shake his hand, “Doin’ good, bro. How you doing? Trying to get into my girl’s pants or what?" you ask him with a sly smile.

    You girl gives an exasperated snort and tosses her head. The kid can’t tell that you are joking around and he practically shits himself. His face is pale as he stutters a response. "Whoa, dude. No-No man. We were just talking. I was just handing out candy to girls, uh, everyone really. You know. She told me she had a boyfriend. I wasn’t trying anything."

    "Easy there Romeo, I am just pulling your leg." you laugh confidently. "That’s a good trick though, giving out suckers to meet girls. I will have to try that sometime."

    You girl slaps your leg in response. "You’ve got a girl, asshole," she says petulantly.

    You tousle her hair affectionately and she shrieks as usual and jumps up to fix her hair in a nearby mirror. The kid is awkwardly shifting his weight from foot to foot. "Yeah, girls don’t like it when you mess up their hair," he mumbles.

    You just laugh and turn to her friend. "You still want to go?" you ask her.

    Your girl comes over and wraps her arm around you and nestles up against you. “What’s the matter, why are we going?" she asks.

    Her friend is at a loss for words. "Oh, uh. I guess we can stay… I thought… Well, never mind. It’s cool I guess." She is staring at the kid, but he is avoiding her eyes.

    "This is rich. You thought Kid Casanova over here was going to steal my woman or something?" you chuckle.

    "Alright, that’s enough, babe. Jeez, look at him. He’s really blushing now," she says chidingly. "You are embarrassing him."

    You laugh again. The kid’s face is beet red and he is obviously uncomfortable. "No, I’m cool," he says. "I can take a joke. But, uh, I kind of want to go actually."

    "Oh, yeah," your girl blurts out, swing herself around and putting her face in front of yours. "Honey, can we give this guy a ride home? I told him we could. His friends took off already and he got stranded."

    You shrug, “Sure, yeah, that’s cool. But you want to go now?"

    "Yeah, I’m beat," he says sheepishly.

    "Yeah, let’s go," chirps in her friend. "We can watch a movie at my place and have more drinks there."

    You aren’t really sure if the kid was being invited too, but you don’t want to act jealous after teasing him like that. So everyone heads out to the car. As you approach your ride you see your girl nudge her friend. "Oh, yeah. Shotgun!" call her friend an runs ahead laughing. "I called it."

    Now you are starting to feel a weird twist in your gut. What was that all about? Your girl just looks at you innocently and shrugs her shoulders as she gets into the back seat with the kid and her friend sits up front with you.

    You don’t ask the kid where he lives, you just start driving to your girl’s friend’s house. You see your girl and this kid snuggle close in the back seat and your face starts to burn, but you can’t really say anything after mocking the idea that this kid was trying to fuck your girlfriend. Pretty soon, you see in the rear view mirror that they are actually hugging and kissing back there.

    Your girl’s friend looks at you nervously and says, “uh what are you guys doing back there?" You just grit your teeth and stare forward.

    "We aren’t doing anything," laughs your girl pulling her mouth away from his, “Mind your own business up there." But you see her unbuttoning the front of her blouse and pulling it open to expose her nice round tits.

    "Oh my god, you are such a slut," shrieks her friend laughing. "I can’t believe you."

    You see your girl looking at you in the mirror as she takes the kids hands and puts them on her boobs. He starts working them enthusiastically. Your blood is running cold at this point and you don’t know what the fuck to say.

    "Yeah, that’s real funny," you croak, trying to concentrate on the road.

    "What’s the matter, you aren’t jealous of ‘Kid Cassanova’ here are you?" she asks sarcastically. "Suck my nipples," she whispers to him and he readily complies descending on her breasts hungrily.

    "Ok, yeah. That’s enough of that shit," you say angrily pulling your eyes away from the mirror and braking suddenly to avoid running into the car in front of you stopped at a red light.

    No one comments on your sloppy driving, the kid just resumes sucking your girl’s nipples while her friend is turned around in her seat watching in fascination. "Enough of what shit?" asks your girl innocently and you hear the sound of his fly coming down.

    Her friend gasps and covers her mouth, her eyes glued to his crotch. "Wow, look how hard he is." She looks at you incredulously then just laughs. "This is so fucked up."

    "This is totally fucked up, I am pulling over," you say angrily, but traffic is busy and there is no place to pull over right now.

    "Jesus, why are you being such a baby," laughs your girl. "A little handjob isn’t going to kill you." "yeah, feel how hard he is," she says turning to her friend as the kid groans with pleasure.

    Her friend giggles. "Can I touch it?" she asks the kid.

    "If you want to," he says shakily.

    So she reaches her hand past you into the back seat and starts stroking the kid’s cock. "Ooh, you are really hard."

    "I know," he says and then grunts with pleasure. “that feels good though."

    "Don’t hog it, let me have some," laughs your girl as you finally find a place to pull the car over. Your heart is racing as you jump out of the car and pull open the back door. Your girl just looks up at you as she pulls her friend’s hand off this guy’s cock and lowers her head down to stick it in her mouth.

    "Get the fuck out of the car," you shout, but you are frozen in place and just watch as her head bobs up and down on his member.

    "Give us a minute, man," gasps the kid.

    Your girl’s friend is cackling wildly as she wriggles past you to join your girl and the kid in the back seat. You watch helplessly as they take turns sucking the kid’s dick and licking his balls. You try lamely pulling her friend’s leg to break this up, but she kicks out impatiently and you narrowly avoid getting nailed in the balls. Somehow your girl managed to get her panties off and climb onto his lap and she is riding his cock now with her tits in his face while her friend resigns herself to pulling his ballsack. The kid is firmly grasping your girl’s soft white ass cheeks as she bounces up and down on him. Your girl looks over at you passionately, eyes glistening and cheeks flushed, gasping as she cums quickly.

    "Let me," pleads her friend, pulling off her own panties. You catch a nice view of her round ass and swollen cunt lips from behind as she bends over to climb further into the back seat and your girl climbs off. But the kid blows his wad before your girl’s friend can climb on, shooting spurts of cum on her friend’s face and your girl’s leg.

    "Shit, couldn’t you hold it?" she complains.

    "Yeah, these young guys have no stamina," agrees your girl crumpled up in the back seat next to him.

    Her friend looks back and you and wiggles her ass. “Well I am horny as shit at this point and I could use a cock over here," she says to you. "What have you got?

    You girl laughs, “Yeah, I guess that’s fair."

    You realize that you have had a raging hardon for a while now, so you pull it out and ease it into your girl’s friend from behind. She gasps with pleasure and starts working her clit as you slowly increase the pace and then start pounding her, your hands clasped firmly on her generous hips. You wait until you feel her cum with a shudder and then you spin her around and push her down to her knees so that you can blow a load into her face. You look over to see your girl masturbating herself and jerking the kid’s slowly stiffening member as they both watch you spurting cum into your girl’s friend’s face. Her friend sucks your softening cock into her mouth and looks up at you lustily, drawing out the last drops of semen. You are surprised at the intensity of her attention and manage to produce a few more ejaculations which she greedily swallows.

    By the time you are finished, you look over to see the kid extracting himself from your girl who is trying to suck him off again. "No, I can’t, it’s too sore. Sorry," he tells her. He climbs out of the back seat and pulls his pants up. You suddenly realize that you have been fucking a girl on the side of a busy street and that cars have been honking and people shouting out of windows as they passed for the past five minutes.

    "Thanks for ride, bro. I can walk from here," says the kid and then he waves to the girls and walks away.

    You look down at the two cum-soaked sluts before you as you pull your pants up.

    "Well that happened," you say as the cars continue honking and the people keep shouting.

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