Your girl likes to hang out nude at the campground

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    You and your girl are camping for the first time together. She strips naked before crawling into the sleep bag at night and you have some hot sex.

    In the morning when you wake up, she is up already and you find her making a pot of tea on the fire, stark naked.

    "Hey, this is a public campground you know," you say to her. "You should put some clothes on."

    "Whatever… There is no one around. I like being naked. I feel free," she giggles.

    You just laugh nervously and go collect some firewood. You go 30 or 40 feet into the woods when you hear the sound of male voices approaching the campsite. You start rushing back to warn your girl, but just before you get back you see your girl talking to a pair of male hikers who had wandered up to your campsite. She is standing there totally nude and not bothering to cover herself at all. They are looking at her body with interest and she is just standing there, brazenly baring her all.

    You can’t believe she is doing this and you are too embarrassed to come out into the open. What would your girl do if you demanded that she get dressed? Would she defy you just to be pig headed? What if she complied? Would these guys laugh at you either way? You don’t know what to do, so you skirt the edge of the clearing so that you can hear what they are saying, but still stay hidden in the brush.

    "…I don’t see why I can’t hang out naked if I want to," you hear your girl say defiantly.

    "Hey, I sure don’t mind seeing your naked body," says one of the hikers, gripping his crotch unconsciously. "We’re just saying, you won’t get much privacy up here. This is a busy area this time of year."

    "I don’t care about privacy," responds your girl flippantly. "You can look all you like. It’s nothing to me. I’m feel like a nature woman being nude out here."

    "Well do you mind if we take a break and hang out here with you?" says the other guy, unhitching his backpack.

    "Sure, feel free," responds your girl, and she turns and bends over to tend the fire. "You want some tea?"

    Both guys are staring slack jawed at her bare ass as she bends over and don’t respond. She turns and looks at them appreciating her ass. "Hello? Take a break from checking out my ass for a second and answer the question: tea or no tea?"

    "Uh, sorry, yes, tea," laughs one guy as he drops his backpack and joins her by the fire.

    Your face is burning with shame. You don’t know what to do. You assumed that they would just go on their way. You just want them to leave, but at the same time, you find it incredibly erotic to watch your girlfriend casually serve tea to these two guys totally naked and unconcerned. So you unzip your fly and start pulling on your prick as you watch them hidden form view behind a bush.

    "So yeah, how long have you been into nudism?" asks one of the hikers.

    "I guess I never knew I was into nudism," laughs your girl. "This is the first time I ever tried it. I’ve never really been camping overnight this far into the wilderness before. The feeling of being out in nature is so amazing. It’s so liberating."

    "Oh, yeah, I agree," says the other guy eyeing her boobs and taking a sip of tea.

    "Hey, you know, it’s actually pretty rude of us to hang out while you are naked. We should be going," says the other guy. “We don’t want to cramp your style."

    "Oh I don’t mind, you can stay," she urges them.

    "Well, I feel kind of weird sitting here with you naked and all… I almost feel as though we should strip down and get naked too," he laughs nervously.

    "Feel free to do whatever you want," she says. "Since you didn’t mind seeing me naked, I won’t mind seeing you naked," she smiles broadly.

    The guys chuckle nervously and take off their clothes. Both of them have raging hardons and you see your girl staring at their cocks with interest.

    "Well alrighty then," she laughs. "Looks like your johnsons are standing at attention this morning."

    "Well stumbling upon a beautiful naked girl on the trail will do that," laughs one of the hikers standing just a few feet in front of her with his cock pointed right at her face. She remains seated and stares at it fixedly.

    "Oh are these hard-ons on my account?" she asks them innocently taking a sip of tea.

    "Yep," says the other guy sitting down close by her side. "It’s all your fault that I sprung this boner." he says stroking his hard cock lewdly.

    "Sorry about that," she says, her eyes glued to his cock as he pulls on it.

    "Oh, not at all, I am enjoying it," he says. "You don’t mind if I touch myself, do you?" he asks. "I’m just not used to being nude around strange good looking girls."

    You are feeling a little sick at this point with both guys naked and your girl checking out their cocks, but you keep yourself hidden and continue jerking yourself and watching.

    "You think I’m good looking?" she asks bashfully.

    "Oh yeah," both guys say.

    She stands up and turns to show them her ass again. "You don’t think my ass is too big?" she asks playfully.

    Now both guys are stroking themselves as they look her over.

    "Well?" she asks wiggling her ass at them. "Too big or no?"

    They don’t answer, they just stare and stroke. "You’re just teasing us now," croaks the one guy. "But I will play along. No. It’s not too big, it’s just right. In fact I wouldn’t mind slapping my cock against it."

    "Oh really?" laughs your girl. "Well, don’t let me stop you. Slap away."

    The guys exchange a glance, and the one just shrugs and approaches her with cock in hand. She just stays bent over slightly and shakes her ass at him again to encourage him. So he grabs dick and slaps her across the ass with it. You gulp in amazement, unable to believe this is happening.

    Suddenly, two female hikers enter the clearing and stop dead in their tracks staring at the two naked guys and your naked girlfriend while one of the guys slaps his cock against her ass and she laughs with pleasure.

    "Uh, well this is pretty random," laughs one of the girls.

    "Sorry folks, we are just passing through. Didn’t mean to interrupt your little breakfast orgy over here," says the other girl looking at the guy’s stiff pricks.

    "Oh, it’s not an orgy. We are just horsing around a little," says your girl blushing as she stands up straight and faces them.

    "Hey, whatever you say, sister. I know this mountain air makes me feel frisky," laughs one of the girls. "I wouldn’t mind taking on two guys with pricks like those."

    Her friend slaps her shoulder, “Omigod, I can’t believe you just said that!"

    Both guys are speechless with embarrassment but their cocks are still standing at attention.

    Your girl turns to examine the dick that was just slapping her ass and she reaches out and takes it in her hand. "You have a point, this is a pretty good cock," she admits, looking the guy in the eyes as she starts to stroke his dick. Everyone watches with interest as your girl goes down on her knees before him and puts his dick in her mouth. You, the female hikers, the other male hiker, all of you are watching as your girlfriend starts performing fellatio on this strange man she just met twenty minutes ago.

    "This is soo, freaky," says the other female hiker. "I had no idea that this was like, the kinky sex trail."

    "Lay down on your back," commands the hiker receiving a blowjob from your girl. She complies submissively and spreads her legs for him.

    "Excuse me ladies," he says as he gets down and mounts your girlfriend missionary style.

    "Hey,don’t mind us," laughs the one girl.

    The other hiker is jerking his cock as her watches your girlfriend getting boned by his buddy. You hear her moaning with pleasure as he pounds her in the grass and you start jerking yourself wildly.

    "Holy shit, there is some other pervert spanking his monkey in the bushes," shrieks one of the female hikers as she spies you there.

    The hiker fucking your girl pauses for a second, looking up.

    "Nevermind, it’s probably just my boyfriend," she says. "Don’t stop now, I’m about to cum."

    He quickly returns to fucking her and she cries out as the orgasm engulfs her. He pulls out soon after and spills a load all over her belly.

    "Her boyfriend is jerking off in the bushes?" laughs one girl to the other, scandalized. “I thought one of these guys was her boyfriend."

    "This is the most fucked up hike I’ve ever been on by far," giggles her friend.

    The other male hiker approaches your girl with his cock in hand. "Can you suck this for me?" he begs.

    "Ok, honey," she says climbing to her knees, cheeks flushed, belly slick with cum. “I’ll help you out," she says looking up at him lustily and taking his thing into her mouth.

    He tilts his head back and cries out almost immediately. Your girl gags slightly and pulls his dick out of her mouth as he shoots his wad all over her face.

    "That is so nasty," comments the one girl, watching with fascination.

    The other girl crawls into the bushes where you are kneeling and kneels down beside you. "You guys are all real perverts, you know that?" she whispers unbuttoning her shirt. "But I must be one too, because watching this shit has made me horny as fuck." And the next thing you know you are sucking on her nipples as she jerks you pud. A few minutes later, you notice your girlfriend watching you as this female hiker bounces up and down on your cock and your girl laughs when you cry out firing your load inside the female hiker.

    "That girl better be on the pill," she calls.

    Afterward you all share an awkward breakfast around the campfire. The two guys and your girl never bother getting dressed which makes things weird. But things get even weirder when another couple enters the clearing and approaches your group nervously.

    "Uh, sorry to interrupt your…breakfast? We just wanted to get directions," says the woman as the man looks your girl’s cum stained body over hungrily.

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    Are those 100 power or 300 power readers? She's gonna need good eyesight with night closing in. She appears a loner to me thing. Realizing there is nothing more debilitating than complete nudity...I'm gonna start bringing a couple bathtubs to the Campground...around the fire. That beach towel looks like it's been around...let me run to the Ford Pick-Up and get an old quilt or something...more comfy and carried Bumper's Campfire stories.

    We need a bigger fire tonight boys!

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