YOUR FEELINGS, the 1st Time you were Cucked

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by Bugle_Boy, Jun 21, 2008.

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    Really great post, Ajax! I wouldn't describe my wife as a slut, but she was the stereotypical easy lay who decided to classify her past as her "wild oats" after we married. Thankfully, she eventually started planting new oats with my total support and approval. I can't tell you how happy I am to be married to my 51 y.o. soccer mom / professional woman wife and how great it feels to know that when she leaves town to go to a conference or meeting that there's a better than even chance she'll take another man to bed with her.
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    Thanks mdcucked! Perhaps it is a a matter of semantics, and "easy lay" might be more appropriate than slut. In any case, it sounds like our wives are quite similar, both in their past lives as well as where they are now. Unfortunately, unlike your wife, mine fucks only one steady Bull. But we are s-l-o-w-l-y and carefully working towards putting a second Bull in her stable. I am however, like you, thankful and happy for what I have and enjoy every minute of it!
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    Wife Back With Boyfriend

    Since I last posted on this thread, my wife came to me begging to agree that I allow her boyfriend to remain in her life. I was wrong to act hastily & banish her boyfriend when for the second Sunday in a row, our plans together were tossed aside in favor of her spending the day with him. "I love him", she pleaded. "He'll be returning to Iraq soon & I don't want it to end this way." After promising to not to so badly neglect our marriage again, I reluctantly agreed that all should return to normal. The mixed emotions have been getting to me lately, but I love my wife & I want her to be the happy little slut/whore that she has always been.
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  4. mdcucked

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    How did she see him two Sundays in a row if he hasn't yet gotten back from Iraq?
  5. palaka

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    Back "TO" Iraq

    You misread my post. He is returning "TO" Iraq, not "from" Iraq. Not to worry my dyslexic friend. It happens to the best of us, hehe... :rolleyes:
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  6. sexycpl07

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    It was incredible. I was nervous and pacing around the house wondering if she had really gone through with it. I was wondering if I messed up but at the same time I was very horny. When she walked in the door and said, "I did it" my heart was crushed but at the same time, I was very excited. As I took her I could feel his cum inside of her wet pussy and could still smell his colgne on her. This turned me on so much I want her to do it again.
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  7. cuhusamibi

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    first time (I thought)

    First time (I thought) I chronicled: I knew she was out on a date, and I was in bed when she came home. She asked if she should brush first. I said no. We kissed and I sucked her tongue...that less than an hour before sucked a huge cock and ate his cum. My heart was racing. Couldn't really believe my sweet wife did it. Then, however, just recently learned she fucked a guy last April (whom she had been seeing regularly for about 9 him plenty of bjs) Though she said she only fucked him once, when I learned it was a guy I hadn't known about I was really upset...not so much at her fucking but at the secrecy. This guy, IMO, has some major "issues" so wifey and he are over (I think). Wifey and I are both dealing with the type of people we want to be....She still calls me a cuck (and I am)...and I still fantasize about her with guys...but because of moral issues we haven't gone further yet. It would be very easy however, for both of us.The story is still being written.
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  8. Dkim

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    It was a weird day. We talked about it weeks before and came to peace with the fact that she will be seeing her boyfriend for sex and sex only. It seems theoretical as we were working through the pain of my discovery and my acceptance of her wanting sex outside of marriage.

    Then her boyfriend whom she admitted to light her fires in bed came to town one week and was supposed to see her on Saturday. She was super excited but I could tell she was trying to keep cool to spare my feelings. I was on pins and needles, and I wanted to keep my end of the bargain (she can see him only and only for sex) but also not wanting to confront it. The day dragged on and the tension was thick. At 4PM or so, she began to shower and get ready. She was sitting at the make up table when he called her about 5PM and had to cancel so she was a little pissed and cried a little.

    I was in the odd position of comforting my wife who is miffed because her boyfriend canceled the date. It was glad that my wife sought me for comfort and in a way, it bonded us together a bit as I wiped her tears away. I ended up giving her a massage that night and we carressed a bit and then went to sleep. Oddly enough, I told her I hope he would call back whenver his business is finished.

    Then came Sunday and we had company over so she was busy. Monday was a normal work day and on Tuesday, she called me and was excited as a little girl. He had finished with his conference and was taking her out to dinner. She didn't really give me a choice, just said that she won't come home after work but she would see me later that night or the next day.

    She said don't wait up but I couldn't sleep. The emotions were nausea, sadness, excitement, and most of all, I did miss her. She didn't come home until the next afternoon. By then, I was already back at work and we didn't see each other until late in the evening. I came home and she was watching a movie in her pjs on the couch.

    She stood up and hugged me and thanked me and gave me a deep kiss that smelled of ... nothing really. I was so glad to see her that I gave her a bear hug in return. She was like ouch ouch...and pulled away. She gave me a smile and said that her breasts are still a bit tender....I wiped the hair from her face, kissed her again and told her I love her and that was that.

    Not very exciting but that's all that happened.
  9. jphenor

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    I only know of the cucks feelings from what they have told me and what I have seen and what on some occasions his wife would tell me. DKIM sounds very honest and exact.

    Most have told me they are literally on a roller coaster of emotion. Those emotions covering the entire spectrum.

  10. cuckkycpl

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    i felt incredible excitment, some uncertainity and a little fear the first time my wife spent the night with her lover. i think i felt most every emotion a person can feel. However, now as my wifes relationship with him has grown much closer, so has our own love and feelings for each other. While i play a much smaller sexual role with her, i must say we are closer than ever.
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  11. tritops

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    Fool for Tortured Excitement

    :joker:Although I had been a cuck for twenty years, I never knew in advance she was cucking me at any certain time. On our 28th anniversary, she told me all of her past in one night and announced she would not be sneaky about it any more. That summer, she demonstrated. She knew I was taking my dog to a dog show two hour from our home, and she told me to think about her at 3 pm Saturday afternoon because she was meeting one of her long-ago fuckbuddies for a "get re-acquainted" session at the local marriott. He was getting away from his spouse with the excuse of doing work at his duck club. I could not keep checking my watch all afternoon, and could hardly do my duties because of the constant erection. I was excited and also feeling humiliated and manipulated as she knew I could not get out of the trip and it would totally disrupt my enjoyment of my hobby. Driving home that night, I called her cell repeatedly but no answer. She pulled into the driveway minutes after I came home. I asked her "did you do it with him" and she invited me to pull down her slacks. She still had her panties on, and as I pulled them down I saw globs of cum and her juices. She said "does that answer your question?" and then grabbed my crotch. She was too tired to fuck me but laid back in our bed and watched me jack off while she told me about the encounter. She's scheduled a half-dozen other "appointments" and let me know when and where, and she loves the tortured excitement she inflicts on me.
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  12. sc03

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    First time i was cuckolded i didnt know what a cuckold was. But my gf at the time and I were seeing eachother causally, and she went away for the weekend with some friends. She hooked up with a guy from school, no sex, just kissing and she gave him a blow job. I heard about it Monday from my friends and a feeling of anger and jelousy came over me, but my cock was twitching and i realized i was horny as hell. That night i fucked her for the first time, and all i could imagine was her sucking this guys cock... I asked her about it, and she confirmed she did it a few times and he ate her out. Hearing this made me horny too, yet very very jelous.
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  13. splitbottom

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    Incredible feeling of joy and satisfaction.No jealosy or whatever.
  14. Toson

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    My Experience

    I wasn't into cuckolding at all. I knew what the word meant but never realized there were web sites devoted to it.

    I hadan idea in the back of my head that my wife was cheating on me and that nagging suspicion was confirmed one night when I was on the computer.
    For some reason I got up and walked past my wife's bookshelf that was only a few feet away from the computer and I a red book that I had never seen before caught my eye.
    I pulled it off the shelf and a picture of my wife and her lover fell out of it. It was a diary of her affair with him.
    I know reading someone's diary is not a good thing at all, but I couldn't stop myself after I looked at it. Actually, it wasn't marked as a diary, it was more of an appointment book that she filled with records of their dates and kind of like love poems about him. There were some other pictures of them together in it
    Sorry, this is getting long.

    Anyway, I felt like a ton of bricks had landed on my head. I was crushed. I stayed up all night unable to sleep.

    But as awful as I felt I was also really excited.

    Maybe a lot of people at this web site wanted their wives to cuckold them but I didn't. Not consciously, anyway. There might have been something in the back of my mind that liked it but, basically, I was a jealous husband.

    Some time later I found another similar diary but this affair actually happened before the other one. It was like the knockout punch. I realized that it just wasn't a spur of the moment thing. She wanted to have affairs and was.

    Anyway, hope this isn't too long.
  15. vaman837

    vaman837 Active Member

    All Night Anguish

    Couldn't sleep all night. I lay awake in bed trying to sleep, but was tortured continuously. Masturbated while fantasizing about what they were doing till there was nothing left in me to masturbate. It was exquisite, at the same time unimaginably painful emotionally. She finally came home around 4:00 AM and I wanted to go to bed with her, to plunge into her as fully as I could, but she begged off any form of sex, saying she was too sore.

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  16. blueduck1954

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    bummer man

    Oral that is down-right depressing. Have you found a new female partner? Is it difficult to find a woman that can accept your bi-sexual lifestyle? I don't think I have ever heard a woman in real life say she would stay with a man who was bi. I know there must be some just not in my experience.
    Good luck man.
  17. OhioHusband

    OhioHusband New Member

    First cucked in high school

    I had fallen deeply in love with Jenny in my junior year. Living with her grandmother in our small Ohio town, she was originally from Pasadena. She was blonde, beautiful, and so much fun to be around. I had started to hang with a slightly older group that drank, smoked pot, and partied hard. Jenny dated Kevin who was an oil field worker with lots of money, attitude and weed. Jenny was really into him. I don’t think anyone noticed, but I was really into her. I was smaller in frame and younger in appearance than Kevin. I wasn’t surprised that his ruggedness attracted a beautiful girl like Jenny.

    But sometime during that year Kevin dumped her sending her back to Pasadena to live with her parents in a rush. Quietly I was crushed. I waited and wanted and finally she was through with Kevin. But instead of having the opportunity to make her mine, I lost her to the west coast. I was truly heart-broken.

    Sometime during the following summer, she came back to Ohio. Apparently over the break-up she moved back in with her grandmother. I wasted no time making my move. I let her know immediately how I felt. She told me she thought that she might be in love with me too, and we were off to the races. I don’t even remember when or where we first had sex but I know I felt that I was making love to a goddess. Her naturally blonde pussy, her large breasts, pretty smile and blue eyes made me insane with hormone-driven lust. Her full (but fit) figure made me feel as though I was with a woman for the first time in my life. This was my first adult love affair.

    When I wasn’t working that summer, I was with Jenny. We made love often and went everywhere together. I had found my soul mate. I just knew it.

    We were both seniors that fall and everyone at our school knew that we were in love. I was on top of the world.

    Then one Friday night, after getting off work at a local restaurant I went to Jenny’s grandmother’s house to pick her up. She wasn’t there. Looking back, I see that her grandmother knew more than she was telling me. She knew that Kevin had stopped by to take Jenny out. She knew that I was being betrayed. I, on the other hand, was too naïve. I was only worried about her safety.

    I spent the whole night driving around town. Going from teen hangout to teen hangout, looking for any clue that would tell me where she was. Every hour or so I would return to her grandmother’s house only to have my hopes dashed when I didn’t find her there.

    The following morning I caught up with her at the apartment of one of her friends’. Immediately I knew something was up. Her eyes had never looked at me like that. Then she said it. “I was with Kevin last night and yes, I slept with him.†She was obviously embarrassed but not ashamed. She said she was sorry for making me worry about her but there was no apology for spreading her legs, for letting another guy - an older more masculine guy put his cock inside her. There was no apology for letting him cum inside her, as I later learned he did.

    I remember very little dialogue after that point. I felt a blow to my gut. My head was spinning, and I was so angry! I wanted to smack her, or cry or something. But I don’t think I did anything really. I yelled. Big deal.
    We continued dating for a few more weeks, maybe a month. But I no longer loved her. I was an ass to her for the remaining time we were together and even cheated on her in retaliation for the pain I felt. But in the end all the passion was gone and it was over. That was the autumn of my senior year of high school.

    I didn’t know whom I was going to grow up to be then. I didn’t know then that I would, one day actually want my wife to be unfaithful to me, ask her to be. I couldn’t imagine that I would ask my wife someday to suck her boss’ cock. But I did. I didn’t know that I would someday spend hours talking my wife into spreading her legs for my best friend. But I did. I didn’t know enough when I was seventeen to enjoy the raw and deep sexuality that caused Jenny to spread her legs for Kevin, even though I know she loved me when she did it. I was too young.

    [FONT=&quot]About ten years later, standing in the darkened kitchen of my own home while stroking my stiff and aching cock, watching my wife administer oral sex on her boss in our driveway I started to make the association. At that electric moment I remembered the agony and euphoria I experienced back in high school, in my bed at night, imagining Jenny sitting atop Kevin’s cock. Although she never really described anything they had done to me in any detail, in my mind I saw her slowly fucking him, her beautiful breasts in his hands. I imagined them cumming over and over again, together. He pumped endless amounts of his cum into my sweet Jenny’s pussy in those replays that I imagined.[/FONT]
  18. wheels20

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    We've already posted a full account of our first time in True Life Experiences, so I'll just stick to my feelings and emotions during it.

    I'd previously been a jealous type with feelings of insecurity so I was amazed at the change when I watched her getting fucked that first time.

    We are all different so I'd never judge others, but for me it made a big difference being present during her first fuck. If she'd gone away from home and fucked some guy I didn't know, then I might have been jealous. Being involved was much better for me.

    Seeing the pleasure on her face, her enthusiasm for his cock, which was thicker than mine just got me aroused. I didn't feel an ounce of jealousy, just pure excitement. I just wanted to see him do more and more to her, as it gave me the biggest buzz I've ever had in my life.

    I urged him on to fuck her and also cum in her, something I'd never thought I'd ever do; it was a complete change in me, which I'm pleased about

    It did wonders for my confidence, which seems a strange thing to say but maybe its because I was included in the action, albeit as a bystander.

    I now love her fucking guys, the more the better. I don't always have to watch, in fact its about 40% watching againts 60% with her going away from home.

    That gives me a diffent type of excitement and thrill, always wondering whats happening, my heart pounding in my chest from the tricks my mind plays on me. I cant wait until she gets home and immediatly shows me her well fucked cunt, pulling her lips open for me to see the redness inside.

    The scent of his body on her arouses me so I lick her cunt in the hope of tasting his sperm, then we fuck like crazy as she whispers in explicit detail everything that happened.

    That's what I feel so I hope its helped.
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  19. surfrider

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    our 1st time

    Our first time I was away on business... We had fantisized about her having another lover for quite some time but I never thought it would actually happen. I really thought it was all bedroom talk. Just prior to my trip she told me she had met someone she wanted to sleep with, this was while we were in bed and I still thought it was just talk to turn me on. Until I recieved a text pic on my phone of her sucking a large cock with the message "yummy". I was a thousand miles away and I wanted to be right there more than anything. The feeling were of anguish, I thought I was losing her, and being more turned on than I have ever been in my life. An hour later she sent me a second pic with the statement I'm not winking at you thats cum in my eye. She had a large load on her face. I was hooked.
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  20. wheels20

    wheels20 New Member

    That was interesting surfrider, how have your feelings changed since then?

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