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Youngest with Your Wife

Discussion in 'Fantasies and Roleplaying' started by DickHardy29, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. wayward_one

    wayward_one New Member


    Would've loved to comment on your very, very engaging post. But you've only sought replies from "younger MEN". So I shan't impose.

    Older Woman, Sarah
  2. wayward_one

    wayward_one New Member

    And more....

    Back to Brighton again.

    I’ve been trying hard to recall all the details of the ‘events’ following the ‘dance’. Nowhere as mindblowing as that dance was. So I shan’t labour over them.

    In short, it was an afternoon ‘well spent’ for the boys. And for hubbyas well. I was over the afternoon moon, all dripping and dribbling (the boys had offered, politely, to ‘cap’ their fun, but I wouldn’t have that – hubby feigned a protest, and I got my way).

    We did a few more innocently crazy things that day.

    It was getting a trifle uncomfortable in the boys’ room. For one, it was like a dorm – with single bed bunks. Then there was no attached bathroom (their’s was a common loo further up the corridor). So, about an hour later, we decided to shift the scene of action to our room.

    The boys and I were all starkers. Hubby hadn’t stripped (guess he was far too embarrassed to expose too much, what with four young, well-toned bodies on full display around him) – just kept his pecker out to wank and for me to suck off (once only bcoz the boys wouldn’t give him a chance). I told hubby no way we are getting back into our clothes, so he may as well pop his pecker back and carry my clothes and the boys’ clothes to our room (just down the corridor). He was to stand on guard in front of our room and make sure that the ‘coast was clear’ for me and my four boys to ‘streak’ down the corridor. I knew this would get hubby on the hop again – and it did!

    That little ‘streak’ was fun. One of the boys had a finger inside my pussy from behind as we walked from 104 to 102. I had one prick in each of my hands during the ‘stroll’ (*sigh, sigh* neither was quite stiff then).

    It was a lot more relaxed in our room. I was just screwed silly for hours. Sometimes, they screwed me by turn. Often I was sandwiched. Hubby was put in charge of helping the boys recuperate. It all started with Mr Cocky. When, once, he pulled out of me limp, I told him I wanted that cock back in soon. He said give me a while. I said you have 5 mins. Impossible, he said (if memory serves, he had cum thrice by then). Quite possible, I said – and asked hubby to lend Cocky a ‘helping hand’. That set the rhythm. Each time one of the boys spent on/into me, he was assigned to hubby thereafter. And dutifully my dear man would work of his prick (sometimes with both hands) to get it back into ‘shape’ in ‘record’ time (lol). It was fun.

    We were all knocked out by late evening. I was a trifle bruised too. We decided that if we wanted to continue the fun, we’d have to call it a day after supper. This we did. Over g’nights and all that, I was smooched, groped and squeezed all over. Hubby and I passed out in no time.

    There were two ‘intrusions’ (lol) that night. I had no track of the time. Heard a knock on the door (hubby heard nothing, he was snoring). Enquired, in a whisper, who it was. It was one of the boys (I forget his name now, but he was the most boyish/cutest of the four). He just wanted a ‘quick dip’ (his words, I remember clearly). I opened the door without a fig on me (that’s how I still sleep) and found he didn’t have a fig on him either!

    It was a queen-sized bed in our room, so we had to be careful not to disturb hubby. We literally took the edge of the bed and the boy rode me briefly and came. Then he kissed me deep and left.

    Barely had I shut the door and got back into bed, when knock knock again. I thought it MUST be Mr Cocky. And it WAS. He took me doggie, me standing, bent on to the bed. Cocky, to my surprise, was back in form!!! He kept pounding. I came, shuddered, collapsed on the floor. He held me and smooched me for an eternity, and I realized why. He hadn’t cum. I was so blown that I couldn’t help him for a long while. Then I made an attempt to jack him off, then…. blow him. He got harder and harder, and that got me fruity again.

    Back I went on the bed. He mounted, entered. And blew!

    No more knock knock that night. And hubby had slept through it all.
  3. darkvanilla

    darkvanilla New Member

    Last Sat night I watched as my 53 yr old wife let a 21 yr old blk marine take her every way he wanted. We met him through CL, he said he had always dreamed of fucking a mature married white woman, so she had him come over. He was here about 20 minutes, and she had his blk cock down her throat, she loves to deep throat. He looked at her and said he has never came from getting a blow job. Wrong thing to tell her, she took that as a challenge. She started giving the boy a blow job that would put porn stars to shame. I sat in the chair and watched as she licked and sucked his blk cock and balls. There is nothing more beautiful than watching every inch of a bbc slide deeper and deeper down your white wife of 35 yrs throat. When she had him all the way down her throat she started fucking her throat with his blk cock. After about 10 minutes I seen him tense up and grab her head and started fucking her face harder, I knew he was cumming for the first time down a white womans throat. My wife turned her head towards me with a smile on her face and slowly started raising her head off of his cock, so I could see how much blk cock she had in her throat. After licking her cock clean, she looked up at him, and asked him if he was ready to fuck her white pussy now, He got off the couch and they headed for the bedroom.
  4. couple_johnjoy

    couple_johnjoy New Member

    She was 30 when she was with my stepbrother who was a junior in highschool. Our post "just gotta tell our secret story" tells the whole sultry tale.
  5. Hanrejfam

    Hanrejfam New Member

    Hi again folks! :) What a year... I'll tell you later. Summer is here again and the young boys are all over my wife, and we both love it! Right now she is teaching a barely legal youngster the art of pleasuring her in our bedroom, while I am outside with just the computer to play with. My guts are spinning when I hear and see glimpses of them through the door. You know what I talk about... And our daughter has almost taken over my wife's ordinary bull, at least now during summer. They are at his place now, but otherwise mostly here. I am so happy! :D
  6. heavenlystud

    heavenlystud New Member

    I am an 18-year old and I greatly enjoy cuckolding men and fucking their horny and unsatisfied wives. I've been doing it since I was 16 actually. I like showing off my muscular body and women love it. I'll never forget one time, it was a year ago, and I was living on rent in the home of a married couple. Almost every night I brought a girl over who kept them up all night screaming from pleasure while riding my big cock while the landlady's husband was making his pathetic attempts to please his wife in the other room. One night when I had noone over I heard her shouting at him for cumming too early once again then she finished herself off with a vibrator moaning my name. From there on it was easy, she couldn't endure living without my cock in her pussy any longer and one night she went down for some "milk" and boy did she get it, first-quality milk in large quantities. I fucked her on my bed all night with her hubby listening from the other room.
  7. cuckman984

    cuckman984 New Member

    My 32 year old wife with an 18 year old boy

    My wife Fran with young Rob,we picked him up in a pub and took him home he stayed the night and fucked her all night huge cock and she loved it I also filmed some of the actio,some caps from the film vlcsnap-2010-06-29-17h46m24s59.jpg vlcsnap-2010-07-03-10h42m03s1.jpg vlcsnap-2010-06-29-17h55m05s147.jpg vlcsnap-2010-06-30-16h30m38s74.jpg looking at me as she sucks rob 18.jpg [​IMG]
  8. ZIGGY984

    ZIGGY984 New Member

    My wife with an 18 year old guy

    We picked this young man up in a pub and I filmed him as he fucked my wife Fran,huge cock on him, he stayed the night and I wanked all night as she moaned and groaned as the kid used her! vlcsnap-2010-06-29-18h01m31s135.jpg 18 year old rob.jpg vlcsnap-2009-08-31-10h08m19s191.jpg vlcsnap-2010-07-03-10h43m07s143.jpg
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  9. NECuck

    NECuck Super Moderator

    Is ZIGGY and cuckman the same person?? Looks like they both have the same wife!!!
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  10. We're both young, she's in her early 20's so everyone is youg haha But the youngest is a 17yo guy, he fucks her from time to time.
  11. Randy35

    Randy35 Member

  12. altimer23

    altimer23 New Member

    when i was 15 i fucked a 27 you latina. her husband was a bi cuck. that got me thinking about cucks in general. i had a 15 you gf and when we were about 17 we talked about swapping and stuff. we were both very turned on by the idea. and later on in our married life she took to fucking other guys.
  13. SmallFry

    SmallFry Active Member

    When I was in my early twenties a friends 17 year old brother fucked my girlfriend. I know his cock was way bigger than mine as I caught them doing it.
    I have imagined seeing my wife being fucked by him.
  14. mattcuck

    mattcuck New Member

    3 weeks ago my wife fucked Ted’s nephew, he just turned 18and because of the pandemic he was not able to celebrate so Ted arranged for my wife to meet him in the hotel. Ted told my wife to give him a memory he would not forget. She told me he was good but very nervous and came fast both times. First in her mouth and next time in her pussy. It was her youngest so far
  15. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    People often start humping shortly after puberty. It's better if those who are older stay away.
  16. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    Both my lovers are 16 years my junior.
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  17. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    They were both too young at the time, but very close in age, so it was ok. For her at least. He became a love sick puppy, which made Audrey dump him after less than a year and move on to boys who "knew what it was all about."

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