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Youngest with Your Wife

Discussion in 'Fantasies and Roleplaying' started by DickHardy29, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Hanrejfam

    Hanrejfam New Member

    This summer has been quite rainy, but we have been to the beach almost every clear day, teasing youngsters, oh what joy! :) It is so thrilling watching them pass us back and forth, discretely (they think) looking at my topless wife with hungry longing eyes. The younger the better she thinks, but has to satisfy with legal in the evenings. As long she does them, I am happy, so happy... :)
  2. chakota36

    chakota36 New Member


    Please use the "thanks" button at the bottom of each post if your post is a "one-liner" as this one was.

  3. andynlisa

    andynlisa New Member

    our youngest was 16. we didn't know it until the end of our vacation. gotta love Jamaica!!!
  4. ukcuckcouple

    ukcuckcouple New Member

    My wife (now mid-40s) used to be a teacher until she got another job many years ago. I fantasise about her former students getting in touch with her and confessing they always lusted after her and her giving in to the moment! Actually 2 or 3 former students are in touch, but they're all girls so not quite the same thing! The youngest ex-students would be in their 20s now.
  5. takeoff

    takeoff New Member

    The youngest boy my wife had ever sex was 16. She was 40. The boy is a friend's son and he never had sex before. My wife was his first lover and he was very happy.
  6. Hanrejfam

    Hanrejfam New Member

    The younger the better? (When it comes to fantasies?)
  7. Dantheman

    Dantheman Active Member

    are they are any stories or experiences from others here on this topic?
  8. wayward_one

    wayward_one New Member

    Down memory lane!

    Very interesting thread, this. Brought back memories of a mindblowing experience when hubby & I were just a few years into our cuck life. I was 37 then. We had played thrice with a 19- year-old boy (my friend’s son). Seeing him taking control over me so assertively was a huge turn on for both hubby & I. Unfortunately, the boy’s parents got a whiff of it and the whole thing came to an embarrassing end.

    About a year after that experience, we had gone to Brighton (infamous, yes – for dirty weekends!) for some ‘hopeful hunting’ there. No, we hadn’t thought of hunting for a kid. Just hunting for a good bull for me.

    It was one of those summer holiday weekends when you just can’t get any room in Brighton. We got one in a backpackers’ hostel which is pretty well known there. Ours was an independent double room on the first floor, the other rooms on the floor were really dorms – each with six beds (2-tiered bunks X 3: this we were to learn much to our orgasmic delight on the third day!).

    The first afternoon we hunted on the beach. Hubby made me dress up in my sluttiest net bikini and let me wander around alone. I was getting all the glances I (and doubly, hubby) needed. I was accosted several times, with several I struck up a conversation, but none got me going. Hubby was disappointed. I was ‘starved’ that night (lol).

    The next morning, as we were going down for breakfast, we saw these four kids coming out of one of the rooms on our floor. They were the giggly types, and couldn’t have been more that 18-20 years old. In fact one of them brushed against me and was profusely apologetic! Back on the beach ‘hunting’ that morning (me in the very same net bikini), I had been approached by an older man (50+) who appeared very screwable to me. I introduced him to hubby and all three of us were chatting when I spotted those four boys at a distance. I don’t know what got over me. I just said ‘excuse me guys – I’ll be right back’ and walked towards the boys.

    I had the effect I wanted. The boys couldn’t get their eyes off me. I got bolder, smiled at them, said ‘hi – aren’t you the boys from ****?’ They then recognized me from the morning’s encounter (mustve been shocked bcoz I had been so prudishly dressed for breakfast). I started chatting with them. They were like all ‘yes ma’am, no ma’am’ etc. I kept walking, so they were walking along with me while we chatted. All four were college friends – had come down for some weekend fun. The were they ‘clean’ sort, lean and far from athletic, but all taller than my hubby. No hair on the body (like the earlier boy I had played with) – that was yummy. ‘Having fun?’ I asked them. One of them (he was quite a cocky one, as I was to realise later), said ‘Not the real kind of fun yet’. That grin on his face got me really TINGLING. Anyway, I thought I’d been away from hubby and my prospective screw far too long. So I told the boys we’d catch up later at the hostel (and boy, did we!) and went back to the ‘senior citizens’.

    I had quite expected that my prospective screw would have vanished. And he had. Hubby told me that when saw me chatting with the kids, he said ‘Ok, I ll take my leave’.

    Gosh, this is getting lengthy! And boring, perhaps. If anyone wants to know what happened thereafter, let me know. I would be more than happy to share all the graphic details of my romp.
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  9. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    I can't speak for anyone else here, but I would enjoy reading about your romp with the young guys.


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  10. wayward_one

    wayward_one New Member

    Super horny today!

    Sundays do that to me. Plus this stud from a long-lost past mailed hubby this morning (we meet after years this weekend). Plus the encouragement from Christine. So here goes.....

    After the encounter with the kids that morning on the beach (this was our 2nd day), we went back to the hostel, hoping that the four would also be following/scampering back with their tongues hanging out (lol, how vain we could be!). No such thing happened. In fact, right through the afternoon and evening we never got a glimpse of them.

    If memory serves, our room was 102, theirs 104 – just down the corridor. Hubby & I were taking turns (unashamedly), opening our door and peeping at theirs every now and then. No sign of life at 104!! *sigh, sigh*
    Early evening we went down to the beach again – hoping to find them somewhere. Can’t really say who was getting more desperate – hubby or me. But while I was hugely optimistic my dear man (as he is wont to be) was getting all negative. Kept mumbling things like ‘they’ve found their real fun somewhere else’ and ‘they’ve probably gone and picked up some whores ‘….

    Any way, the long and the short of it is that they kids disappeared. In the evening, hubby made me dress up like a slut (maroon, tight & short – my favourite dress of those days) and we headed for the bar down the road – a ‘hunting’ sortie again. On our way out, I was suddenly seized with panic – so I went straight to the receptionist and asked whether the guys in 104 had checked out. I remember the quizzical look on the receptionist’s face till this day. He was a fat, bald, shortie, 40ish. He stared at my boobs that were threatening to burst thru, then looked at my face, twisted his lips and said nothing. That threw me. I muttered something stupid like they had promised to give me the address of an antique shop in Leicester (that’s where the kids were from, they had told me). It was only then that he checked the register and allayed my fears. They were there, and were checking out Tuesday morning (that’s when we were too, and it was only Saturday night when I was enquiring). So, there – I assured hubby, told him to trust his seasoned hunter-cuckoldress and cheer up!

    But he insisted on taking me to this seedy bar, where he was ogling at all the ‘prospects’ and the ‘prospects’ were showing a great interest in me – but, frankly my mind was on/in room 104.

    We got back at around 10. No sign of the kids. Hubby went up to 104, put his ear to the door. Came back to me and asked me to do the same. I heard what hubby had heard. Nothing. We were fast asleep (I had jerked hubby off to sleep) when, past midnight, we heard some commotion outside. Hubby went out, came back and told me that the kids of 104 had been partying with blaring music. Other guests on the floor had complained, so the hotel people had come up to intervene. Were there girls with them? I knew hubby mustve enquired. He had, and we rejoiced – because they hadn’t brought up girls with them!!!

    The next morning we had breakfast at 7, and I parked ourselves in the lobby. I was determined not to miss the boys today bcoz time was running out. I sent hubby up to our room, so that he could keep his eye (and ear, lol) on 104. They stumbled out around 9.30 (hubby missed them, kept waiting in our room). They couldn’t miss me in the lobby. I waved a big ‘hi’ to them. Four big smiles greeted me (I had my bikini on, but under an unexciting front-buttoned beachcoat). I asked them where the hell they’d been all of yesterday (in those many words – getting overly familiar). They had hired bikes and were all over town yesterday! Had fun, I asked again. Again the cocky one retorted: Not the REAL kind of fun.

    They were going for breakfast. I said I’d join them for a cup of tea.
    Breakfast didn’t last more than 15 minutes, but helped us all loosen up. They asked me where hubby was. I said in the room sleeping (this was giving me a gr8 kick, bcoz I knew hubby was in the room, spying on 104 thinking that the boys hadn’t come out of 104).

    They were off to the beach and asked me to join them – no mention of hubby, so good sign. I asked them to wait a while, went to the reception and asked them to connect me to 102, spoke to hubby, told him everything – he was shocked, ecstatically shocked. I told him that there was no choice now. He should stay put in the room, jerk off thinking about what I’m up to with the boys on the beach (we had no cell phones no those days). But I promised to be back with the boys by lunchtime (by now I knew I had some ‘hold’ over the kids, and was sure that after the beach sojourn I’d have even MORE).

    The walk to the beach helped immensely. I was in the middle, flanked by 2 on either side – feeling like an empress. I asked them why they hadn’t had ACTUAL FUN yet. They said they had been trying – w/o luck so far. I told them what hubby had said – they mustve found pick-ups. They laughed. I got bolder. Asked them if they were virgins (not in so many words). They were not, they said, and I must admit I was a trifle disappointed. They complimented me on my body. I thanked them. Cocky one went to the extent of saying – yours is the body of my wettest dreams – and we all laughed.

    We were so lost in subtly horny conversation that we forgot which point of the beach we were headed. Till I asked them hey where are we going? Surprisingly the quietest & shiest one said – lets go to the beach beyond the pier, it’s quiet there. We all agreed.

    It was a longish walk, so the suggestive conversation got more and more suggestive. I was wetting like crazy. We stopped to pick up some beer.
    When we reached the ‘quiet spot’ it wasn’t really quiet, but we found a reasonably secluded place for ourselves and I just had to drop my beach coat. There were wows and wees and woohs from the boys. Some clapping too. I said unfair, unfair. So they got the hint. Off came the Tshirts/shirts & shorts. Their trunks were really cute (I had noticed that the day before) and now cuter bcoz, w/o exception, they had hardons. I tried my best not to gaze at those trunks, tried to be nonchalant about everything. I laughed and giggled a lot. They were sitting, guzzling beer, asked me why I wasn’t sitting down. I said I’d rather stand (so that they could see ALL of me – I didn’t say that, though). The cocky one offered me beer. I had a sip or too from his can. He stood up and asked me if he could touch me. My cheek, yes – I told him. They all laughed.

    After a while, the conversation veered to hubby. I told them he’s the world’s best hubby and a gr8 sport. They all cheered. Now they were standing around, and very close for ‘comfort’ (lol). Cocky one said, but he sleeps a lot. We all laughed. I was thrilled & knew hubby would squirt when I relayed that comment to him.

    By now we were getting ‘looks’ from people around us. I told them that we are getting looks and I’m uncomfortable. One of them suggested we go for a dip a little far in. We all agreed.

    The ‘dip’ started it all. They were all around me. Cocky one said I’ going to touch your cheek as you offered. I said ok. He promptly put his hand on my left tit and squeezed it softly. I faked a shocked gasp. They all laughed. Then there were several hands all over my body (but not pussy). I fell once. Was pulled up. We were all laughing now. I was tossed around a bit. Then one of them, fondling both my boobs pulled them out. For the first time a hand was stroking down there. Cocky one kissed me and guided my hand to his bulge. This one was big (& that’s why, I figured, he was Mr. Cocky). I just squeezed it lightly and pushed him away. He laughed. The other 3 asked why he was laughing. He told them. They all repeated my earlier words – UNFAIR, UNFAIR (screaming)! So, by turn, I squeezed all of them briefly. One other guy kissed me. Then I said ENOUGH!

    I had good reason to say that bcoz we had drawn attention and there were a number of guys who waded fairly close to us. I pointed towards these voyeurs and, that way, I must say the kids were decent. They stopped right away. We lazed in the water for a while, talking naughty. Then came out. Strolled on the beach till it started getting hot. I said let’s head back, we cud have lunch together. They agreed. Not once did they touch me after getting out of the water.

    I’ll continue later (about the lunch and more) bcoz it’s going to be 3.30 here today and I haven’t had lunch yet!

  11. Toson

    Toson Active Member

    My wife actually had an affair with a man seven years younger than her. She was 32 and he was 25. I think it's pretty hot when women have young lovers. Old are hot, too, though. :)
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  12. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I'm looking forward to it! It sounds like a very nice time, so far. :)


  13. wayward_one

    wayward_one New Member

    Apologies for the delay

    Particularly to those who’ve PM-ed me. It’s been a bad time at work, and I’ve been carrying work home too. Just managed some time off in office, let’s see how far I manage to write….

    The walk back from the beach to the hostel was a lot more brisk than the lazy stroll to the beach in the morning. For one, I was dying to get away from the sun, and I guess all of us were in a hurry for ‘action’. There were the usual naughty references to me. I remained the goody-good sport.

    At one point I did ask the boys about the blaring music in their room last night. They said they were merrily sozzled and had decided to hoof it. Well after midnight?? By themselves??? Or had they brought up a few floozies (I knew they hadn’t, but it was nice to pretend)? No floozies, they laughed – just by themselves, stripping and dancing. I found myself saying, ‘what a waste’ – that got them in spits.

    When we reached the hostel, I told them that we’d catch up after a shower. Where were they planning to have lunch? They said they’d go out and pick up some more beer and sandwiches and that we could meet up in their room, if that was ok with me. Sounds good, I said – but depends on what hubby has in mind. That hit them (they appeared to have forgotten all about my dear hubby!). Wails and whines followed – o’ no, please, why can’t you convince him, come on, etc. etc. I said, ok – if he wants to join us, you guys better not have a problem. They beamed, I smiled (I knew it had worked!). Told them I’d be with them in half an hour or so.

    Hubby had been in the room all the while, starkers, guzzling & wanking. When I knocked, he opened the door, grabbed me and threw me on the bed. Every little detail of the morning he made me narrate, and came twice as I narrated (précis form, bcoz as I kept reminding him, we had a date with the boys in half an hour) and jerked him off. My narrative over, he was begging for more details. I told him there was no time – unless he wanted to give the REAL ACTION a miss. He had no choice, so he let me go in for a shower, but not before making a ‘small’ abortive attempt to enter me doggie. ‘Small’ bcoz he just couldn’t get it up after all that guzzling and wanking!

    I showered hurriedly (it was already past the my promised half hour), got into a kerchief panty and a tight-tight white bra-strap top that had much of my boobs out, and was getting into my shortest wraparound when there was a knock on the door. I rushed into the bathroom, hubby opened the door. It was one of the boys. Aren’t you joining us, he asked hubby. Sarah’s just getting ready, hubby said –be there soon. WE ARE READY, was the boy’s suggestive reply, and when hubby told me that I knew it was Mr Cocky who had come to our room.
    My loving cuck behind me in shorts and a Tshirt, I walked like his true slut across to 104 and knocked. ALL of them opened the door – with woooos & wows again. I remember that moment till this day. I was swooning and somehow managed to steady myself. My smile, I guess, covered up for my state – my pussy was dripping and I could feel it.

    They had music on, and all four of them where screaming their gratitude above it to hubby – till I told them to put the music down.

    I must say the boys and hubby handled it ever so well. There was not one bit of tension of any kind. The beer helped. Hubby said, it seems you all had a great time this morning. I tried to be coy. But the boys, led by Mr Cocky, opened up. In no time they were talking about my body, with hubby going into graphic details. Then he asked me to get up and do a 360-degree for the boys. Which I did, to such deafening applause that I promptly sat down again – telling them that I don’t want a repeat of last night, with the management coming up and creating a scene. That got them to calm down somewhat. Hubby asked what had happened last night. Before the boys could reply, I did. They were dancing. Dancing? Yes, and stripping.

    I could see that glint in hubby’s eyes. Not one to lose a ‘cucky chance’, hubby said: Sarah did miss something, didn’t she?

    The boys took the bait. Last night was just a rehearsal, said one of them (surprisingly, it was not Mr Cocky this time). They were guffawing now. I was giggling. Hubby said something like, oye, oye. The music went up. And the boys were on the ‘floor’.

    Hubby & I kept applauding them as their clothes went flying all over. And I must say, they appeared to be real pros when it came to raunchy gyrations and pelvic thrusts. I was getting hornier and hornier. Down to their jocks, they’d come up to me, in turns, to the rhythm of the music, and thrust their huge hardons on to my face. I would scream and pull my face back. No one touched me yet.

    They were some teasers! The jocks refused to come off – despite hubby’s goadings and my pleadings. They would push them down an inch or so, just enough for me to catch the sight of some boyish hair, and then they’d pull up the jocks again. Finally, when I said (jokingly) I’d rather go down to the beach, Mr Cocky asked whose snake I wanted to see first? I said ALL. Pat came Mr Cocky’s reply: GREEDY SARAH!

    We all laughed. Hubby butted in and said, ok the biggest one first. That’s mine, said Mr Cocky, and all four of them laughed.

    After much persuasion from me (and also the other boys & hubby), Mr Cocky agreed. He wanted me to take off his jocks, but he insisted that I strip down to my bra and panty and dance a slow number with him before he let me do that. I didn’t want to agree that easily. So I screamed NO! But hubby and the other boys felt it was a great idea and that I was being a spoil sport.

    I tried to tease and delay things. I am not wearing a bra, I said. ALL THE BETTER, came Mr Cocky’s reply. One of the other boys had, by then, changed the CD and a slow number was playing already (I didn’t recognize the song). I said ok, who’s helping me? I got up. One of the boys came and helped me take my top off (he tried to play with my boobs, but Mr Cocky said, NOT ALLOWED!). Everyone was cheering now. One boy helped me out of my wraparound (didn’t try any trick, though). And there I was, just in my panty – facing Mr Cocky who was in his jocks, facing me. We were a good 10-12 steps away from each other. And believe me, except for the soft music, there was silence in the room. Cocky & I stared eye-to-eye. I didn’t move, neither did he. Till hubby said something and I realized that Mr Cocky would not move to me. So I moved to him. Not a word from any one. This was some mood swing!

    When I reached him, I just melted into his arms. My boobs against his chest. My arms around his neck. His both hands on my butt, forcing me to grind my pussy against his cock (he was HARD). We kissed for an eternity. NOBODY in the room uttered a word. We moved (it was no dance!), I brought my one hand between my pussy and his cock and started fondling him. In no time, I had his cock out (it was nice and big, but not the biggest I’ve handled), he had my panty down to below my hips. I guided his cock between my legs & locked it there. We were still ‘moving’ somewhat and kissing really deep, he was fondling my boobs. And soon, we were grinding again – it was heavenly! His cock rubbing gently against the lips of my pussy.

    The ‘dance’ continued. I had no track of time. But then he came, between my legs. I felt his jizz up there, then travelling down. His body took a while to ease. Nobody in the room knew what had happened and when – till his body really eased, and I broke away. I remember holding his cock and looking down at my legs. I laughed. He laughed. Then hubby and the other boys realized what had happened. They all burst out laughing and cheering!

    Can’t imagine I’ve written so much today. Whew! More later. Enjoy!
  14. wayward_one

    wayward_one New Member

    P. S. Forgot to mention this - I was still 'in my red high heels' when that 'dance' happened. Lol.
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  15. NECuck

    NECuck Super Moderator

    Well, do we get a picture of those Red High Heels?? Modeled maybe??
  16. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I enjoyed every word!

    Sorry to hear that work has been such a bear. I know what that's like. Hang in there.


  17. wayward_one

    wayward_one New Member

    They weren't really RED. I was just quoting from that Kellie Pickler number - "In my Red High Heels". Remember - "Nobody can hold a candle to me - in my Red High Heels"?? Lol.
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  18. wayward_one

    wayward_one New Member

    Will do, Christine. The rest in a day or two - promise.
  19. deefa4

    deefa4 New Member

    I am a new member to the forum and have been driven to it by my husband Jeff who has always fantasised about me being taken by a younger man. To be honest my initial feelings were ones of revulsion and hurt that my husband could wish to see me with someone else. After several years of hinting at his desires (I am currently 48), I have slowly come round to his way of thinking. He assures me that there is nothing in it for him (ie he is not looking for the same back with a younger or any other woman). He has even said he would be prepared to let a lover have his way with me in our marital bed. After having read different posts on this site, it has become apparent to me that these thoughts are very prevalent. I'm scared to know how to start things off. Maybe a good starting point would be posts from younger men who feel they could 'entertain' an attractive, though middle aged, woman. To be honest the thought of having sex with someone old enough to be my son has got me really turned on by the decadence of the whole idea. How do you younger guys feel about having sex with me? Have you got any ideas as to what we could do? it just seems that both myself and Jeff can get quite a bit out of this whole thing.

    Thanks for reading


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  20. Dantheman

    Dantheman Active Member

    Hi Jackie,

    I think most young guys would love to get into your panties. Most young men have fantasises about older women seducing them or becoming their sex slave lol Best take it easy and make a list of what you are looking for and what you want from the relationship / meeting. I suggest having a pic done, not necessary naked but equally sexy and slutty (e.g. baby doll). Also, dont give the pic out to everyone, but only to ones you have chatted to and like and feel you can trust.

    Good luck and let us know what happens.
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