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Youngest with Your Wife

Discussion in 'Fantasies and Roleplaying' started by DickHardy29, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. happyhubby

    happyhubby New Member

    exchange student

    My wife and I had always fantasized about an exchange student staying with us. We had 2 sons aged 8 and 10.
    We looked into it and made the necessary arrangements. When the young man arrived, My wife made a habit of dressing sexily in front of him but dressed a little more reserved when we were out in public.
    The exchange student was 16.
    He was actually quite a good looking young man. He was noticing her boobs and often dropping things to look up her dress. She began wearing no underwear or bra so he could have a better show. Our sons weren't aware of any of this and she had to be careful. he was using the room closest to ours and our 2 boys used the one on the opposite end of the house. She started walking to the bathroom outside his door with only a robe on and would purposely leave it open. this must have been driving him nuts. Then we made arrangements to send the boys down to visit their grandmother in Florida for 3 weeks. She always enjoyed having them down. Right after they left My wife began her trips to the bathroom at night wearing nothing. She was returning to our room and Jamie walked out of his room and they were face to face. he was standing there with his robe on and let it fall open allowing her to see his naked body. She looked him over for a quick second and leaned over kissing him. he put his arms around her neck and kissed her back. Soon she was fondling his cock. It wasn't huge, but it was uncut and thick. She had never experienced either until that night. I watched them in the hall for a bit and then they disappeared. She told me the next day that he had a girlfriend back home and missed her dearly. They were making love every chance they got after that. She allowed him to screw her all day while i was at work and for 3 weeks they were both in bliss. He had to slow it down to a crawl when our kids returned. But he found out I was ok with it and soon was coming to our bed to have his way with her as i most often was sleeping. I would wake up to find them pounding the matress to smithereens and would often come just watching them. The second night of him coming to our room, I ate her immediately after he came in her. he enjoyed it and jacked off watching until she leaned over and sucked his cum into her mouth.
    He left our house much more mature and confident than he was when he arrived.
  2. mrcyberbob

    mrcyberbob New Member

    My wife is also a teacher. She had talked alot about a boy in her class. He was more mature then the other boys in her class. He was her favorit student. She told me they always ended up talking about sex when the got alone, and my wife found that exciting. He always ended up beeing the last one leaving her classroom.
    One time he stayed discussing a math test they just had been doing. Pretty soon they were talking about sex again. The conversation leading into blowjobs and how girls in her age didnt like giving them. My wife said she loved giving them. Then he challenged her saying "prove it". My wife first hesitated, thinking about her collegue´s. But she also wanted so she said, yes ! Go to the boysroom in the basement and i´ll meet you there. It had been the last class for the day so the school was pretty much emty.
    She waited nervously for 15min before she went there. She ended up giving him a blowjob in the boys room, he had a pretty big cock. He came quick in her mouth and she tried swallowing it all but some ran down her blouse. She had to leave with cumstains on her blouse.
    After that she gave him blowjobs a few more times.
    He was 16 the first time turning 17 a mounth later.
  3. songlines

    songlines New Member

    Age of consent

    They just changed the age of consent from 14 to 16 in Canada. Until recently my wife could have had sex with a 14 year old.
    Of course that never happened. But she did have an affair with a very well hung (9+ thick inches) 16 year old guy. Lasted between 18 months and two years. I thought he was a lot older -- so did she. He fucked her an average of three times a week -- which translates into almost 300 times. And he could fuck her two or three times each session. I'd come home from work and he would have just left. She'd be wearing nothing more than one of my shirts and the cum would be spilling out all over her thighs, the sofa, the floor. She was in her mid- to late 20s.
    Now she's 49 and I'd love to see a 16 year old doing her regularly. But then again, I'd love to see guys of any age fucking her.
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  4. ZIGGY984

    ZIGGY984 New Member

    My 36 year old wife and 21 year old boy

    My hotwife Fran loves young cock,this is her sucking young Rob,s big cock,he was nervous but wow could he fuck.

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    Last edited: Sep 9, 2008
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  5. benson

    benson New Member

    youngest guy

    many years ago when we first got into this we had a 16 year old boy next door who i would have loved to see my wife fuck, she was 25 but was too young for her.
    fortunately it didn't happen as he is now a judge in our home town
  6. samvicki

    samvicki New Member

    I was 40 (42 now) and at the time he was 25. He was a good 7" but nice and thick and filled me nicely. Wish he did not have to move away for his job. I would still be riding that train! And Hubby was very very supportative.

  7. happyhubby

    happyhubby New Member

    ceramic class

    My wife and her best friend have been doing ceramics for years. She doesn't have a kiln, so she goes to a cramics class so she can use theirs. She met one of the other woman's sons while he was picking her up and eventually she had me drop her off so she could get a ride home from this kid. he had just turned 17. She said he was a doll. He told his mom he was going to go to his firend denny's and it would be closer to drop her off first and since i was close to Denny's she would drop me off last. After his mom left. he told her he didn't have to go to Denny's but wanted a chance to talk to her since he really found her attractive. He was soon parking the car in a secluded spot and they began kissing and soon she was fondling his cock through his jeans. He told her to stop or he would cum. She said well then and leaned over and unzipped him and sucked his cock down her throat. They sucked and fucked for about an hour when he realized his mom usually checked on him and said he should call Denny.
    She said Why don't wwe go to Denny's. he looked at her and said maybe denny would want to join in. He grinned and drove straight to Denny's house. They went to Denny's room since his parents were out and spent another hour meeting one another!

    She had him drop her off and while in the driveway she screwed him once more so I could have a fresh cream pie. She told him that I would probably eat her not knowing that she had been freshly fucked. he got a big charge out of that.Little did he know I knew and anted it that way.
  8. happyhubby

    happyhubby New Member

    fantasized about 14

    I often find myself fantasizing about the 14 year old next door. he is so hot looking and I know she finds him attractive. I once had him over to "help with some boxes in the garage loft, and as he was "helping" I had him go into our bedroom to retrieve some more packages to put in the loft. I knew she was tanning naked on the bed and had those eye patches on, but he would see her in the nude and be able to retreat before she saw him. He walked in and she was lying there with her legs slightly spread. I know because i went in to get a box just before i sent him in. He went in and i watched from down the hall. He saw her and began a quick retreat and then realized she didn't see him or hear him so he leaned in again and as he did he adjusted his cock. I came watching that and then he brought a box out and said he probably shouldn't be going in there again. I asked why and he said "your wife must have just laid down to sun tan and is not fully clothed. I said oh I am sorry. Damn I tried.
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  9. Dantheman

    Dantheman Active Member

    Such a cool thread! I spoke to a cuckoldress who was white and in her 30's. She told me that she had been bred by a 16yo black guy! Man, that gets me horny. How I guess i had that chance when I was 16 lol (by the way 16yo is legal in England)
  10. happyhubby

    happyhubby New Member

    14 for me

    When I was 14, I hung around with 7 other guys. The adults called us a gang, but we never did anything destructive or illegal. We were mischievous, Oh yeah I forgot about returning bottles to the store that we picked them up from off their rear porch. That was a hoot!

    Anyway. my buddies and I played ball in a big empty lot, and one day a young lady pulled in to the parking lot behind us at the apartments. We guessed that she was about 18-22. all my buddies ranged in age from 15-13.
    She drove up in a 1959 Ford. Black with that ugly coral pink trim. It was a nice car but a bit gawdy for me. Anyway she hollared for us to help her. She realized she locked her keys in the apartment and wondered if one of us could squeeze through a window to unlock the door. We slid my friend billy through and he unlocked the door. We were feeling pretty bold and we all walked in. I guess I was the only one that thought to help her out by carrying some bags in with her. She thanked me and gave me a kiss. I blushed and all the guys had a field day with that. When we left I got teased for a short while. When I was out of ear shot I told them she not only kissed me bu that she cupped my sack. That stopped em!
    Then they all started up again and kept saying you're a liar. I grinned and said oh well. You'll never know.

    As it turns out they asked her and she denied it. Then I was alone at the empty lot for whatever reason one day and she asked where my friends were. I explained that I didn't know and she asked if I wanted to come over. I did and she gave me a beer and we sat and talked.
    I found out her life story and her age (18).
    Her boyfriend ditched her right after she had a baby. The baby was very sick and dide at 2 months old, but her boyfreind was lng gone already. Her parents kicked her out as was often the case back then for an unwed mother.
    She got us both another beer. I was feeling real adult (drinking beer, having a conversation with a woman. and pretty soon she kissed me again and said I was cute. I blushed again and then she placed her hand on my leg. She asked if I was a virgin. I told her yes. She said when are you gonna do something about that? I guess I was running slow that day and then she squeezed my thigh again. I popped a bone and she said ummm I bet that would feel real good and licked her lips.
    I leaned over and we kissed for quite a while and then she felt my cock. I was rock hard. She said I was as big as her x b/f. I was feeling real good about then. Then she said lets undress each other. We stood up and undressed each other. She was pretty, but she was small breasted. I didn't care naturally. I was feeling her tits before i finished taking my shorts off. Then she pulled em down. I was dripping precum like a garden hose for the first time I can recall. This must have turned her on cause she started bending over and smearing it on her lips and tits. then she knealt down and took it deep in her mouth. I had only had a few blow jobs by this age (experimantal sex with other guys) and the next thing I knew we were lying down with me on top and she was guiding my cock into her pussy. She was a real screamer and she was hollering oh tommy yes, yes, yes, fuck me good and hard. Then she said oh yes put that big black cock in my ass. I felt her slide my cock down to her ass and fucked it good. I came in a few short minutes, but she did too. She was still coming when I finished and she finally settled down and I kissed her and thanked her for my fisrt pc of ass. Than ei asked who is this tommy with the black cock. I wondered because after all I am white, and I wasn't tommy!
    That was my robbing the cradle and losing my virginity story!!!!
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  11. petticoatcpl

    petticoatcpl New Member

    not so young but...

    ...when my wife was 37 (I was 35) we had been into MMF and MMMF for about 2 years. One of the guys we played with was an advisor at a frat house of the local university. She wasn't too thrilled about his suggestion that she come to the frat house (it was during the summer and there were only a couple of guys living there - they were going to be seniors - 22). The friend and I and another friend talked her into coming to the frat house and she reluctantly did. There were the 3 of us and 2 college guys. We got into playing and she ended up being screwed silly. After she said it was the most erotic time she had ever had. We got together there several more times with equally delightful results. What she liked best about the young guys was their enthusiasm and ability to get hard over and over.
  12. happyhubby

    happyhubby New Member

    There is a young man at the condo we rented in aruba last year. he is 14. We both fantasized about him but did nothing to promote any interaction. We both talk about him during sex. he was a native arubian and had very dark skin and you could often see his package sproting a hardon as he cleaned around the pool area. he often did extra cleanup by my wife while she sunbathed topless.
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  13. ceelaa

    ceelaa New Member

    My wife who is now in her late fifties had a prolonged affair with a boy just eighteen, younger than her youngest son, when she was in her early fifties. She says that the boy gave her more orgasms than all her previous lovers put together!
  14. JanetMason

    JanetMason New Member

    I am almost 42 and have been taking on much-younger lovers for over 10 years now. My first "much younger" experience occurred in 1998...I was 31, he was 20. In the decade since then I have had a TON of young lovers age 18-225 or so. In fact, MOST of my partners aside form hubby are under 30, which means they are all 12 or more years younger than I am. I love, love, LOVE young cock!
  15. fastornge

    fastornge New Member

    I found this post highly arousing. I got off on it a few times now.
    My wife met a young man on line through myspace and he gave her his msn chat name. They innocently started chatting on line but he made it sexual and after a few dozen chats, he would come on line with no shirt on and she noticed he would have his hand below the keyboard while chatting. She asked why he always had his hand down there. he said he was jacking off while chatting with her. she played along and challenged him to prove it. He stood up showing as she described it a "huge thick uncut cock like none other she has seen before". She told him it was the biggest she has seen. He told her she had to show him now since he showed her. she played coy but eventually she was naked and spread showing him every inch of her crotch on a web cam. She masturbated for him and he did for her. She asked where he lived and found out it was 3/4 of an hour away. They made arrangements to meet the following day while I was at work. She tld me that night and we had delicious sex. He arrived at noon and they stripped each other in the front room and had sex for the rest of the afternoon. He left since I was due home, and I ate her out while hse told me all about him. They carried on this reelationship for a year until he got married. he was 19 when it all started.
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  16. Triadz

    Triadz New Member

    Not a fantasy but wife is 46. She did a guy 25 right in front of me. Picked him up at the bar we were at and brought him home. It was her 46th b-day. Some present !!
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  17. learigg

    learigg New Member

    Wifes youngest

    A few years ago we were staying in a static holiday caravan. Next door was another caravan with a young 14 or 15 y/o lad staying with his family. It was the idea of him seeing my wife naked and being aroused by her that I found really exciting. The idea of him finding us having sex and joining in a real turn on. It was quite acceptable for topless sunbathing on the adjoining beach and on occassion I would get S to go topless in and outside the caravan when he was around. Having been a 14 y/o boy myself once I knew the effect this would have on him! I would watch as he walked past and glance at her breasts. It was a real turn on for both of us but obviously it was only the fantasy that joined us in our love making!
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  18. jimhunter

    jimhunter New Member

    My wife also likes to do ceramics and also likes to do the owners son. He was 17 when she first sucked is cock. he is now 19 and they still see each other a few times a month.

    Eddie and Peg met at his moms ceramic studio. Peg was taking a seminar and i was late picking her up. His mom and everyone else left and she left Eddie there to lock up after Peg left.
    She called me and found out I was not going to be there for at least another hour. Eddie said it was ok if she wanted to stay a little longer. He then invited her upstairs to his mom's relaxation area. They had a fridge, TV and a huge wrap around sofa. It was also a fold out bed. Eddie sat next to her and asked if she wanted a beer. He got 2 out and offered her one. She noticed his attention was on her tits and she decided to lean over more to give him a good look.
    She saw his cock was quite boned up and was looking very big. She asked if he had a g/f. He said no any more. She askled why not. She won't put out. She laughed and said your x g/f wasan ass. She also said "I'd put out for you in a hearbeat!"
    Eddie said seriously? She leaned over and kissed him.
    She was stroking his cock a bit and realized I might interupt or his mom might. She suggested calling his mom to see if she was coming back and he said no. She will be out at a wedding reception for her g/f's daughter.
    She then called me and asked how much longer I was going to be. I told her i was 5 minutes away, to which she said, "ph damn, I figured you'd be at least another hour. Oh well I will see you in an hour or so. I knew what she meant and made myself scarce.
    She and eddie got naked and comfy on the couch. Eddie was a good 7 and a half inches and real thick. He was cut. She said his nuts were real low slung and she liked that. She gudied him into her wet pussy and they fucked for a good 20 minutes before he came. She had 4 orgasms by then. Eddie finished and got them another beer and after a short rest was hard again. They fucked 2 more times before i calledand she said oh good you are almost here. Ok, I'll see you in a few minutes. She then sucked him hard again and fucked him once more so she was full of cum. As she got into the car, she spread her legs and panties to the side and showed me a full load oozing out. I ate her out in the p[arking lot. Eddie called her the next day and said he got her number from his moms computer. She was flattered. she was about 34 at the time.Eddi has brought over a few of his friends on several occasions. Eddie is one of the few guys that knows I like to watch and will join in if the mood is right.
    I have sucked his cock and he has fucked me on many occasions while she helps guide him in.
  19. icecouple

    icecouple New Member

    Wife had sex with 18 year old boy in swingerclub in Holland, she is 51:)
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  20. Hanrejfam

    Hanrejfam New Member

    My wife (40) has a younger but very dominant bull (33) now, but during the summers she prefer teenagers (legal). She absolutely loves teaching them since they are so willing to learn, and I love to watch their happiness.

    We love to go to the beach, where she is just wearing a tiny string, seeking up a spot near as many youngsters (younger teens) as possible, and watch them having a hard time not to look at her. We silently discuss which of them she would like to fuck or suck, and when we fuck at home later, she closes her eyes imagining I am one of them. It is maybe her greatest turn on and I gladly give her that. When it comes to really taboo fantasies, she sometimes ask me if I would have liked to see her with our son, if we had one (we do not), which I would (at least in my fantasy). And sometimes while we are making love, I ask her if she could close her eyes and imagine I am her father. She does, smiles and comes in no time. Roleplaying is a wonderful part of our relation, and the daddy/daughter play is her favourite beside the mom/son.
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