young lover fucks and cums in wife while husband lies beside them

Discussion in 'Movies and Films' started by michael1987, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. michael1987

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    The most erotic aspects of this video for me are the beautiful intimacy of the fucking and the whispered gentle, repeated pleadings of the totally yielded lovely young wife for her earnest, very handsome slim young lover to cum in her---which he does: once.

    The lovemaking finishes in the missionary position. The thrusting action of the lover then is somewhat mechanical, I would say because he is obviously intensely focussed on his pleasure in his build-up to his orgasm in the last few minutes of what appears to have been a reasonably long fuck. The husband is masturbating as he lies beside his wife.

    The lovers exchange whispers, the wife murmuring "Come" "Please come" "Come in me" "I want to feel it" and "I want you to mate me" etc while she gazes intently at her handsome lover's face, obviously taking great pleasure in watching his facial expression as he is coming to orgasm.

    There is little kissing at this time, but when her lover has finished ejaculating into her the wife reaches up and draws his head down to hers and they kiss briefly but beautifully sexily. Her still-gasping lover then murmurs something to which she tenderly replies "I know, I felt it".

    Hot DANG!!!
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    hot video
  3. michael1987

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    This beautifully hot video was taken off its original site some weeks ago.

    Here' s a new link to it:

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    love your hot videos . thank you
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    Loved to hear her whisper to him, cum in me...
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    Amazing video!
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  8. dominatrixNY

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    Video is not working anymore...
  9. michael1987

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    It worked for me just a few minutes ago, so well in fact that I got off on it wrenchingly-----for my umpteenth time :p

    But in case you are having a continuing problem viewing it, here's another link to it for you:


  10. michael1987

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    Thank you Sofia. It's good to have such nice feedback from enthusiastic women members.

    The video is fantastically erotic isn't it . For me, wankworthy in the extreme. Multipully so.

    By the way, the mirrored female body in your avatar is by far my favorite type---extremely beautiful, nubile and deliciously alluring. And perhaps baby-wanting Sofia? (check out my profile).

    The beautiful woman your avatar so temptingly portrays---with her inviting but nevertheless modest separation of her upper thighs---is to me so perfectly fuckable she gave me an instant hardon. It would be a great pleasure to passionately plant a baby or two in that delectable belly of hers. But perhaps that's just me:p
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  11. michael1987

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    What triggers me to cum when I'm masturbating to this beautiful video is when the wife so tenderly draws her slender young lover's face down to hers to kiss him immediately after he has ejaculated in her, and she very softly says "I know, I felt it".

    Hot hot HOT!!!!
  12. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    I'm very encouraged to see that forum members and visitors have hit on this beautifully erotic video more than 12,000 times since I gave access to it barely 15 months ago.

    Some of the above comments are truly touching, and I am pleased to be satisfying your plainly voracious appetites for such high-quality man-woman erotica so effectively.

    Happy further watching and wanking to all of you---especially our women members. May you shamelessly continue to enjoy this superbly sensitive and beautifully-made video as often and as much as I and my ex-wife and my young black buddy (her new husband) still do.

    All my Warmest,

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  13. michael1987

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  14. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    I love how at 2:58 the wife turns on her back to let her lover finish in the missionary position and incidentally gives her masturbating husband an unobstructed view of her being swiftly re-penetrated by the eager young man's erection.

    Also very hot is the beautifully-framed synchrony (shown from 3:09 to 3:20) of the husband's left hand spasmodically caressing and clutching the head of his fully-erect sexily uncut cock with the openly displayed pre-orgasmic thrusting of the young man's shaft embraced by the love-lips of the gently pleading wife.

    It's as if the husband is trying to create for himself something of the exquisitely erotic sensation the young man is undoubtedly getting from the head of his hardon being lovingly clasped by the slippery folds and nubbles of the deepest recesses of the wife's stretched-up vagina while her already strongly active milking muscles prepare themselves to contract hard and rhythmically on the young man's plunging shaft as it expands orgasmically and signals his on-coming ejaculation.

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    not working
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    Not working again
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    here is what i get..

    We're sorry. You can't access this item because it is in violation of our Terms of Service.
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    Google took down all the links. This is a dead thread

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