young lover fucks and cums in wife while husband lies beside them

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    The most erotic aspects of this video for me are the beautiful intimacy of the fucking and the whispered gentle, repeated pleadings of the totally yielded lovely young wife for her earnest, very handsome slim young lover to cum in her---which he does: once.

    The lovemaking finishes in the missionary position. The thrusting action of the lover then is somewhat mechanical, I would say because he is obviously intensely focussed on his pleasure in his build-up to his orgasm in the last few minutes of what appears to have been a reasonably long fuck. The husband is masturbating as he lies beside his wife.

    The lovers exchange whispers, the wife murmuring "Come" "Please come" "Come in me" "I want to feel it" and "I want you to mate me" etc while she gazes intently at her handsome lover's face, obviously taking great pleasure in watching his facial expression as he is coming to orgasm.

    There is little kissing at this time, but when her lover has finished ejaculating into her the wife reaches up and draws his head down to hers and they kiss briefly but beautifully sexily. Her still-gasping lover then murmurs something to which she tenderly replies "I know, I felt it".

    Hot DANG!!!
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