You drop in on your girlfriend unexpectedly

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  1. You get the night off from work unexpectedly and decide to drop by your girlfriend’s house without calling ahead. The lights are on, but she doesn’t answer the door, so you go around back. It’s a nice night and she often sits out in the back yard on nights like this. You are behind the hedge when you hear her laughing and talking with someone. You peer through the leaves and see that she is sitting next to a guy friend of hers from work. You feel a sharp pang of jealousy and decide to eavesdrop on her.

    "Omigod, you are being so crazy tonight, what’s with you?" she laughs pushing him away playfully.

    "I’m just horny. I haven’t gotten laid in a while," he admits, edging closer to her. "Come, just touch it. What’s the big deal?"

    "Is it a big deal?" she asks teasingly. "Your thing, that is."

    Your face flushes with anger and you are about to break this up, but you are curious to see how she handles this, so you keep yourself hidden and continue watching them.

    "Check it out," he says, unzipping his fly and pulling out his cock.

    "Whoa, I can’t believe you just did that," she says, taken aback. She is staring intently at his boner in a way that makes you uncomfortable.

    "Do you like it?" he asks her.

    "Well, I guess it’s a penis alright," she giggles.

    "Here, touch it," he urges.

    You gulp in anticipation and realize that your own cock is growing hard as you watch this guy putting the moves on your girl.

    "I really shouldn’t," she says hesitantly. "I do have a boyfriend you know."

    "Well I certainly am not going to tell him about it," he laughs. "This can be our little secret. I’m really horny. Help me out and tug on it a little," he whines.

    You roll your eyes in disbelief. You can’t believe the line he’s feeding her. Does that ever work on girls? you wonder.

    "I don’t know…" she says,

    "Here, give me your hand," he says gently. She puts her hand into his and he smiles at her. "See that was easy." He takes her hand and places it down onto the head of his cock. "Now just squeeze it a little," he urges.

    "Uh, I do know how to give a handjob, for your information," says your girl as she grips his dick forcefully.

    "Oh yeah, I believe you. Lay one on me," he says.

    "Oh shit, ok. You win," she says and starts stroking his cock up and down. "How do you like this?"

    Your pits are soaked and you find yourself unconsciously fingering your own cock as you watch your girl giving this guy a hand job

    "Damn girl, that feels good. Now lick the head a little," he says, grunting with pleasure.

    "Oh no, I don’t know where this thing has been," she laughs.

    But he takes her by the head and just guides it down onto his cock. She makes a show of struggling but she could easily have pulled away if she wanted to. Pretty soon the head of his cock is brushing her cheek. She sniffs at it. “I guess it smells pretty clean."

    "Oh, yeah, I soaped it up for you before I came over," he laughs. “You might as well suck it while you’re down there," he says holding her head down in his lap.

    She turns her face and opens her mouth to receive his member and pretty soon she is sucking his cock with enthusiasm. He pull his pants down and she immediately takes the opportunity to start sucking on his balls.

    "Yeah, you little slut, you work those balls," he groans.

    "Who are you calling a slut?" she says giving his cock a playful tug.

    "Just take your pants off and we will find out if you are a slut or not," he demands, pushing her gently back onto the grass. She readily, unzips her jeans and kicks off her shoes and he assists her with peeling her pants off. You go ahead and unzip your fly at this point and start tugging your pud in earnest as he climbs on top of her and puts his dick inside her.

    "That’s what I’m taking about," he gasps as he starts working himself into her.

    "Oh god, yeah, that feels good," she moans. "Go slow at first, you are big."

    He slowly works up the tempo until he is pounding her wildly and she is grunting like an animal. You shoot your load into the bushes as you watch, then sit back exhausted. He pulls out suddenly and shoots his load all over her belly. She smears it around and looks up at him lovingly. "Gee thanks," she says sarcastically.

    "You loved it," he says smugly, standing up suddenly and pulling up his pants. "See ya."

    "Hey where are you going?" she calls wistfully as he walks away.

    "I’m done with you for now, I’m out of here," he says brusquely over his shoulder.

    You watch as she lays back in the grass and contemplates the stars. She seems deflated and you almost feel bad for her. You zip up quietly and emerge suddenly from the bushes.

    "Whoa, where are you pants?" you ask her brightly. "Were you expecting me?" You smile at her as she nearly jumps out of her skin in surprise.

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