Would any cucks enjoy this happening to them, or was the guy's punishment too harsh?

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    I have tried to determine whether the guy in this story from the net, stated it was real and not a "story", deserved what he got. So my question is this: Are there any cucks who would enjoy this happening to them?
    This is probably the worst humiliation any guy ever had to go thorough and the best part about it was it happened right in front of me.
    It happened last April, just a couple of months ago. My mom and I had gone to a cabin owned by my mother in law for the weekend. Mom is 46 and I’m 22. I’m a newlywed and this was the first trip away from my husband. When we arrived at the cabin we found my mother in law’s ex-husband’s truck out in front, and another guy pounding at the door. Dale, my now ex-father in law, who would technically be my “step father in law†because he’s my husband’s step father, was in the cabin, we guessed, because his truck was there and this guy wanted in and was shouting for him to come out or open the door.
    My mom was saying to him what’s up? What’s the problem, and he asked us if we knew who was in there. We told them it was our family’s property and what was he doing there? He said he was after Dale, and that he’d better come out or he was going to break in. I told him we were going to call the police, but before I could, mom had opened the door with her key and began shouting at Dale, who we couldn’t see, to come out and get out. He wasn’t allowed in the cabin, or in any part of Judy’s (my mother in law’s) life. He knew he wasn’t supposed to be there The guy wouldn’t wait one moment, but charged in and went from room to room calling out “assholeâ€.
    Dale came out and was real nervous. The guy moved on him and bitch slapped him. I took out my cell and he turned to me and said, “He’s been picking up on my wife.†I told him I didn’t care and grabbed my cell, but my mom told me to wait a minute. She looked at Dale, recovering from the slap, and asked him what it was about. Dale said there he didn’t know what the guy was talking about. But my mom knew him better than that. Why is this guy here? What did you do? She asked him those kind of questions. The guy said his wife worked at Smith’s (a market), and Dale had said to her, “nice rack†as he left. That was pretty much Dale. Dale denied it, and the guy got real mad.
    Tell the truth, he shouted, and he slapped Dale again, and either the slap, or because of Dale’s footing, he lost balance and fell down. When he did, his shirt flew up, and we all saw at that moment, that there was a shiny material just above his hip and under his pants. In a second I thought I knew what it was. The other guy said “What the hell?†and grabbed at it before Dale could stand again. He ended up pulling on what were women’s turquoise panties. At least we all thought it was that. We were all in shock for a moment, and the guy asked, but more like said to everyone, “What kind of a creep are you?†Dale tried to get away, and even tried to end things by saying, “okay, I’ll stay away from Smith’s†But the guy just grabbed him by his shirt and attempted to lift it and expose more of the part of the panties he had lifted out. Dale tried to get away, but the guy just tugged at shirt, and for a moment he was pulling on it with Dale pulling away from it.
    The guy kept bunching it up until he had a lot of it, and Dale, too, and he pulled it over his head, and a moment later Dale was shirtless, and only had on his pants and shoes, and socks, and, well, what we all still thought were panties. Then he lunged on Dale, and pinned him stomach down as he grabbed his arms and hands. He took hold of a reading lamp and yanked it, breaking the lamp and pulling the cord out of the outlet. Dale was trying in vain to get up, and the guy just took his time, but it wasn’t easy, taking out a small knife from his pocket and cutting the electric cord from the lamp. He used it to tie up Dale’s hands. Then he grabbed him up and threw him down on the sofa.
    “So you admit it?†Dale said yes. He had been slapped twice, but worse, he realized that he might be caught in a compromising situation. “You’re wearing women’s underwear, aren’t you?†The guy said. Mom didn’t move a muscle, but just stood there, her eyes fixed on Dale. The guy said okay, and that it was time to punish Dale for going after his wife and commenting on her breasts.
    He said, I’m going to teach you some respect, and he ordered and pulled Dale up so he was standing, and Dale just pleaded to let him go. He said he’d let him go after teaching him a lesson. At this point, neither mom nor I reached for our cell phones. We were glued to whatever Dale’s punishment was going to be. A year before he had divorced Judy, and we didn’t think too much of him. And what was he doing in the cabin? Probably sliming away from this guy. I know your punishment, but before we get to it, you’re going to give us a little fashion show. Then he said after that, I don’t care if this seems gay. He took hold of the top of Dale’s jeans while Dale just stood there pleading and we just stood there starring. The guy unzipped them, and right before us, pulled them down to his knees, leaving Dale in nothing but women’s turquoise panties.
    We busted up laughing. The tightness of them pressed against his body, and more than men’s underwear, they were showing all of us that the contours of the panties meant that Dale didn’t have much in the way of his penis. In fact, it looked pretty undersized.
    He was deeply shamed. A grown man, 46, not badly built, but nearly skinny with no real muscles, standing there in panties. And in front of his (former) daughter in law and her mother. But as we stopped laughing, the guy announced Dale what his punishment would be. He was going to be spanked. And as he said that, he took apart a shelf from a book shelf and threw off the books, and Dale froze with a look of terror, and we were silent.
    I tried to say no for Dale. Mom has dead silent. Dale was whimpering no, no, just let me go. The guy said not a chance. Then he said to Dale’s utter nervous breakdown, “and you’re going to get the spanking bare ass.†Mom and I actually winced, but it was obvious we were wincing in excitement. Both of us dropped the pretense that we wanted this to end. The idea of witnessing this was too exciting. I knew that Dale had checked me out more than once at the pool, and here was payback, and I wondered whether that was going through his mind. The guy said, either you accept it, or I’ll double the number of swats. So Dale, with real resignation, turned around and showed us his pantied rear end, as he began breathing, ready for the swats to begin.
    But the guy said what are you doing? Dale said you told me I was going to get spanked. The guy had one more horrifying part to it all. He said, oh, you’re going to get bare ass spaked alright. It’s just that you’re going to be facing them (me and mom) while it happens.
    Dale turned around and began breathing hard right in front of us. Our mouths were probably open, as Dale begged him to pull down his panties just enough to do the job. The guy said, not a chance. Those panties are going to your ankles. And then we all understood. Dale was going to get spanked, facing us, and fully nude. He said please don’t. Please don’t. That’s my daughter in law and her mother. And I said, “I’m not your daughter in law anymoreâ€. And with that, the guy took hold of Dale’s panties and pulled them to the ground, leaving Dale naked from head to toe.
    Of course the first thing we did was stare at his penis, which was a complete no-hang sissy boy. Growing or showing it wasn’t going to be no where near five inches. Then mom said to me, right in front of Dale, Judy told me. Fully hard, he’s just over 4 inches. Barely. I full on laughed, at mom, at Dale, at Dale’s penis. It was the worst. The expression on his face was so pathetic. The guy laughed and began 5 hard swats that brought Dale to tears. As he cried out the spanking, I asked mom, which was kind of weird, “So, how big is John? (my step father, that mom married six years before) She smiled that her daughter would ask that, but answered, about 6 ½â€. But then, and this was getting wrong, she asked me about her son in law. Steve is 6 ¾. I replied. Then mom said, you win the prize, and we laughed. Our men were more than 2 inches longer than Dale. And he heard it.
    We all left, and we told Dale he had 2 hours to get out. I never saw him again. But what a total humiliation I got to enjoy.
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    It was harsh and the non consensual part made it just plain wrong.

    However, I don't believe it is true. It sounds like a story and as a story, it's a pretty hot scenario. And yes, that's exactly the type of humiliation I crave; being roughed up, spanked and totally humiliated by a dominant man in front of women.

    "...a complete no-hang sissy boy."

    Ouch! That hits a little close to home ;)
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    i think i told this before but something similar happened to me with my last gf. lisa, a stacked, petite, sexual goddess and i had been going together for three months before things fell apart.

    lisa had sexual needs that were much greater than i could supply and i was trying to use every trick in the book to keep her satisfied from dildo's to hours of oral servitude, but nothing seemed to be working and her frustration level was getting to the point where she was looking elsewhere.

    knowing she was studying guys, right in front of me, for possible candidates was driving me crazy. part of me hated it, but part of me, the masochist part, loved every second.

    i began noticing she was as spending a lot of time with a guy in our warehouse, a brute, and flirted aily with him. it made thiings worse that he actually worked for me.

    one friday night i came home to find the two of them on the couch together. sitting inches apart i noticed her short skirt actually revealed the sexy panties i had bought for her a few days ago.

    instead of anger i felt this famliar tingle of lust shoot through my groin and i became incapable of doing anything but stand there like an idiot.

    lisa told me to offer him a beer. of course i didn't have the brand he preferred so he sent me out to get a case.

    when i returned lisa was on her knees sucking a cock i could only wish i had. upset that i had interrrupted them, he pushed her aside and approached me.

    he is shorter than me but vastly stronger. muscles bulged through his tight t-shirt and the look on his face scared me.

    actually i'm a decent fighter but when i'm in a confrontation with a alpha male claiming my woman i cower like a sissy.

    something in his eyes told me he knew i would do nothing but accept my fate and he stepped closer.

    as i stood there he bitch slapped me. calling me names he slapped again. glancing at lisa i saw she was aroused at the sight of her new man defeating her old one.

    the brute made the rules from then on, to the point of making me wear panties to work. lisa never again allowed my little guy anywhere near her nasty pussy but my tongue got to know her body well, both front and back whenever he finished with her.
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