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    So my fantasy is to see my wife with someone else (girl or guy). She has always said that she would not share me. I have told her that I would not mind sharing her. Throughout the years I have managed to come out of her comfort zone. She is naturally open minded and extremely kinky. We have role played at a bar (pick up scenario). It was originally intended to give others the opportunity to hit on her. Only two older unattractive to her men hit on her. I "picked her up" and took her to the hotel. The latest and most recent experience, was to go to a swinger's on premise club. She reiterated that she would not share me and would only get freaky with me. She was all about it. We went to a wine bar then went to the club. She had to use the restroom and went in unafraid by herself while I paid. She was not weirded out at all. In fact, we ended sitting in one of the tables by the dance floor area had some drinks and played a little. Sadly it was almost closing time but she wanted to use the black light room. We didnt leave the door open as it was our firat time but we got it on and it was a fun experience. What should I plan for next?
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    I think you guys are doing great, taking it slow and not making the mistakes that couples who jump without thinking make.

    Next steps...I think...would be go back but earlier in evening so you have more time....tinder or dating profile (fun to see what is out there even if you don't choose one).....keep reassuring her you love her and only want her....male strip clubs, nude beaches or resorts, tantric massage meetup groups, you could purchase her a massage that included a happy finish (I have had 2 and it was fun). So many options, you are smart to not push and are taking your time.
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    Are there websites for this? What do you recommend?

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