wives helping their husbands at work

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    My wife has never fucked my boss but she did give one of my boss' a blow job in the back of our car when I was driving us back from a dinner. They had enjoyed a bit to drink and flirted all night, in the end they were in the back of the car snuggled up together when he said he would love a blow job. Wife simply said to me do you mind and proceeded to suck him off. It was incredibly arousing, rather awkward the following morning. As soon as he realised I was cool with it we turned it into a bit of a joke. We were never looking for or never gained anything from it apart from another very sexy memory.
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    My situation was not the same, but similar to subhubjon's, with a totally different outcome. It was the same in that Audrey was fucking other guys and women when we met and while we dated. Differences were that none of them were co-workers, she was totally up-front about it from the beginning, I was cool with it, we married, and she continues her relationships. My name says it all: Worth It.
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    Bosses have been fucking their Secretary's, Co workers fucking each other, Butlers/ Owners fucking house maids, Reps fucking clients ever since the start of female workers. Land girls were being fucked by farmers, the list goes on and on, you cannot stop it, sex happens at work, just enjoy it :p
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    Many years ago, in our 30s, my ex-husband had an executive job with a very successful, handsome, very charismatic and wealthy entrepreneur, then in his late 30s. My husband found the job excruciatingly stressful and considered quitting, but he was extremely well compensated, I held a much lower paying job, we had 3 kids and a big mortgage and jobs were tight even at half his pay. Part of the stress he claimed was due to his boss's personality. Beth demanding, unforgiving I've even minor mistakes, expecting his people to be at his beck and call 24/7/365. There were times when his boss (I will call him Neil) would call late at night and bark orders to my husband after which my husband would get dressed and reluctantly go into the office to get whatever document or data Neil needed and bring it to Neil's palatial mansion. It was a sad and tough life but my husband wanted us to have the best money could buy, and for that he was willing to be graciously subservient to Neil.

    At a Christmas party one year, Neil, who was divorced at the time, was seated next to me. It was in vague for spouses not to be seated together, but distributed randomly throughout the room in order for everyone to meet the widest cross-section of folks. Neil was strikingly handsome and charming. He could speak about many interesting things other than business (art, theatre, psychology and sensuality, and within the first hour I was captivated by him. He complimented me profusely, telling me how gorgeous I was, my stunning facial features (describing what he liked about me in detail), my sexy figure, the aroma and fragrance that emanated from me, my elegant finger nails, how well matched everything I wore was (wondering if my underwear and lingerie were as perfectly matched and provocative. Maybe it was just a come-on but I believed it was totally sincere and I was captivated.

    After dancing (obviously he was a masterful leader on the dance floor) and probably more champagne than was reasonable, the evening was beginning to wind down and we swayed to where my husband was seated. Neil chatted up my husband and was effusive in his compliments about and praise of me, unabashedly repeated many of the flattering, and somewhat risqué flirts he had laid on me in privacy, making me blush before my husband.

    Soon my husband indicated he wanted to go home and we took our leave, and at the door Neil took me in his arms and without the slightest hesitancy held me tight and gave me a slow, smoldering all-tongue-in kiss on the mouth. Not wanting to attract attention or cause a scene (and perhaps secretly turned on and flattered) I took him in without the slightest resistance and even reciprocated a bit by dancing my tongue with his. This in plain view of my husband and whoever else was close by. He stared at me and I back and he thanked me for a wonderful evening and being the perfect companion, and he sure hoped we would be seeing more if each other.

    When we got into the car my husband immediately wanted to know was going on with Neil. I honestly said nothing except a fascinating and enjoyable evening with an intriguing and charming and very intelligent and masculine gentleman, and other than a rather hot and totally unexpected goodnight kiss, nothing physical happened. My husband expressed suspicion and said Neil obviously wanted to take me to bed and fuck my brains out, and was a selfish jerk. I told him that perhaps Neil had other intentions (after all, I wasn't that naive) but that I found him considerate, bright, interesting and he knew how to make a woman feel good, and I did not find him selfish, jerky or mean spirited.

    The following week my husband was out of tow n at a business meeting for 3 days. On the afternoon he left, I got a call from Neil telling me that he could understand I might be lonesome with my husband away and would I be inteeested in a quick dinner at a local Italian restaurant. I quickly got a babysitter and called him back and he said he would pick me up at 6. I tried reaching my husband so he didn't think I was sneaking around behind his back but was unable to, so I left him a vm that I was having a quick bite at the local Italian place we frequented ad would be back early and talk to him tonight. I rushed to get the kids fed and ready for bed and then shaved my legs etc showered, put on nice, full, but not garish make-up, a matching lace bra and panty set, a mid-length skirt and fairly low cut blouse, my favorite earrings, a diamond tennis bracelet and sterling choker with diamond eternity circle pendant, brushed out my below shoulder length brown hair, sprayed my most alluring perfume, put 3" spike heels on over nude pantyhose and felt very "ready." At 6:00 exactly Neil was at the door and as soon as I open it he exclaimed, "Just for local Italian, and you look and smell positively gorgeous!"

    I felt so good and so confident, but did not expect anything more than dinner because I had to be back by 8:30 for the babysitter and anyway Beil's limo was driven by his chauffeur and I was certain he would want witnesses to any indiscretion

    We shared scrumptious lasagne, shrimp fra diovlo, and one and a half bottles of Chianti, and barely could finish one shared piece of Italian ricotta cake with citron. I thought I was fully sated when I sheepishly (and a bit unsteadily) crept back into the back seat of the limo in Neil's arms, while Barnaby gentle closed the limo doors. I figured Barnaby knew the way back to my house so I paid no attention to the drive while Beil so calmly and gently placed his lips on my and gave me little nibbles and full lip smooches, not forcefully or aggressively, just confidently and consistently while swishing my hair back along my neckline and petting my ear area and the back of my neck. I was in bliss and it felt right and I gently kissed Neil back and stroked his hair and his chest through his opened top shit. He smelled so masculine and his self-confidence was a stimulant to all my senses, yes, admittedly, that one too.

    Before I realized it, we were parked in a dark part of our city park, with the chauffeur's divider panel pulled up so we had privacy, and we were making out like teenagers in the back seat, which admittedly was quite a bit roomier than any back seat in which I made out years early. The intense make-out session was intoxicating and I was soon out of breath, flushed and at the height of sexual tension. But we both used restraint and we did not remove our clothing nor play with either's naked
    genitals, though of course Neil spent considerable time making me pant as he kneaded, rolled and softly petted my ample boobs and pinched my hard, large, dark nipples that he released from my Lacey bra (but not before he complimented me on how beautiful I was and how sexy my lingerie was).

    I soon looked at my watch and told Neil that as much as I was enjoying what we were doing, I had to relieve the babysitter, so he directed Barnaby to take us back, pulled up the panel and continued to play with my aroused breasts and kiss me with his full tongue as I reciprocated inch for inch and stroke for strike till we reached our driveway. I pulled my boobs back into place under my Lacey cups, straighten my skirt, redid a few buttons, kissed him quickly once more,telling him how nice it was for me. He heaped praise on me, my allure, my sexuality and how much he enjoyed himself and was looking forward to our "next date." I said, "wait a second, Neil, I am married happily and will never destroy my marriage nor family no matter how captivating you are."

    He said he understood but that he was sure my husband would acquiesce as Neil could be very persuasive and make it worth my husband's being supportive.

    I looked quizzically at Neil, but by now 5 minutes late merely closed the car door and skipped into the house to pay and dismiss the babysitter.

    After disrobing, removing my makeup, cleansing my face, putting on my night moisturizer and brushing out my hair, I put on a silk nightie and curled in bed. A few minutes later my husband called and asked where I went for dinner, what I ate and which friend did I go with. I told him complete answers to all his questions. There was a painfully long pause. Then, "How could you do that? Once Barnaby knows, everyone will. It's so embarrassing, so humiliating." We then spent almost two hours talking.

    But it's very late now and I am exhausted, and this post is far too long already, so I'm signing off for tonight. I will try to summarize that first discussion with my husband soon, and if time permits, describe the indescribable details of my next date with Neil.

    Sorry for the length. Good night, All.

    XO Chrissy
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    There apparently being no interest in this post, I will save my fingertips from a further work-out until and unless others what to hear the rest of my initial, or later experiences with Neil.
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    Christine, please do continue. I don't know why, for as many members on this site it seems as tho their fingers are broke that very few will take the time to respond. So again I ask you to please continue to tell us your story about your husband's boss. GTR
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    No, you are wrong! I read your post 3 times because I like it very much. Please continue and let us know how things will develop. You posted yesterday, so please be a little more patient. People like me don`t have the possibility to read this forum every day. So it can be that comments take a while.

    Nevertheless I like your post very much!

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    In my defence, you posted in the middle of the night here; but do please continue, it sounds as if it will be very hot and very interesting.
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    As I was drifting off to sleep I thought about how energized I felt with Neil, how sexually turned on and wet I had been - which I did not share with my husband - and, truthfully, how I really was looking forward to being completely undressed in Neil's embrace while he caressed any and every part of me that he wanted to explore.

    The next morning after the kids got off to school and I was about to get into the shower, Neil called on my cell and, seeing the caller ID, I excitedly answered. In a very chirpy, upbeat tone he said good morning, noting that I sounded happy to hear from him. "I am, and why wouldn't I after you showed me such a good time," I replied, thanking him for what I said was a wonderful Italian dinner and a very satisfying time afterward.

    He said he was concerned because I had seemed so conflicted about "our very satisfying time afterward," though for him it was 100%, unqualifiedly superb in every way, and he wanted me to know that notwithstanding my fears, he found me one of the sexiest gals that he had been with. I could not understand that, as all we did was make out almost fully clothed. "You can tell more about a woman's sexuality by the way she kisses and hugs than how she is when you're fucking her brains out, though of course that also says a lot," Neil said.

    I told him I had a long chat last night with my husband and while he was in no way forbidding me from being with another man, he definitely had reservations about Neil being that man, also noting his strong feelings about Barnaby knowing what was going on. There was a pause on Neil's side of the line, and then, "I'm sure Drew will in time accept me in your life once he understands things better and sees how it will make everyone happier, him as well as us, but he probably has a good point about the chauffeur. So I will pick you up myself tonight in my own car at 7:00 and we'll have a nice dinner at a small, dark bistro outside of the City Center so we can talk about what Drew said with privacy."

    I started to protest that I had young kids at home and couldn't just go out every night on short notice. His terse reply: "A psychiatrist friend of mine always quips, 'People always find a way to do what they want to do, regardless of obstacles,' so I'll pick you up at 7:00. Have a wonderful day."

    I stood there speechless for a full 30 seconds, first thinking about what he just said, then about what I would wear tonight, then about who I would call to babysit, then about the anticipated backlash from my husband, and finally about the growing warm moisture gathering down there.

    I hopped into the closet, pulled out two outfits and matching bra and bikinis, then went back to the bedroom and texted the girl who babysat the prior night, and jumped into the shower, where I took my time under the warm water, shaving in all the right areas, exfoliating my entire body, shampooing and conditioning my hair, and then pat drying myself with a very fluffy, soft bath sheet and applying moisturizer liberally from toe to neck before standing freshly wrapped in the cozy robe in front of the mirror, carefully using my Murad products and teeezing my eyebrows to a well shaped arch. I felt so good, so looking forward to being with that handsome suitor over a candle-lit dinner, sharing some French wine with Neil.

    But when I heard the text alert on my phone, I snapped back and saw that the babysitter could be here by 6:15, which would give her time to get the kids acclimated before I left and me time to finish up my makeup before Neil arrived. Good, But anxiety was starting to roll in: what would I tell my husband, and when.

    I sat down at my laptop and wrote a fairly lengthy email to Drew, telling him that I was going to dinner with Neil and honestly recounting the short call I had with Neil earlier. I told my husband that Neil agreed not to use his chauffeur today in deference to Drew's concern, and that when he returned home we would talk the whole Neil thing out and that under no circumstance would I do anything to jeopardize our fabulous marriage or my deep love for him, and I would be prepared to break off this thing with Neil instantaneously if it was what Drew wanted, but for now I had to explore this more, closing with honest and profuse expressions of my deep love and commitment to him, as my true and only husband and soulmate and friend.

    A few hours later Drew emailed me. "Enjoy your evening, as I realize that I cannot countermand my Boss's decisions; he, of course, makes the decisions and My job is to help him carry them out, especially tonight while I am on 'company time.' I would prefer that you were still a virgin when I return in a few days (they need me to stay here longer - will explain when we speak later), but I understand that as long as I am here, my Boss makes that decision too, and I must support it. He does sign the checks, after all. I hope you are sure about putting us and our family first. Neil is entirely selfish and cares not a bit about others. He treats his employees, including me, like another machine he owns, there only to loyally and silently serve him and make him richer, looking down on us as servants there only to enthusiastically please him. Yes, the money is great, but the way we are treated is not very considerate. But if he treats you better, which he seems to be for now, what can I say other than enjoy it. I love you always and forever and your happiness is #1 to me. XO your drew"

    It was very touching and made me feel very loved and very liberated, and was sure that when Drew finally got to know the real Neil, the one I knew, he would feel fine with everything. With that I ran off to do errand, pick up the kids, and get ready for the evening. As I was driving in town thinking about Neil and his very masculine demeanor and self-confidence, his broad shoulders and warm embrace, I felt that warm moisture uncontrollably gathering between my thighs and that indescribable aching in my lower navel. "Oh, God, only a few more hours," I moaned silently.

    The kids were fed and the babysitter was downstairs playing and horsing around with them while dashed up and carefully put on only a modest amount of makeup, concentrating on making my eyes pop without looking like a tart, applying sunny peach and a top coat of shimmer to my plump lips and slipping on my slightly above the knee blue silky (well, rayon) sleeveless A-line, with a not too low but not too high scoop neck. With 3" heels over nude pantyhose, a simple gold neck chain, tennis bracelet and a few spritzes of Salvatore Dali Ruby Lips, I was almost ready. I stopped and stared at the sink; after a moment of thought I grabbed my diamond engagement ring and wedding band and slipped them on my fingers. That way, Drew was sort of with me on this escapade, and perhaps they would be a Stop sign for Neil to consider before (hopefully) ravaging me and taking me for his pleasure --- and mine, and maybe even Drew's as well. I marched downstairs feeling so buzzed and anticipatory, spoke with the kids and babysitter for a couple of minutes, then headed for the front door, as I texted Beil earlier that he should hunk his horn and I would come right out, rather than his coming in and raising questions with the kids and Mary, who just saw him pick up mommy the prior evening.

    And as I was waiting at the door for the sound of the horn, I took out my iPhone, snapped a full length selfie of my with a nice smile and texted it to Drew with "I love you and will try to have just the right amount of fun with your Boss tonight ;-) XO". And the horn sounded as I hit send.

    More to come very soon. If I missed something about which you are curious, let me know.

    (Forgive the typos. )

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    Very interesting! I like that very much.
    When we started this, it was a big turn on for me to watch my wife getting ready for her dates. We had similar problems with make up because we also wanted to avoid questions from the kids. later on we could not avoid questions but that was without creating problems.

    BTW how old are your kids?

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    L hasn't fucked any of her bosses or mine (yet). She's always been too reluctant to get involved in a work setting. But years ago, just after L was out of school and we were a month away from our wedding, a boss of mine hit on L mercilessly at a conference in Florida. We were there for a week, staying at the Disney resort, and most of my coworkers brought their spouses and kids to enjoy the park while we attended talks and short-courses during the day. My boss happened to be seated at our table at dinner the first night, and was so taken with L he flirted with her throughout the meal. The guy was divorced and a known player. He had absolutely no shame or reservations about undressing L with his eyes and throwing a few sexual innuendos her way like I wasn't even at the table. This was long before we even role-played with hotwifing. He made a point of sitting with us every night at dinner after that, and his advances escalated, again like I wasn't there beside my soon-to-be wife.

    I'm not sure I've ever been as embarrassed - I knew everyone I worked with saw what he was doing, and a few even kidded me about it during the day. The guy had just promoted me, and we got along well at work, so I had no idea how to deal with this. To make matters worse, L refused to tell him to back off in spite of my wishes - in fact at times she appeared to enjoy his attention. In fact, the more I complained about his flirting, the more she teased me about how good-looking and charming he was. Then she'd giggle and want sex with me. I was inside-out with jealousy, anger, fear of what might happen to my job...but thinking back, there was a tiny ember of arousal, although I'd never have admitted it, even to myself.

    Our last night was a more formal company dinner in a large resort ballroom. He sat with us again, just three three of us at one of the smaller tables near the back of the room. I had picked it to hide from him, but he found us anyway and joined us like he had been invited. I was fuming. He complimented L on how beautiful she looked, and she glowed with appreciation. She had bought her little black dress for the occasion, and I was shaken when I first saw her in it before we went down to dinner. This was our first formal dinner together, and she was stunning. Normally I like showing her off in public, but the dress was so short, and clung to her body like a second skin. I had bought her a pair of small emerald earrings with a few diamond chips around the edges for her birthday the previous month, and seeing her in the dress. the sparkling earrings, and black heels, well, I was a little sick that my boss would see what I saw - a young lady who was absolutely fuckable. I tried desperately to hide the panic I felt, and gushed with compliments of my own. Maybe it was just my imagination, but I didn't remember the "glow" on her face that I saw when my boss showered her with similar compliments at our table.

    Of course, there was the dreaded after-dinner dance. I don't dance. I spent much of a former life as a road musician - I made the music, I didn't dance to it. Still don't. That meant watching my boss dance with L half the night after he picked up on my danceless past. At least I sat near the back of the room, so I didn't have to watch them. But curiosity getting the best of me, I'd wander to the side of the room to the bar now and then to get a drink and linger there, watching them slow-dance, torturing myself for no known reason. I remember thinking what an unlikely couple they made. Or maybe it was just wishful thinking. L was in her mid-twenties, but looked eighteen. She's always looked younger than her age, with a petite body and innocent, almost childlike face. My boss was ten years older than I, admittedly good-looking, but in a rugged older-man way. They looked almost like father and daughter as they held each other close while they danced - at least that's what I told myself. But they were so close, and L looked so taken with him.

    Morbid curiosity tempted me to visit the visit the bar often to check on them - they seldom returned to our table. Then on one visit they were nowhere to be found. I even made my way through the crowd between songs, looking for a sign that they may just be hidden from sight at the far side of the room. I went back to our empty table to check, then worked my way through the crowd again. So, back to my station at the bar I went, panic-stricken, imagining the worst, but telling myself I had just missed seeing them before. A few songs later I gave up and went back to our table where I found them siting together, chatting. I didn't want them to think I was spying on them, so I didn't say much. They both asked where I had been for so long, and I remember my boss telling me they thought I might have "given up and gone to bed for the night", that he "might have been working me too hard". Whether it was an innocent comment or not, it only sank the knife deeper, and I desperately wanted to leave. They were now sitting together, he in my former chair, so I sat across from them and sulked while he flirted with L. She had a half glass of wine in front of her, and I wondered how much she had had to drink so far. Enough to sneak off and fuck him when I couldn't find them? These days L would tell me to stop being such a drama queen. I tried to tell myself the same thing. It wasn't working.

    Back in our room I grumbled a bit about how he hit on her all night. At first L brushed it off as though it was just a bit of my jealousy - that I was exaggerating, and that he was just being nice. I pushed on, laying out an account of every flirtation, all the time on the dance floor they spent together, that at one point he actually told her she looked "sexy" in her new dress. That's when she turned and grinned at me. "Welll, he is really handsome, and pretty sexy himself. Maybe if he wasn't your boss, and if we weren't engaged..." She did what she always did after teasing me like that - she giggled, kissed me, and wanted sex. I was surprised at how wet she was, and at the noises she made when we fucked. I told myself it was the wonderful dinner, the wine, and yes, even the dancing that made the night special for her. But in some dark corner of my imagination I knew she was thinking of him while we fucked. The niggling suspicion was horrifying but real, and I buried it the best I could. But for some odd reason, I came harder that night than I ever had before.

  12. rob788

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    She hasn't fucked my boss but I wouldn't stand in the way if they wanted to. Her own boss has been fucking her for almost two years. I had personally encouraged it at the outset. I often suggested as we had sex to imagine that it was her boss’ cock inside here rather than mine. She became more excited as I then fucked her.

    She was for months reluctant, but her imagination ultimately developed into an obsession and she wanted him with a passion. At long last, the thoughts of him fucking her were so overwhelming she was no longer capable of resisting his advances. And one night, she gave in readily in his office. That unforgettable night, his large dick first entered my wife’s eager cunt.

    She broke it off for a month but missed him terribly and they began their affair again and have no desire to stop. I doubt that I could talk her into stopping even if I tried.
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    I'm curious, rob. Do you have any contact with with her boss (company parties or dinners), and if so, is it strained or amicable? Also, do her coworkers know about their affair? L has been seeing a coworker for a while now, and we're always concerned that her coworkers may find out and that it may affect her job.

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  14. rob788

    rob788 Guest

    She suspects some may think they're having a relationship because she travels with him when he needs a personal assistant for notes or additional presentation. But she says they keep a professional relationship during work hours.

    We have gone together to company parties three times over the past two years. Because he isn't aware I know about their relationship, it isn't strained between us. He went of his way to spend more time with me than most during those times. He, accompanied by one of his two girlfriends, has also taken us out to dinner several times. One of his girlfriends knows about their ongoing affair (her boss told my wife that), but it wasn't a topic of conversation for the reason that they think I'm clueless about it. She isn't jealous and we all know she fucks a coworker at her own job.

    The only affair with a coworker was a couple of months with a former employee. But you're right that most employees pick up on interactions between people working together. She and others know of two ongoing sexual relationships in her office because they spend an inordinate amount of time together during work hours, hanging around the cubicles or taking breaks in the break room at the same time.

    Those two couples made good examples of what not to do during work hours. If they got together only after work hours, meeting up at some place where other workers aren't likely to be, I doubt anyone would suspect they were fucking.

    When companies have strong policies against those sorts of relationships, most often to avoid sexual harassment complaints, one or the other either get transferred or fired. That wouldn't happen to my wife and her boss because there's no one above him. He knows about the two couples working for him but they're in roughly equal positions, so he doesn't care.

    Just tell your wife to be careful when on the job and tell her boyfriend to work with her on that. It certainly can affect many jobs with strict policies and affect their reputations even if they change jobs. She wouldn't want that to be a stain on her record should that information be passed on to a potential employee.

    I wouldn't put money on a bet that no one in their office will find out. That's always possible. I think it's amazing they have gotten away with it this long.

    I hope you and your wife are happy with her relationship with that coworker. (Just posted a new bit of information about my wife and her boss. She enjoys their fucking more than with me, but that's to be expected.)

  15. don_jetman

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    For many years we were very cautious about playing with coworkers, for all the reason you give. As it happened, L and F were promoted at the same time, as heads of separate departments that work closely together. They would spend a lot of time together working even if they weren't lovers, so it's good cover. In fact, working closely together is what sparked the initial chemistry. I do worry at times that they may be found out, but they're both managers at equal levels, so the infidelity thing would be the major embarrassment for L. He is younger and single, and just a great guy to be around. They have fucked at work after hours a few times in a locked office (both his and hers) late at night, so I still do have concerns. But at some point I have to trust L to make her own decisions, and by now she does trust F to be discreet. For the first time she considers their relationship worth the risk, so I have to relax and trust them both.

    Having him as a house guest now and then has its own risks, and we have a nosy widow neighbor who might have a clue. F is 6'7", lean and athletic, and could be taken for an NBA center, so it's hard to miss him coming and going when he visits. But honestly, we've come to the point where we just don't care what the neighbors think. L has moved past that ages ago. He makes her happy and I like spending time with the guy so he's welcome any time.

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    Good for you to be loving your life on your terms and by your standards.
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    Well, it’s been about a year since contributing to this string. I apologize. It’s a long story not worth telling.

    To quickly pick up on the saga with my husband Drew and his boss Neil. Not surprisingly, Drew was very hostile to my seeing Neil, especially after I started to very discretely but regularly date Neil, which meant I was getting regularly laid by Neil and enjoying every second of it and every ounce of his delicious cum inside my pussy, down my hungry mouth and very occasionally a little way up my rear door (or am I being too graphic here?). Neil was every bit as great of a lover as I had fantasized. He was both gentle and aggressive with me, caressing me for a long while of foreplay, making sure I was totally moist in every important part, and very sweetly knowing just when to end the appetizers and move to the main course where he would so forcibly, aggressively ram his magnificent, VERY thick almost 7” cock deep inside me repeatedly, bringing me ever so close, but notwithstanding my loud cries for an orgasm, he slows it down a little, making me literally beg him to keep ram riding me hard and fast. My explicit begging, e.g., “Please, Neil, I am begging you, please keep banging me hard and all the way in, please make me cum as only My Wonderful Stud can, stretch me more and please give me your powerful cum all the way up me, please, please, please; I will do anything you want but please keep ramming you Thick Cock way up my pussy to my tits,” which makes Neil so turned on that he does in fact fuck me to multiple and incredibly powerful orgasms. After, while we are both snuggling and making out in post coital bliss, he will quiz me, wanting confirmation that his cock is in fact wonderful and fulfilling and that I wasn’t “just saying it,” and asking whether I really had organs as good as the sounds and moans I made indicated. I honestly confirm that every time because it’s 100% true and Neil is the best lover I have ever had in me. He can routinely bring me to 2 or even 3 huge O’s just by fucking me, without even fingering my clit at all, an experience I had not previously had often. I’m fact, his dick is do wide and his technique so perfected that I come every time he fucks me, usually multiple times, something else that I hadn’t experienced in the past or with other lovers, not even Drew.

    Over time, Neil became virtually my exclusive lover (more about that later) and we saw each other several times a week, mostly for 1-2 hours in the sack at his mansion after a good dinner out or at his home.

    However, this began to cause changes both sat home and at Neil’s company (i.e., Drew’s workplace). More on that next time, assuming anyone wants me to continue with this account of Drew and my otherwise mundane life until now.

    Not sure if this is too wordy or interesting to others?
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  18. volt_lord1

    volt_lord1 New Member

    I would love to know more Christine. You are doing a wonderful job of relating what happened. Thank You.
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  19. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    She sounds perfect, so why didn't you marry the slut? Better a woman who likes sex too much than not enough. She accepted and took care of your little dick, and is every wannabe cucks dream.
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  20. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    You're doing fine. I know I'm interested and I'm sure that at least some others are too. Being Much more "wordy" than you I certainly don't mind it. You also don't have to be afraid of being too "graphic", there is much more graphic accounts on here. I mean we are describing our SEX lives here.

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