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    Just briefly about us. We are couple in very loving, trusting and honest relationship. She is 20, I am 30. We have been together for about 2.5yr, and we did some roleplaying on cuckold theme, we even bought chastity and had some fun with it. It was never a major thing though, just "dirty talk" and some link sending from tumblr. We both had the stance like it's something hot we might try one day. But things went differently. She developed a depression and besides everything else bad she also lost all of her sex drive. We managed to get her help after it was clear we could not handle it ourselves. That was about 8 month ago. Her depression is better now. Sex drive still zero, she find anything sexual repulsive. We did not had sex for over a year. I told her that I am not going to bother her with it until she get better, and if it persist even after that she is off the antidepressants then we might seek professional advice. .... That being said, she recently become aroused when she was talking about new hot teacher. I jokingly said we might invite him for threesome and it triggered something. We talked about it more and apparently after all the time I am too famillar, caring and "nonerotic", that she find difficult to be aroused for me. We spoke some more and I told her that no other people will be involved until we fix our sex life and also her depression for good. Although my cuckold nature think it was still little bit hot. The idea of her having sex, while I am in the "not erotic" category was at least interesting. What are your thought? Our relationship is strong and we have no problems except we do not have any kind of sex now. And I think it's not a good time to provoke any cuckold-(ish) things, even though I would very wish to do so. Her sex drive is low, but I am starting to think it maybe because of me. How I treated her in non sexual ways, so she don't feel pushed. You know, we call each other cute names and such. I can see why I may be not so "hot" anymore. Still I am 80% sure it's not a good time to play with this, but I am not certain.
  2. Hi knocor, How does it make you feel knowing she is not sexually aroused by you? I think many cuckold relationships may start this way. The wife no longer gets sexually aroused from her significant other but finds the thought of being with another man very arousing. Your situation reminds me so much of how things started with my first wife. I have posted my background information in a couple of threads here and won't go through all of it again but I will add my first wife told me she didn't find me sexually arousing as a man, instead she felt comfort and security with me. When she began feminizing me and treating me as another female she did get very aroused but I am not 100% sure if it was me as a female, the fact that she had another lover all along or a combination of both that aroused her so. In the end it didn't matter though.
    If your relationship is strong and secure this may be just the thing you need to become a cuckold. A denied cuckold, but still a cuckold. In many ways this is the epitome of a cuckold, the woman loves him but is not sexually aroused by him any longer and he understands she still has needs he is unable to fulfill, so he remains faithful, and chaste, either locked away securely or through his commitment to her while she is free to seek a lover or lovers to satisfy her sexual needs.
    Feel free to contact me direct if you wish and we can talk more about this.
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    How does it make me feel? Well it's a little bit humiliating a to be honest kind of hot. I've imagined I might become pussyfree one day, but not that it would start that way. But who knows perhaps it will revive some some sex even for me. I have no doubt about our relationship otherwise, we have very nice and stable one. What confuses me and I think her aswell is that I was almost certain her sexdrive was diminished. Because I know for a fact that she does not masturbate, watch porn or simply do anything erotic. Because it is rather uncomfortable for her. But on this rare ocassion when I mentioned somebody else it sparked a moment of interest. It's gone for now, but I am thinking wether or not I should revive this discussion. It kinda scares me, that it might reveal that the problem is actually me. But then again good thing is it have a solution and I would be most happy for her to enjoy herself once more. ... Actually nothing would have changed for me as I would still provide and comfort her without having sex. But at least I would know she does have.
  4. Then you should bring up the conversation again and see where it leads. If you do see a spark of sexual interest in her then you should gently move her in that direction.
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    Her depression may be better, but it's still serious enough that she finds anything sexual repulsive. You may want to encourage her to complete treatment for that first before exploring something that is bound to be an emotional roller coaster. Even for a person without depression the emotions involved in a cuckolding relationship can be a whirlwind. For a person with depression, they could be risky.
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    I would bring it up but let her lead, this man might be the motivation she needs to over come herself and focus on her sexuality, I know when my wife feels down, spending a night with a lover does her the world of good
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    That sounds very reasonable. Patience is luckily my stronger virtue and I never lacked that. I will just carry on to give her anything she need (and want). I will wait and see what person will emerge after her treatment is over. And then when I feel she could be ready to talk I will check the water with some hint. Thanks, I would not want to get carried away by my own desire. I always thought it's the depression and later on meds. I am just not sure how to deal with it it, if that's not all. But there is no need to rush, to find out.
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    Mmmmm-----your wife is 20 years of age to your 30?

    Mmmmm again.

    Speaking from experience, I think that a handsome, strong and spunky lover rather younger than you are might arouse her sexual interest and fire up her libido and thereby help to dispel her depression----which, btw, semen freshly ejaculated into the vagina has been scientifically proven to considerably relieve. Plus, horny younger men on the Hunt are often very high-spirited and witty and self-interestedly humorously entertaining of wives such as yours, which could well lift her up in mind and spirit and thereby help to relieve her depression too. As will the physical exercise she gets from great sex with a younger man.

    Just my 10 mls-worth.
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    That would not work. There is a reason for this age gap between us. Actually I am her youngest partner :D ... she just does not have any interest in boys. Well a little older than me that would be a completly different story.
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