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wife's lover cums in her but I have to wear condoms

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by funwithuscpl, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. funwithuscpl

    funwithuscpl New Member

    this is a humiliating thing for me not because my wife likes to humiliate me but because of our situation. My wife and I have a bi male friend that joins us for threesomes on a regular basis. We're in our mid 30's, white, and he is in his early 40's and black, but young looking and in good shape. Enough so that my wife is really physically attracted to him. The humilating part comes in to play in the fact that my wife is not on the pill because of issues nor uses any contraceptives so we have to be careful not to get her pregnant. In that case, I have to wear condoms whenever we have sex, but our friend has had a vacetomy some years ago and to say the least, shooting blanks. Since my wife really enjoys the feeling of a man cumming inside her and what it feels like when he pulls out and it runs our of her, (she says it's what makes her feel like a real woman) our black friend has my wife bareback all the time and just about everytime he joins us for sex which is almost all the time, he floods her pussy with his cum. When it's my turn, I have to use the condom which ontop of him already stretching her out coupled with the condom and my smaller size, I can't feel a thing with her. Most times I can't even get off to an orgasm and have to resort to getting a handjob or blowjob. So, I must say, it's humiliating to see another man getting to cum in my wife and I don't get to. Luckily, she says that If I get a vasetomy, no more condoms and I can start cumming in her too. She's very exicited about that because she says she's looking forward to feeling two men cumming in her pussy.
  2. Tuls

    Tuls New Member

    Cut the Tubes

    What are you waiting for? Get the tubes cut!

    You'll still have an inadequate member...but at least will get to leave the condoms off.
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  3. footboycuck

    footboycuck Real Cuckold

    You're very lucky, because even if I had a vasectomy my I wouldn't be allowed to cum in my wife. And I would love a hand job, but I have to give them to myself. I am only allowed foot jobs. So for me other men always flood my wife's pussy with cum and I only get to watch it ooze out while I jack off on her feet. I'm just wondering though, what are you gonna do if after you get the vasectomy she still refuses to let you cum inside her?--fbc
  4. sub4wife

    sub4wife New Member

    Two Men Cumming

    You might not want to get your hopes up. She said she's looking forward to two men cumming in her pussy....my Wife would say, "By definition, that leaves you out, wimp."
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  5. Got2

    Got2 New Member

    1) Prepare to be the Daddy of your wife's Bull child. It's gonna happen some time soon.

    2) As others have said, if you get the cords snipped you will be permanently inferior to all of her lovers, present and future.

    It already sounds like your wife and her bull do not want your inferior seed inside of her. That privilege is now reserved for her Bull, exclusively.

    If you want to still remain in the gene pool, make sure you make a deposit in the sperm bank before you get snipped.
  6. poolBoy

    poolBoy New Member

    I am of the opinion that all young men should make a few deposits at the sperm bank, and then be snipped. I plan on offering this to my two sons upon their sexual maturity. Imagine no more accidental preganacy, because accidents happen; condoms and pills can fail.
  7. boredinflorida

    boredinflorida New Member


    Me the story would have been alot better if he hadn't had a vasectomy

    Plus if your so inferior to her lover, what makes you think she will fuck you often without a condom
  8. clitmit

    clitmit New Member

    at risk

    at the risk of sounding stupit and not having had a vas.is a man still able to shoot off sperm?:confused:
  9. poolBoy

    poolBoy New Member


    Yes, the semen is just usually more liquid, all the same components, just no swimmers.
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  10. gweny

    gweny New Member


    hi there ,,you are very lucky at least you are permitted to enter her at all ,, be happy !! i am permanent in my chastity belt and she keeps me locked even when her boyfriend is around !!!
  11. DomMorgan

    DomMorgan Guest

    Vasectomies and sperm


    The vasectomy ties the tubes that add sperm from the testicles to the rest of the ejaculate fluid. The difference cannot be told in the taste or volume of the cum. The difference is that there are no sperm, and therefore no babies.

    Technically, there can be leakages. But that borders on unheard-of since the operation is so simple. For that matter, the operation is so simple that it can usually be reversed later in life if you change your mind. The same cannot be said for tying the female tubes.

    Oh, as one final point, the vasectomy is such a simple operation in modern times that the incisions are so small that they soon disappear entirely. The only way for people to know that I have had the operation is that I tell them and they believe me. I cannot show them, as I have learned.

  12. funwithuscpl

    funwithuscpl New Member

    Yes, what you said about the vacetomy is true from what I have read about. There is no noticable difference in the amount of cum or the "quality" thereof. Just no sperm. The procedure is quite simple and is usually done at the doctors office in just a few minutes with little pain or discomfort. Recovery is short but it is suggested to abstain from cumming in your spouse or partner for about six weeks due to the sperm being able to be present in the tubes beyond where they are cut for a while. It is recommended to have several ejaculations in that time to clear the tubes and have the semem tested for any possible sperm.
    The date is set for me to have mine snipped! My wife and I have discussed it intensly and want to do it so she can have me cum in her again along with our friend. She doesn't deny me sex with her in any way. We have a very loving marriage and enjoys me making love to her regardless of my size. In fact, our sex life has improved since I introduced the idea of us bringing in another man to our sex life. She has felt more attractive, confident, and desired since she knows she has two men that are so turned on by her and desire her. Now, the three of us have been discussing adding another man for a foursome with her.
    I know I'm not really a "true cuckold" like you read about on the site so much, but we enjoy the stories and she likes the title of "hotwife". We're not swingers since I have no interest in haveing other women nor is she bi but she is grateful for me being bi and the pleasure it has brought her now by me wanting her to have other men in our sex life. The cuckolding occurs with us in some form by the fact that my wife does go out on "dates" with our friend on occasion but they always come back home for all of us to "play" together. Because we have kids, it's hard for us to get out together, so her getting out with him on occasion while I babysit, has been a great way for her to relieve some of the everyday stresses with life. Afterall, she let's me go out with my friends including our "friend with benefits" as well. We usually all "play" together but because of my job, I am gone a week at a time sometimes and love knowing that she has someone like our "friend" to keep her company and keep her satisfied. We made it a rule that I always know what's going on and when and all the details. There are even times when I am just with him for just some "bi" fun. I am more the submissive type and he is the aggressive, dominate type and really enjoy knowing I'm pleasuring him. My wife does get turned on immensly by his assertiveness with her and us. He is definetly the "alpha" male when we play.
    We have a pretty good arrangement and it works for us. Our sex life has improved immensly since even before we married and our "friend" has found a sexual outlet for himself without strings attatched (he gets to have one of us just about whenever he wants). He is very respectable to us and our wishes and therefore, we return the same and like knowing we are satisfying his desires.
    I can go on and on about the dynamic of our relationship but I don't want to bore you all. I just wanted to explain how our relationship works and that I am not "cuckolded" so much like you read about on here. The cumming of my wife's "Lover" in her while I have to wear condoms was something that I thought was a good subject to talk about here since it would come across as being a bit humiliating for a husband to have to do that. My wife doesn't do it to hurt me or humiliate me, it's just he situation. She never complains about my size but I know she really enjoys something bigger. She loves me deeply for allowing this in our marriage and wanting to bring her this much pleasure.
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  13. cuck4life

    cuck4life Active Member

    My wife has had a steady boyfriend for several years. Shortly after than began their relationship my wife and I agreed that she would be exclusive to him. I am not allowed penatration with or without a condom. He has always cum inside her.
  14. FrankDK

    FrankDK New Member

    It looks like, you do not like the humilliation ?!
    And I wonder why - it is a part of the "game".
    I think, that your wife find your little horny cock dirty, and her lovers big cock wunderfull.
    And ho says, that you schould cum ?? - You schould be glad, just to be allowed to penetrade her.
    Your wife is just allowing that, because she know, that it is humilliation for you, that your cock is not big enough for her.
    My wife sometime gives me serveral condoms on, or let me wear my rubberpants with cock-sleve, so she can use me as a toy - and not allow me to cum.
    So if I was you - I would be happy - and humilliated :)
  15. short_meat

    short_meat New Member


    If I had to describe the perfect cuckolding experience for myself; this surely would be it. Thank-you funwithuscpl for that very frank, revealing post on how to get-er-done so everyone is safe (your marriage) and satisfied.


  16. hotwifeandcuckDMB

    hotwifeandcuckDMB New Member

    My ex let not just her vasectomy safe first Daddy fuck her bare but others including one of my colleagues.

    My cum really never got inside her.

    And then i began to eat it.
  17. hotwifeandcuckDMB

    hotwifeandcuckDMB New Member

    been there
    enjoy it!
  18. bricbat

    bricbat Guest

    I've been wearing a condom for the past 12 years. In all that time, I've gone through three boxes of 12 condoms each. That makes for an average of having sex with my wife of 3 times per year.
  19. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Having the lover of your wife ejaculate into her when you are totally denied bareback sex with her has to be the ultimate in Humiliation of the husband. The fact that your wife's lover is black and young-looking and in good shape and your wife is openly physically attracted to him obviously much more than she is to you,must make the humiliation way worse for you. Never mind that he's bisexual and vasectomized. That very likely only adds to your anguish, and I bet you love it.

    Plus your wife gets the marvellous feel-good vaginal soothing and euphoriant effect of only his semen and prostaglandins in her---not yours.

    Hot DANG!!!!

    ps: My young black buddy and I have never used a condom with my wife on any occasion in the 4 years since he became her full-time live-in lover. He and I ejaculate into her completely freely, and a minimum of 12 times every week between us. It's fucking sensational for me and him and, of course, even more sensational for her.

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