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    Well, where should I start? My wife fulfilled my fantasy, and I thought that was the end of it. We had great sex afterwards, and talked about the experience for weeks. She absolutely had no regrets, and I didn't have any either. :D She was so sexy when she fucked our neighbor. Needless to say, a few months later, our neighbor moved and we didn't see him again. I was comfortable with him being with my wife.;) I didn't feel threatened one bit by any of this, until my wife told me she wanted to sleep with
    someone again :mad:. This time it wasn't to fulfill my lust, she wanted to fulfill her own. She told me that at her job, there was a new guy in the office; his name was David. All of the women were going crazy over him, even fighting over him, and that he was very good looking. She told me that since she fulfilled my fantasy, it was time for her to fulfill her own. She told me she felt so free when she fucked our neighbor, and wanted to experience that freedom again. I told her I didn't even know this guy, so how could I just let him come in and fuck her? She argued with me, and told me it
    wasn't about me anymore.

    I wasn't sure about her experiencing someone else, another cock. She went out to lunch with him several times and they would flirt each time. She would rub next to him, or back up into his cock. She told me she couldn't control herself, and she was just so horny around him. He had this affect on her. I was not sure how to take this, I didn't know him. I had known our neighbor for years, but this guy was different. No one knew him.. I wanted to support her in every way, so we decided to invite him over for dinner and see where it went. Once he was in the house, I would find a reason to leave the house. I work in I.T., so it's not unusual to get a call over the weekend to come in. My plan was to drive down the street and park my car at the gas station. Then I would hurry home and see what happened.

    On the night he was supposed to come over, my wife was so excited :rolleyes:. She had trouble concentrating all day. I couldn't stand it, so I took off to play some golf. I got back about an hour before he was due to show up. When I got home, I went to our room to see what my wife was planning on wearing. She was facing the mirror, applying her makeup. The dark stockings showed her curvy legs, and her panties covered only half of her ass. She looked so sexy that I wanted to fuck her myself.
    "What do you think honey? Do you think he would fuck me?" She turned around to face me,with her tits tightly held together with her matching bra, garter and stockings. She pushed her titties together. I loved it when she did this, and she would often do it to tell me that she loved me.

    "Honey, I know you are unsure about this" she said. I was just nervous because she was overly excited. She went crazy when she talked about him. She told me, "I love you, honey, and my heart belongs to you, but I yearn to have his dick in my pussy. I get so horny when he is around. I get so wet just talking about fucking him. I want to fuck him, but it doesn't mean I don't love you." I told her her that I understood. She had fucked our neighbor, but this was after months of me pushing her. Now she was the aggressive one.

    When David arrived, yeah, he was tall and handsome, like a fucking Photoshop picture. I had all kinds of emotions :rolleyes:, knowing they had lunch several times and flirted together. Now I was shaking his hand. We had dinner with a few drinks to loosen up.
    I decided it was time, and I would give her what she wanted. I went into our room and called my cell phone. I walked into the living room, asking my wife where my cell phone was. She told me it was in the kitchen. I pretended to have a conversation about a system going down at work, and me having to go into the office. David told me he would go home. I told him the night was young, he had only been at our house for one hour, and we had planned on partying through the night. He looked unsure. I told my wife to go and get him another beer. She took that as her cue for me to talk to him. I told him that I had to take care of an emergency at work and I would be out for at least two hours. I flat out said, "Can you keep my wife company while I am out? You won't hear from me for at least two hours".

    I looked him in the eye and said, "I know she enjoys your company. She always talks about you, if you know what I mean. :) He smiled and said, "Yes, I will gladly take care of her while you are out" It was a moment I will never forget. It was as if I was asking, "Hey, would you please fuck my wife?" I was no doubt telling him, "She wants you, and I know you want her. Fuck her and enjoy her, because she wants to enjoy you as well". I walked to the door, and my wife met me there as I walked out. She told me, "Thank you, honey. Thank you for letting me do this. I wasn't sure what to think. I was turned on, but this time it wasn't about me, it was about her. She wanted a new cock now, and I didn't even have to ask her this time. I was full of emotions.
    I got in the car, and drove as fast as I could. I was getting hard thinking about her..What was she doing? Was she all over him by now? I stopped at the store, parked the car, and began walking home. I was probably ten minutes away. Would she take her time so that I could enjoy it as well? Was she sucking his cock by now? I had a huge hard-on.

    I walked home, and went through the back door. I crept in slowly so that no one could hear me. My cock was hard, and I saw that they were on the couch. She was kissing him, stroking his large cock, and his hands were squeezing her tits. Yeah, he was much bigger than I was, and now I knew why she wanted to fuck this guy. She got up, took off her dress, and she stood there, sexy in her garter and stockings. He got up and began kissing her legs, her thighs. He took off her panties and began licking her pussy.
    My wife was in total delight. She was grabbing his head and pushing it to her pussy. He made his way to her tits and undid her bra. Her titties popped out and he told her, "Your husband is lucky to have these nice titties". She reminded him that he was lucky now, because he was enjoying them while her husband was working. They began to kiss passionately. He was kissing her neck as well. She couldn't take it anymore, and told him to fuck her! He positioned her on the couch and stuck that massive thing inside her. She was in pure lust. She told him he felt so good inside her pussy. She
    was moaning like crazy. He fucked her, like a porn star! He steadily slapped his balls to her pussy lips, going in all the way. I was so damn hard by now, I wanted to cum so badly.

    They changed positions. He sat down on the couch, and she rode his cock. She was screaming by now. Again, she told him he felt so good. I was feeling a sense of jealousy by now.. She was really fucking like a slut, a whore, with not a care in the world. She wasn't worried about her hubby now! David kept telling her how tight her pussy was. Yeah, it wouldn't be tight anymore when he was done. She was probably sore by now. It got to a point where she arched back, with her boobs in his face,
    and she screamed that she was cumming! She told him that her pussy belonged to him. Fuck, I thought. This was my fault. I had pushed her to this!

    I figured that by now, he would cum, but not David. He was a stud. She got off of him, and began sucking his cock. She couldn't get the whole thing in her mouth, he was so damn big. Her head was bobbing up and down. While she sucked him, she fingered herself. She has never done this with me. She began licking his cock and balls, while David was moaning, with his eyes closed.. I couldn't take it anymore, and came in my pants!

    He still wouldn't cum. She began to stroke his cock while sucking it. It looked like a porn movie, my wife sucking her co-worker in our house while her husband was away. David began to scream, and magical gobs of cum spurted out! I have never seen so much cum like that. She got up, kissed him, and told him he was the best fuck she ever had. He told her that he always wanted a piece of her. I got up and left the house to pick up the car. I couldn't believe what happened.

    My wife was sexy, slutty, and loving every minute of his cock. Should we get into swinging, I thought? I want to feel a new pussy, especially if she got a new cock.
    When I got home, David was at the door, leaving. He shook my hand, and looked me in the eye. "Thanks for everything, I had a great time with your wife."
    I smiled, and told him that I was sure he did. I looked at my wife and asked, "Did you have a good time with David?" She said, "We had a great time and I enjoyed every minute of it!"
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    My wife was fucked by several of the men she worked with that I usually didn't know. I came to realize that it made our sex life better as she became more and more confident about being attractive to other men and she always made sure that I got all of her pussy that I wanted, and like you did I really enjoyed watching her being pounded by a big-cocked co-worker that I knew she would see at work on Monday morning. So my suggestion for you is to really talk with your wife about what the two of you want and I hope you are able to let her explore who she is sexually. GTR
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    That was very hot. I wish I was able to put into word what my wife does like you did in your story. My wife also fucks her co worker and sometimes she goes away on weekends with him and sometimes she doesn't come home from work and stays at his house.

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