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    My wife is 26 and I'm 29. We have been married for 3 years. Kim is a gorgeous brunette. She's 5'6" and 115 lbs with perfect C Cup breasts. My desire to share her started a couple of years ago. We were discussing our sex lives prior to when we got together and she told me about a guy that she was seeing and had been very sexual with. I would ask her to tell me stories of their sexual escapes while we fucked and I would get so turned on thinking about her with him. I told her that I had an intense desire to watch her have sex with someone else and she initially brushed that idea off. But over time I could tell that the idea was starting to turn her on. One night when we were making love I described to her in detail what I'd like to see her do and to my surprise she agreed to make my little fantasy come true as long as I promised not to get jealous. Well I jumped on that deal. She asked me how I would find the right guy and I told her that I would put an ad on Craigslist and see what responses we'd get. I placed the ad and specifically requested a well hung black male with at least 9". I received several responses to my ad and I narrowed the choices down to a really well hung black guy who went by the name of TJ. He was a professional type guy and was in good shape. He also had a 10 inch uncut cock. We spoke on the phone several times and I explained that this was Kim's first time doing anything like this and he needed to be laid back and let things take their natural course. I told him that if he was to aggressive it would probably turn her off and not happen. So with the ground rules set we agreed to meet for dinner.

    When I told Kim that I had found someone she said "Are you sure you want to do this?" I said absolutely and she laughed and called me a pervert. A couple of days before we were to meet I took her shopping and bought her a new black dress. It was really classy but it had a plunging neckline which showed off her cleavage really well. I also took her to the lingerie store and picked out a black push up bra, garter belt, g-string and stockings for her to wear. She laughed and said "You're really getting into this aren't you?" I just said that I wanted her to look nice for him. She said "You're obviously dressing me for sex!" I couldn't deny that.

    The day of our "date" I went and go a suite at a nice upscale hotel. I bought some drinks and put them in the refrigerator. I also bought quite a few candles to place in the living room and bedroom areas. We met TJ for dinner and he was as advertised. He was about 6'2" tall and chiseled. We had a nice dinner and talked a lot to get to know one another. I could tell he thought Kim looked really good. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. After dinner I looked at Kim and asked her if she'd like to invite TJ back to our suite for nightcap. She looked at me looking for approval and I smiled at her and she looked at him and said that she'd enjoy that. The hotel was fairly close to the restaurant and I gave TJ a key and our room number and told him to meet us there in about 15 minutes. We left the restaurant and drove back to the hotel. I asked Kim if she was ready to go through with this and she said that if I wanted her to do this she'd do it for me. I just smiled and told her I was really excited to see her have some fun tonight.

    TJ showed up and we had a drink. I suggested that he sit on the sofa next to Kim and he did. She snuggled in right next to him. I sat in a chair where I had a nice view of them. He shifted on the sofa and leaned in for a kiss from my wife. She responded and they started making out. He was taking it slow, kissing her and caressing her. I could see her start to respond to him. He started to fondly her breast and he slipped it out of her bra and the dress. He then started to kiss and lick her nipple. Kim loves to have her breasts played with and I could tell she was getting turned on. TJ then started to put his hand on her knee and stroke her leg. I was incredibly excited as he slid his hand up her thigh. Kim didn't resist. She opened her legs to give him full access to her pussy which looked incredibly hot encased in that tiny black lacy g-string. He slid his hand up over her stocking tops and began to rub her pussy through the thin fabric of her underwear. I thought I was going to cum in my pants when I saw him slide the crotch of her panty aside and start to rub her pussy and clit. He stroked her and I could tell that she was getting very turned on. He then stood her up and got behind her. He undid her dress and let it slip to the floor. She was facing me and he was behind her and he then began to rub her body and caress her breasts and pussy. He pulled her g-string down her legs and unclasped her bra. My beautiful wife was standing before me in her black garter belt, stockings and high heels. TJ stood behind her and it was clear he was giving me a show feeling up my wife. Kim reached behind her and started to rub his cock through his pants which turned me on incredibly. She then turned around and unbuttoned his shirt and took his belt off. She then unzipped his pants and let them drop to the floor. His cock was huge. Kim dropped to her knees and grabbed his cock and started to lick him and suck him. She gave him a great blow job kneeling before him. After about 15 minutes he said she needed to stop and he picked Kim up and carried her to the adjacent bedroom and laid her down on the bed. He spread her legs and lifted them onto his shoulders. She looked at me for approval knowing that this was her last chance to stop. I smiled and gave her the thumbs up. With that she grabbed TJ's cock and rubbed it all over her soaking wet pussy and inserted it slowly. TJ slid his bare cock into my wife and started to slowly fuck her. Kim looked so hot. She was raising her ass up to meet his every thrust. He toes were curled up and she looked like she was in total bliss. TJ started to really fuck her hard and he laid down on top of her and grabbed her ass in his hands and literally pounded my hot wife really hard. This went on for about 10 minutes and she started to moan loudly and I could tell she was cumming hard. She's never summed when I fucked her. I can get her off orally but never during sex. But she was blasting off. I could tell that TJ was about to cum and he kept pounding her pussy hard gripping her sexy ass until he shot his load into my lovely bride! After he had drained his balls he basically collapsed on my wife and they laid there in bliss for a few minutes. I was sitting in a chair at the foot of the bed and had a great view of Kim's pussy as he withdrew his cock. He laid next to her and Kim looked exhausted. She was laying on the bed with her legs spread. Her pussy was all puffy and swollen and TJ's cum was oozing out of her pussy and down her ass. She never looked sexier in her life. I had cum in my pants just watching them

    The ended up fucking two more times that night. TJ left about 4:30 AM and after he left I crawled into bed with Kim. She snuggled up to me and thanked me for allowing her to experience that. I told her I thought she looked absolutely beautiful and had never been sexier. She whispered in my ear and asked me if I'd like to fuck her. I kissed her and got on top of her and slid my cock into her. She was so wet from her cum and his and the thought of fucking my wife's used pussy turned me on so much. I came very quickly. After I came she laid next to me and I asked her if she'd like to see TJ again and she said she'd love to. I can't wait until her next date!
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    That's hot!

    I'm interested to know if TJ is younger or older than you.

    You and your wife were very trusting indeed to let him fuck her bareback and to cum in her on first meeting.

    His height, cock-size and toned physique are similar to that of my buddy (also black) who has been my wife's live-in lover with us for 4 years and has always fucked her bareback.

    He's 24 now and an exceptionally heavy and forceful cummer whose cum-spurts thump very hard into the back of her vagina, which makes for cataclysmic orgasms for her-----and beautifully lubricious sloppy seconds for me :p
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    He's 34. He's about 6'2" and 220 lbs. He has a ten inch cock and it's pretty thick. He really stretched Kim out. She loved it. I have never seen my wife in such sexual bliss as I did that night. It was intense.
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    Intense for you too I'm sure. As in "Eat your heart out Hubby".

    Don't I know THAT feeling.
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    Tell me about wife and your situation. Would love to hear about it.
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    Where should I start?

    As related in detail in several of my hundreds of posts here this year, my wife's lover is a college student and personally and physically beautiful by every conceivable standard. He is my best buddy and lover too, privately and sometimes in our threesomes, which for me as an ardent voyeur ups the erotic intensity of his fucking of my wife massively.

    He has already fathered two beautiful baby boys for us and is set to impregnate my wife again in less than a fortnight to give her the daughter she is now almost desperately desiring. As for the two previous babymakings, my buddy will be fucking her exclusively of me all through and for several days after her fertile time. Her libido always goes through the ceiling when she is in the middle of her cycle such that she orgasms so convulsively and loudly I worry about her. Especially when my buddy at her urging rears up and looks set to fuck her in half.

    It's a spectacle of passionately animalistic procreativity I had never seen the likes of before I brought them together. And I fucking love it.

    Has your own wife borne any babies yet?
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    No not yet.
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    jdkerr, michael1987 and I have discussed watching and enjoying our wives with well hung black men in depth many times. As you have just experienced it is a very intense activity. I'm glad for you that you and your wife have both enjoyed how the night went. Like you and your wife, michael and his wife, and my wife and myself, when you involve another man and they do things with our wives that they enjoy it makes the entire experience a good thing for all involved. Welcome to the club that michael1987 and I are longtime members of. Enjoy. GTR
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    I'm in my late 40's and both my lovers are in their early 30's
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    Holy crap, there's no way you are in your late 40s... What is your secret?
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    Good diet, good genes, exercise and LOTS of SEX !
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    About a week had passed since our encounter with TJ and Kim and I were in bed having foreplay. I asked her how she felt about her first experience with big black cock. She said she really enjoyed it and I asked her if she'd like to do it again. She said that if I was OK with it she would love to see TJ again. I asked her what she liked about the experience and she said that his cock really filled her up and that he had very good stamina. She also said she enjoyed the whole taboo aspect of it. I was going down on her at the time and I told her that I'd give TJ a call and see if he could get together. Kim and I ended up having great sex and it was very intense. All I could think about as she rode me was how sexy she looked with riding TJ's huge cock. I couldn't wait to call him and see if he'd like to meet again.

    The next day I called TJ and told him that we had really enjoyed the night we hung out together. He said that he had enjoyed it as well. I asked him if he'd like to get together again. He said he'd love to. He said he was available on Saturday and I told him that we didn't have any plans. He asked me what I wanted to do and I told him that I thought it would be nice if he came over to our house and hung out. I suggested that we have a cook out and he said that sound good to him. I gave him our address and told him to stop by around 7 pm. Later I told Kim that I had set up a date with TJ and he was coming to our house for dinner. She asked if I had any concerns about him knowing where we lived and I said that if I did I wouldn't have invited him over. She agreed and said she was looking forward to hanging out with him again.

    Saturday came and I asked Kim if she was still comfortable with TJ coming over. She said she was fine with it. She suggested that she goto the store and buy some nice steaks for dinner. I could tell she was enjoying the thought of having TJ over and cooking for him. Kim is a good cook and she really enjoys preparing a nice meal and having a dinner party. About a half hour before TJ was to arrive Kim was getting ready for our dinner party. I sat on the edge of bed and watched as she did her hair and makeup. She was sitting there in a black thong with nothing else on and she looked gorgeous. I was thinking that I was pretty damn lucky to have her as my wife. I was also thinking that I was damn lucky that she was exploring her sexuality more and I was able to participate in her sexual adventures. After she finished doing her hair and makeup she asked me what I thought she should wear. Since it was fairly hot I suggested that she put on this little yellow sundress. She grinned and said that she had been thinking about the same thing. Great minds thinking alike. She walked over the her lingerie chest and found a yellow lace thong and slipped it on. I then watched as she got the sundress out of the closet and slipped it on. It is a little low cut and it was hot watching her adjust her breasts in the halter top so her cleavage looked perfect. She asked how she looked and I told her she looked amazing!

    TJ showed up on time and we hung out for a while and talked. I said I needed to go out and put the steaks on. Kim was finishing up setting the table and checking on the other dishes that she was preparing. TJ was sitting on the couch and making small talk with Kim. After I cooked the steaks we sat down and had dinner. It was relaxing and the food was great. After dinner we cleared the table and I suggested that we head outside to the hot tub. TJ said he didn't have anything to put on and I told him that it was very private and he could just strip down. I told him I planned to do the same. Kim just giggled and said "Shocker!" We had a laugh over that. Kim told us to go on out and she'd join us after she finished cleaning up the dishes. We walked out, stripped down, and got into the hot tub. We were sitting there talking for about fifteen minutes when the door opened and Kim walked out. She had a robe on. She came over and asked how the water was and TJ said it was great. He said "Why don't you get in!" Kim let the robe drop and she was wearing her black bikini. She looked extremely hot in that bikini. She slipped into the hot tub and climbed in between the two of us. She laughed when she noticed that we were naked. She said something like "Why doesn't that surprise me?" We sipped out drinks and had a nice conversation. I approached Kim and had her stand up. I kissed her passionately and untied her top and took it off. Her ample breasts looked so sexy and TJ couldn't take his eyes off of her. As I was kissing her I reached my hand down into her bikini bottoms and started to stroke her pussy and clit. She was getting extremely turned on. I pulled her bottoms down and as I kissed her I pulled her ass cheeks apart so TJ could get a good view of her pussy. I took her hand and kind of led her over to TJ and gave her hand to him. He took her hand and pulled her to him. He started to kiss her and he was touching her all over. She was responding to him. She told him to get out of the hot tub and sit on the edge. TJ got out and his cock was hard as a rock. Kim leaned over and started to lick his cock and stroke his balls. She started to suck him and he relaxed and kind of leaned back on his elbows watching intently as my wife gave him a tremendous blowjob. She sucked him for about 20 minutes and I could tell he was starting to build to an orgasm. He stopped her and grabbed her by the hand and led her to one of the lounge chairs. He laid down not the chair and he told her to straddle him. Kim did exactly as she was told. I watched as my wife grabbed his cock and rubbed it all over her pussy and positioned him perfectly. His head was in her and I watched her mount him.

    I don't think I've ever seen anything as sexy as my wife, pumping her ass up and down, and taking his full ten inches all the way into her balls deep. The more she worked her ass up and down the creamier her pussy was getting. I've never seen her as wet as that. Obviously she was turned on and enjoying herself. She rode him for about ten minutes. She then got off his cock and turned around and got into the reverse cowgirl position. I found this extremely hot because she was staring into my eyes as she fucked her bull. She mouthed "I love his huge cock" and I about came in my pants as I watched her ride him. She pumped him for another ten minutes or so and I could see him picking up his pace. He was obviously about ready to cum. She sensed it too and she really was twerking her ass. TJ started to moan loudly and clearly he was pumping a load into Kim. Kim looked around and told him to fill her up. That was the sexiest thing that I think I've ever seen. After TJ came Kim got off and laid on top of him and kissed him. She whispered that she loved fucking him. He said that he loved to fuck her too!

    TJ ended up spending the night and they fucked several more times. When he was leaving the next morning I thanked him for making my wife happy. He said he loved it and I said that we would love to see him on a regular basis. Kim was sitting there nude wearing a bathrobe and she just smiled at me. After he left she came over and gave me a kiss. She thanked me for letting her explore her sexuality and not be jealous. I told her we were just getting started!
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    Great story, my wife's first experience with another man was very similar in that she had the best sex of her life (only admitted it after I pulled it out of her) so that she wanted to continue to fuck him on a regular basis. Just fantastic !!!
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    There's no doubt that my wife is having the best sex of her life. She is really enjoying being a bad girl. I plan to continue to encourage it. Ultimately I'd love to see her take on several men at the same time. Tell me more about your wife's first experience. I'd like to hear about it.
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    I found out that I had to go out of town on a business trip. My company was attending a trade show in Las Vegas and they asked me to work the booth at the show. During dinner I mentioned to Kim that I had to go to Vegas for a few days and I thought it would be fun if she went along. She thought it would be pretty cool to hang out in Vegas and hit the pool while I was working. We were talking about the trip and Kim was excited to have several days to herself and said she planned to work on her tan and live at the hotel pool during the day. I told her that we could also have a little fun there if she was up to it. She smiled and said "What kind of fun are you talking about?'" I said that there would be a lot of men in Vegas attending the show and we could try to meet a couple while we were there and she could play with them. She laughed and said "That's what I thought you meant!" A few days before we were scheduled to leave for Vegas, Kim was in our bedroom and dragging a suitcase out so she could start packing. She asked me what I thought she should bring along and I told her that I was planning on taking her out to dinner at some of the really nice restaurants so she should pack a few nice dresses and of course sexy lingerie to wear and high heels of course.

    We got to Vegas and checked into our hotel. We made plans to go to a high end restaurant in our hotel for dinner that night. We also made plans to hit the casino and try out luck at the tables. For the afternoon we hit the pool and worked on our tans. Kim had purchased a white thong bikini to wear and she looked amazing as we walked to the poolside bungalow we rented. She was getting a lot of looks as we walked to our bungalow. We laid out for a while but the Vegas sun was really intense so we decided to get in the pool and cool off. After swimming for a while we got out of the pool and I realized that Kim's bikini was virtually see through after it got wet. Oh my god, she looked amazing! She was being checked out by all the men. We were relaxing in our little tent out of the sun and the waiter brought over a bottle of wine. She said that a gentleman had ordered it for us and pointed him out. We waved to him and thanked him and sipped our wine. A few minutes later the guy that ordered the wine for us stopped over to say hello. He couldn't take his eyes off Kim. Her nipples were clearly visible through her tight bikini top and she looked extremely hot. We asked him to join us and he sat down. In our conversation we learned that he was here to attend the same conference as I was. We really hit it off and before we left we asked him if he'd like to go out for dinner with us. He said he was along on this trip and would enjoy the company. We exchanged numbers and I told him I'd call him later to set up final plans.

    Later I called him and we made plans to go to dinner. I had called ahead to the restaurant and made a reservation for three. As dinner time approached Kim decided to get dressed for dinner. She put on an off white dress that was very low cut. She also put on an off white garter belt, stockings and high heels. I asked her if she was going to wear a pair of panties and she giggled and said no. She was also braless. She looked smoking' hot! We left for the restaurant and to meet up with our new friend. His name is Kyle and he was 35 years old, married, 6'2" and about 185 lbs. Kim said she thought he looked sexy so I was certainly hoping we'd invite him back to our room later. We had dinner and Kyle couldn't take his eyes off Kim. He low cut dress had opened up a little and her breasts looked amazing. I could tell that Kyle really wanted to fuck Kim. We had dinner and decided to head to the casino. We talked about playing blackjack but Kyle suggested Craps. Neither Kim or I had ever played craps but we figured what the heck? Kyle said he'd teach us. So off the the tables we went. Kyle explained the basics of the game and we started playing. Kim was really enjoying herself and the guys around the craps table couldn't get enough of her. She would lean over the table to throw her dice and her boobs would pretty much come out of that dress. Kyle was fixated with her. We were drinking and having a great time. I whispered to Kim and asked her if she'd like to invite Kyle back to our room for a nightcap. She said that sounded like fun. Later I was talking to Kyle and mentioned that I had the perception that he really liked Kim. He said he thought she was beautiful. I told him that if he was interested he could come back to our suite for a nightcap. He readily agreed.

    We left the casino and went to our room. Once we were in the room Kim excused herself to go to the bathroom. Upon her return she had slipped into a sheer baby doll nightie and a matching black see through g-string. She looked VERY sexy. Kyle complimented her on how gorgeous she looked and I told her to join him on the sofa. I told Kyle that we had been doing a little experimenting and I had been sharing Kim with another man. I asked him if he would be interested in having sex with Kim? He laughed and said "I thought you'd never ask." He leaned over and shared a passionate kiss with my wife. His hands were all over Kim and he was touching her breasts and stroking her pussy. He really had her hot and bothered. She got off the sofa and had him stand up. She took off his shirt and then his trousers. Kyle was fairly well hung at around 9 inches but his cock was really thick. Kim started to kiss and suck him cock. Kyle was in heaven. She really worked him over and after about 30 minutes I could tell that he was approaching orgasm. Kim kept working on him until he eventually came. She let him cum in her mouth and she stalled every drop. That may have been the hottest thing I ever saw. After Kyle came they walked to the bedroom. They laid back on the bed and he started caressing Kim. It was sexy to watch Kim respond to his touch. Eventually he went down on her which is something she dearly loves. He licked her pussy for about 10 minutes until she had her first orgasm of the night. Watching my wife cum with another many was spectacular. Once her orgasm subsided Kim pushed Kyle onto his back and straddled him. The excitement of watching her grab his cock and guide it into her wet pussy was too much for me. I literally came in my pants watching that action. Kim spent about 20 minutes riding Kyle's cock and I have to tell you, watching her work her pussy up and down his cock was amazing. The woman really knows how to milk a cock. Kyle eventually came with Kim working his cock over. He shot his second load inside Kim. That was such a turn on. Kyle fucked
    Kim a second time after he regained some of his stamina. Kim really enjoyed his thick cock and I was thinking that I was really going to enjoy this new lifestyle a lot. After Kyle left Kim and I were laying in bed and she asked me what I thought about the evening. I told her it was the sexiest thing watching her get pleasure from another man. She said she really enjoyed it and asked if I was horny. I told her that talking about it had got me stirred up. Kim said that she'd take care of me and she slid down the bed and started to caress my cock. I came so quickly from her blowjob that she knew I was turned on. What a night!
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    I will private message you our first experience details
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    Sounds good. Thanks
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    After Kim got me off we laid back on the bed and talked about this latest experience. Kim asked me what I enjoyed the most and I told her that it really turned me on to see her summing on another man's cock. Kim gets very creamy and Kyle's cock was covered in her juices. I told Kim that I thought she looked incredibly sexy when she was getting fucked and I REALLY enjoyed watching her cum on his cock. I've never been able to make her cum when we fuck. I'm fairly good at going down on her and always make her cum that way but it's just never happened when we fucked. To watch another man fuck her and get her off made me incredibly horny. Kim said that she thought she'd get up and take a long bath. I started to kiss her and I could feel my cock getting hard again. I started to touch her breasts and make her nipples hard. She laughed and said she didn't know if she was up for another fucking but I started to touch her pussy and she relaxed and started getting turned on. As I rubbed her clit I could feel how wet she was. I knew she was full of Kyle's cum and I was spreading all of their juices all over her clit and pussy. I started to scoot down in the bed and she looked at me and said she should probably get cleaned up a little bit but I told her that if she did that she would kill the mood and I wanted her to relax. I started to kiss her pussy and lick her clit. She was soaking wet and I could taste a slightly salty flavor which was different than normal and I knew I was tasting Kyle's cum. This had an incredible effect on Kim. She was moaning and starting to thrash around on the bed. I could tell she was about to cum and I kept up my efforts until waves of orgasm pulsed through her body. After she came she pulled me up and kissed me. I asked her how that felt and she said that it was such a turn on for her. I told her it was an intense turn on for me too. She climbed on top of me and guided me into her pussy. She fucked me until I came inside her. As my orgasm subsided she slipped off me and laid down beside me. I asked her how she was feeling and she said that she was feeling like a dirty little slut! She said "I have two mens cum inside me and it is really turning me on." I whispered to her that we would definitely do this again if she wanted to and she said she'd love to. We also talked about her taking more than one stud at a future setting. She laughed and said that she'd consider it!
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    VERY hot. I know what you mean about how horny they get when you are eating another man's cum out of them. At first my wife was very tentative wanting to clean up but when I went for it, she came very very quickly and it was so hard she passed out for a second. She said it was a total mind blowing thing, knowing I was eating another man's cum out of her was just so fucking naughty and so fucking hot, she lost it. Now it is our favorite !!
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    That's what pushed my wife over the edge to try this lifestyle, she read a letter in penthouse about a guy eating his wife's pussy after she had been cheating on him, she told me the nastiness of it turned her on like nothing else. She told me she would cuckold me if I cleaned her pussy afterward.
    The first time performed cleanup duties she kept calling me a nasty mother fucker and get all that cum.very humiliating to say the least.

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