Wife's Best Friend is SEEKING A CUCKOLD in Vancouver, BC

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    Attention aspiring cuckolds of the Forum;

    My wife's best friend has had full knowledge of our marriage for the past 8+years. Many times, she has told me she admires and respects that I have the strength and courage to let my wife play while offering her the reassurance of my own fidelity.

    This woman has almost always been single; never married, no kids, doesn't want them. If you think that's because the looks aren't there, boy are you wrong. She is tall, thin blonde age 38. She is also incredibly smart, manages a bank and owns her own home. She is a dedicated professional woman. Born in Poland and raised in Germany, she has personality traits that would be stereotypical of her native lands: she is blunt, to-the-point and very much every bit the type "A" personality woman.

    To my shock, last night she commented that maybe she was feeling sentimental around the holidays but that she'd like to consider having a serious relationship, to the surprise of both my wife and I.

    But here's the opportunity for you cucks out there: she commented that she does not want to give up her freedom and said quite brazenly: "I need to find another man like you!" and then the somewhat humiliating clarification: "A man who won't make me give up my freedom." In other words, she would be interested in having a cuckold of her own.

    Now listen fellas: this is the real deal so if you're approaching this with a laundry list of fetishes, you need to understand that they aren't going to happen. While definitely a type "A" woman, she will not dominate you. She will not make you suck cocks. Very likely, she would not be interested in making you watch. She just wants to have a relationship with a man who would at a minimum tolerate the fact that she will continue openly sleeping with other men. And further to that; that would be at her sole discretion. What she wants is the *freedom* to be able to do so, OR NOT DO SO!

    I am not going to answer questions, post pics or in any way impinge upon her privacy here. My personal advice to her is to seek this out online through Mainstream sources; however I thought I would send out a signal to my friends on the forum. Frankly, I doubt this will work; my hope is that if it does, perhaps I could befriend a fellow cuck; maybe someone I can hang out with while our partners double date!

    Please DO NOT REPLY if you do not currently live in the Greater Vancouver, B.C. area, do not reply if you are older than mid-40's. Do not reply if you are married. Do not reply if you are not fully prepared to be "vetted".

    This is a wonderful and rare opportunity for a beautiful woman who has observed a cuckold marriage for 8 years and who would like a relationship like that of her own.

    Message me privately if you might be interested in orchestrating such a meeting.
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    Quite the letter! For the right man, it would be GREAT! good luck
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