Wife's arrest

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    It was a cold November night,In the late 1980's. My wife Misty and her friend Shirley were on there way home from a party. The party lasted way to long,Misty thought. She was anxous to get home and get out of her tight jeans,high heels.

    She exited the freeway. 10 more miles,Nothing but cows,cotton fields. The rurall landscape of Mississippi. She lit a cigarette and found some grape bubble gum,Hopeing to kill the smell of booze on her breath. The officer aproached with caution,With his gun and flashlight. He knocks on the window. Misty rolls it down,Letting out the toxic cigarette smoke mixed with bubble gum,booze,Chenelle#5.

    "I need to see your license ma'mm."

    Misty fumbles through her purse and hands them over. He returns to his cruiser to radio dispatch.

    "Since when did we get a black cop?"

    "I don't know,It must be part of that affirmitive action crap they talk about on the news."

    "Do something sexy,Maybe he will let us go."

    Misty opens her coat and adjusts her v-necked sweater. The cop returns.

    "I need you to step out of the car please."

    "Ugh...Like I was just speeding."

    She carefully gets out and follows him to the front of his car.

    "Mrs. Jones It's dark out here. Take the sunglasses off."

    She pushes them up,Resting them on top of her head.

    "Your eyes are red,You ben smokeing something I need to know about?"

    "No sir."

    "Who's car is this?"

    "I borrowed it from a friend."

    He put her through the paces of a sobriety test. The finger to nose thing,Balanceing on one foot then the other. Walking a straight line,Counting out loud. A cold light rain begins to fall.

    "Mrs. Jones your under arrest for drunk driveing."

    "Ugh....Like no way!...I'm not drunk...Like this is hard to do in heels!"

    He shines his flashlight down at her feet and studies her sexy black peep toe pumps. His cock gets hard.

    "Take them off and try again."

    "No way!...It's freezing out here!...I got a new pair of hose on." She complains

    "You can plan on takeing them off at the jail,Hands on your head spread your legs."

    He pats her down. starting at her shoulders and moveing down,He gropes her big 38D breasts through her clothes.

    "Hey!...Don't you suppose to have a female do this?"

    "She will,When I get you to the jail."

    He continues feeling over her body. Her plump ass and crotch,Giveing her pussy a squeeze. He kneel's searching her legs. She looks down watching him caress her nylon clad ankles.

    "Mrs. Jones are you wearing pantyhose or stockings tonight?"

    "Now thats none of your business!"

    He laughs as he puts the cuffes on her. Then an unmarked police car pulls up. The window comes down. The man flashes an F.B.I. badge.

    "Boy...Make sure you search that car real good!"

    "Yes sir."

    He then drives away. Misty was put in the car and he returned to her car. Where Shirley was sitting.

    "I need for you to get out of the car."

    "I aint done nothing!"

    "Get out!"

    She gets out. She was also led to his car.

    "Hands on your head. I got to search you."

    Shirley was dressed in a Hooters tank top,Coverd by her boyfriends Members only jacket.Black stirup pants, And like my wife she wore her fuck me heels. He searched her gropeing and fondleing her the same way he did Misty. She was placed in to the car with Misty. He then seaeched the car,And finding large amounts of cocaine. In the trunk was full of gallon jugs of moonshine. He returns to his car.

    "Both you ladies are in big trouble!"

    Misty,Shirley sat silent for the ride in to town. In the police station. The chief was waiting.

    "Hey Tyrone Put them in the holding cell,Let them call there families."

    "But chief Don't you want them booked and processed?"

    "I will handle all that,Do what I say."

    Misty and Shirley smiled at him,Knowing they were soon to be let free. They called me,Debe Misty's mom went with me. We were in the chief's office. Paying him off to let them out. Then the mysterious federall agent walks in.

    "Chief Is that your Idea of a jail out there?"

    "No We got a jail in the back."

    "Good!...This place looks like something off the Andy Griffith show!"

    He drops two arrest warrants on to his desk.

    "I got two agents here to question them. I want them booked and processed in to a secure jail,When we finish our round up,We will pick them up...Do you understand?"

    "Yeah!...Okay...Okay." The agent leaves. The chief looks at us.

    "I'm sorry ya'll...Theres nothing I can do."

    "Can we stay and see them?"

    "Sure let them federall agents get through."

    "Tyrone Take the ladies to one of the interigation rooms."

    "Yes sir."

    He puts them back in to hand cuffes. They were led to a heavy steel door. A loud buzzer sounded,The door opened,It slamed and locked behind them. The erotic click and clack of there high heels echoed throughout the building. A large black man in orange prison garb was mopping the floor.

    "Be carefull ladies the floor is wet."

    They ignored him. After they passed he took his big cock out and stroked it. They were taken in to a small room. Tyrone took there hand cuffes and coats off. They both sat down and were questioned by the agents. Kind of like an episode of Miami Vice,They were offerd a deal and of course they kept there mouths shut.

    While this was going on. Female deputy Connie Willson. Come to me and my Mil. I quickly recognised her from high school. We dated briefly in the 9th. grade,She was a real bitch. Red headed with big tits. Dressed in a blue uniftorm top,Black skirt and black pumps. And also a white doctors coat.

    "Ya'll are in for a real treat,Chief is going to let you watch while I process your wife." She closes the office door.

    "First thing though you have to strip down."


    "Because I'm in charge,You do want to see your wife?"

    I begin to strip. Just left in my briefs I look at her.

    "Take them off."

    My sexy Mother in law watches with interest as my erect cock comes in to view. Connie puts on a pair of latex gloves.

    "Bend over."

    Totally humiliated I do as I'm asked I feel two lubed fingers go deep in to my ass.

    "Oh that ass is so tight."

    She then takes a Chastity belt out and puts it on me.

    "What the Fuck!"

    "Its all part of the game."

    She hand cuffes me behind my back. She looks over Debe and just pats her down.

    "Aint you going to make her strip?"

    "No I trust her...Lets go."

    Everyone stares as I'm led around like a dog. We were taken to a room that had a window in it. Looking in to the womens processing room. She then left us.

    After the agents left. Connie walked in. The look of shock was on my wife's and Shirley's face. As they recognised her. Part#2 comeing soon.

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