Wife's arrest#2

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    "On your feet ladies!" Connie barked. They both stood,She looked them over from head to toe.

    "Take all your bling off,Empty out your pockets,Misty unsnap and unzip your pants. And take the sunglasses off,You aint no movie star in here." They both part with there personal items,Misty is watched as she sucks in her chubby belly and unfastens her jeans, Her black satin panties comes in to view.

    "Okay now, up against the wall,Spread those legs."

    Shirley's tank top rises up, The bottom of her tits hang out. Connie searches her first. From her shoulders down to her shoes,Every inch of her clothed body is touched,groped or fondled, She then stretches the elastic of her pants and looks at the pink thong she's wearing. She moves over to my wife searching her the same way,When she is finished she slaps her on the ass.

    "I can't believe a fat ass like you was a homecomming queen!" Misty starts to fasten her pants.

    "Oh no you don't!...I'm not finished with you yet...Lets go!"

    The girls are led back in to the hall,Everyone is watching,Specialy with my wife's pants unfastened,People watch her pass,Then watch her ass sway from side to side,They are takin to the mens cell block,The whistles and cat calls start instantly,As over 100 horny inmates take there cocks out and start stroking. They both are barely out of arms length of the men. Hot cum was flying and landing at there feet as they made there way back to the door.

    They are then takin to the womens processing room,Where me and my sexy Mil. are watching, The girls look around the room,Open showes and toilets are on the back wall. On the right a height chart,desk and a doctors scale. In the middle a large metal exam table,Next to it was a large yellow trash can, A large white bra and a pair of pantyhose hung over the side oof it,Numerous socks and panties lay in the floor around it.,Sgt. Tyrone Jackson walks in to assist.

    "Okay ladies stand over here and put your toes on the red line and smile." The camera flashes.

    "Miss Connie don't they suppose to take there high heels off first?"

    "I know,We get dressed pictures first."

    They proceed to the desk. Where they get there fingerprints takin. She takes out one of those Kodack Disc cameras,And hands it to Tyrone.

    "I want you to take lots of pictures,My 10th highschool reunion is this year,I want something to show off. She then slides a metal chair over to my wife.

    "Have a seat big tits!" She then snaps on a pair of latex gloves,And looks at Shirley.

    "Strip down,Toss your underware in the trash!" We all watch her strip,My cock is hard,But its got a cage around it,Plus my hands are cuffed behind my back. Shirley parts with her cloths,Her thong and tan stockings are tossed in to the trash. Connie takes a flashlight from her pocket.

    "Open your dick sucker!" She shines the light down her throat and probes her mouth with her fingers.

    "Bend over!" Connie lubes her fingers and inserts them in to her pussy,She works them in and out severall times,Then 2 are shoved up her ass.

    "Mmmm...That ass is tight!",She smiles at Tyrone. She moves on to my wife.

    "Open up." Still with the same gloves on,That she fingerd Shirley's ass with,Misty's mouth is probed,The taste of her ass and pussy lingers in her mouth, Next the ponytail holder is takin out. Her long blonde,Featherd hair falls down to her waiste and across her eyes. The bottom of her shirt is raised,Misty raises her arms as the sweater is pulled off. The camera flashes,A lacey black bra is unhooked,Misty looks down and watches her big tits spring free and fall,The bra is tossed to the trash,Her big puffy nipples quickly becomes erect.

    My wife looks sexy as Hell,Topless,Her hair down in full makeup,Legs spread in her fuck me high heels. Tyrone stands in front of her taking another picture.

    "Like what you see stud?" Looking at the bulge in his tan uniform pants.

    "Yes ma'mm...I sure do."

    Connie Kneals down before her,She firmly grasps her right ankle and the back of her shoe,Pulling it from her foot,The left one is then pulled off.,She looks inside them.

    "You may not get these back,You wear the same size as I do."

    "I better get them back!,Those cost a lot of money."

    "You won't be wearing them where your going!...Stand up." Connie snatches my wife's blue jeans and panties down. She pushes her back in to the chair,The pants and panties are takin off,Her sheer black thigh highs are peeled from her creamy pale legs.

    Part#3 comming soon.

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