Wife Wants Husband’s Friends to See her New Lingerie

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  1. One day James is having a couple of his male friends over for drinks when his wife Kim joins them.

    “You know I went shopping for lingerie today, dear,â€￾ says Kim, pouring herself another drink and sitting next to her husband on the couch.

    “Uh, huh,â€￾ says James with a smirk, looking to see his friend’s reaction. Fred blushes slightly but Sam just laughs.

    “Are you going to try it on for us?â€￾ asks Sam playfully.

    “Do you want me to?â€￾ replies Kim, batting her lashes at him.

    “Sure, why not? What could possibly go wrong?â€￾ he laughs, slapping James on the knee.

    “Very funny, you guys,â€￾ says James taking a drink. His gut knots up slightly in jealousy at his wife’s flirting. She likes to flirt with his friends sometimes and he is always torn between arousal and possessiveness.

    “Oh, come on, James,â€￾ says Kim with a twinkle in her eye. “It will be fun!â€￾

    “Wait, what?â€￾ he replies, almost choking on his drink. “You can’t be serious!â€￾ He looks over at his friends and sees Fred blushing a deeper shade of red. Even raucous Sam who like to be obnoxious seems a bit taken aback.

    “Oh you boys act like it’s such a big deal,â€￾ says Kim putting her knees together and placing her hands on her thighs primly. “I just want to get an objective opinion from some close friends of the masculine persuasion.â€￾

    “Objective opinion on what?â€￾ blurts Fred nervously, his forehead breaking out in sweat.

    “Why, on how sexy my new outfits are, silly,â€￾ exclaims Kim with surprise.

    “My wife wouldn’t like that,â€￾ responds Fred.

    “Oh I’m sure Janet wouldn’t mind. But I won’t tell her if you don’t want me to.â€￾ says Kim, suppressing a smile.

    “Wait, a minute. I mind!â€￾ sputters James. “You can’t just go parading around in your underwear in front of our guests! It’s indecent!â€￾

    Kim laughs lightly. “Don’t be such a prude, dear. It doesn’t suit you. Don’t you like it when other men admire your wife’s body? I work hard to keep my figure you know, I wouldn’t mind some appreciation now and then.â€￾

    James notices Sam and Fred glancing from Kim’s ample bust to her slim waist and down over her shapely legs. His stomach flips again and he feels his heart racing. “I just… I don’t know. It feels weird.â€￾ he says feeling slightly nauseous.

    “Oh you are the one making it weird,â€￾ replies Kim, getting to her feet and bending down to give her husband a peck on the cheek. “You’ll see, it will be fun!â€￾ Then she dashes off to get changed.

    “Sorry about that old, man,â€￾ says Sam guiltily. “I was just joking around. I didn’t think she would take me up on the offer.â€￾

    “Maybe we should go?â€￾ asks Fred with trepidation.

    “No, no,â€￾ responds James, shaking his head. “Maybe Kim is right and we are just making a big deal out of nothing.â€￾

    “Sure,â€￾ says Sam with a hesitant smile. “A little harmless flirting never killed anyone, right? But we should keep this just between us, because I am not sure my wife would see it that way...â€￾

    The three friends share a half-hearted chuckle at that and James takes another sip of his drink to steel his nerves.

    Presently, Kim returns wearing a lacy bra, transparent panties, thigh-high stockings, and high heels all in black. Her erect nipples are clearly visible as is the dark patch of her pubic hair.

    “Whoa!â€￾ exclaims Sam with appreciation. “That’s hot.â€￾ James looks at Sam and Fred devouring his wife’s body with their eyes and feels his pits grow damp.

    “Do you boys like it?â€￾ asks Kim innocently. “I am hoping that this will pique James’ interest in the boudoir.â€￾ Kim runs her hands down the side of her hips, watching the reaction from Fred and Sam with delight.

    “Jesus Christ!â€￾ exclaims James. “I can’t believe you are doing this!â€￾

    “Please, honey, I asked our friends a question,â€￾ says Kim chiding him playfully. “Well, Fred, what do you think?â€￾ She cocks her hip suggestively and James notices his penis swelling in response as he gazes at his wife’s sexy body.

    “Erm, yes, it’s uh, very flattering,â€￾ stutters Fred, with sweat pouring from his brow. He shifts uncomfortably in his seat, trying to hide his erection.

    “Can you be more… specific?â€￾ asks Kim, furrowing her brow and pursing her lips mockingly.

    “Uh, that outfit, err, shows your body to good advantage,â€￾ says Fred looking over at James nervously.

    “That’s not specific!â€￾ says Kim sternly, putting her hands on her hips.

    James is embarrassed at how much Kim’s little act is turning him on as he reaches down to surreptitiously adjust himself.

    “Ugh, sorry, I mean. It shows off your gorgeous porcelain skin,â€￾ says Fred gulping as he runs his eyes up and down Kim’s body.

    “Thank you, Fred,â€￾ sniffs Kim with satisfaction. “Anything else?â€￾

    “Well it shows off your, um, very shapely legs?â€￾ says Fred pulling at his collar.

    “You don’t sound convinced!â€￾ laughs Kim, bending a knee provocatively to show off her legs. ‘Do you like my legs or not?â€￾

    “Oh yes, very much!â€￾ responds Fred quickly. “They are beautiful.â€￾

    “Jeez, lay off him,â€￾ says James half-heartedly. He doesn’t want to let on how aroused this is making him and feels that he must protest to save face. “Can’t you see how nervous you’re making him.â€￾

    “Alright, dear,â€￾ says Kim, looking at her husband warmly. “What about you, Sam? What do you think of this outfit? Be specific.â€￾

    Sam glances over at James in confusion and then returns his eyes to James’ wife’s body. “Well it certainly shows your hourglass figure,â€￾ he says hesitantly.

    “I can’t believe that no one is commenting on my breasts!â€￾ says Kim gripping her own boobs with exasperation. “Can’t you see how hard my nipples are?â€￾

    ‘Darling, please!â€￾ says James, looking at this friends with chagrin.
    “Yes, that bra really accentuates your outstanding tits,â€￾ admits Sam with a sigh, putting his hands in his lap to hide his arousal. “Is that what you want to hear?â€￾

    “Well, I worry that they are getting too saggy,â€￾ says Kim matter of factly, boosting her breasts with her hands from below. “I’m not getting any younger.â€￾

    “No, no, they are still jutting out nicely,â€￾ says Sam, warming up to the topic and avoiding James’ eye.

    “That’s good,â€￾ says Kim with relief, looking over at her husband with a gleam in her eye. “Now what about my rear?â€￾ She turns and bends over slightly presenting her bottom to the men for inspection.

    “Oh god!â€￾ moans James with a mix of exasperation and excitement.

    “Well that’s a very round and well formed ass,â€￾ says Sam judiciously, checking James’ reaction to see if he is going too far. James just smiles ruefully at him in response so he carries on. “Also, I like how smooth and white your thighs are. There isn’t a trace of cellulite like my wife is starting to get.â€￾

    “Well she needs to start jogging with us, dear. I will be sure to invite her,â€￾ says Kim, looking over her shoulder at Sam with concern. Then she wiggles her rear at Fred. “What do you think, Fred? Does this do anything for you?â€￾

    “Do anything?â€￾ he asks anxiously.

    “The point of lingerie is to make men aroused,â€￾ explains Kim patiently. “Are you hard yet?â€￾

    “Kim!â€￾ exclaims James. “Please, now that is just going too far.â€￾ He breathe is coming quickly and his pulse is racing with excitement.

    “Settle down, dear,â€￾ says Kim calmly. “It’s a perfectly reasonable question under the circumstances.â€￾ Then he turns her attention back to Fred with an impish grin. “Fred, have I made your penis erect or not?â€￾

    “But, I mean, well yes, it’s very… uh, stiff right now, of course,â€￾ stammers Fred, looking at James apologetically.

    “Oh of course,â€￾ laughs Kim, straightening up and turning to face him. “May I see it?â€￾

    “Darling!â€￾ shouts James in exasperation. “What are you doing? This is really going too far.â€￾

    “I certainly couldn’t…â€￾ chimes in Fred turning pale.

    “Alright, alright, please relax yourselves, gentlemen,â€￾ says Kim, holding up her hands defensively. “It seemed like a fair request, but I will withdraw it.â€￾ Then she walks over and plops herself down right in Fred’s lap. “You don’t mind if I sit here, do you, dear?â€￾ she asks him playfully draping an arm around his neck.

    “Honey!â€￾ complains James. “Stop it.â€￾ James notices Fred looking down at his wife’s cleavage just inches from his nose.

    Kim ignores her husband’s complaint and wriggles her rear against Fred’s lap. “You weren’t kidding, Fred!â€￾ she laughs devilishly. “I feel a real lump down there.â€￾

    “Kim, I’m serious,â€￾ says James, jumping to his feet. “Get off Fred’s lap right now!â€￾ As exciting as this all is, he can’t tolerate the idea of being humiliated like this in front of his friends.

    “Oh darling,â€￾ says Kim with a pout. “You are being such a spoilsport.â€￾ She slides off of Fred’s lap and sits between him and Sam on the couch, putting an arm around each of them. “Is that better?â€￾ she asks James coyly.

    “Not really,â€￾ he mutters returning reluctantly to his seat. “I think you should go put some clothes on and stop this nonsense.â€￾

    Kim notices Sam looking down at her crotch and says, “Sam, what are you looking at?â€￾

    “Oh, sorry,â€￾ says Sam looking over at James helplessly.

    “I asked what you were looking at?â€￾ demands Kim sternly, extracting her arm from behind Fred and putting it around Sam to encircle him.

    “I was looking at your… uh, thighs,â€￾ says Sam putting his hands on his knees and trying to respond to Kim’s advances.

    “No you weren’t,â€￾ she says wickedly. “You were looking at my vagina!â€￾

    “Um, ok,â€￾ admits Sam giving James a penitent look.

    “Here, if you want to look, then look,â€￾ she says, cackling with laughter as she wriggles out of her panties and tosses them aside.

    “Kimberly! What’s gotten into you?â€￾ cries James in dismay.

    “I’m just feeling randy, darling,â€￾ responds Kim sulkily. “Is that a crime?â€￾

    “Well, is adultery a crime?â€￾ sputters James in response, looking on in shock as Kim spreads her legs with Fred and Sam’s eyes glued to her crotch.

    “Actually, it’s not literally against the law here in California…â€￾ says Fred pulling his eyes away from James’ wife’s privates for a moment.

    “Now is not the time to get pedantic with me, Fred,â€￾ says James, but he can’t refrain from smiling at Fred’s nerdiness.

    “Just go with it, dear,â€￾ coaxes Kim. “This will just be our little secret.â€￾ Then she reaches over , unzips Sam’s fly, and extracts his stiff penis.

    “Oh God!â€￾ says Sam as Kim starts stroking his member and gazing into his eyes lustily.

    “I just can’t believe this is happening,â€￾ says James slapping his hand to his forehead.

    “I didn’t know you folks were into wife-swapping,â€￾ admits Fred matter of factly.

    “Let’s try something,â€￾ says Kim brightly, turning around and kneeling on the couch pointing her rear out into the room. She crosses her arms on the back of the couch and rests her head there looking over at Sam alluringly. “I will just knee her waiting to see what happens.â€￾ She reaches down and parts her swollen labia with her fingers suggestively.

    Sam jumps to his feet and positions himself behind James’s wife with his erect penis inches from Kim’s waiting vagina. “Sorry about this, old man,â€￾ he tells James as he starts prodding his wife with his swollen member.

    “Sorry, my ass, you are about to fuck my wife!â€￾ says James jumping to his own feet, unsure of what to do.

    “My goodness, James! Look at yourself! You are pitching a tent in your trousers over there!â€￾ says Kim as Sam rubs the head of his penis along the slit of her labia, lubricating it with her juices.

    “That’s beside the point!â€￾ yelps James putting his hand over his erection.

    “The gentleman doth protest too much,methinks!â€￾ shouts Kim, cackling with laughter. “Go ahead and put it in, Sam. Don’t be bashful. James might be making a show of complaint, but he is obviously loving this.â€￾

    Sam shoots James a quick glance as he plunges himself into Kim’s waiting pussy. She gasps with pleasure as he does so and James just looks on in fascination with his mouth hanging open.
    “Sam, how could you?â€￾ shouts James.

    Sam pauses with his shaft sunk deep into James’ wife. “I know, this is weird. I never fucked a friend’s wife while he watched before. I mean I never fucked a friend’s wife at all,â€￾ says Sam uncertainly.

    “Don’t stop, keep going!â€￾ pleads Kim, reaching back to grip Sam’s balls.

    “But I feel like I should get your husband’s permission or something,â€￾ says Sam withdrawing himself partway. Kim’s hot, slick sheath is gripping his cock snugly and Sam can’t bring himself to withdraw fully because she feels too good. Also, Sam finds it incredibly kinky to have his old friend’s wife impaled on his boner and begging for more.

    “How can you expect me to give my permission?!â€￾ yelps James. “Would you let me fuck your wife while you watched?â€￾

    “Well at this point, I guess I would have to…â€￾ says Sam thoughtfully.

    “Turnabout is fair play after all,â€￾ chimes in Fred. “Assuming that Sam’s wife would agree to it, of course.â€￾

    “That’s very helpful, Fred,â€￾ snaps Sam with annoyance.

    “Well, look, James,â€￾ says Fred. “This evening has already careened madly off the tracks. Maybe you should just go along with it at this point. I mean would you really break up with your wife of 15 years over this? And you have been friends with Sam and I longer than that even…â€￾

    “Please honey, it’s just a bit of playful shagging. What harm can there be?â€￾ begs Kims, her eyes bright with lust.

    “Playful shagging?â€￾ asks James skeptically. He hesitates a moment and then flops back into his seat with bewilderment.

    “There you go, dear. Maybe you should masturbate while you watch?â€￾ suggests Kim soothingly. “Sam, can you please fuck the shit out of me know? I’m so horny I could burst.â€￾

    “James sitting down does seem like tacit approval, anyway,â€￾ says Fred to Sam.

    “Ok, well, I hope we can still all be friends in the morning,â€￾ says Sam with a sigh as he pulls out of Kim briefly in order to pull his pants off and then reinserts his prick into her waiting hole.

    “Would you mind if I masturbated while I watch, actually?â€￾ asked Fred politely.

    “Not at all, dear, would you like me to suck it for you?â€￾ replied Kim with a gasp as Sam began thrusting himself more and more insistently into her.

    “If you wouldn’t mind, I would be quite obliged,â€￾ said Fred, turning red again as he withdrew his painfully stiff johnson from his pants and presented it you James wife.

    “Fred, what a huge cock you have!â€￾ says Kim with surprise. “I never knew!â€￾ Then she bent her head down to put her mouth over the purple swollen head of Fred’s phallus.

    “I can barely fit it into my mouth, honey,â€￾ says Kim excitedly, lifting her head momentarily to make a spicy comment to her husband.

    “Spare me the details, please,â€￾ responds James with a show of unhappiness. His guts are tied in knots as he watches his wife enthusiastically go down on Fred while Sam fucks her from behind. Pretty soon Sam’s thighs are slapping against Kim’s ass rhythmically and Fred is moaning with pleasure as she sucks him off. No one is paying him any attention, so James went ahead and pulled out his thing and started stroking it as he watched in fascination.

    “I’m going to cum soon,â€￾ grunts Sam. “Can I cum inside her?â€￾ he asks, turning to James who is fapping madly while he watches.

    “What kind of question is that?â€￾ asks James with indignation.

    “Oh, god, too late,â€￾ replies Sam and he grinds himself against Kim’s ass, presumably shooting load after load of semen into James’ wife as he does so. Kim reaches back and rubs her clitoris vigorously as he finishes, bringing herself to a shuddering climax.

    Sam withdraws himself tenderly and flops down on a nearby chair as Fred stands up and eagerly takes his place. “Don’t mind me,â€￾ he tells her as he grips Kim’s hips and forces his huge cock into her waiting vagina.

    “Jesus you are huge!â€￾ cries Kim. “Go easy with that thing.â€￾

    “It’s ok, I’m coming now, you are so tight!â€￾ pants Fred as he empties his own load into Kim.

    “That a boy, shoot your wad in there,â€￾ jokes Kim as Fred pulls his dripping cock from her cunt. “Care for sloppy thirds, dear?â€￾ asks Kim shaking her ass at James.

    “NO thanks!â€￾ he says with disgust. “Get over her and finish me off with your mouth.â€￾

    Kim scurries over obediently and kneels before her husband to go down on him. The way she looks up at him submissively with his cock in her mouth after brazenly seducing his two friends makes James loose his seed almost immediately. He spurts load after load of hot sperm down his wife’s throat and she almost chokes trying to swallow it all.

    Once he is done, she unsnaps her bra and tosses it away as she sprawls back casually on the floor. “Bring me a drink, Sam,â€￾ she demands.

    Sam hurries to do her bidding, handing her a fresh rum and coke, admiring her sexy body as she lays there.

    “Well, you two are welcome to stay over tonight. Maybe you can rest up and fuck me more later,â€￾ says Kim hopefully.

    “Jesus, Kim, are you serious?â€￾ complains James.

    “Honey, did you see Fred’s cock?â€￾ laughs Kim. “I need to give to investigate that further!â€￾

    Fred blushes modestly in response as he zips up his fly.

    “At what point do you turn into a shameless slut?â€￾ asks James affectionately, unable to bear her a grudge in his post-orgasm euphoria.

    She thinks that over and then answers seriously, “I’m not sure, but I am enjoying it immensely.â€￾

    Everyone has a good laugh at that and James wonders how he will be able to deal with sharing his wife and if Sam and Fred will share their own wives with him.

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