wife may. be pregnant by her boyfriend:)

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    are there any updates? has the seed been sown? wish you all the luck in the world, nothing like having your wife pregnant with another mans baby. mine still trying.
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    If your wife gets pregnant after a one night stand, as a College student behind the bike sheds or by a regular boyfriend, you cannot expect her not to go full term, recent stats say that 1 in 3 married guys are not the father of their wife's child. Women are meant to conceive, thats howthe human race is protected.

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    It's funny, my girl and I were just having a discussion about this the other day. Her tubes are tied but I have read a lot of stories about women becoming pregnant because procedure wasn't performed properly or other mishaps. I know it's rare but not 100 percent unlikely. She has been fucking a 19 year old kid down the street for about 6 weeks now .. she's been taking him bareback and he has never pulled out. For the first 4 weeks they were fucking 2-3 Times a week. The last 2 week's she has been with him every night but 1. She said she feels like a teenager again. She said they go at it 2-3 times a night. Well she was 3 weeks late for her period and said to me.. "what if I got pregnant by him?" I told her that if it happens it was meant to be I guess.. she asked if I would raise it as my own and I said of course I would. She smiled at me and said "I hope I am" even though I am not interested in having any more kids, the thought of it and the way she said it was a huge turn on. I honestly don't know what we would do if it actually happened. Its fun to fantasize about but it would be a messed up situation. And she started period last night so... :)
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    My best friend's wife was cheating him for a long time. She was having sex with a younger man behind her husband's back. Finally the accident happened and she got pregnant by him. It was impossible to keep it secret from her husband anymore. Surprisingly, although my friend is not a cuckold husband like me, he didn't get angry when he learned about his wife's illegal affair. Not only he didn't get angry but he discussed the situation with his wife and he asked her to keep the baby. Although she now has stopped having sex with this man, they kept his child and they rise it together with their two children. My friend says that although he is not the biological father he loves this third child as much as he loves his own children, with no distinction at all between them.
    Only me and my wife, as the closest friends, we know that he is not the biological father of his third child. All others, friends, relatives, colleagues etc. think that it is his child as well as the two others.
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    Stress can cause her to be late.


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    Both my wife and myself are hoping that she will get pregnent with her boyfriend's seed, She has stopped her pills since 2 months, but she is yet to miss her period. When she consulted her gyno, she was told, that it not unusual not getting pregnant for 2-3 months after stopping pills. WE have another 3 months before he leaves this country. Hopefully she will make her pregnant before that. the reason that we want our first child to be born wirhis seed, because of his superior intelligence and strong physical features, hoping that the child will inherit his genes
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    Keep us posted. I hope my wife's bf gets her pregnant..
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    My daughter's first child is to her first husband, but the second was to an old boyfriend that was pounding her without her husband knowing about it. I talked to her about it and she told me that the simple truth is he had a bigger dick and is a lot longer lasting than her first husband was. Her second husband was a "thug" type and passed her off to a few friends, I guess she discovered that she enjoyed variety and dumped him and spent the next 4 years enjoying about 25 different men while her mother and I were raising her 2 children. She would come around every so often when her mother wasn't home (she's actually my step-daughter) and would tell me what or who she had been doing. She said that she had only been with one black dude and that every time he would stay over she would be sore as hell for a day or two. She had her tubes tied after the 2nd child was born but she didn't tell any of the other men and she claimed that a number of them wanted to "knock her up" including the black "dude".
    Her first husband is quite sure that the second child isn't his but they haven't told the child anything. My step-daughter confessed to me that she knows that the child is the old boyfriend's kid. She told me that he had been nailing her just about every night when her first husband was working night shift and her husband was cut-off for about 4 months. She also told me that she really wanted to have a baby to him and that he always had her bareback. GTR
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    At one point in the lifestyle I felt the need to meet my bull without hubby there, which was against the rules we had established before we started, but the need was too great, so I had a weekend with my black bull while hubby was traveling. We didn't bother with condoms for the first time that weekend, and we fucked over and over. He came inside me every time (again another rule broken). We were fully aware of what barebacking implied and by the end of the weekend we were actually talking about what our child might look like. (Even though due to a surgical procedure I was unable to have more children it was hot to imagine). My bull talked a lot about wanting me to have his child after that weekend and mentally I was willing, had I been fertile. Once I confessed everything to hubby I told him, honestly, "I would have loved to have bore my bull's child."
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    We were lucky the guy that got my wife pregnant was latino she kept it snd we raised it as our own... Very few people know the truth...she loves the fact that she has 2kids with 2 fathers and no one knows that

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