Wife Makes Out in Front of Husband

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    "We are just going to fool around on the couch a little bit, dear." says your wife leading this strange guy into the living room.

    He pauses for a moment when he sees you and gives you a strange inquisitive look. "What’s this all about?" he asks her.

    "Oh don’t worry about my husband," she says soothingly. "He will be fine with this."

    "Yeah? This is a little weird. I’m not into this swinger shit." he says nervously looking you over. "You get off on this?" he asks you.

    You are shocked at this turn of events and are having trouble collecting your thoughts, "What? No! I never agreed to this." you sputter. "What are you trying to pull?" you demand of your wife. "Who is this guy?"

    She lets go of his hand and strides over to you and pushes you gently back into your chair. “Look honey, you know darn well that our sex life is practically dead. Why not just sit and watch while we fool around a little on the couch. I think watching another man show interest in your old wife will remind you that I still have some sex appeal." she says cocking her hip and hiking up her miniskirt to reveal the tops of her stockings. You notice him carefully examining her ass as she rotates her hips slowly and your penis grows hard in spite of yourself.

    "This is ridiculous," you complain weakly. “We still have a good sex ilfe…"

    You wife laughs in your face and reaches down to squeeze your stiffening rod. "Honey, I love you, but this is the first hardon I’ve seen in weeks."

    "How often do you two do it?" asks the stranger, growing interested.

    "Keep out of this, you." you say loudly, trying to rise from your seat. But you feel somewhat deflated and allow your wife to restrain you. This isn’t his fault after all, your wife is to blame for this situation.

    Your wife is squeezing and pulling on your penis through your trousers and looking at you lustily with lidded eyes as she responds to his query. “My husband and I have probably only had sex seven or eight times in the past year."

    "Huh, is that what I got to look forward to from married life?" he snorts.

    "If you are lucky enough to stay together long enough." you say resignedly.

    "That’s true, dear. Many couples don’t have what it takes to stick with each other through thick and thin the way we have. Look at the divorce rate." she says as she unzips your fly and pulls out your throbbing cock. You writhe about with embarrassment at this, so she covers your lap with your newspaper. "I think you are hard enough now dear." she whispers, giving your thing a final squeeze. "You should touch yourself while you watch, but don’t cum. Save that for me." Then she winks at you and backs away.

    She turns to this stranger and embraces him, whispering in his ear. He holds himself stiffly at first not returning her embrace. But she starts rubbing herself against him insistently. After a moment she coaxes him to put his arms around her. You are just staring with your mouth open. Your cock is making a tent of the newspaper in your lap as your wife starts kissing his neck and nibbling on his ear.

    Soon they are kissing each other on the mouth and she is making sounds of pleasure and grinding her crotch up against him. He is grasping her waist with his hands, but she pulls them away and slides his hands down onto her ass. He is encouraged and grasps one of her buttocks in each hand, squeezing and kneading her round ass cheeks.

    You reach down unconsciously and start stroking yourself as you watch in fascination. After a moment, she pushes him down onto the couch and sits on his lap. She shoots you a wicked smile and then resumes enthusiastically making out with this strange man. She is wriggling her ass back and forth on his lap, clearly trying to rub her cunt against his hard-on. He reaches up and start squeezing one of her generous breasts through her shirt. Keeping her mouth on his, tongues lapping fiercely, she unbuttons her blouse for him and unsnaps her bra. He pulls her bosoms out of her shirt and starts pinching and squeezing her stiff pink nipples. You reach down with your other hand and are pulling on your own tightening nut sack while you jerk yourself with your other hand.

    You wife now slides over on the couch so that she can unzip his fly. He is holding her tits in his hands and their mouths are still locked together as she extracts his pulsing member and starts stroking it. He grunts with satisfaction and increases the vigor with which he is fondling her. You gasp in shock at how quickly this is happening and you squeeze your own cock as hard as your can.

    You wife pulls her mouth away and looks at you as she lowers her head down toward his straining hard-on. "I think he likes me." she says jokingly and extends her tongue to lap at the head of his cock. She is looking you in the eye as she licks and sucks on his cock. He rearranges himself so that he can cup her tits in his hands and you notice him weighing them appreciatively.

    "yeah, suck that thing for me," he says.

    Your wife obliges and moves her head up and down with his cock in her mouth, her cheeks sucked in. Keeping his dick clenched between her lips, she reaches down and slides her panties off.

    "Oh yeah," he says. "Get yourself ready. I am going to stick you with this thing." And he proceeds to pull off her blouse and bra. You wife slides down her skirt and now she is wearing nothing but her stockings and is giving a energetic blowjob to some strange man on the couch. He grabs her by the hair and roughly pulls her off his cock. She gasps in reaction, but he quickly pushes her back on the couch. She spreads her legs for him as he pulls his pants off. She is looking up at him lustily with her cunt spread wide.

    ‘Do you want to own me?" she asks.

    He looks over at you you briefly as he prepares to mount her, his stiff cock is waving above her belly, "I am going to own your wife’s pussy now, ok, buddy?" he says. "Well, even if it ain’t ok, I’m doing it."

    Your wife looks over at your jerking your cock. “Get ready, honey." she says as he angles his dick down into her waiting cunt. "Oh god that’s good." she says turning to him. "Give me more, but go slowly."

    He runs his hands over her smooth white belly as he introduces his cock into her. Her large breasts are jiggling and she is wriggling with pleasure as she becomes accustomed to his dick inside her. He grasps her by the hips now and starts working his thing in and out of her. She looks over at you, eyes bleary with lust and you slow down your masturbation to keep from cumming too soon. You pull on your scrotum and let you pulsing cock rest a moment as this guy increases the frequency of his thrusts into your wife. Soon he is pounding her wildly and they are both grunting with passion. She has wrapped her legs and one arm around his back and is rubbing her clitoris with her other hand. You see her shuddering and realize that she is having an orgasm.

    The stranger notices too and he quickly pulls out and starts shooting cum all over your wife’s belly and tits. She pulls on his balls as he cums and he nearly shouts with surprise. "Easy, easy." he says.

    "Oh don’t be a baby." she chides, laughing and then pushes him off of her.

    He slouches back on the couch, exhausted, as she jumps up and dashes over to you. Her eyes are bright as she kneels before you. "Did you save your wad for me?" she asks, licking hungrily at your cock.

    "Yes, get on." you groan.

    She mounts you lithely, careful not to smear her cum-covered belly and tits against you as she engulfs your throbbing cock with her engorged cunt. You grasp her ass as she works herself up and down on your dick. Her vagina is incredibly hot and wet and you have to hold yourself back from cumming quickly inside her.

    The stranger is watching with interest as your wife’s ass bobs up and down on your rod. She is furiously rubbing her clit again and tilting her head back. You admire her bouncing tits, glistening with another man’s cum, but you refrain from touching them. You suddenly feel her cunt tighten spasmodically around your cock and you know that she is cumming a second time. She lifts her self off you tenderly and has to hold your hand to keep from falling over. You help her lower herself to her knees before you as she rides out the the after-effects of her climax. Her face is flushed and glowing brightly as you stand and stick your cock into her waiting mouth. She sucks it eagerly and you are soon shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum into her mouth and onto her face. She laughs and pulls on your scrotum just as she had the stranger’s but you are prepared for it since this is her old habit. You enjoy the the feeling as she pulls the tightness out of your ball sack and you reward her by shooting an extra shot of semen onto her face.

    You flop back into your chair, and she throws herself back onto the floor and laughs. "My god, I’ve never been fucked so thoroughly." she giggles. "I’m going to be sore tomorrow." she says reaching down to finger herself tenderly.

    You watch the stranger rudely wipe the cum from himself using the blanket on the back of the sofa.

    "Hey, what the hell?" you complain half-heartedly.

    He just looks at you with your limp cock spent in your lap and laughs. "Man, I just worked your wife’s cunt and blew my wad all over her, and you complain if I wipe my junk with your blanket? Shit, get your priorities straight." Then he dresses and leaves, blowing your wife a little sarcastic kiss as he goes. She wiggles her fingers at him in an idle wave but doesn’t bother to get up.

    "You’re right dear, that blanket is going to be a bitch to get clean." she sighs, stretching luxuriously. "It’s wool."

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