Wife leaves husbend for bbc story

Discussion in 'Stories Archive' started by Ankit78, Jun 26, 2020.

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    Few months back i read a story a normal hotwife who fuck some black labours from jamaica working for her husband ...Soon it becomes a regular thing she would fuck them all day and night with or without her husband watching .... Then she became so addicted that told husband she can't live without them .... Then she became a prostitute at a black only club ..... Spending days without returning home ... At the end she left her husband and went to jamaica with the labours to be their slut for ever ....

    So ... I was wondering if some one can suggest more stories or provide links of stories like this where the wife become so addicted to bbc that she leaves her husbend ....
  2. Worth It

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    My wife is addicted to cock, just not black, and pussy too. But the reason she doesn't and wouldn't leave me is that I give her no reason to leave. She can satisfy herself sexually with the others and I give her everything else she wants in life.
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