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    My wife, Jenny, and I have been married for over 6 years. She knows before we met I had several experiences with sharing my ex-wife and ex-girlfriend. My ex-wife was my first experience and it started off with a fear that she really wanted other guys. It opened a pandoras box in me and now, the thought of watching my wife be truly satisfied by other men is the most arousing thing in my mind.

    Even before Jenny and I were married, she knew my past. Over the years she admitted that I have the smallest penis of any of her past men. She also admitted that she misses getting fucked against a wall or as she lays flat on her stomach. Things I can’t do with my size. The more I was able to have her admit these things, the more turned on I would get.

    One night she was taking Ambien to help her sleep and shortly after we were fooling around. What I didn’t know is that once it takes effect, her tongue got a little lose and she opened up. I usually ask her things like who her best fuck ever was or whose cock do you dream about. Tonight, I was surprised that she answered me by mentioning her previous ex, a guy she semi-dated for a few months. Turns out she had a very strong chemical attracting to this guy and the fucked all the time.

    She told me he had the biggest cock she ever had and that he would be somewhat rough with her and have his way. Sounded like he did control her, and she loved it. When we met, she had a box of Magnum Trojans in her drawer she told me were there as a joke to startle me. That night she admitted they were his. I came like never before.

    Over the years, I would bring him up and ask if she would meet up with him, but she said no. It was interesting to see her deny she wanted to see him again and yet every time I mentioned him in foreplay, she would get 3 times wetter than she ever did with me alone. She also came multiple times if I talked about him during sex. I even found out that at the one and only party I met him, she had told him she was ‘glad’ to see him and he responded by mentioning that her boyfriend was there. She flirted but nothing more.

    I would also bring up the possibility of going out to dinner with one of my old friends; one who had been with my ex-wife and I felt comfortable being around. She knew his past and at times almost said yes but she would chicken out and say she didn’t want it anymore.

    We’ve been talking about this for a long time and she always would be heavily into our talks and the possibilities and then she would get upset and not want me to bring it up again … which I respected and did. After a month or two she would bring it up again and ask me how it would look like if we did anything. She would orgasm like never before and the cycle would repeat.

    Fast forward to the present and after a few months of not mentioning anything, she asked me during foreplay to tell her what I think about. I told her I didn’t want to because of what always happens and she said she wanted to hear it. I said no and she started to tell me how lately she looks at other men and imagines what it would be like to have a quickie with them or how it would be to get railed by their cock.

    Then she mentioned how she would catch her coworker check her out from time to time and how it turned her on. She has her own private secluded office in a different location but when he would come to do a project she would think about it. I asked her if she would ever wear something sexier or not wear a bra and she said, “maybe.” Then she said that he has a girlfriend as if to say it won’t happen quickly followed up with how she hears he is a player.

    By this time, I let her know my fantasies and thoughts. I used a vibrator to get her off and she started to mention how she is starting to figure out my master plan. She mentioned how most of the time we would masturbate each other and she thinks I do it to have her miss getting fucked … and it was working. Then I started to go down on her because I was so turned on by her talking about this and she said, “oh look jenny, these are the things I will do if you just let another cock fuck you.” Oh my god!! This was so hot. She kept saying how she didn’t here me denying any of it.

    I spread her legs and started to put my cock in her and she said, “this is what it will take, isn’t it?” I asked her if she liked it and she said it was “ok.” She said she didn’t expect much from my cock. She never said it like that before and I exploded.

    She brought up my fantasy I had just brought up about taking her to a bar and letting her get hit on and asked how it would happen. I told her all the possibilities. She would go in and sit at the bar. I would go in later and sit somewhere else. Then I would watch as man would flirt with her, etc. She asked me what would happen if he asked her to leave with him. I said that was up to her and she wanted to hear how that would go.

    This went on for a while and we both came again. I’ve never seen her so turned on.

    I asked if she would let me dress her the next time she met with her coworker and she said she was going out for a lunch with him this month.

    I actually believe she might want to try the whole bar scenario, but I have no idea how to even begin. My wife is a Big Beautiful Woman who is fairly conservative. I know I could get her to wear something sexier than her normal outfits, but she would be devastated if we did go through with this and no one went up to her. What type of bar or place should I take her to? What should I do to help preplan? How should I proceed?

    You’d think someone whose had a previous cuckolding relationship and 2 others that involved sharing would know but this is so different. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Having done the "pick up at a bar" more times than I can remember, first and foremost don't do it expecting great results when you do this. It can be great, it can be a complete disaster because some men just don't have any idea what to do with a woman that is giving off the signals that she could be "had". There were a few times over the years when my wife would sit at the bar, dressed nicely with a "slutty look", and while a couple of men talked with her there wasn't one that she would even consider doing anything with.

    On the other hand, whenever we would go to nite club, when there was a bar and live music and dancing, she usually dressed in a more "party" style, shorter dresses, heels, more cleavage, almost all we went to there were usually a number of "unattached guys" white and black and she was always able to enjoy dancing with some of the men as I watched and many times got fucked in the back of a van or car in the parking lot, or was taken to a hotel room, brought them home, and a few times got fucked on the counter in the men's room as other men used the bathroom and would watch her being fucked.

    Invariably more times than you would believe after having seen her being fucked in the men's room different guys would want to talk and or dance with her if she returned to her seat. We always figured that it was one of two things either they were into "sloppy seconds" like her husband-me, or they thought that she was just a slut that liked to fuck and they could have her also.

    My point it can work, but don't expect success every time. GTR
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    Bar pick up is a disaster and unreliable. Make a post on a site like double list, put some anonymous pics and tell exactly what you desire and expect, that way there will be no surprises, and you can make sure your bull is attractive and nicely hung. Meet up for a date just for drinks at first, and then work your way to a sex date.
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    And if you are set on the bar scenario, just do all the steps I said, and have him pick her up at a bar.
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    The bar scenario is a good way to test the waters but it's highly unlikely that any serious happens. Your friend or your wife's ex boyfriend would be a safer choice. Is there any chance to invite one of them over?

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