Wife got Dominated by another Couple

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    We hadn't done anything as a couple before with another couple. My wife always played alone, well we did have some MmF in the beginning.

    We had hung out with this couple before and even been in their hot tub naked but we never did anything.

    We were over at their house having a few drinks when my wife got up and left for the bathroom. Amy asked why we didn't fuck the last time and I jokingly told her that Kat likes it when she gets controlled. We joked a lil bit more before my wife came out and we poured another drink.

    We started talking about sex and past relationships and I mentioned one of Kats dominant ex's. She admitted that she liked it and Amy stood up, grabbed my wife hair and pulled her between her husbands knees. "You like being dominated?" she asked

    My wife responded a quiet yes.

    "take is cock out now" Amy orders and my wife reached up and undid Dan's jeans and reached in and pulled a thick 8 inch cock out.

    "Suck him" Amy said and winked at me. I couldn't believe it, my wife started sucking his cock making it harder and thicker. Than Amy told me to pull my cock out. I did, I was hard and throwing. Thinner than her husbands and a little more than an inch shorter. "you seem to like it too" Amy said to me and my wife looked at my hard dick and her eyes glazed over.

    "Who said you can stop?" Amy grabbed Kat's head and forced her mouth back on her husbands cock and forced her head up and down it. It was so hot watching Amy force my wife to give her husband a blow job.

    She than lifted Kats head off her man and pulled her dress up and fucked her husband. She had Kat lick her husbands balls and told me to keep stroking my cock for her. After Amy came, she got off her husband and had Kat lick her pussy while both of us were stroking our cocks.

    Dan indicated he was going to cum and she again forced my wife back onto his wet dick, making her lick his balls and shaft clean of her pussy. When she saw her husbands cock twitch she grabbed my wife's head again and forced it back on her husbands cock until he came in her mouth. She swallowed.

    Amy told me to put my hard cock away and take my wife home and fuck her. 30 minutes later I was in-between my wife's thighs, my dick pumping into her slick pussy and I was cumming in minutes.

    We saw them again two weeks later and again she made Kat suck her husband, suck her pussy until her husband fucked her til he came. Than had me fuck my wife. She would have me pull out every lil bit and Amy would suck my cock in front of her husband before telling me to put it back Ito my wife. We did that a few times until my wife and I came together.

    I got a text last night from Dan indicating he was thinking about what he could do to my wife and when I responded anything he wanted he was more than happy with the response....
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    My wife doesn't like to be dominated, but she absolutely loves FFMs. That's why her lovers consists of three married couples and a girlfriend. With the other couples she is in between them licking the wife's cunt while the husband fucks her. The girlfriend, however, eats my wife while I'm fucking the girlfriend.

    Something about having an outside woman mediating between a husband and wife turns her on.
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    I was surprised at how easily she accepted it and how hot she got. Said she didn't really like the husband but did everything his wife told her to do to him and his cock. Very very hot...

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