Wife Gives Coworker a Massage

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  1. JoAnn invited her co worker Harry, over for dinner one night. Afterward, she, Harry, and her husband Evan were sitting together in the living room enjoying some drinks.

    "You seem so tense, just relax. I will give you a massage," said JoAnne, pushing her friend Harry back on the sofa.

    His gaze flitted nervously between JoAnne's husband Evan sitting across the room and JoAnn’s generously exposed bosom. "Uh, ok," he gulps hesitantly.

    "Don't mind my husband, he's very open minded," she laughs as she starts unzipping his fly.

    "Honey, I don't know if I am that open minded," chuckled Evan awkwardly.

    "But dear, I need to get these pants off him so that he can get comfortable and relax properly," she pouted as she assertively gripped Harry’s pants at the waist and tugged them down. She accidentally got a grip on his underwear and pulled those down to his knees as well, causing his stiff erection to come springing up just inches from her face. "Oops, what have we got here?" she said with a laugh, gazing with interest at the straining phallus bobbing before her.

    "Oh jeez," gasped Harry, hurriedly pulling his boxers back up to cover his manhood. His face was burning bright red in embarrassment and he looked over at Evan in chagrin. "Sorry about that," he choked.

    "Oh, you are so cute. Look how red he's turning, dear," laughed JoAnne, turning to her husband with a twinkle in her eye as she yanked Harry’s jeans the rest of the way off.

    Evan sat dumbfounded, unable to think of something to say in response. His own member began to swell as his wife gripped Harry’s thigh and started rubbing it vigorously. JoAnne’s eyes were burning brightly with arousal as she gazed at Harry’s dong blatantly pitching a tent in his boxers. Evan’s stomach was twisted into knots of jealousy and his own face burned with shame as he looked on.

    “I’m guessing you don’t have many problems with erectile disfunction,” laughed JoAnne, pausing her massage to gesture at Harry’s conspicuous rod. Her finger practically touched it as she pointed and Evan gulped with amazement at this turn of events.

    “No, I guess not,” laughed Harry weakly looking at Evan helplessly with a shrug of his shoulders.

    “Neither do I,” yelped Evan defensively, stung by the implication of his wife’s comment.

    “Of course you don’t, dear,” said JoAnne distractedly, never taking her eyes off of Harry’s dong as it swayed back and forth. She resumed rubbing Harry’s thigh, gripping it forcefully from both sides and running her hands higher and higher toward his crotch.
    Evan was momentarily cowed by his wife’s condescending attitude and he watched helplessly as she slid her hand inside the leg of Harry’s boxer shorts. Harry gave a startled yelp of surprise as she gripped his testicles and started massaging them.

    “Do you like this?” JoAnne asked Harry lustily as she kneeled submissively before him, gazed up at him with wide eyes and gently rubbed his scrotum.

    Harry cast a guilty look at Evan and said, “Urgh, yeah, that does feel good.”

    “Darling, is it really proper for you to massage him there?” complained Evan peevishly, mortified to realize that his own penis was stiff at the sight of his wife’s brazen behavior.

    “Honey, I’m just giving Harry a relaxing massage,” responded JoAnne, looking over at her husband innocently with her hand up inside her coworker’s boxer shorts.

    Evan was dumbfounded by his wife’s bold proclamation of innocence as she was so obviously rubbing Harry’s balls and didn’t know what to say. His heart was pounding with excitement and he felt his armpits growing damp.

    “Well it’s more stimulating than relaxing, actually,” admitted Harry as his phallus stiffened painfully under Evan’s wife’s attention to his scrotum

    “Oh I see that,” gasped JoAnne as she grasped Harry’s johnson through his shorts and started stroking it gently.

    “Oh god,” moaned Harry in pleasure in spite of himself.

    “Come on JoAnne, you can’t tell me that’s just a massage,” squawked Evan indignantly. He tried to adjust his growing erection as it formed an obvious bulge in his own pants. JoAnne noticed and gazed significantly at the tent her husband was pitching himself. Then she arched her eyebrow, giving Evan a look to tell him she could see how aroused he way by all this.

    JoAnne casually pulled Harry’s shorts down to his knees and resumed massaging her coworker’s balls and tugging on his bare penis.

    “That’s better,” she said with satisfaction. “I can see what I’m working with now.” Then she turned to her husband and resumed chatting amicably. “Of course this is simply a massage, dear. What else could it be?” she asked with a devilish twinkle in her eye.

    “That’s a hand job, JoAnne,” responded Evan in resignation. “Plain and simple.” He started squeezing his own boner through his pants as he watched his wife stroking her coworker’s bright red penis, engorged with blood.

    “Don’t be gauche, darling. I am simply helping Harry relieve some tension,” said JoAnne, turning to contemplate Harry’s swollen member judiciously. “Hold on, let me try something further,” she said absently. Then she took Harry’s cock into her mouth and started sucking enthusiastically on it. She looked up at him innocently as she did so with her big cow eyes.

    “Fuck, that feels good,” Harry gasped as Evan’s wife sucked his dick in front of her husband.

    “For Heaven’s Sake, JoAnne. Am I just supposed to sit and watch while you felate your coworker in front of me?” demanded Evan weakly.

    JoAnne unfastened her mouth from Harry’s dong and gazed over at her husband with eyes glassy from arousal. “Do as you wish, dear,” she gasped, sliding off her panties and laying back on the floor with her legs spread.

    Harry stood there, stunned. His stiff prick was bobbing before him, slick with Evan’s wife’s saliva as she lay before him on the floor, hiking her skirt up and offering her hairy bush to him. “Oh man, Evan. I guess I’m going to put it in your wife for a second, ok?” said Harry awkwardly as he climbed on top of JoAnne and pushed his hard member between the soft, wet folds of her waiting twat. JoAnne gasped with pleasure as Harry entered her and she reached around to grip his buttocks as he started easing himself in and out of her slowly.

    “I can’t believe you two are doing this,” mumbled Evan as he unzipped his fly and watched a strange man fuck his wife on the floor. He had to admit that this transgression was erotic. The warm stable bonds he and wife shared for so many years had smothering the raw animalistic desire. He stroked his penis as he watched his wife getting blatantly violated before him and he felt more horny for her than he had in many years

    Harry increased the force and frequency of his thrusts until he was pounding Evan’s wife with abandon there on the carpet of their living room floor. JoAnne spread her legs as far apart as she could and eagerly received this new suitor. She felt herself cresting toward climax at the thought of how naughty it was to cuckold her good, loyal husband. But it pushed her right over the edge when she looked over and saw that good, loyal husband jerking off wildly at the sight her her getting banged on the carpet by another man. JoAnne groaned softly in ecstasy as she was pounded by the electric waves of her orgasm. Harry felt JoAnne cumming beneath him and redoubled his efforts. Her vagina tightened around his probing shaft as he penetrated her and he started shooting his load inside her. He plunged in and spurted load after load of his semen deep within her.

    Evan realized that Harry had spent his seed inside his wife as he sat fapping madly away. Harry climbed stiffly off of JoAnne and flopped back onto the couch. Evan took the opportunity to jump up impulsively and rush over to his wife as she lay prone and spent on the floor. He thrust his own stiff rod into her face and though surprised, she sucked it instinctively. Evan didn’t require much more stimulation and quickly withdrew himself from his wife’s tender mouth and blew his own wad all over her milk white cheeks.

    “My goodness, Evan. I’ve never seen you like this,” laughed JoAnne happily. “Giving me a facial in front of our guest, what’s gotten into you?” She rubbed Evan’s cum around her chin luxuriously, savoring the sensation of her husband’s sperm on her face.

    Evan just tapped her gently on the forehead with his sticky, deflated tool in response.

    “Well I hope there are no hard feelings,” said Harry to Evan, pulling on his pants hastily and preparing to leave. “I mean about me, uh, screwing your wife and all.”

    “No, I guess not,” said Evan looking down at his gorgeous wife in confusion.

    “No complaints here,” giggled JoAnne from the floor, deep in her post-orgasm glow.

    Harry looked down at JoAnne’s spread open beaver and was tempted to drop down and tap that again, but he restrained himself. “Ok, well then. Thanks for the massage, it was just as satisfying as the other guys in the office said it would be,” said Harry as he walked out.

    “Wait, what?” yelped Evan in surprise.

    “Honey, we need to have a little chat,” said JoAnne sitting up on her elbow and pointing her open cooch at her husband hoping to distract him with it.


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