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Wife gets off on humiliating me.

Discussion in 'BDSM' started by surfrider, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. surfrider

    surfrider Guest

    My wife Shannon has not been with another lover for awhile now and she has been taking her frustration out on me.
    One evening awhile back we were out partying and having a good time when my wife introduced me to one of her girlfriends,Abby, turns out she a domintrix. She starts telling us stories of what she makes guys do, clean her apartment, do her laundry etc.. She goes on to tell how she makes guys jerks of in front of her and lick their cum off her shoes, and how she fucks her boyfriend in ass on a regular basis, he's sitting at the table with us. She turns to him and tells him to tell us how she fucks his ass and much he likes it. He turns red with embarrassment, but he goes on to tell how he lays on his back and holds his legs up so she has access to his ass and how he has to begg her "fuck his ass hard like a lil ass slut."
    I'm sitting there thinking I better not get to drunk and pass out or I may wake up with a sore ass.
    Then she starts to tell my wife that she should be fucking me in the ass so I would know my place. I look at her and say "what" she says "yeah you look like you need your ass fucked".
    At this point I'm getting a lil scared and thinking maybe it's time to go home. About that time I look over at my wife Shannon and she is clearly turned on with a mischievous look on her face.
    A couple days go by and I've pretty much forgot about the other evening, when Shannon tells me she has a surprise for me, I'm excited and ask what is it? She tells me to get naked and get in bed. At this point I'm horny as hell because Shannon rarely allows me to have sex with her, usually I am told to jerk off while she tells me about her and her current lover.
    I get in bed all excited thinking I'm going to get laid, when she comes out of the bathroom wearing a leather strap on with a big black cock.
    I yell what's that, and she says you know what this is. Then tells me she is going to fuck my ass and I better not back talk her. I stammer out a "yes ma'am " she says "that's more like it, you will address me as ma'am for now on".
    Yes ma'am .
    She lubes up her cock and my ass and starts working it in all the while I'm begging her to be gentle.
    She tells me to shut the fuck up a and take that cock bitch. "Yes ma'am".
    By the time she is balls deep I have tears running down my face and she tells me begg her to fuck me hard. "Yes ma'am please fuck my ass hard I cry out". She starts laughing at me telling what a lil bitch I am with a black cock in my ass.
    She starts stroking my cock and I can't control myself and cumm all over her hand which she makes me lick clean. She tells me I'm a good lil bitch boy.
    A couple days later we are out drinking when her friend the domintrix shows up, Shannon turns to me and tells me to tell Abby what we did the other night.
    I turn beet red with embarrassment , she gives me a stern look and says don't make me repeat myself.
    I turn to Abby and have to explain in detail how Shannon fucked my ass. She says I know Shannon already told me , I just wanted to hear it from you. Lol
    That was the first time Shannon took the strapon to my ass but certainly not the last, any time I get a lil to full of myself she has me get her strapon and put it on her so she can fuck me.
  2. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    Oh Wow! That is hot! I love that she told her friend what she did to you and we all get to know how much you like it.
  3. surfrider

    surfrider Guest

    Shannon told me earlier that I should expect a ass fucking tonight due to my attitude lately. Apparently I need an attitude adjustment. Maybe she will take a pic and have me post it.
  4. surfrider

    surfrider Guest

    IMG_7642.jpg IMG_7649.jpg IMG_7658.jpg As expected Shannon has been disappointed with my attitude lately and gave me a reminder of who's in control in our relationship. Between the paddling and the ass fucking she gave me, she had sobbing and moaning. She made me beg for her cock. She can be quite cruel when she wants to. She did say I was quite the bitch with her cock buried in my ass moaning for more.
    One good thing though, she did allow me to cum. She gave my cock a couple strokes while buried balls deep in my ass.
    I just wish she would allow me access to her pussy from time to time. I can't remember the last time I was able feel her pussy around my cock.

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  5. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    Would it be accurate to say that you're having trouble accepting her domination over you?


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  6. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    I hope she slapped your ass while she fucked you?
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  7. surfrider

    surfrider Guest

    Christine, no I'm not having trouble with her domination over me. It's more like my problem is trying to control from the bottom? I need to learn to let go and let her take the lead and to trust her lead.
    I also really am having a problem with the idea of not being cuckolded again, hopefully this is only a temporary situation.

    Waynerobertson, slap my ass while she fucked me? Oh she slapped my ass, pulled my hair, grabbed my hips and fucked me as hard as she could while I was weeping. She was like a banshee. The whole time telling me what a bitch I was for having a cock in my ass.
  8. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    I am beginning to like Shannon more and MORE.
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  9. surfrider

    surfrider Guest

    Shannon just discovered the"Humbler" , she had my balls locked in it with a dildo up my ass for a half hour last night. I was totally helpless while locked in this thing, so simple yet so effective. Quite the humiliating experience.
    Shannon's friend Abby has been slowly feeding her ideas to use on me.
    Who knows what's next.
  10. Bartleby

    Bartleby Well-Known Member

    Has Shannon always had this dominant streak with you? Both of you seem to have managed to slip into your new roles pretty well.

    It sounds like you are having a great time getting your arse fucked properly by your wife.

    My wife has always known that I like getting fucked by men. She has asked me in the past whether I would like to get fucked by her using a strap-on. I have refused, explaining that getting fucked by a man is a (welcome) humiliation for me, something that I do not want to experience with her. Our sexual life was cuddly and loving so far.

    Now that my wife has started cucking me I am looking into the option of female domination. Maybe I would enjoy this now. I am sure I can safely discuss the strap-on idea, but not so sure whether it would work as well for us as it does for you. I think that the sex should not feel like a role play, and I feel it would if my wife would put on a strap-on and play the dominating wife. When I mentioned to my wife that I am interested in female domination, she cried and said that it is too close to reality and she may say or do stuff during play that I would hold against her.

    Is this arsefuck sex between you two more of a roleplay or do you feel it is more like real domination?
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  11. surfrider

    surfrider Guest

    Shannon has always been the more dominate in our relationship. I have a very dominate personality also but as we explored FLR and cuckolding it was obvious that Shannon would take the lead, and she has.
    As far as getting ass fucked, that kind of evolved from a suggestion from a friend of hers, that guys tend to like a finger or more up there ass, they just don't like to admit to it. She was giving me head one night night and slipped a finger up my ass and made me cum, after that she said she was going to stretch my ass like a little bitch.
    As far as is it role play or real domination? At this point it's domination.
    The funny thing about Shannon she very submissive when she is with a lover, just not with me.
  12. Bartleby

    Bartleby Well-Known Member

    Sounds like your wife should be dominating you. Shannon must have strong lovers to whom she submits, but you have to submit to her. For me, that seems like a completely natural pecking order with you at the bottom.

    For my liking, domination cannot be role played, it has to be real to be thoroughly enjoyed. I hope that you started getting a taste for anal. Anal hurt me a lot at first, but I kept on going for it because I enjoyed the humiliation aspect so much.

    Hmmh, now I really feel like my wife should dominate and arse fuck me as well. How is that supposed to work? She is far too cute and loving!
  13. legshowcuck

    legshowcuck Well-Known Member

    i love it when my Wife humiliates me especially with Her friends...

    She loves telling Her friends about Her lovers..or the way i treat Her when we are alone...

    sometimes i hear them laughing...and that makes me rock hard!

    love the way your Wife humiliates you...
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  14. Bartleby

    Bartleby Well-Known Member

    my wife just mentioned the strap on idea again...
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  15. surfrider

    surfrider Guest

    If she is talking about it, you can be assured she have you bent over taking it the ass soon.
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  16. Bartleby

    Bartleby Well-Known Member

    yeah, I know. I haven't gotten fucked in the arse for quite a while. I have discussed femdom with my wife lately and we both wonder whether it would work out with us. Maybe I should just buy one and give it a try. Which reminds me that I need to buy lube anyway.
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  17. UCUM666

    UCUM666 Well-Known Member

    Good, interesting post. I wish these humiliation topics would get more discussion. My g/f of five years has been reluctant on the involving another guy, but has indulged the pillow talk regarding this. What I am slowly coming to the realization though more recently is that she seems to get into the idea of treating me like her bitch. Just getting back from vacation in Mexico, we had some pretty good sex where she slapped my ass and twisted my nipples. She made me jack myself while she ridiculed my little cock. No intercourse though. I haven't had her pussy in 3-4 months now I believe (in fact I can't exactly remember the last time I had sex with her pussy!). She also talked about fucking my ass with a dildo, using a "hammer" on my ass (some type of slapping device used on horses, as she used to be into riding). Also, for the first time ever, she referred to several black guys at the resort as having really nice bodies. Now we've never talked about black men before, so this was a first. But I am glad she's opening up more and more and able to talk about things. I do my best not to discourage her on opening up. I personally like a variety of things, whether cuckolding, being the sub and her the dom, humiliation, etc., so am doing my best to allow whatever natural course of evolution this may take. In any case, I'd love to hear more feedback on what led your women to evolve into more of the dominant type in your relationship. Any tips and ideas are appreciated! Thanks, JS.
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  18. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Humiliation fascinates me. On one hand, I think it's part and parcel to being a cuckold. Historically, being cuckolded was arguably the ultimate humiliation for any man. Even if you don't feel humiliated yourself for getting cucked, the fact is that, in my experience and as history would attest, many of those who become aware of the cuckolding are amused by it; solely at your expense. So your humiliation is being enjoyed by others whether you wish to acknowledge it or not.

    I have never "enjoyed" humiliation per se, even though, in my view as outlined above, I accept it as part of the package.

    My wife has no interest in humiliating me at all, but her favourite bull has pushed me further than I ever thought I'd go in humiliation. Obviously, he can't really "make" me do anything, so instead he strikes deals with me. For example, I'll get to watch if I agree to wear my wife's panties. I held out on that one for months, but in the end my need to watch exceeded my shame at the thought of wearing women's underwear in front of my wife and her lover.

    When I pointed out to him that I don't enjoy crossdressing and he simply said that he knew that. And that if I did enjoy doing it, then he would get no thrill out of getting me to do it. He told me that the world is full of beautiful women to have sex with, that the reason he's into cuckolding is because he gets a beautiful woman and he gets to humiliate a man at the same time.

    Believe it or not, outside of bedroom play we do have a lot of genuine admiration and respect for one another. But in the bedroom our roles are clear: he satisfies my wife and I am the man he has made a cuckold of.

    Interesting the mind games we play.
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  19. Bartleby

    Bartleby Well-Known Member

    Hot story, I'd love to get humiliated like that.

    Humiliation is a very complicated subject. There are ways that I love to be humiliated, and there are ways I hate to be humiliated. And there are things that I don't find humiliating but others do and vice versa.

    Examples: I came to realise that all my homosexual activities are based on humiliation. I love sucking the cocks of old men and getting fucked by them because it feels humiliating to me. I am sure many gay men don't find that humiliating at all.

    But on the other hand: My wife had suggested a long time ago, before we got into any hotwifing or humiliation talks, that she would like to get a strap-on and fuck me in the arse. She also asked to get a gay men and so she could watch while we have sex. I didn't want either of those activities because I did not want to have that part of my sexuality with my dear wife. Not her humiliating me, neither her watching me getting humiliated. (in my view)

    Now my wife loathes the idea of humiliating me. When she suggested those activities, she had no idea that I see that as humiliating at all. I have recently (more in jest) suggested that I should get a gimp mask and serve her wearing this mask. She found that was a ridiculous and horrible idea.

    My wife and I had long discussions about humiliation and I confessed that I like getting humiliated, but we had a hard time coming to clear conclusions how I like getting humiliated and what humiliation exactly is. Is it even humiliating if I want it?

    I told her the story of the much older boyfriend I had in my youth. When he fucked me for the first time he did so without asking for my consent. That was exactly what I wanted, that fuck stays in my memory as one of my best sexual experiences in my life. It felt so sweet and humiliating exactly because he just lubed me in and started fucking without saying anything. Roleplaying humiliation does not work for me, it has to feel very real.

    Another complicated issue is regarding my wife's ex-lover. I would not see it as humiliating if my wife would tell all our friends that she used to have sex with him. I am very proud of her that she has done that. I am also proud of myselfe that I consented because it shows strength in character. On the other hand, I like talking to her ex-lover because it feels like a sweet little humiliation acting all normal with him being aware that I know that he fucked my wife quite a few times. I wish I would be allowed to beg him to please fuck her again.
  20. obedientcuck

    obedientcuck Well-Known Member

    That thing is pure evil. From day one our cuckolding arrangement involved BDSM protocols for me. One of the protocols is crawling from point to point when in the bedroom serving them. At first when sent to do something like get warm, moist towels, i'd stand and walk to go to the bathroom. It was simple forgetfulness because i love the symbolism of being on my knees, but my wife thought it was lack of seriousness. She ordered that wicked device and strapped it on me during one of her fuck sessions. After trying to stand a few times and having "The Humbler" offer its "gentle reminder", i got the message really quick.

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