Wife confessed to college cheating!!!

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    Wife confessed to college cheating!

    I recently confessed to my wife that hearing stories from her past turned me on. This is the first one that happened yesterday.

    This happened in October of 2004 during homecoming at the college my wife and I attended.

    My wife and I both knew the person this happened with. They actually hooked up before her and I started dating our freshman year. Our sophomore year him and I became roommates in our dorm and then our junior year we shared a house together with two other guys. We had a falling out and my senior year I had my own apartment.

    When this event happened, my wife and I (who was my girlfriend at the time) were taking a “break” but we were still sleeping together regularly.

    The person this happened with was huge into working out. He was shorter then me and had a small man complex. He worked out at least six days a week and took steroids to make up for being somewhat short. I had seen his dick our sophomore year in the dorms when he was getting head and it is bigger then mine. I am 6 inches, but I would guess he is a good 7-8 inches and pretty thick.

    My wife (who is still hot, but has had two kids since then and has put on some momma weight) was really pretty smoking hot. At the time she was a full b cup and was tall for a girl. She had great legs and a nice ass. She was really pretty flirty with guys during college including the person this had happened with. I don’t have the story of when they hooked up when we were all freshman, but I will work on that.

    So when this even happened they were both at a local college bar. I am not sure how they both got there, but they ended up sitting next to each other at the bar. She said she really didn’t remember what they were talking about. She was wearing dress pants and a tight shirt that stopped above her belly button. In college she always wore thongs that showed when she sat down. At some point he started rubbing her inner thigh. She said she stopped him twice, but he kept putting it back and the third time she just let him do it. She said they were being a little flirty and at one point he just leaned in and kissed her. She said they kissed for maybe ten seconds before she stopped it and said they shouldn’t.

    Somehow he ended up getting her outside of the bar and had her backed up against the brick wall talking. He leaned in a kissed her again, and this time she let it go on longer. He started to feel her up and she said she stopped him again and started to walk away. At that point she said he forcefully pushed her back against the bricks and started to kiss her again (my wife always had a thing for getting controlled). She said at this point she was letting him feel her ass and tits. She said she could feel his dick getting hard on her thigh.

    At this point she said she tried to get away again but he picked her up by the ass and she wrapped her legs around him. She said he carried her to his car like this kissing each other and almost falling down a few times. He got the door open and kinda forced her in the car (she said with little resistants from her).

    On the ride back his apartment, she said he grabbed her hair and brought her head over to his lap. She unbuckled his belt, buttons, and pulled down his jeans. She said his dick was rock hard. She sucked his dick while he squeezed his hand down her pants and was rubbing her pussy.

    It was probably only a ten minute car ride from the bar to his apartment. Where his apartment was located was in the back corner of the complex. So where he parked was kinda isolated plus it was homecoming so most of the people were not at the apartments anyways. They both got out of the car and met at the hood. She said he bent her over the hood of the car and ripped down her pants. She said he did it with such force that they ripped. He stuck his dick In her bare and started fucking her (she was on the depo shot so there wasn’t a fear of her getting pregnant).

    She said that didn’t last to long, but she did cum from it. He probably only lasted 5 minutes or so but came deep in her pussy.

    He then lead her into his apartment. The went to the bedroom where they continued. She said she pushed him down on the bed and climbed on top of him. She guided his dick in her. She rode him for she said must have been 20 minutes until she came again. She said he flipped her on her back and spread her legs and he was fucking her. She said it felt like he was going to rip her in two from how he was spreading her legs. She said this went on for 10 or 15 minutes until she came again. She said she can remember he was sweating a lot that is was dripping down on her.

    They got off the bed and he pulled her into the shower. He turned the water on and she said he lifted her leg and put it on the edge of the tub. She stretched her other arm out and had it on the back wall while he fucked her from behind. She said this went on for about 5-10 minutes until she came for the last time and he came again deep in her pussy. After that she said he grabbed her hair again and he had her suck his dick for just a few minutes.

    They showered and he then took her to her apartment. She said there she showered. She then got in her car and came to my apartment and she said she then fucked me and I was none the wiser at the time.

    I think she did more in college then that, but I am working on getting it all out. Hopefully this leads to more stories and then maybe even something more!!!
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    Get over it. It was in college when girls fuck around and you weren't even going steady. The best way to get over it is to ask your wife if she wants to fuck him again, then let her do it. She's fucked him before anyway. Just make sure he knows that you're in on it.
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    dude your on every fucking post
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