Wife Blows Jerk Husband Fought in Bar

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  1. Wife Blows Jerk Husband Fought in Bar
    by Gustav Jorgenson

    Excerpted from "Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching, Vol.3"

    Simon and Beatrice went out drinking with some friends from the neighborhood one Friday night. The group of middle-aged suburban couples regularly got together at the neighborhood bar and the men tended to gather together in one group while their wives congregated separately. After everyone had a enjoyed several rounds of drinks, a gang of brash young men in college sweatshirts came in from the cold. They were insolently wearing shorts and flip-flops and were already drunk when they arrived. Simon rolled his eyes when he saw them come in.

    “Since when do frat boys come in here?†asked Simon with annoyance as the rowdy young men gathered at the bar next to Beatrice and the other wives.

    “I don’t know,†said Simon’s neighbor, Ted eying them warily over the top of his beer glass. “Hopefully they don’t make a habit of it.â€

    Talk returned to sports but Simon glanced over repeatedly as the frat boys started talking and laughing with the suburban wives. He noticed one drunken jerk slip his arm around his wife’s waist as Beatrice’s friends broke out cackling in response.

    “Oh, I’m going to put a stop to that nonsense,†snapped Simon slamming down his beer and heading over. Ted, put his own drink down hastily and he tagged along with Simon as their other friends looked on nervously.

    “Do me a favor and take your hands off my wife,†shouted Simon as he approached the young men mingling with the older wives. He was embarrassed to realize that his voice was slurring slightly from the alcohol he had already consumed.

    There was an awkward moment of silence before the cocky young man with his arm around Beatrice gave him a bronx cheer in response and the entire group broke out laughing again.

    “Why you little douchebag,†stammered Simon indignantly and he grabbed the fellow by the elbow to pull him away from his wife. But the young man was much stronger than Simon and shrugged him off casually.

    “Now Simon, don’t get all worked up,†chided Beatrice. “Johnny here is just playing around. He and his friends are all seniors over at the state university you know.â€

    “But that doesn’t give him the right to put his arm around my woman,†whined Simon petulantly. Then he turned to Ted, “Back me up, Ted.â€

    Ted shifted nervously from foot to foot avoiding the smirks of the assembled frat boys and the curious expressions of the middle aged wives. “Uh, true, Simon, true. He ought to let Beatrice go.â€

    “Oh will you two just relax,†laughed Ted’s wife, Harriet. “Look at you. Two grown men getting jealous over some young whipper-snappers.†She strode forward and ushered Ted and Simon back to the table with the other husbands. “Try to act like adults, please,†she said with a gleeful smile. “These rascals are just having fun, it’s nothing to have a heart attack over.†Then she kissed her husband on the cheek, patted Simon on the shoulder and returned to the bar shaking her head in amusement.

    Simon took up his beer and tried to rejoin the conversation with his friends but his face was burning with humiliation. He kept looking over at this kid Johnny laughing and hugging his wife. At one point he got behind her and started grinding his crotch against her read while the other wives clapped their hands and shrieked with merriment.

    “I am not going to sit here and watch this shit,†exclaimed Simon in frustration. “Come on, guys, give me a hand with these little pricks.â€

    The other men got up hesitantly and followed Simon as he strode back over to the bar.

    “What’s up, Simon?†asked Johnny insolently, dry humping Beatrice from behind while she giggled uncontrollably.

    Simon noticed with jealousy that Beatrice’s cheeks were flushed with arousal and her hair was mussed up fetchingly and his blood was boiling with anger. He lunged forward drunkenly and tried to punch Johnny in the face, but the younger man dodged deftly to the side and his fraternity brothers quickly intervened, pushing Simon and the other husbands back aggressively. Ted fell back and landed on his ass as the bartender started shouting for the bouncer. But Harriet and Beatrice forced themselves between the young men jostling against the older men and separated the two sides.

    “That’s enough,†shouted Harriet brassily as the bouncer arrived and stood by clenching his fists in anticipation. “The party is over. Don’t make a damn scene. Let’s just get out of here.â€

    “I’m gonna punch that prick in the nose,†slurred Simon, trying to get at Johnny while the younger man waggled his eyebrows at Simon teasingly. But Ted climbed to his feet and help the other husbands drag Simon out the door into the parking lot.

    The other wives and husbands stood milling around chatting excitedly as the bouncer came out to make an announcement. “I know you folks come in here all the time and that those young pricks are probably the ones to start this mess,†said the big grizzled biker. “But to be honest with you, those young fellas would be a handful for me if I had to go back in there and toss them out, so if you folks agree to call it a night and head home now, then the drinks will be on me next weekend. What do you say?â€

    “I’ll go now, I don’t care, but where the hell is my wife?†shouted Simon drunkenly as he stood under the streetlight in the parking lot.

    “Uh, Beatrice stayed behind to try to smooth things over with Johnny and the boys,†said Harriet nervously.

    “Smooth things over?†squawked Simon. “What’s that supposed to mean? I am going back in there to get my wife!â€

    “Now hold on, buddy,†said the bouncer, blocking his way. “Let me handle this. I will go back in there and escort your wife back out here so that you all can go. And I sure hope she’s more sober than you, or else I will need to call you a cab.â€

    Simon glowered at the bouncer, but held his tongue and Ted came over and patted him on the shoulder.

    “She’ll be out in a minute, I’m sure,†said Ted. “Hey, you know that was a lot of excitement, huh?†He felt bad for Simon and was trying to distract him.

    “Too much damn excitement,†growled Simon in agreement as he paced back and forth in the chilly parking lot as the cars whipped by on the nearby freeway.

    “Tell me about it,†laughed Ted. “I got pushed over and landed right on my ass.†He rubbed his rear ruefully. “I’m too old for this nonsense. I’ll have a bruise on my butt for a month.â€

    “What the hell is taking them so long?†demanded Simon, growing impatient as the other couples bid their farewells and headed home. He kept thinking of that cocky college kid taking liberties with his woman and it burned him up inside.

    “Don’t fret, dear, I’m sure everything is fine,†said Harriet with trepidation. But Simon could tell that she was hiding something by the way she kep glancing at the entrance to the bar.

    “Fuck this, I’m going in there to get my damn wife,†said Simon finally, rushing back into the bar. Harriet and Ted trailed after him in trepidation.

    When he got inside, he saw the bouncer standing with a bunch of the fraternity boys in a circle but he couldn’t see his wife. He strode right over to ask the bouncer where Beatrice was. As he approached he could hear the bouncer remonstrating with someone.

    “Come on now ma’am, your husband’s right outside waiting for you,†said the bouncer awkwardly. But Simon couldn’t see Beatrice in the group. He pushed into the circle to confront the bouncer and was shocked to see Beatrice on her knees greedily sucking Johnny’s cock while all his friends stood around and made rude comments. The bouncer was standing by helplessly trying to convince her to stop and when he saw Simon, his face turned white.

    “Oh shit, here’s the husband,†choked the bouncer lunging forward to grab Simon.

    Beatrice turned and looked at her husband with the young mans cock sticking into her mouth. She had a wild look of surprise in her eyes, but she just kept sucking it anyway.

    “Oh yeah, keep sucking it mama,†said Johnny with satisfaction, leering lecherously at Simon as he patted Beatrice on the head.

    “You little fucking douchebag,†screamed Simon, struggling to get past the bouncer. All the frat boys were looking at him and laughing while Simon’s stomach was twisted in cold knots of jealousy and frustration.

    “Wait, Simon, wait,†shouted Johnny in response. “It’s not what it seems. Beatrice is just comforting me after our upsetting run in.â€

    Simon stared in sick fascination as Beatrice’s head bobbed up and down on Johnny’s meat.

    “She sure knows how to comfort a guy,†laughed one of the bystanders gripping his jock as he watched.

    “Let me at him,†cried Simon, struggling weakly against the much larger bouncer.

    “Just let it go,†said the bouncer sadly, trying to push Simon away. “Let it go.â€

    “No, don’t go, Simon, watch, I’m almost done,†said Johnny gayly. Then he pulled his cock out of Beatrices mouth and started spurting cum all over her face as she looked up at him lovingly. All the frat boys laughed and cheered as their friend hosed cum all over Beatrice’s face and into her open mouth. Simon just looked on in shock as she licked his cock clean when he was done. Johnny helped her politely to her feet and handed her a handkerchief.

    “That was awesome, Beatrice, thanks,†said Johnny brightly. “Let’s do again sometime.â€

    “You are so naughty,†said Beatrice, patted Johnny on the cheek. Then she pulled modestly at the hem of her skirt and took a deep breath to face her husband.

    “How could you?†said Simon despondently, all the anger and energy drained from his body.

    “Oh Simon, please don’t be such a cry baby,†said Beatrice lightly. “It’s only a little blowjob, not the end of the world. Come on, let’s get you home to sober up.â€

    And the bouncer and frat boys looked on in amazement as Beatrice bustled past them and guided her unhappy husband out the door.

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