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Why You Became a Cuckold?

Discussion in 'Hotwifing, Swinging and Swapping' started by Tomascini, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Tomascini

    Tomascini Black Master

    I've had this question burning inside me but always kept forgetting to post it. Its for the wives, hubbies and just about anyone/everyone here to contribute to, 'cos I feel your opinion matters a lot, though I'd appreciate your humble honesty to the question.

    Have any of you ever asked the question: 'why be a cuckold?' Its not just about the wife/GF cheating on you, or that you fancy her in the arms of another, or that you can't compete with her sexually... But I want to know why or what ever brought the thought to want to do it in the first place? What really fostered the idea in your mind?

    And how come a lot more couples out there are getting involved in the trend?
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  2. balths

    balths New Member

    We're biologically pre-ordained is why.

    I'm amazed at how many times I've encountered this question over the years. "Why do I want to see my wife with another man?"

    There is a very simple primal answer to why any man becomes a cuckold. Sperm Competition Syndrome. All men are born with it.

    Before the church and modern morals females were free to mate with as many males as they cared to. It was good for the species, whether the female's mate liked it or not.

    According to the former editor of Penthouse Forum, the number one story, desire and fantasy that flooded their mailboxes was the desire on the part of men to see their wives or girlfriends with another man. It's very common, yet such a taboo that few will admit to having the fantasy.

    The reason it turns on so many millions and theoretically billions of men around the world is quite simple and biological. Sperm competition syndrome is triggered when a man or other primate sees his partner with another man, is told of it, suspects it. It can even occur when he is absent from her for the briefest period of time.

    If sperm competition syndrome has been triggered, the man will have an orgasm 3 times stronger than usual, his pelvic thrusts will be 3 times as hard when he next has sex with his partner. And he will want to immediately. There's one simple explanation for this: he wants to make sure the baby is his.

    This desire has nothing to do with a man's masculinity, sexuality or psychology. It is primal, plain and simple. It's also a very powerful fantasy that once triggered is very difficult to suppress, as it is biological and not psychological. I've heard many men say it was like a light switch going on that couldn't be turned off ever again.

    Many men are fine with keeping this fantasy to themselves, but most will find themselves eventually asking their wives to explore the fantasy. And far too many of them are consumed with self loathing, for they genuinely love their wives and cannot understand why the idea of seeing them with another man would turn them on. The sooner they understand the origin of that

    A search of the subject on any tube site will bring thousands of results of home videos going back to the stone age of VHS. You will see the girl next door, or more often the mother or grandmother next door generally having a pretty good time indulging in their partners' fantasies.
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  3. Tomascini

    Tomascini Black Master

    What about hubbies who love being sissies?
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  4. 1A_BAD_ROD

    1A_BAD_ROD New Member

    i believe for me , there were many factors that influenced what i am sexually. and as newlyweds in our teens , my wife did stray after a year of marriage . so my solution was to have sex with couples. the second couple we had sex with was a male black friend we knew who was engaged , but he brought a black girl he was fucking with for me. well after 30min or so the black girl left because i was never able to get hard. and after that i told them i am not going through that again and i would rather he come again alone.
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  5. cali_veritas

    cali_veritas New Member

    For me it's the ultimate expression of submission. Agreeing to let your wife take 100% control of her sexuality, and pursue nothing but her own pleasure to me is the ultimate surrender. (I suppose I should disclose that I am not currently a cuckold, but I'm workin' on it.)
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  6. Tomascini

    Tomascini Black Master

    How well is it going for you?
  7. Toson

    Toson Active Member

    I had no choice about it and I didn't want my wife to cuckold me. I think I became a cuckold because she saw very little attractive about me as a man. I could not meet her needs and desires. I contributed financially and took good care of our child but I couldn't satisfy what she wanted as a woman, not a mother.
  8. four_inch_cuck

    four_inch_cuck New Member

    For me it was a number of things. But my wife and I were also married in our teens. She was known as a very promiscuous girl while I had only three prior girlfriends, all of whom cheated on me - even my wife strayed while were dating. Then one night I brought home a large dildo to experiment with and watched my wife experience her first orgasm in front of me. I later found out that I was not only the smallest lover she had ever had, but that all her past boyfriends were as large as that dildo or larger. I also saw that the more orgasms she experienced, the nicer, more loving, and confident she became. And after a few years of marriage, her sex drive had dropped to nothing when in fact she had always been more sexual than myself. But as soon as she began to reach orgasm with the dildo I began to think, and then one day I can across my first cuckold story - depicting a small dicked husband forced to deal with his cheating wife who routinely let her hung lover (his boss) cum in pussy and make her pregnant. I had never experienced such and intense orgasm and thus the fantasy was born - reality was soon to follow and now it has been 10 years as an off and on again cuckold to my wife of 13 years today!
  9. Tomascini

    Tomascini Black Master

    When she's getting fucked, do you usually join in, or do you sit back and watch, and when she's done, clean her pussy up?
  10. cali_veritas

    cali_veritas New Member

    Slowly but surely I guess you could say. She knows I've had fantasies of her with other men, and we explore those one in a while when we watch porn. She seems to get a bit more into it every time. It's gotten to the point where her favorite way to cum is with me fucking her with a dildo while I lick her clit. She is far from entertaining the thought of being with someone else, but we're inching that way.
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  11. watch_her

    watch_her Guest

    For me it started about 6 years ago, we had gone out with her former boss and by the end of the night he was flirting with her, she asked me if it bothered me and I said "not at all, maybe you will get more money" by the time the bar closed he asked her if he could fuck her, she immediately told me and jokingly I said sure what else does he want me to suck his dick?
    Now my wife has always spoken her mind and would say whatever she wanted...so she did, she asked him right in front of me " do you want my husband to suck your dick too"
    Before I knew what was happening, we were driving back to our house. When there we all took a shower one at a time, I was last...by the time I was done they were on the bed going at it, I stood at the door almost in disbelief that my wife had his cock in her mouth while looking at me. I got hard immediately, she then motioned for me to come to her, as I did she took his cock out of her mouth and guided my head towards it. It felt surreal as I was approaching another mans cock with my mouth, with her encouragement I took it into my mouth and got a whole body rush, I LOVED IT! I couldn't get enough of the feeling of having a cock in my mouth and my wife's hand on my head pushing it down as deep as I could take it.
    The sex progressed and when he came it was all over her stomach, the look of satisfaction on my wife's face and all his cum gave me a feeling of satisfaction, she motioned to me to kiss her and as got closer she guided my head towards his cum and said "well if you are going to suck dick, you will have to eat cum too"
    That relationship went on for 2 years, twice a week every week and when my wife couldn't be there for him I had to do the job.
    So here we are, many years later, me in chastity and openly bisexual my wife having the freedom of being with anybody she wants to be with.
    I love my wife so much for what she is doing to fulfill her needs, and keeping me locked up and submissive.
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  12. ffred

    ffred Active Member

    Hi watch her!

    6 years is a very long time!!
    When I read your post then I get the feeling that your start was very promising and kind of immeditely. When I read your actions done without much discussins before - great.

    I started a long time ago with endless discussion. I was the driver of these discussions because I was highly excited by the stories I read on the net. After 5 years my wife gave it a try and more and more we enjoyed it a lot. Now we have been living this lifestyle for approx. 10 years with many adventures and we both like it very much.

    But looking back: Without myendles tries of convincing her we would have never gone the way we did.

  13. Nudistcpl

    Nudistcpl New Member

    We were both from previous marriages and dating at the time. We had been dating for a couple of years and had a very aggressive and imaginative sex life. We role played a lot and then I suggested we visit a nudist resort. At first she did not like it, but the second time was better. The second time we attended a nudist/swing resort which we did not know at the time. My wife is an attractive woman and after that first holiday at the nude/swing resort we purchased some swing attire and she was thrilled to wear it.
    One night while we were in the night club, I had to return to the room and left her alone in the bar for awhile, when I retuned I saw her dancing with a single gentleman, she really seemed to enjoy it, I slide in the back of the bar so she could not see me and watched the two of them.
    She did not seem to miss me and as the time went on the dancing became more erotic, it was at this time that I realized how excited I got watching him with her.
    I finally returned back to the table and she introduced us, I guess he thought his chances with her were over and was about to leave when I told him he could stay, my wife looked pleased at my response. As the night wore on, we shared dances and then as I knew it was coming to an end I asked her if she wanted to take him to bed, the lack of response told me she did, but she was afraid to respond the way she wanted to in case I got upset.
    When the nightclub ended, the three of us went into the conversation pool before calling it a night (you have to be nude in the conversation pool) as he went to get more drinks, I asked her again and told her it was alright if she wanted to, as we walked back to our rooms, he was about to leave as we reached our room first, I asked him if he would like to spend the night with us, he looked at my wife and she just smiled, so along he came.
    In our room I suggested that they could head into the bedroom and I would make us some more drinks, I purposely stayed out of the bedroom, I could hear them start kissing and then when I knew they were into it, I glanced in, it was so exciting seeing her with another man.
    After a while I joined it.
    The next morning she was very quiet, I made sure she knew how much I loved her and waited on her every need so she knew I wasn't upset with her.
    We talked about it later and have been doing it every since, that was 2001
  14. SmallFry

    SmallFry Active Member

    Two factors drew me into cuck activity. My wife having an affair with another guy purely for sex. She confessed to me it was because my penis was way too small for her needs and she never really enjoyed it when I fucked her. This led to me realising I had an SPH fetish.
    We agreed to expand our sexual horizons and engage with other guys and couples.
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  15. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    My wife told me that she had lovers (men and women) when we first met and is nonmonogamous at the time we began dating. She didn't want to give them up and I wanted to keep dating her, so I accepted it. She kept them through us dating, having sex, moving in together, getting married. Each step of the way she was Worth it and it seemed perfectly natural.

    Along the way I began joining the guys in MFMs with Audrey (none of them are bigger than me), fucking their wives and Audrey's single girlfriend. There's no humiliation involved in it for any of us, just respectful sex. Not being monogamous is natural and comfortable for both of us now.
    Last edited: May 18, 2020
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  16. I'm starting to think we are cuckolds because...
    1) Current trend in society is to decrease the role and importance of men
    2) Get us to accept being treated the way men treated woman for nearly ever
    3) Our punishment
    4) Reduced role in biological evolution
    5) To celebrate the power of woman and to accept that loss of control through finding pleasure in their power
    6) Enjoy having a woman that others also want and acknowledge is great. Love to have confirmation due to our insecurities.

    * Because being a cuckold is better than nothing at all. Just need to be with them.
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  17. SmallFry

    SmallFry Active Member

    Add (in my case anyway) Have a very tiny penis and poor stamina.
  18. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    For whatever reason (maybe being married for 25 years) my husband brought up the idea one night during sex. He then pestered me EVERY time we had sex. Like, show me how your going tosuck your lovers big cock. He knew I had never had sex with a "hung" guy. My first long term boyfriend was only 4" and hubby now is about 5-5.5 and not too thick. After two years I submitted to his request. If you look on here for my "first time" it explains it all in detail

    Long story short David my first and still lover (along with one other, Paul) both these guys are EXTREMELY well hung and know how to use it. I had hubby clean me the first time as now he's eaten hundreds and I mean hundreds of loads of cum from my lovers.
    All I can say is it works for us.
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  19. murph's

    murph's Member

    My now wife cheated on me when we first started dating. We met each other thru a friend and after about 3 months moved to Minnesota when her parents went there. We were in love, but on a vacation together she got drink and told me that she slept with another guy...we broke up but I called her and told her I forgave her but she had to tell me the truth. She indicated that this group of friends, about 5 guys and 1 girl plus her, have been hanging out for about 8 months and Kermit was always hitting on her. About a month before our vacation she got drunk and woke up with him fucking her....basically date rape. She does get very horny when she is drunk and usually forgets what happens so she didn't really think it was all his fault.

    Later in the month we got back together and she went out to celebrate and got drunk and called me. She told me more of the story where he had been hitting on her for the whole time. That he had been to her bedroom in her parents house many times and that he had met her parents and they had let him stay the night a few times. She realized what she said and added hurriedly that nothing ever happened. Than at a party about a month prior to our vacation and 7 months after they had met, He hit on her again and she got mad and drunk and decided to flirt with the other 4 guys. She said she danced sexily with all of them but got drunk and passed out. I kept asking her questions and she indicated that the girl of the group was pissed she was acting like a whore and had the four guys carry her up to the attic where there was an old mattress. She hinted that they didn't jus leave her there but didn't really remember what actually happened (to a drunk young blonde girl who was rubbing herself on four men all night). She said she remembered waking up in the morning cause Kermit was in the middle of fucking her anally, than she said he must have fucked her pussy too cause it was sore and really wet.

    To be honest I found the hole thing very erotic and I was hard as a rock listening to my drunk girlfriend telling me how she got used that night. I didn't tell her but every time she got drunk and called me I would hint that it wa son for her to play since I was so far away
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  20. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Cuckolding has various recipes, but that's the most important ingredient.
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