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Why white men should volunteer to be cuckolded

Discussion in 'Interracial' started by lakecuck, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Well, I not only volunteered to be a cuckold, but I introduced my wife to the idea and begged her to do it!

    That being said, sorry to burst your bubble, but I have never participated in any bisexual play - I am fully straight and what's more my wife would be disgusted at any such display. As sexually liberal as she has been with the cuckolding, she is pretty conservative over all.

    What's more is that out of the 12 men who have slept with my wife (besides me) in the last 10 years - all 12 were white. Purely her preference.

    I do have to confess that I do strip down when our main bull asks me too, always as a precursor to putting on a pair of panties or some other type of degrading outfit for his amusement. My wife is ambivalent about that, but I do it in exchange for being able to watch. I've made my peace with it as being a good deal.

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  2. Dan C

    Dan C Member

    I think big black cocks are beautiful and magnificent. The contrast of black on white skin is exquisite. Yes, there is a political and a taboo aspect to a black man mounting and fucking a white woman and her willing giving and subjugating herself to his powerful, overwhelmingly virility. In some cases this maybe enhanced by the fact that her white hubby is the “perfect” partner for her in all the societally acceptable ways—sensitive to her needs, a good friend and confidant, respectful, good or even great provider, wonderful father to her children, doting/attentive mate — and yet ... it all goes out the window, at least for a time, in the presence of the athletic, alpha black bull brandishing his preposterously large cock. THIS is the essence of interracial cuckolding, not some pathetic political gesture to even the score. Black studs don’t need guilty white liberals to offer them charity. The value proposition of true black stud is his incomparable sexual prowess.
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  3. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Bang on.

    My wife prefers white men so she sleeps with white men. But if she wanted to sleep with black men she'd have my full support. I want her to do what makes her happy.

    Politicizing the lifestyle is a selfish agenda-driven activity is a lose-lose proposition.

    That being said, I'm not certain if it's true that black men are sexually superior -- perhaps it depends on taste. I think my wife would tell you it has much more to do with the general attitude and "air" of the man. That being said, such cocky attitudes may perhaps be more common in black men -- I'm not sure. Living in Canada we don't have a huge black population.

  4. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    My wife was with both black men and white men, she varied from one to the other it was always about how much she enjoyed their company before she would choose to let them take her panties off ( whoops, I forgot she seldom wore panties) =, it was a polite was of saying letting them fuck her.

    She had a number of men both black and white that were above average and she often told me that a lot of the black men enjoyed being with her and made sure that she enjoyed being with them. We had an in depth discussion one night about her men and she that a lot of the white men she was with were only interested in a "one night stand", whereas many of the black men wanted to know if they could see her again and/or date her.

    I'm about as straight a white male as any you will ever meet. Love getting my dick in pussy as much as any other man. Have enjoyed my fair share of women over the years and have no interest in having any type of sex with other men. I just enjoy seeing my wife being fucked and she enjoyed doing that. GTR
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  5. Dan C

    Dan C Member

    With all due respect, I think you should take a breath and reconsider your notion of a “sexual slave” in the light of some basic common sense. I think most feminists would have quite an amusing reaction to the proposition that a man — black or no — adminstering a vigorous fucking to a woman is her “slave.” I think your post nearly raised old Andrea Dworkin from her grave. Not to mention how many black guys probably don’t appreciate your PC attempts to save them from the terrible crime of screwing a white hotwife!! LOL indeed
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  6. Mexcuck

    Mexcuck Active Member

    I’m a young, handsome latino cuck with a small dick & have a hot, big butt latina wife and she does both black and white guys. She mainly cares if the guy is big down there. The largest penis she’s ever taken just so happened to have been on a black man.
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  7. penischocolatx

    penischocolatx New Member

    I am looking for.. cuckold.slut .slave .
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  8. penischocolatx

    penischocolatx New Member

    I am looking for.. cuckold.slut .slave .
    i love eroling eyes orgasm + pissing and squirting from anal penetrating.
    master4cuckold chocolat 180cm .87kg.penis 24.17cm . member in sommes

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