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Why white men should volunteer to be cuckolded

Discussion in 'Interracial' started by lakecuck, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. lakecuck

    lakecuck New Member

    Handsome and masculine white men are the best candidates for cuckolds. Nothing turns me on more than a top dog on his knees, sucking cock, waiting for jizz to be shot onto his face and hanging on there, or getting saturated cum on his lips and tongue, and getting a cock that jacked off slapping against his face. Pia! Pia! Pia!

    The reason white men should volunteer for this is that they cannot be forced to do it. Laws can not make them do it. Yet something, something has to be done to equal men of color with white men.

    So the natural conclusion calls for white men to be proactive and upfront, to volunteer for change. Basically it's achieving the same results without using unreasonable means.

    Offer your women to men of color. Recruit for your mistress. Be honest about your skills. Strip naked when the bull asks you to. Get used to the taste and visual of black cum, Asian cum, Latino cum. Kneel in front of colored bulls. Welcome impregnation. There are a lot handsome masculine middle class white men can do.

    What do the rest of you think?
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  2. liferider1844

    liferider1844 New Member

    I think those truly submissive should volunteer as such but I think skin color doesn't matter. If inside you are submissive then you need to let that factor out in your relationships and do your best to serve others outside of your professional life.
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  3. MattinMD

    MattinMD New Member

    Yep, I think that skin color is utterly irrelevant. It all depends on the situation and what the woman (and husband) want from it.
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  4. JimmyWTBCuck

    JimmyWTBCuck New Member

    In my case, I feel the surrender is natural. Certainly not all white guys are small, but I definitely am. Why try to hide the fact. Instead, I indulge my illogical penchant for being much smaller, i.e. submissive. Jimmy
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  5. lildickwhtboi

    lildickwhtboi New Member

    I agree. I don't have as small of a dick as my name implies. I am however very submissive and have a lot to offer in that area. Maybe not all cuckold relationships have to be with a black bull and a white cuck. I however am a victim of cliches and stereotypes. I find interracial cuckolding to get me more horny than anything else.
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  6. Cuckwannabe12

    Cuckwannabe12 New Member

    Hey, I'm new to this but I think you're right but I thinks it's more because white women want bigger cocks than white men can offer, at least in my experience .

    What should I do if my wife is apposed to going with a man of color?
  7. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    I like it when bois like you ARE submissive jimmy. You get to clean her and ME and watch me do what you can't do. IF you have daughters I would like to meet them too. I have been with Asian, Black and other couples. Not all the cucks have small dicks like you jimmy. Some cucks love to see the wife fucked and some like to stroke while I fuck the woman and all of them thank me in various ways. Some cucks ask to meet me privately so they can thank me with their mouth without the wife knowing. Its all COOL.
  8. mecca410

    mecca410 New Member

    I have always felt that some of the black/white cuckolding play is nothing more than racism. The original poster, lakecuck, seems to me to cross the line and push a racist agenda and it is a shame. I have felt this way for years because in some situations it appears that white women/couples almost act like a black lover is nothing more than a sexual slave to do nothing more than please/use her and beyond that they can go to hell…and there is most defiantly blacks that push this agenda for nothing more than attempt to show black power and to degrade white women/couples.

    It is a shame that even here in this lifestyle there is a racial components under the surface, my question to lakecuck is, should the white male have his hands up and tell the black guy “don’t shoot?”
  9. marknaughty

    marknaughty Guest

    I think you are an idiot lakecuck.
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  10. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Kind of an old thread to be digging up and bashing now... Yeah, it was probably out of bounds itself, but no need to pick at it 9 months later. Let it go or keep it civil...
  11. takeoff

    takeoff New Member

    I think that most back men have cocks significantly larger than we, white men, have. So, it's normal that we offer our wives to black bulls in order to find true sexual satisfaction. A black bull not only has a bigger cock, but he also lasts longer. This is the real paradise for our white women.
  12. undercovercuckold28

    undercovercuckold28 New Member

    Well there are a few factors that counts:

    Evolution is the most dominant one;

    - woman prefer bigger cocks because there is a bigger change to get pregnant. Over the last decennial the average length increased because of this. Its a fact, Google it.
    - woman like to have a lot different partners, so the strongest seed will win and make them pregnant. In the ovulation most woman will cheat. (or you can make them fuck other men)

    Then lets talk about white woman and black men

    - media plays a big role, its like always that the black man is strong and fit and the white guy is always the skinny beta male with glasses.
    - and in music clips of course, where the black men and white females are partying and having fun and are 'them' sluts, like its very normal to threat white woman this way.
    - On internet it looks like that black men always have the biggest penis if we look at race. Ever checked penis measure charts per country? Only Congo seems have the biggest ones.

    I call this positive discrimination. ''Once you go black you never go back'', but what about ''once you go black you are forever a single mom''?

    Nowadays woman look for money, cuz money knowledge and power, and stability for a good partner to raise the kids and guarantee a good future. You need brains these days, and lets be honest,
    black people are not the smartest race if we look at many things, who discovered this, who discovered that, successful business men, marketing.

    It all comes down which side you wanna able to see
  13. I feel a profound need to be submissive to more sexually powerful men. This is what I feel. I have a larger cock, but willingly refrain from sex in order that more sexually dominant men will not have me in their way, and I am happy being denied. If it were ever possible that a single guy could ever be a cuckold in any way, shape or form, I would be that man...er, I mean cuckboy.
  14. TopJohn

    TopJohn New Member

    Just curious: I wonder if there is any analogy to be made to White men and Asian ladies ?
  15. Stydybettersex

    Stydybettersex New Member

    Takeoff is TOTALLY WRONG. The blacks do NOT have bigger cocks than whites. Not only is this the finding of sex studies, but on the sites where other hotwives can immediately make comments about a wrong postings, the discussion is that there is NO difference in cock size between the white and black races. Those who do prefer blacks say they do so because the blacks seem to be more concerned about giving the hotwife a better play, and a lot of them are in better shape than a lot of whites. The extra taboo of being with a black and difference in skin color between the woman & man are also mentioned.
  16. Stydybettersex

    Stydybettersex New Member

    Get her a white with a big cock. Just as many and just as easy to find
  17. Vyvyan

    Vyvyan New Member

    I think it is a rather Masculine theory that a bigger cock makes for a better lover. If anything a man with a bigger cock tends not to try as hard because they think their size is all it takes. Unless you are a woman (or man) who really gets off on size than it doesn't matter at all.

    Again I think it is a male thing to be excited to see a huge object inserted into a woman but again that huge object may not be as effective as a smaller one.

    In regards to Interracial, I too find it offensive and racist and there is an obvious Left Wing agenda at play where the aim is to cross breed blacks with whites and also to emasculate white men.
  18. Tammyhotwife

    Tammyhotwife New Member

    Mmmmmmm I’m a masc guy outside but a sissy cuckold at heart- I wanna give my wife away to bbc sooo badly.
  19. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    I personally think race has nothing to do with it. If you find a man attractive go with it. Personally I'm just into white guys, no prejudice here but white guys just do it for me.
    To each is own I say...….
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  20. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    Both of my white lovers have 9" T H I C K cocks and certainly know how to use them, works for me.

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