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Why such a turn on

Discussion in 'Chastity' started by small9, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. open2it

    open2it Well-Known Member

    Of course there's no way to describe the intensity of an orgasm after a few weeks of enforced chastity. It's worth the wait ;)
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  2. Mr. Big

    Mr. Big Member

    I'll take your word for it. :rolleyes:
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  3. alittle2small

    alittle2small New Member

    i can relate to craving domination by my wife and/or a "bigger" man and enjoying my role in life. i really enjoy serving.
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  4. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    I enjoy my wife living her sex life to the fullest and letting me get from her what I need whenever I want. And dip into her lovers' wives occasionally as well.
  5. SmallFry

    SmallFry Active Member

    I totally get that. I have a tiny penis and a huge SPH fetish. I am in early days of a new relationship but with my former partner we delved into a variety of engagements with othe guys and couples. I absolutely got off on watching her being fucked by better endowed guys but was only submissive by subjugating to their superiority at pleasing her and/or other woman involved if it was a foursome.
    My current gf knows nothing about my sexual history. She doesn't even know I have a tiny cock let alone a rampant SPH fetish as we have not had any sex yet.
    I really can't say at this point how things will go if and when we get down to it.
    I would love it if eventually we enjoy a similar sexual lifestyle as I did with my former wife but that may be a long shot as it is certainly not everybody's cuppa tea.
    Right now I am just concentrating on building a relationship and confining my sexual secrets to to this forum and getting my kicks here. Hopefully after this Covid thing passes and more normal human interactions return I may suss things out with my new gf and see where it goes.
    I look forward with a great deal of anticipation of first time sex with her mixed with a wee bit of trepidation of how she may react to my shortcomings (the SPH thing may offer compensations but I would like to have a more expansive relationship in and out of the bedroom)
    Early days. Will have to wait and see how it goes but in the meantime I plan to fill the gap by perusing and engaging in the forum. At least some people are having some "in the flesh" action.

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