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Why is cuckolding racist?

Discussion in 'Interracial' started by thunderbird54321, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. Hawke82

    Hawke82 Guest

    I've posted comments similar to this here in the past, but I think it's worth repeating. My wife has never picked a partner based on race. Most of her lovers over the years have been white. Manly because she tends to seduce friends of mine (ours) that she already has a friendship with, that she develops into a "friends with benefits" dynamic. We have other friends of other races, black, Asian, etc., but to be honest, we live in the burbs, in a predominately white area, so most of our friends tend to be white.

    That said, one of her longest and most passionate relationships was with a black gentleman. She wasn't looking for a black bull or anything, he was just someone she sat next to on a flight home from a confrenence she had attended. He was on the same flight to our city, to look for an apartment/condo, due to a job relocation. They talked for hours during the flight, and she offered to help him find a good place to live, that would be close to work, in an upscale area of town that fit his lifestyle and price range.

    Once he had moved into his new place about a month later, she continued to see him casually, showing him around town, and having him meet us when we were out with friends. At the time, she was really trying to hook him up with one of her friends or co-workers, or at the very least introduce him to some new friends.

    Eventually, their own mutual attraction became undeniable, and after a night of drinking, they had a very frank conversation where they both admitted their attraction for eachother, and she admitted she was in a relationship where she was open to be with other men. It took several week of convincing and describing our relationship, and she explaining how selective she is when choosing a sexual partner, for him to actually wrap his head around the idea, but eventually nature took it's course, and they became lovers!

    She didn't pick him because he was black, or because he had a mythical BBC (although in this particular case the myth was true). She chose him because he was smart, attractive, attentive, and respectful to her. He stayed her regular lover for 3 plus years, because he was amazing in bed (her words), a classy and fun person to be around, and someone she grew to love beyond the initial lust. Their regular weekly meets only ended when his job was once again relocated across the country. They are still lovers, but only on the rare occasions (once or twice a year), when he comes out to visit us, or we travel to see him. When they are together, she is completely sexually exclusive to him, and they spend hours in bed, making up for lost time! On the occasions when I go with her to meet him, I am restricted to watching and/or listening to them.

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  2. Mr. Big

    Mr. Big Member

    I didn't read through all the posts. Actually, I didn't read any of them. But I do have a question that's kind of like the OP's question. In Interracial Porn, especially IR cuckold porn, when a black man goes down on white woman it's portrayed as being a fantastic orgasmic experience for her. But when the white cuckold does it, it's portrayed as being a humiliating experience for him. I don't get it. I eat pussy as well as any black guy does. But I'm not a cuckold. Maybe that's the difference.....:p
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  3. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    Exactly, it is sometimes a racist fetish.
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  4. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your contributions. In my opinion your reaching out and openness are exemplary.

    Concerning some wives preferring and getting off on big-cocked black lovers, at http://www.cuckoldsforum.com/index....of-white-wife-black-lover-cuck-scenes.17939/a couple of days ago I posted an explanation to Deanna about my wife's young black lover, who happens to be very well hung.

    I think you might find it interesting, especially when read alongside some earlier posts of mine about the reasons for my wife's strong preference for him as a lover.

    For your further interest I explain that the main reason I get off on the 12 fuck scenes---especially the first 4 of them---is because they depict the breathtaking overall physicality and enviable grace, suppleness and effectiveness of the participating black lovers, not all of them better-hung than even I am.

    My wife agrees with me that the erotic impact of any the videos is not dependent upon any of the black lovers in them having especially big cocks. In fact, the young black she most loves watching in action on one of the videos has an erection which appears considerably shorter and less girthy than mine.

    She and I have privately discussed pretty much all of other possible/probable "classical" reasons for her preferring her present lover over me. Those reasons include, of course, cultural and erotic societal taboos and the powerful sexual highs and other thrills a woman gets from rebelling against them to claim her birthright of greater sexual freedom and deeper satisfaction than even "great" sex with her husband can promote.

    Admittedly for some women, notably female cock-fetishists and self-styled godesses who can coolly get off on, and get off only on, disembodied cocks while unfeelingly using their owners, big cocks do, often imperatively, naturally and perfectly understandably come into the equation. But from the very beginning of my wife's continuous 4-year sexual relationship with her lover it has been his breathtaking physical beauty and grace and extremely loving personality and superb love-making skills that have very evidently reigned supreme in her mind and body and emotions when he makes love to her. And at all times in between.

    Not that my wife doesn't openly rejoice in his huge cock as part of the glorious package that he is. She manifestly does. Bigtime.
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  5. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

  6. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    Guilty as charged. :)

    I realize it's a little off the topic of the discussion, but I felt the need to share that.


  7. Black bully

    Black bully Member

    As a Black man living in America I can say there is no racism in cuckolding in my opinion. Some of my lovers were older, mid 40's and up. The older generation was raised as dating or being with a Black Man is taboo or wrong. Hence why I think it's considered "taboo" in the lifestyle.

    Also it's very hot to see the skin contrast. My Black skin against your white wife's body. It's just plain old fucking hot! Bulls and cucks come in all shapes and sizes. Live and let live and enjoy life's orgasms.
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  8. Mexcuck

    Mexcuck Active Member

    My wife and I are Hispanic cuckold couple. She likes sex with big penises in general and has done both black and white guys (pretty much exclusively). I know she's said in the past she wouldn't have ever dated or married a black man because its taboo for her and it's basically against her family's wishes however she has always certainly enjoyed having sex with them.
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  9. NYBull4U

    NYBull4U New Member

    I as a white man have been with 2 couples, acting as a 'bull'. Since both couple were also white, race had no consideration in our encounters. I guarantee you that any couple in the lifestyle taking a 'color-blind' approach to finding bulls will be able to find men of virtually races, if they look hard and are persistent.
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  10. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    Have never thought of it as racist but just fucking women.
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  11. mklenge69

    mklenge69 New Member

    No, no, no!

    Cuckolding isn't racist. Nor do cuckolds have to be submissive or be humiliated. Cuckolding is simply when a woman has sex with someone other than her husband/boyfriend. That's it. If the husband doesn't know she's having sex with others, it's cuckolding. If the husband DOES know she's having sex with others, guess what? It's still cuckolding. Does humiliation need to be involved? Nope. Do cock size, race, or any of the countless other often-associated actions/fetishes need to be involved? Nope. You want to be humiliated while your wife has sex with BBC black guys? Yes, your wife is cuckolding you, but if you're getting off on the humiliation, the fetish isn't cuckolding, it's S/M.

    My point is that people need to stop bastardizing the term 'cuckolding' and saying that it means this or that now. It doesn't. cuckolding only means that the wife is having sex outside the marriage. If you have a cuckolding fetish, assuming you're the husband, it means you get off on the fact that your wife has sex outside of the marriage (if you're the wife and get off because you're having sex outside the marriage, that's the cuckolding fetish from the woman's side). That's it.
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  12. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    That is correct.

    No, that's another example of the word "Cuckold" being stretched beyond its original meaning. Such a man in this case is a "Wittol."
  13. Bartleby

    Bartleby Well-Known Member

    I don't think Cuckolding is racist. Obviously not. However I have to say the following:

    I have enjoyed a quite a bit of cuckold porn now and I realised that I have started to steer away from "my white wife is getting fucked by a BBC". Why? I certainly don't mind looking at black men. I don't think there is anything wrong with a white woman having sex with a black man. What is wrong is that notion I feel is behind such porn: "Your wife being with a black man is even more humiliating to you than if she was getting fucked by a white guy". And that notion is racist.

    Now, of course, we can discuss whether that notion truly exists. I argue that it does exist - at least in porn. I am not saying that any couple who meets up with a black bull does so because of racist feelings. NO. I am just saying that I believe the porn industry is still using that racist idea. And that is the part that turns me off.

    But just because the porn industry is marketing to such racist feelings does not mean that the cuckold practice in itself is racist. That would be a ridiculous statement.
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  14. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    I can see it both ways. On one hand, the objectification of a black men just because they're black and the stereotypes. On the other hand, why not all of us enjoying the variety life can give us? Audrey and I have talked about it occasionally and she finds a few black men attractive enough to turn her on, the same small percentage as white guys.

    It's more me who would like to have sex with a black woman. I "dated" a few long ago, but never slept with any of them. It was more just social situations, going out for a meal. They were smart, classy women and I admittedly probably didn't measure up in my younger years.
  15. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    I know that my wife never fucked a black guy because he was "a black guy" if a black man got his cock in her married, white pussy it was because she was enjoying his company and his charm, personality, and appearance caused her to want to enjoy having his cock in her. She did tell me after having been with 4 black men of the first 5 men that had her after we were married that if her mother would "freak out" if she ever found out that she was fucking black men because her mother was very prejudice about black people.

    The other side of that was as an older teenager I was enjoying the tight young pussy of a local black girl and she told me that if her daddy ever found out that she was fucking a white guy that he would whup her ass good with his belt. Now that was back in the late 60's and things were a lot different then. GTR
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  16. mklenge69

    mklenge69 New Member

    Sorry for the late reply. :)
    Actually, no. That's not a stretch of the word "cuckold". The *only* requirement for the term cuckold to hold true is that the wife has sex outside of the marriage. That's it. It doesn't matter whether the husband knows or not. A stretch of the term cuckold would be to say a girlfriend has sex outside of the relationship because technically a cuckold is a MAN whose WIFE has sex outside of the marriage but I think stretching cuckolding to gf/boyfriend (or fwbs, partners, etc), might not be too much of a stretch. You are right in that wittols know about their wife's infidelities but you are wrong to say that it is a stretch of the term cuckold--the two terms aren't mutually exclusive. ALL wittols are cuckolds but not all cuckolds are wittols (like all zebras are 4-legged animals but not all 4-legged animals are zebras).
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