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Whose first experience watching was mind blowing good?

Discussion in 'Hotwifing, Swinging and Swapping' started by sexpunta, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. sexpunta

    sexpunta New Member

    I had no idea what it would really be like as my wife and I were very nervous the first time. Well, once we got past the initial jitters of what was really going to take place and it actually happening, it was incredible for both of us. I could not believe how exciting it was to finally see my wife impaled reverse cowboy on a large fat 8.5 inch bull cock. Of course I was really jealous of his staying power but my wife was having such a good time, all was good.

    I don't think I have ever been that hard or horny before. My wife loves to tease me about it all the time and we have had several experiences like this again. Our sex life is much more erotic and she is happy to get to experience a huge cock on occasion.

    We only play if I can watch and I have recently started to play clean up and we both really love that too. I cannot believe how hot my wife is with another cock in her and she is getting addicted to the new action. I love it.

    Anybody else have a fantastic first experience.
  2. karin

    karin New Member

    Ours was

    I loved it from the first time.
    Having great sex and my husband watching was an incredible experience and we've both been addicted since.
    We started out very much like you and your wife did and the rest of the story is best viewed in my posted pics.

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  3. stuckcuck

    stuckcuck Well-Known Member

    very hot picture

    that is possibly the hottest picture on this site, knowing that you are cucking your husband and being filled by that huge cock while he watches makes it incredible. i have never seen my wife and her lover do more than kiss, i have read their passionate emails describing their lovemaking but she has no intention of letting me watch. i can only imagine what it must be like to watch the woman you love and adore letting herself go as another man slides his cock into her. to those of you who have experienced this, you have no idea just how lucky you are.
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  4. lynnylover

    lynnylover New Member

    Thank you Karin for that amazing pic, you look really hot. I would love to watch my wife ride a thick cock like you doing. Your husband and boyfriends are very lucky. I can only hope my first experience will be as hot as that looks.
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  5. georgedgerton

    georgedgerton New Member

    Can only Play if I Watch

    A little caution - You stated "I can only play if I watch"

    Got myself into that trap ions ago. I only wanted to have sex with my partner after she had been "warmed up" by other guys. That is to say I was finding her very erotic and sensual after one two guys had had sex with her and then I would go into the erotic mess.

    If your relationship is to survive, then don't paint yourself into a corner where you can only perform after a certain activity or yor good lady will soon trade you in.
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  6. NECuck

    NECuck Super Moderator

    Another HOT Pic

    Karin, Did your husband take that HOT picture??? Can you get your husband and boyfriend to chime in with their thoughts???
  7. poolBoy

    poolBoy New Member

    Too sad.

    I am interested to know what does she do for you that makes you feel loved? We have tried both ways, with and without me watching, and I can tell you that she prefers to be alone with my best friend, but it is just too much for me. I feel very unloved when I get nothing in return. No video, no emails, no stories, no phone call to listen. I have brought it up and let her know that I feel disregarded and insignificant if she leaves me in the dark about her exploits, and that makes me want to pull the plug on the whole deal. Maybe you are one of those guys permitted to maturbate who knows, but what do you get out of it?
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  8. stuckcuck

    stuckcuck Well-Known Member

    what do i get?

    i married my wife for better or worse, our cuckold marriage makes her feel more complete, she craves much more attention than any one man has ever been able to give. is she spoiled? i'm sure she is on some levels, but what she gives in return is her love, her caring, and friendship. we laugh we cry, we argue, we make up, we are married in every sense of the word. we sleep in the same bed, we cuddle, we keep each other warm, the only, and i mean only difference is she has another man for sex and i masturbate while holding as i get off knowing she enjoys his cock. is this type of marriage for everybody? no, but regular marriages fail at a very high rate, why are we still together, we accept each others needs, love each other, and respect each other. did i always dream of a marriage where my wife loved me in addition to her lover? of course not, would i change anything about her? of course not, except maybe a pity fuck here and there, or maybe the chance to watch! LOL but who knows what the future holds!
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  9. poolBoy

    poolBoy New Member

    Our relationship is quite similar, except that i am not free to masturbate, but she does enjoy sex with me occasionally. I guess what I am bothered most is being robbed of the cuck experience, sure you may not have the privilege of watching, but there is likely no denying that you are being cucked. Sometimes it seems as if nothing happened at all, like she took an overnight trip to the gas station or something; like it could all be an act, and I am not really a cuck at all.
  10. darinleroy

    darinleroy New Member

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  11. fkmywfxn

    fkmywfxn Well-Known Member

    My first experience got me hooked for life! She was so nervous and shy and acted like a virgin like she had never had sex before. Watching her waiting for him as he got between her legs and then seeing the expression on her face as he penetrated her and began fucking her is a memory I'll never forget. I was so hard watching them fucking that I could feel the pulse in my cock. I almost came without touching myself.
  12. sexpunta

    sexpunta New Member

    Yea, seeing that much larger cock than mine penetrate my wife's lovely pussy was just unreal hot. My wife liked it much more than she thought she would and is very interested in keeping it going with Mr. grande cock, LMAO. It has only improved our sex life. I love watching and she loves me watching, everybody is happy. I sometimes perform cleanup and that is very intoxicating for both of us as well.
  13. mrstevela

    mrstevela New Member

    That first time is always hot, but then, it's been hot every time for me! My wife of 30 was hot for the UPS guy, and invited him over for lunch on his day off. There'd already been some sparks, and he knew what he was there for. I'd say he was about 24 or 25. Lunch was my wife! I let him know I was cool with it, and as they started caressing we simply moved into the bedroom where clothes came off.

    When my wife had enough of the foreplay and wanted to be fucked, she pulled her young lover on top of her, and it was a hot sight to behold! Over the years, I learned that what really gets my wife off is feeling a man lose control and cum in her, whether oral or deep in her pussy, and this time was the first time I was able to sit back and witness her orgasming with another male. She was so hot, reaching up an pinching his nipples to make him cum, and their eyes were locked on one another as he started cumming in her and held her tightly as he stopped stroking and finished deep inside while she came.

    The neat thing about young guys is they are ready to go again in a short while, and this time was no exception - he laid on her until he started "growing" again, and reentered her in about 15 minutes. It was so sexy watching my wife arouse her lover to another erection and take him again.

  14. wannab2

    wannab2 New Member

    Thank You for sharing your angst. I hope you get to watch some day soon. I have experienced it once and it was off the charts HOT AS HELL'S FIRE! I, like you, long to experience it (again). One word, Communication. Cheers, mjb0007bond
  15. watchedwife

    watchedwife Member

    It was my wife fantasy to do a mfm which we decide to make a reality. I never expect for me to get any sexual pleasure out of another man fucking my sexy wife but to my surprise it does sexually turn me on. To see her go from innocent housewife to bitch in heat is hot. It so hot to watch the sexual lust and passion she shows as another guy is fucking her.
  16. wannab2

    wannab2 New Member

    "Whose first experience watching was mind blowing good?"

    Mine was.
  17. The1hung1

    The1hung1 Member

    It happened the 1st time after a night out drinking. One of mt goos friends who me and my wife talked about because it was known he was very hung! Well he comea over after the bar so we smoke. My girl goes to bed. I find her naked in bed so go at it im fucking my wife. She tells me let me fuck jono. I asked her say it again. "Let me fuck jono" i pull out walk out butt naked still hard. My friend pops hia head up. I aay im girl wants you. He sits up and says "what" . so i tell him my girl wants to fuck you.. He gets up comes to the room my wife laying butt naked on our bed. Jono drops his pants and my god to see my wife not even hesitate and go.right for his dick. Watch her suck his dick and lick hia balls. I cam and stayed hard. He then then bend her over and ate her pussy and ass... I kissed my wife well his tongue was in her pussy... Seeing her face as he slide hia cock in her... He started fucking her... My wife gtabbed my cock.well moaning ahe squeezed my dick... Finally putt it in her mouth.. Moaning stop and my friend pounding my wife... That slapping sound... I step back my wife got on her back and man amazing seeing his dick stretch my wife pussy he soon pulled out and cam all over her pussy and body! I added my cum to her body too... We all fell asleep on our bed. I woke up 8am to my wife and jono in the shower... Hw left after that my wife and i laid together and she told me how she felt and how much she.enjoyed it we made love and just kissed non stop... Was pretty amazing and a start to our cuckold life
  18. goodguy30

    goodguy30 New Member

    The first time I ever watched was so great... She fucked my bestfriend in our bed...
  19. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt Active Member

    The first time I watched after we married was from our upstairs bedroom window. It was understood before we even married that she could sleep around if she chose to and I actually wanted her to. She had been out with "the girls" and it was around 1:00am when I heard a car and saw the outside motion detector light come on. It is 2 flood lights that shine right down on the driveway from about 15 feet up. I got to the window just in time to see her recline the passenger seat all the way back and the guy leaned over and start kissing her as he ran his hand up under her t-shirt. He stopped kissing her long enough to say something to her and she immediatly reached down and undid her shorts and began pushing them down her legs bringing her panties with them. Since I knew this guy was an old boyfriend, it was obvious this was not their first time together. Once she was half naked, he started kissing her again and she spread her legs as he cupped her pussy and slipped his finger up inside her. By now I had a raging hard on and couldn't take my eyes off his hand finger fucking her.

    He stopped long enough to push his jeans down and roll over on top of her. Unfortunately I was unable to see his cock split her open and slide up into her, but I could tell when he entered her because his white ass wiggled around a little and then suddenly pumped forward. Once he got his cock in her, the kissing stopped and his only goal was to fuck her silly and get his rocks off. He immediatly started pumping her hard and fast, and it couldn't have been more than 3 or 4, maybe 5 minutes, and I could tell he was already cumming in her. It ended just as fast as it started. He rolled off, they pulled there pants back up and she got out of the car. No kiss, no hug. Nothing. She came in the house and he drove away.

    And Yes......It was mind blowing........ watching my own wife get fucked was the ultimate in erotica.
  20. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    Mind-blowing, thats a fairly good description of her first time and I was able to watch as she had her young (18), married, white pussy nailed twice by a black co-worker of mine with a cock that was at least 2 inches longer than me as he fucked her for 15-20 minutes each time before cumming in her and seeing her be completely engaged with him, especially when she played with his cock and then sucked him back to hard for him to fuck her the second time, it was doggie style and he nailed the hell out of her. For me I was sure if I had touched my cock it would have broke it was so hard. GTR

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