Who regrets getting into the lifestyle and why

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  1. crazyinvt

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    Several other men were fucking her during that time and they were basically passing her around. They were all married friends of hers and had known her for years, some as far back as high school. A few of them first fucked her on dates way back in their high school days. I met one of them and he introduced us and later that night I fucked her and she spent the weekend at my apartment eating, drinking, talking, sucking, and fucking. She held nothing back and told me all about herself. Especially about her sex life and all the guys that had fucked her over the years. She immediatly saw my interest in hearing about who, when, where, how, she got fucked. This all began on a Friday night, and on Sunday, I asked her to tell me all about the first time she ever got fucked and that I wanted to hear ever little detail. I was fucking her as she talked, and there was no hiding the fact that the more she talk, the hornier I got.

    She began coming to my apartment 3 or 4 times a week, often with a pussy full of cum from one or more of the other men. After about a month, she moved in with me, and a few days later brought the friend that introduced us home with her. We began drinking and talking sex on my livingroom floor, when she said they had a surprise for me. She laid back on the carpet, pulled her skirt up and slid her panties down spreading her legs. Without another word, our friend stripped his shorts off, crawled up between her legs, and drove his cock into her cunt. He then proceeded to fuck her like she was a 2 dollar whore. I've watched a ton of porn, but I've never seen a womans pussy get plowed like hers did. And just as soon as he cum in her and pulled out, I climbed on and fucked her in the same manner he did.

    While I fucked her, she whispered in my ear that she just knew I would like it and asked if I would like to watch some other men fuck her. From that point on we knew we would be together forever. We both found the kind of partner we were looking for.
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  2. Worth It

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    Please continue. When did you two decide to be a permanent couple; to get married?
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  3. crazyinvt

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    About 2 months before we got married. There never really was a proposal. We both just kinda assumed that we would be together forever. One day I just asked her if we should just go to a justice of the peace or have a regular wedding. She said a justice of the peace, and a couple months later we did. 31 years ago this month. Our friend that fucked her on our livingroom floor went as a witness. My avatar is her picture. I've watched a ton of men crawl up between those legs.
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  4. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the story. Among everything else, the length of your marriage proves what can bring happiness.
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  5. crazyinvt

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    I tried to post a pic here but I don't know how to upload one.
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  6. Worth It

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    Please keep trying, I appreciate it.

    Can someone help?
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  7. Worth It

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    I too have become a fan of sloppy seconds (and thirds, and once, fourths). For some reason for me being last is much more important than being first.
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  8. michael1987

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    Unnnngggghhhhhh!!!!! Those Sloppy Seconds!! And Sixths!!!!!!

    Gotta love them, eh?

    There's nothing but nothing like thrusting one's aching hard cock like crazy into a well-stretched pussy full of another man's freshly-spurted cum----especially a super-spunky young buddy's.

    Fucking intoxicating!!!! :p
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  9. sbcplseeking

    sbcplseeking Guest

    No regrets here at all, as far as the two of us. I regret that we cannot find somebody long term that wants to know more than how far my legs spread though....
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  10. Worth It

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    My wife is in two serious, loving, long-term relationships with two couples. These endure because there's no chance someone will leave when they "find someone" with whom they want a regular relationship.

    Do you like sex with women as well? Perhaps becoming a third to a couple is a route to consider.
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  11. sbcplseeking

    sbcplseeking Guest

    I love women and yes, I am open to a couple. I actually think a couple would be much better for what I am seeking. :)
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  12. bonitacuckold

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    Not quite regret, but it does hurt a bit when my wife Sara develops feelings for a boyfriend. It does happen from time to time and then she sometimes stays with her boyfriends for weeks at a time or goes on vacation with them. She always comes back, but sex between us is very rare. I am happy though when I get to watch.
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  13. Worth It

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    It makes me feel good that Audrey is in love with those who she has sex. That they care about her.

    My wife stays with her lovers sometimes, but not for weeks, and it's usually both of the couple. Audrey likes pussy, a lot, and FFMs in particular.

    I have sex with my wife daily. At first Audrey having sex with others didn't affect me either way, it was just something abstract she did. Once I met her lovers, watched, participated, and now occasionally fuck two of the other wives and her single girlfriend, it's all a huge turnon.
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  14. canadianwittol

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    I'm late to the party here, but for my two cents...

    Absolutely no regrets. However, over almost a decade, as could be said about just about anything in life, it certainly has taken some unexpected turns over the years. It's come with its' low moments. When something is a fantasy, you're in full control of it in your mind.

    Real life is more complicated; everyone involved is an individual with their OWN fantasies and their own perspective on the way things should be.

    My wife started out by having one lover, the same one, for the first five years we did this.

    When that relationship fell apart she gradually became more and more promiscuous. Now, with age 40 just around the corner, she is, while not depressed, a little bit sad as we all are at watching some of her youthful features fade away. She will always be the most beautiful woman I know but we are both slowly getting older, as we all of course do at the same pace and I know it bothers her a bit. Her response to that has been to become more and more open, more and more promiscuous. Over the holidays we had some discussion about where our relationship is going and to my surprise she told me she would like to experience some one night stands this year. Hasn't done so yet, but expects to soon. While it's not something I expected, I have lended my tacit approval to this objective.

    All of that being said, I am certainly happy to see my wife fully embrace our lifestyle. What started out as her indulging MY fetish has more and more become her enjoying the freedom to do as she pleases, and while that's come with things I didn't expect and feelings I didn't expect to have, its certainly been all for the best.

    In some ways I don't know that I truly felt "cuckolded" until she fully embraced the lifestyle and began living it more on her own terms.

    Come November I'll have been a cuckold for ten years. There's certainly no going back. As the old saying goes, you can't unring that bell!
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