Who regrets getting into the lifestyle and why

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by Kudalskies, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. Kudalskies

    Kudalskies Well-Known Member Founding Member

    This life style is like playing with fire.

    Has anyone been burned by it and how
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  2. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Humans have improved our lives with fire. Sure there is always the possibility of something going wrong, but the advantages far outweigh the risks. I knew what I was getting into when I fell in love with and married Audrey. No regrets.

    It is thought that as humans, it is not our nature to mate for life. The reality is that we are not monogamous and accepting that gives us the opportunity to stay together.
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  3. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    We LOVE it, best move we've made !
  4. indian_couples

    indian_couples Active Member

    Not exactly burn out but there was a news on one of the Indian forums about a couple been asked by their house owners to vacate the premises after it was discovered that wife had lovers. Details were hazy but husband was aware of it even though no one actually used the term "cuckolding".
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  5. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    What does the lease say? This was likely a wrongful eviction.
  6. nevertoolate

    nevertoolate New Member

    My only regret was not doing it sooner.
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  7. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Yeah, sometimes I wonder if it could have possibly worked with my exwife. We didn't split because of the sex. As a matter of fact, we kept fucking after we split and divorced. It was easy and we were busy.
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  8. tractorman

    tractorman Well-Known Member

    It is part of human nature to stretch the boundaries of life, I think if a couple are this way inclined and both know it, accept and have a strong enough relationship outside of this kink you evolve together, as is always the case in life, you make mistakes and wish you had discovered things earlier.

    We have all had different journey's to arrive here, some are still on that journey others maybe the majority wont ever make it as much as they may like to, I read so many threads that mention ex wife's etc.

    I was asked recently by her lover how we became involved in this life style, as an experienced bull he said as a professional, dominant masculine man I didn't fit in with his perception of a cuck involved in this lifestyle. But what is the typical cuck like??

    For us the journey has been a long one, but as I said much to my wife's surprise, we always were on the road to where we are now, just neither of us knew it then.

    Having met her as she turned 16 untouched my male hands I liked her, no it wasn't love at first sight, she had a fantastic figure, pretty she stood out in the crowd being slim 6ft and a fine wearer of blue jeans wrapped around her desirable 33 inch legs and small cute firm bottom at the top. Tall for a girl in the 1980, that appealed to me, she was a trophy girlfriend. She was out going and a tomboy and from that first meet we had a lot in common, I was the sensible one aged 22 with a girlfriend who was always ready for sex, this one wouldn't let me touch her at all and voluntarily I sacrificed my sex life then to wait until my new GF was ready.

    Months later she finally allowed me to fondle her breasts, followed a few months later by her virginity. Shortly afterwards she phoned me and told me she had make a mistake that evening, she had been out with a man she had known since she was 15, he was in his mid 30s. She told me that she had got carried away and topless in his car she realised it was wrong to do this to me. It wouldn't happen again but she felt I should know. All thoughts of this were forgotten as I entered her inviting body the following night.

    That Christmas still only 16, stood in her bedroom with my camera I asked her if she would remove her top for a picture, she wasn't impressed and replied "my dad would kill me" staring at me, but then without any further conversion on the subject she removed her top for that picture, actually two. Taken on 35mm film she knew I would have to get them developed and I knew a man with a photographic shop who would do it. He agreed but was uneasy about her age, (16 was legal then) as the pictures came to life he gasped, he knew her and named her. She used to go into his shop with her mother. He couldn't get over firstly that she would do this, nor what she had hidden under her top. As I continued periodically to take her pictures, which she never liked and still doesn't I advanced onto naked ones he would say she had been into the shop with her mother before finally she went with me to see him in an uncomfortable meet.

    We married when she was 18, by which time she had make another mistake and this time been fucked by another lad, again fully admitted so as she stood there in virginal white smiling only I knew she was really a naughty girl and I accepted this.

    So unknown to either of us the road was already being walked on, her mistakes and my pictures, years later she told me more about her first mistake, she used to flirt with him in her school uniform, he worked at her school. She thought he was fit and accepted his offer to go out, she had intended to fulfil her childhood desires and allow him full access to her young body, to finally feel him inside her but was seen by a friend of mine, hence the confession and her losing her bottle. It never dawned on her he wouldn't think anything about this and would have assumed the chap was her dad.

    She has never denied she got a bit of a buzz stood with her mother in front of a man in his 50s who she knew had seen her naked, she played the part of an innocent teenager well and has continued this into adulthood playing the part of a normal stuffy, vanilla housewife.

    It would be when she was in her late 20s however before we both talked and accepted our likes of this lifestyle and the rules were agreed.

    So the answer to her lover was; we were always like this, although we didn't know it then.

    Having posted I see this thread is about regrets, well we have none.
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  9. slavedaniele

    slavedaniele Active Member

    My first wife wasn't into anything fun or kinky and we eventually got divorced. I dated for a while and found someone I thought I might want to marry so I finally decided to have a talk with her about more than just a husband and wife marriage. I told her how I like to wear some woman's clothing and panties, stockings and leotards. I also told her I wanted to be submissive and also wanted her to keep me locked in chastity. She was a little shocked to say the least. I gave her some books from Aunt Kay and I copied information from the internet about being a sissy submissive and possibly her cuckold husband. She took the information and went home. I didn't hear from her for several days and one day she showed up at my home and told me she read all the information and asked me if that's what I really wanted. I told her it was because I didn't want to marry someone and regret not having what I wanted and needed. She agreed and the day I proposed to her was the first day she put the chastity cage on me and locked it and said she owned me. It's all history now. I serve her as her submissive. She dresses me as she wants in shirts, stockings or what ever she wants. She assigns me chores to do and I have rules to follow and if I do anything wrong I get spanked. We've had a great marriage and she has had a few lovers.
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  10. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Please explain if you don't mind, how was it that you dated someone for a while, long enough to consider marriage, and your relationship didn't already indicate your sexual proclivities? Did you just go along with what would be considered vanilla?
  11. slavedaniele

    slavedaniele Active Member

    It was just one of those things you don't want to bring up right away. I just wanted to see if she was someone I wanted to marry before I bring up spankings and cuckolding.
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  12. AnnWill39

    AnnWill39 New Member

    Will here,
    I think a lot of this depends on the time of our lives when it happened. We dated from high school, were each other's first, and in the midst of a stressful time in our lives her outlet was to cheat, distancing for several years because I was determined to find the cause of her distancing and fix it. Then I found out, but here I was with kids to raise properly, years after the fact with no apparent problems now other than my dealing with it, which I did.

    While I had always had the thought of her with someone else in a swinging situation but never brought it up--now the floor was open. If her fucking someone else was a big thing in our lives, I should leave. If her cheating was not a big thing now--well hell, let the party begin.

    That is not to say she felt the same way, but little by little she eased into things, photos, chatting online with strangers, cybersex, some camming, and culminating in her working part time as a phone sex operator.

    The sex was off the wall--but later I learned she had a favorite guy that she gave our home number to and was doing him free, and falling for him. I discovered this on a weekend getaway for us, after a hot round of sex, and my suggesting we find someone to talk to online. After that she sits down at my laptop while I fix lunch, and when I go back to the computer I see she had emailed Mr. Freebie telling him how she wished she was with him for the hot sex she had just had. She forgot to turn her email off. That was scorched and singed from getting that close to the flame.

    I had no problem with her fucking someone else for real--my problem ws her honesty about it.

    Fast forward to our talking about our fantasies, role playing things, and it comes out her fantasy of fantasies is sex with a black man. A year later she is flashing all over New Orleans at Mardi Gras, we go into this bar and a former NFL lineman is all over her. I get pictures, he gives us his card, back in the room she tells me that he is the guy to do it with first. Six weeks later we meet him and she loses her black cherry.

    That is all good, I think, she sees another guy, and a third, and by our rules I am always there, and in the loop, and I discover she has been in constant contact with no.1 and no.3, and had invited no.3 to come into my home while I was traveling. That is cheating no matter how you look at it--and a part of me died with that discovery, but also the realization that I had the slut wife I had always wanted.

    No. 3 was a hard habit for her to break, and I would catch her in communication with him more, and her admitting that she had seen him a couple of more times behind my back. That was when the wheels came off and I told her to get her shit and get out of my life. She refused, promised to make it up to me, and we survived it.

    Tally now is 14 different black men, ranging from one nighter's to a long term boyfriend (her current situation).

    Her regrets: she didn't start much sooner, and an opportunity we explored for her to accept an invitation to work at a legal brothel in Nevada for a few weeks one summer that she passed on at the time, later wishing she had.

    My regrets: The cheating and lies. That was a side of her that betrayed me from the one person I thought I could give 100% trust. That is gone by her deeds, but even with that she is still a woman worth hanging on to.

    Would I do it again, with everything the same? I'm not sure. There has been a lot of pleasure, and enough pain for anyone too.

    If we had not started dating in high school and more or less grew up together, having children young and not wanting to saddle them with the emotional crap of divorced parents, and if both our families had little divorce in them, I do not think we would have survived.

    But we did.

    I do not think there is a cut and dried answer to the question.
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  13. extrafun69

    extrafun69 New Member

    Long story mate.
    Not suitable for those belong to Indian subcontinent
  14. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    It's something you don't want to bring up right away, but certainly before you get married. Sometime after you start fucking, before you commit to a lifetime with a single partner.

    I give Audrey credit for that - she was clear every step of the way about she expected in dating, with sex, in marriage.
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  15. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Interesting perspective, and different from mine. Mainly two things, 1) my wife can't cheat because nothing is off limits to her, including having feelings for another guy (I'd rather they care for one another than treat her as a cum dimp) and fucking in our bed; 2) Audrey is hides nothing from me, we are best friends who talk about everything. She also has only a total of three guy and four girl lovers. Finally, I never wanted a slut as a wife, but it doesn't bother me at all, I've come to enjoy it, and Audrey is definitely Worth It.
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  16. Clarepear

    Clarepear Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't say I regret it, I'd still do it. But I hate the way hubby feels jealous. It honestly ruins me. If I go visit a lovely couple and the wife and I give the husband the time of his life, my husband gets really jealous that it wasn't him getting it and I feel really bad that he's sad sometimes.
  17. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Audrey gives the husband and wife both the times of their lives, but I'm not jealous. It's something that makes her very happy (MFF with a married couple), she tells me that she loves me, and gives me the time of my life whether just us or an FFM with her single girlfriend.
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  18. indian_couples

    indian_couples Active Member

    I don't know. Actually lease is not so common here. But even if it were there they would not have gone to court. I believe already they must have felt humiliated publicly (at least in their residential society).
  19. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt Active Member

    Regret getting into the lifestyle?.......... Never!........... We both regret leaving the lifestyle however. But age and age related health, often makes our decisions for us. In our 31 year marriage, I have watched at a minimum, well over a couple hundred different men, fuck my wife. Our favorite was always the first time a new man got the opportunity to crawl up between her legs and first splits her pussy with the head of his cock. And I got to watch most of those first times. Staring up between their legs and seeing her pussy wrapped tightly around that bare new cock that has never been in her before, as it begins to slowly pump in and out of her. Watching his balls slap against her ass as he drives it deep and holds it there as his Perineum begins to pulse as each thick rope of cum shoots deep inside her. Then as he slowly withdraws...... how her pussy stays open for just a few seconds before closing to hold his cum inside.

    Lucky for me, I have a great memory........... So all is not lost.
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  20. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    I have read most of your posts and your story is wonderful. You told us of how you two met, but how did the relationship develop? How did your wife fall in love with you and decide to marry you rather than you just being another fuck? What were your emotions loving such a woman? Thank you.

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