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Who initiated the chastity?

Discussion in 'Chastity' started by small9, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. small9

    small9 Active Member

    How did your chastity get decided? Did your wife/gf decide with a bull to put you in chastity? If a chastity device has a key who is the key holder? Bulls feel free to chime in as well. And anyone who is in chastity how did it come about and how does it feel?
  2. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    For us/me - chastity - never. Our playing with others has only increased the quantity and intensity between us. Sorry.
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  3. Mickle

    Mickle New Member Founding Member

    My wife's form form of chastity, is total sexual abstinence on my part, she does not need a key, or any device her complete control over me, with her refusal to allow me to have sex.
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  4. jaggu008

    jaggu008 New Member

    It happened gradually and on its own, My anxity combined with her comparing my staying power and the size with her lovers cocks, telling me that theirs is real man cock, made me initially to ejaculate immidiately and later i even had difficulty in getting up, when my mind was so excited. Chastity became natural
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  5. denyboobs

    denyboobs Member

    my sexy gf introduce me to chastity in order to have totally control on my tiny dick and prevent any spurt...she dominates me with her big huge tits that are off limits for me... the chastity cage increases my arousal while our bull enjoyes her curves and takes the pleasure is denied to me
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  6. My wife and her Bull made the decision to lock me in chastity and together they both have the only keys. He told her it would eliminate any thoughts I may have about ever being a 'real man' if my little member were locked away. So for his birthday in October 2013 I was placed in a CB-6000s and I wore it every day until her birthday in November 2014 when it was replaced with the pink Holy Trainer V2. I am released once a week under supervision for cleaning and to trim/shave my pubic area into whatever design they fancy at the moment. When this started I never imagined I would be as happy as I am with it.
  7. ruski75

    ruski75 New Member

    It was a truly special moment when we decided to go for chastity for me. We'd only had a few experiences with other guys, first as threeways and then as cuckold. I told my partner I love to watch her with a guy and that I like to think I have been banned from joining in with them.

    Not long after we were watching some late night sex magazine type show and they featured chastity and the whole scene. Well we just looked at each other and laughed because we both knew straight away that we were gonna have to do this!! She knew straight away I'd want to do it!

    When we bought the chastity device (CB 3000) she wasn't wholly sure but it didn't take her long to warm to the idea. In fact I'd say it played a huge part in the cuckold life we lead actually. Once she had full control of my sexual pleasure she seemed to grow more comfortable and adventurous in what we were doing.

    She has blossomed over the years from a skeptical, unsure girl acting out her partner's fantasies to a completely confident, assured woman who revels in making love to her lovers whilst keeping me caged and having me watch and I'd put it all down to chastity.

    She keeps the key round her neck and I daren't even ask when I might be let out anymore. It's usually every few months but I haven't been let out this year so far so it could be longer this time, maybe (gulp) the whole year!

    My cock tries to get hard everyday but the cage forces it back down. The pain and frustration drive me crazy - and I bloody love it!!!
  8. banzai

    banzai Member

    Originally my wife wasn't into the chastity thing for me in the slightest, as she enjoyed playing with my cock when she was done with her bulls. Then we saw a video where the husband was locked in chastity and serving the wifey, and she got ideas. About 3 months after that we went to our first party where all the husbands were publicly locked in chastity and the wives got to play all night. I wasn't locked up then, so had an interesting look into it all.

    Like many, we started with a CB3000, and only when she played. From there, she decided to keep it on me when she was even getting ready to play. Her favorite activity for years was going out to the floating Ivory Club nights at local clubs where husbands brought their white wives to be satisfied by black men. At first I wasn't in the device, but later she would put it on me Wednesday or Thursday for playing Friday and/or Saturday night, and keep me in it until Sunday night, having me service her and her chosen bull. Several times she flat out told the interested gentlemen that my cock was locked up and she had me show him to prove that she was in charge and OK! That's when I learned that about half of the husbands were also in some type of chastity. While my wife and I aren't into the humiliation/sisification thing overall, she does love to see how everyone reacts when she has me open my pants and prove that my cock is locked up.

    Fast forward quite a few years, and she keeps me locked up much of the time, now. She has bought 8 different chastity devices over the years, each with it's individual differences, from things like the CB to stainless steel woven cages. She changes them on me like jewelry, as her mood fits.

    The latest one that she has me in is actually very unrestrictive, and she likes to tease me while she's getting fucked and wants more contact. It's stainless steel, locks around the base of my cock, splits my balls, and has a center shaft that goes in my urethrea, and allows me full arousal. As long as I'm not aroused at all, I can pee just fine. The trick is, once I begin to get aroused and my cock grows, it grows up around the sound, so that it blocks any dripping of anything! My wife loves it and tries to make me cum by sucking my cock and balls while she's fucking......all very arousing.
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  9. slavedaniele

    slavedaniele Active Member

    My wife initiated chastity for me. She wanted to control my orgasms and make sure I didn't cheat and give myself an orgasm. She also wanted to make sure I didn't fool around with any other woman.
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  10. anon12

    anon12 New Member

    It was my idea at first, but now she insists on caging me every time she goes to see her bull.

    I get out as soon as she gets home and fuck her used pussy. (after a good tongue cleaning of course) ;)
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  11. I thought I would post an update of my comment on this thread. Since being locked in my short pink Holy Trainer V2, I continue to be released only once a week to clean it and to maintain my manicured heart, triangle or landing strip. To date it has been 8 months and 10 days since my last (accidental) male orgasm. It happened on one of those rare occasions when I was used as a human sex toy and she was a bit over enthusiastic as our Bull had been out of town for 2 weeks. Watching her was such a thrill and I spilled my mess into the condoms she had me wear. Doing that was such an emotional event for me I immediately began to cry and told her what happened. Her response was to command me to immediately clean myself and present myself to be re-locked into chastity. As I knelt in front of her she told me that since I had this accident I would not be used as a sex toy again. My orgasms had been limited to anal orgasms or 'sissygasms' as some call them and usually there is no discharge of any kind, just the physical feelings of orgasm.

    When I was initially locked in chastity an app was downloaded for me to keep track of how long it had been. I am tracking 3 milestones now, How long I have been in chastity (807 days or 2 years, 2 months and 16 days), How long I have been in my Holy Trainer 416 days (1 year, 1 month and 21 days) and now Days since my last male ejaculation 254 days (8 months and 10 days).
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  12. Clucky hubby

    Clucky hubby Well-Known Member

    It was my wife's bf idea. He brought it up to my wife and she loved the idea of me being caged. It's been months now and I was told from my start I wouldn't be having sex with my wife again. Both my wife and her bull have keys. I thought I would hate being caged but I actually enjoy it now. My little dick did nothing for my wife and now I don't have the pressure of trying to please her sexually.
  13. obedientcuck

    obedientcuck Well-Known Member

    We sought out an experienced Dom Bull. At first he left it up to my wife to decide how much she kept me locked when he wasn't around, but when he was around i had to wear a cage.

    It really reinforces the superiority of the Bull's cock. The Bull's cock stands up proud -- erect and big while the cuck's is kept pointed down submissively and as small as possible.

    At first, my wife didn't enforce keeping me caged when our Bull wasn't around. Over time he convinced her to enforce caging me until he controls when i cum and she enforces my obedience in his absence.

    It's at once humiliating and exciting knowing our Bull cums as much as he wants and i cum only when he orders it and tells my wife to unlock me.
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  14. Dufty

    Dufty Guest

    Ironically it was my idea to play tease and denial games. Little did I know how much my wife would enjoy the power and got so excited into tricking me into longer and longer lock ups. Of course she still has needs so after a year we found a bull to satisfy her while she gets to enjoy keeping me locked and frustrated!
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  15. Gazdenied

    Gazdenied Member

    My chastity was completely my wife's idea and was decided before we married, 26 years ago. I have been kept locked up for long periods (619 days was my longest but she wants me to try for 1,000 days this time) with no relief. In fact, I can't remember when my last full orgasm was because when I do get a release it's always either ruined or a milking.

    I know that sounds awful but I quite like it. I am sort of horny all the time but also very subservient. The worst parts were in the beginning when waking up with a raging hard-on was excruciating but I soon got used to that. Now I feel quite odd if I'm not wearing the device.

    Over the years my wife has given out the key to my device to various people for holding. Most memorable was her boss and her sister. Both of them thought it was hilarious and the humiliation of having to show them was delicious for me. Generally my wife wears the key around her neck on a chain...just to remind me.
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  16. open2it

    open2it Well-Known Member

    Were you locked for your wedding night and honeymoon as well? I assume her boss and sister knew you were being cuckolded as well. Showing them your cage and hearing their comments must have had your cock as hard as possible.
  17. NewCuck76

    NewCuck76 Active Member

    For us it was brought up as a play kink here and there by me. Little did I know how much she would take to it and make it part of our lifestyle. I know it's cliché to say, be careful what you wish for but...yea. Chastity is definitely a love and hate thing.
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  18. Hotwife0407

    Hotwife0407 New Member

    I vaguely suggested the possibility, and while still a little reticent about other guys, she jumped at the chance! She holds my key, wants to wear it in public around her neck, I think it's her favorite part so far!
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  19. JackM

    JackM New Member

    My gf made the choice for me. Locked me up whilst I was asleep. Been locked for 3 years and only let out twice a year
  20. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Update - Now, not only no chastity for me, but also no monogamy. Not only do I get to fuck my wife whenever I want (our agreement before getting married was that her having sex with other people would supplement, not replace, sex between us), but I also occasionally fuck her female lovers (two are the wives of guys she fucks, one a single woman). Audry loves the dynamics of a woman joining a married couple. It started with her living with a couple before we met, who she still sees, and now includes a single woman who joins us. Audrey likes it both ways in multiple ways.

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