Who has the longest cuckolding marriage

Discussion in 'Polls and Humor' started by wagonneer, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. chootdas

    chootdas Active Member

    Hi Saturn,
    You said it. Thanks for understanding me. Me & wife on a holiday trip in Thailand & in an Island this week. but we couldn't find any fun people. if we have some fun will let you all know
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  2. Robandkate

    Robandkate Well-Known Member

    I looked back and realized that I first commented on this post back in 2008. My wife is still fucking other guys after 25 years of marriage. She says she will never stop.

    She loves the freedom to fuck any guy she wants, any time she wants. I love knowing that other guys are fucking her.
  3. Parzabim

    Parzabim New Member

    11 years of regular twice a week...with the same Bull - but strictly hetero..but we shaking new bi dominant bull
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  4. My wife and I have been married for 38 years. She had sex with other men when we were going together and when we were engaged, but I had assumed (naively?) that we would have a monogamous relationship after our wedding. After we had been married for 6 months I accused her of having an affair with her ex-partner. She told me that from time time to time she needed a real man with a real cock and a real pair of balls and that if I wanted our marriage to continue I would have to accept that. (I have a small penis [1+1/2 inched flaccid and 3+1/2 inches erect] and just one, very small testicle.)

    I did accept it and my wife has regularly had lovers throughout our marriage. I have no regrets; I love my Wife and I love being her cuckold.
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  5. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    Dang GTR, so sorry. My first husband died, things like that really suck. He died in 2000 and I met Jeff in 2003. I am so thankful for Jeff, and I have been cucking Jeff since the day we met. I don't think women should only have one dick.
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  6. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    Thanks Deanna; I agree on the more than one dick thing. Some back story on me, my best friend and I left our respective homes shortly after graduating and for about 3 years had a bachelor pad. As we were dating young women and we found that quite a few of them enjoyed being tag-teamed and/or shared between he and I, that was when I realized that women could easily enjoy more than one dick while being "involved" with a man. My wife to be actually was aware of what my friend and I were doing when we started to go out, and that had a lot of bearing on she and I sharing her. GTR
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  7. rob788

    rob788 Guest

    With only two years' experience by my 29-year-old wife, we wouldn't qualify as the longest cuckolding relationship. But I suspect she has fucked more men in that time than most who have been at it much longer.
  8. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    You are correct, slowpoking, Audrey has had boyfriends and girlfriends from the first day we met. Keeping them was a condition of marrying me. For me she did, however, give up married men if the wife didn't know.
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  9. slowpoking

    slowpoking Well-Known Member

    My oh my, the things people do for love.

    And for sex, right?
  10. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member


    Love is both the catalyst and the fuel of the full-time co-husbanding of my wife by her young lover and me. I would like to say that the desire and need for and power of our one-on-one and threeway sex originate in love, but that would ignore the naked lust factor as it rears its beautiful head especially in the love-making between my wife and him.

    Four years ago when I introduced him as a 19 year-old prospective lover to my wife, he had been my best buddy for 2 years. I loved him more any woman I had ever known and was longing to the point of lusting to share him with her.

    His first sex with her, in fact with any woman, was in an amazing threesome on our marriage bed. Even during it my wife remarked how beautifully the love flowed between the three of us. It drove her erotic excitment to a level far above anything she had experienced alone with me.

    I like to think that her first love and lusting for my buddy was ignited by her witnessing mine for him and his for me in that first threesome. But that would be to ignore her astonishment over his extraordinary physical beauty when he undressed for the first time in our bedroom. It was almost too holy to behold.

    But the naked truth is that when I introduced my buddy to my wife it was for the pleasures of both love AND sex for them and me (more vicariously than directly) to rejoice in together.

    Since then, the love and sex have become so intensely catalytic of each other that it is idle to think on which of them is the primary and more powerful determinant of our individual motives and sexual and emotional pleasures.

    I have a hunch that Love came and still does come first. But I have a hunch that my self-interested sexual altruism has something to do with it too
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  11. tractorman

    tractorman Active Member

    I met my wife when she was an untouched virgin as she turned 16, a few months later she gave me her virginity but shortly afterwards she went out one night with a chap in his mid 30s and married who she had fancied since they met whilst he was working at her school. She has said years later she used to flirt with him in her school uniform, she wanted him but not to have her virginity but on this night she intended now she was no longer a virgin to let him have her. Topless in his car she bottled it and phoned me that night to confess. I forgave her. The following year she got fucked by a lad whilst drunk on holiday with a friend again she told me. I made love to her immediately after her confession.
    Married a year or so later she stood looking very pretty and virginal in front of family and friends only I knew of her little plays. I wrong assumed that she would become a faithful wife but by her mid 20s I found out she had been with her driving instructor, and had a long term affair with my then best mate, I didn't forgive her for that one and it early broke our marriage, not the sex the deceit.

    I noticed a marked improvement in her BJs by the time she was 30 so i am sure she had been practicing somewhere, from then on as far as I know I have known all about her plays arranging most, from the moment I laid on her and took her virginity she has now had nearly 20 men most more than a few times, I am now looking for Mr 21!.
    We have been married 30 years this year and are more deeply in love and kink than we were when we married.
    I am happily settled into the cuckold role but are still the dominant one in our vanilla life.
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  12. rob788

    rob788 Guest

    [Worth It, post: 130155, member: 67860"]You are correct, slowpoking, Audrey has had boyfriends and girlfriends from the first day we met. Keeping them was a condition of marrying me. For me she did, however, give up married men if the wife didn't know.[/QUOTE]

    That's among the lustiest experiences we have imagined. My wife, after her first few encounters with other men, said she wished I had suggested this before two years ago when she agreed to fuck other men.

    A few months ago, we viewed some "cuckolded brides" videos online. She leaned back in her chair and said, "I wonder what our lives might have been if we agreed to let another man be the first to fuck me after our wedding." That implanted in me an image of a former boyfriend who fucked her during their senior h.s. year. He was one of our ushers. She had told me, as best she could recall, that his cock was almost half-again longer than my 6 inches.

    She smiled and added, "You could have watched or waited in the hall outside that hotel room."

    We had sex that night talking about her imagining her former high school boyfriend doing just that. She cried out his name that night when hollering, "I'm so glad you're the first inside my married cunt. You're so much bigger!" When we woke up the next morning, she said she had a dream of him fucking her an afternoon after classes in his bedroom while his parents were at work. She had done that several times when in high school.

    Has anyone's wife here watched another fuck his bride on their wedding day? If so, how did it work out for you?
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  13. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Do you mean me letting her have other lovers? Or Audrey giving up married men?

    Before we met, Audrey liked married lovers where the wife didn't know because they knew it was only about sex and Audrey knew they were unlikely to get clingy.
  14. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Audrey didn't fuck another guy on our wedding day, although she and a girlfriend did some cunt licking. She fucked one or two guys the week leading up to our wedding and immediately after we returned from our honeymoon. The pact we mutually made was that she gets sexual variety and I can enter her whenever I want. Works perfectly for us.
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  15. slowpoking

    slowpoking Well-Known Member

    I meant her giving up married guys for you. I've heard other women express a similar preference for married guys, for similar reasons. Unfortunately, I can't find them!

    By the way, it's good to have you back. You've been posting less frequently, haven't you? Busy with baby?
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  16. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    Months after we were married my young wife admitted to me that she had been fucking the divorced man that lived next door to her home on a regular basis when we were dating and the last time was the night before we got married. Some time after that she admitted that she was still fucking him after we were married just not as often. I often wondered if she would have told me before the wedding if I would have asked him join us on our wedding night. GTR
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  17. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Four years after my 19 year-old buddy became my wife's live-in lover and began co-husbanding her with me, similarly erotic wood-have thoughts continue to pop up in my idle wonderings too GTR.

    But getting back to your wedding night: You leave open the sexier and more fascinating question of whether your wife invited him to join you two, and if you agreed and enjoyed it.

    Considering your basically cuckold sexual nature was probably influencing and exciting you even then, watching her lover go first in fucking your new bride on your wedding night would have been a beautiful way to begin your marriage----wouldn't it?

    Wonder away :p
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  18. tractorman

    tractorman Active Member

    That would have been so kinky did he attend the wedding to see his lover married, in the knowledge that soon she would cum back to him?
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  19. JeffHouston

    JeffHouston Well-Known Member

    Deanna fucked another guy on our honeymoon... but, not the wedding day.
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  20. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    tractorman, the neighbor that she was fucking did indeed attend the wedding. He was considered to be a close family friend and at the time I was totally unaware of how close he was to my new bride. My wife and I talked about her involvement with him quite a few times after she told me about her sexual involvement with him and I did ask her if she wanted to resume seeing him and she said that when he got with his new girlfriend he wasn't interested it causing a problem with the girlfriend and that was basically the end of it. Knowing my kinky side I probably would have had him join us on our wedding night just to have a wild sex night with my intent to see my new bride have her brains fucked out by the neighbor and I. GTR
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