Who has lost a wife/gf (or wives/gfs) to their bulls?

Discussion in 'Controversial Issues' started by slimjimpencil, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. slimjimpencil

    slimjimpencil New Member

    what do you think was the MAIN reason she/they left you?
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  2. obedientcuck

    obedientcuck Well-Known Member

    Although he was not a bull in terms of the cuckold scene, in high school i did lose a girlfriend to a friend even i had to admit was a vastly superior specimen.

    The reason? That's easy. Put him and me in a room behind a one-way mirror. Ask any woman in the world to choose one of us for a mate, and 100% of them will choose him. He was taller, more powerfully built, more athletic, better looking, but most importantly he was supremely self-confident.

    I'd been dating a super-pretty girl for a few months, but had never gotten her to go all the way to intercourse. He had a girlfriend who was even hotter than mine and everyone knew he was fucking her silly, so I thought my girlfriend was safe around him despite his obvious superiority over me. Serious miscalculation. Before i knew what had happened she was dating him behind my back, and he fucked her while i was still trying to reach that elusive goal.

    He didn't even have to drop his other girlfriend. When i confronted her about it, my only hope was pointing out that he was still fucking his original girlfriend. To my surprise, she didn't seem to care at all. Then the big shock came. She told me he didn't want her to see me anymore, and she agreed to it.

    He was busting his nuts on the most gorgeous girl in our high school and stole my pretty girlfriend without breaking a sweat, and while his girlfriend wouldn't give me the time of day, my now ex-girlfriend spread her legs for him and totally denied me access at his say so. To add insult to injury, out of curiosity i couldn't help but sneak a quick glance at his package one day in the showers, and surprise, surprise, his endowment made mine pale in comparison.

    So he wasn't a bull in the sense of the cuckold scene, but he sure was a natural bull. If someone were to tell me that he's a bull now in the cuckold scene, it would not surprise me in the slightest.
  3. Mbgdallas

    Mbgdallas Member Founding Member

    He wasn't a bull. He was just an asshole. What a prick. Supreme confidence my ass... Just arrogant and I bet a failure today.

    And her? Just a selfish bitch who you are much better off without today.
  4. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    Although this happened to obedient cuck in high school I believe that EVERY couple have different needs emotional and sexual. A good Bull recognizes those needs and acts on them to the satisfaction of the couple. Today, Obedient cuck understands and accepts his role for he gets what he needs as she does. I have not him or some others but will say that I would like him and her if we met and know that this is a quality couple worth knowing in and out of the bedroom.

    Let's accept each other and not be judgmental.
  5. bound2bmine

    bound2bmine Guest

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  6. Oracle101

    Oracle101 Guest

    To my wife, the bull is just a friend with benefits. There are no emotions attached.
  7. vladdy

    vladdy Active Member

    I have.

    Well, long story short. She (my GF at the time), cheated on me with a guy who was very well endowed. They had great sex for a while. We had some issues and worked through them and she kept cheating on me with him. I didn't know what cuckolding was, so I still consider it cheating, although, it was more like cuckolding.

    Anyway, a lot of good came out of that, and I actually think I became a better sexual partner because of it.

    So, she stopped seeing this guy since he got a GF. I assume he was trying to get her from me, but it wasn't going to happen.

    Some time went by and then she started a long distance thing with another guy. I wasn't terribly worried. But then things got quite serious with him. I didn't like him and thought he was a loser and made that quite clear. Anyway, she went to visit him and when she came back she told me she was going to stay with him for a while. So we ended things.

    It really was unfortunate that she went this route. I was actually excited when I found out about the second guy, but then it was apparent there was a burgeoning relationship.
  8. UCUM666

    UCUM666 Well-Known Member

    I ended up divorcing my wife of 12 years, and think that sexual stuff contributed to the other problems we had. Although this lifestyle can work out great for some couples, you also must face the fact you're playing with fire. And, I think it's more of a man thing than a woman thing so, in general, bringing this up with your partner has a fairly significant chance of backfiring. To those guys who've found the perfect woman that can get into this role/fantasy, you're lucky dudes!
  9. Cucking nuts

    Cucking nuts Active Member

    I defeintly agree with UCUM. It's playing with fire. No one can predict the future. Just put your faith and trust in your significant other and hope for the best.
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  10. UCUM666

    UCUM666 Well-Known Member

    Thanks CuckingNuts. I'm it a situation now with my g/f of 4+ years where I've pretty much put it all out there as to sexual interests (I've many!), and am now backing off a bit to let her kind of take the lead on which path of paths--at the proverbial fork in the road--we might take. I think the mistake some guys might make is trying to force the square peg through the round hole, so I'm hoping with several different alternatives, my g/f might be willing to advance to some other higher kinky plane, if given some space and time to think it through. I do hope so, because I love and care for her, but this vanilla sex shit bores the hell out of me! The pillow talk only goes so far. I am putting my "faith and trust" in my woman as she's not religious, no kids, has a history of loving sex and, biggest point of all she, for whatever reason, loves me. Maybe us kinky guys are similar to "bad boys" that women notoriously love! haha
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  11. Mexcuck

    Mexcuck Active Member

    My ex girlfriend in college cheated on me with this big, buff, black football player. She eventually dumped me and began dating him. At that time I was non-cuck yet. this is something that just happened.
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  12. upsidedownfun

    upsidedownfun Active Member

  13. hankhavelock

    hankhavelock Well-Known Member

    My first cuckold-marriage ended in divorce and she did, indeed, hook up with one of her bulls afterward. In all fairness I cannot say that cuckolding was the reason per se, but I'm sure it contributed to the divorce in certain ways. While during the process it was tedious I must admit that it later turned me on, knowing that my very sexy x-wife now was permanently with another.
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  14. elitetx91

    elitetx91 Member

    The married woman I'm currently fucking wants to leave her husband for me. I've been fucking her for a few years now without her husband knowing and it's been fun but I'll have to cut things off if she keeps insisting.
  15. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    I make it clear from the beginning its LUST and not LOVE when I fuck married women. The cuck always appreciates hearing that and seeing it for himself.
  16. indian_couples

    indian_couples Active Member

    I lost my ex-gf to a guy who was certainly a bull material. Lost as in the sense that she married him. It was not a cuckold relationship at any point but she knew about my fantasies (and enjoyed them!). I think somehow it reduced my 'manliness' in her eyes. I often wonder if I had never confided such fantasies then may be she would have stayed with me.
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  17. Donald_Cuck

    Donald_Cuck Active Member

    Thank you for sharing.
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  18. Donald_Cuck

    Donald_Cuck Active Member

    Great response. You would think this would be a site where no one is judgemental. One thing wittols and bullfriends realize is we are all fulfilling each other. Ultimately the males seek the female's satisfaction.
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  19. Donald_Cuck

    Donald_Cuck Active Member

    Not to be argumentative, but a husband should only become a wittol if his sole desire is to make his wife happy. I have told my wife and our bullfriend that if she felt she would be hsppier divorced, then that is what I would want. The wives happiness has got to be more imprtant than my wants. Would I sacrifice my life for her, in a heart beat. So a seperation so she may live her life to it's fullest, is a no brainer.

    I would do anything to keep her, and would be severely hurt, I will live through it. I am the man, thus if there is pain in our relationship, than I should bare it.
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  20. Donald_Cuck

    Donald_Cuck Active Member

    You are a wise man, and many should learn from your approach.
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