which life will you take? a bull or cuckold?

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  1. slinky1

    slinky1 Well-Known Member

    If i was truly honest, i'd love to be a dominant alpha bull. I can only imagine what it must be like to get your cock wet wherever and whenever you like and getting to cum in so many women throughout your life. Even though i've accepted being a submissive cuckold all my life, i've still always had that male primal want to spread my seed in beautiful women, but I have lived an entire life never knowing what that must be like. Still to this day I look at a naked woman and I feel a constant want to release my seed into her pussy (evolution being a little cruel) but having to settle with using my hand and imagination of what it may feel like.

    I don't think its something an alpha male would ever understand. In saying that, i'm very happy settled with being who i am, but yes, i've seen enough bulls in action to envy their sex lives and how women gravitate to them and the way they respond to them while having sex.
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  2. tractorman

    tractorman Well-Known Member

    which life will you take? a bull or cuckold?

    I am an option C if I maybe,

    I am a successful alpha male drive a nice car live in a barn conversion with land enjoy a successful senior professional career , good income and a beautiful life. I am an alpha male in my normal and visible life to friends family and work colleagues that's what my wife wants I lead numerous staff in my work life giving focus and direction. My wife has always said she married a masculine go forward man and wants me to remain so.

    However when I met my wife to be she was 16..just and an untouched virgin, I was immediately accepted into her family and within a few months she gave me her virginity, however shortly afterwards she went out one evening with a man in his mid 30s intending to allow him to finally have her body, having flirted with him since they met when he was working at her school so he knew her age as this schoolgirl flirted in her uniform in front of him.

    She bottled full sex with him and phoned me that night to tell me of her mistake, (they bumped into one of my friends) I wasn't happy but we made up the next night and I forgave her. This was followed at 17 when she on holiday she got drunk and laid by a lad she admitted that immediately too and I made love to her liking the thought of this.

    Married at 18 nobody else knew the wonderful pretty bride had a wandering eye but I did, on reflection I think I was already sexually sub to her some may say a cuckold already in the making I was 24.

    By her early 20s she had already taken another lover which I didn't know about but an affair with my best friend over several years brought the confessions and nearly the end of our marriage.

    I was upset that she had done this behind my back, not the sex that wasn't really a major issue to me, we had a frank and blunt discussion and since then I have occasionally put her to specially selected men to satisfy her immense sexual requirements.

    In my 30s I had both my nipples pierced as a kink I could hide, I have often wondered but never found out if a male with two pierced nipples signifies anything? theses we followed by a PA for my wife and her nipples pierced for me.

    A few years back she took with my permission a fulltime third person in our marriage a lover, he was known to our family as my friend but whilst he was a good friend to me he was really her lover and when he was here I was submissive to them both. From this I discovered the term cuckold and with her encouragement took happily to wearing women's knickers permanently after being fitted with a collar worn on days away from work. Her lover with my permission took over her sexual requirements and I was presented by them with a CB which I wear over 50% of the time. I also had my toe nails painted and again this is a permanent thing now.

    Outwardly I remain a fully masculine man but enjoy going to work and out socially with my toe nails painted, CB snuggly fitted inside my knickers, its fair to say I do get a kink holding meeting at work think god if they knew! to those that know us personally I remain the alpha male and always will.
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  3. slinky1

    slinky1 Well-Known Member

    I also have both my nipples pierced and have always wondered if it means/ signifies anything in the kink world. Its funny, to the outside world i come across as a very confident "cool/ aloof" arty type who can chat up women probably better than any other guy i know, and in reality, thats the real me.

    My ex's and current wife would be considered very attractive and i think people assumed i was hung like a horse being able to "bag" the hot partners i've had. Its behind closed doors is when it flips 180 degrees. The only reason i've been able to have the hottest chics, is because i've financially been able to fund their wants and needs while they all quietly/ discretely seeked cock elsewhere, sometimes with my knowledge, a lot of times without... all my adult life i've had a desperate need to have access to a pussy, i've had to make a lot of compromises for that luxury even though i've never accessed their holes like i've wanted to... no one would ever have a clue that this has been my life.

    I could have fucked hookers twice a week all my life and be way ahead financially. The fact I have spent so much money on clothes, heels, hand bags, jewellery etc. over 30 years just to try and get some pussy even makes me shake my head in disbelief. I think if people knew i was the classic beta, small cocked, cumeating cuckold "sexual wimp" they'd lose their house on that bet.
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  4. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    The cucks who have posted that they had their nipples pierced reminds me of one cuck who told me that he felt it made him more submissive. He also wore panties and sometimes was locked up.
  5. tractorman

    tractorman Well-Known Member

    Interesting maybe the is no answer I've just always wondered if it has some hidden meaning
  6. cuckoldslave69

    cuckoldslave69 New Member

    I would pick the Cuck.
    The Bull plays a very small role in the relationship.
  7. slinky1

    slinky1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah have to agree with that. It does make me feel submissive for some reason, fir ne its like
    yeah, i agree. I have both my nipples pierced and it does make me feel submissive. I'm sure there are lots of rougher, larger built men that are well hung with tatts and pierced nipples, but on a frame like mine and a smaller cock, i think its more of a sub feminate sissy angle.
  8. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    I agree and after reading some of your posts I read (I think) that you would be willing to take the Bull's cock in your mouth to fluff or clean him. With pierced nipples making you feel like a sissy you would do that and then thank him.
  9. slinky1

    slinky1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, for me, sucking the bull's cock and swallowing his cum is the least I can do to 1/ show my gratitude towards him and his sexual superiority and 2/ to highlight and accentuate the differences between his alpha status and my beta status in front of him and my wife. I can't speak for all sucks but being on your knees with his cock firmly in your mouth and his hand forcefully behind your head as he starts to breath heavier and you know whats coming is some of the most intense 20-30 seconds i've encountered, its that rush that became addictive for me and still is.
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  10. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    The successful Bull of course, as my wife often enough still encourages me to be. Mainly as a sperm donor but also as an out-and-out pleasurer of cucks and their wives. Especially the latter.

    Being so appreciated in the role since I was 17 has given me erotic Highs I sensed even then were not to be missed. These days I crave them more than ever.
  11. AlexG

    AlexG New Member

    Neither at this point
  12. Sissycucky09

    Sissycucky09 Member

    I can't imagine anyone choosing to be a cuckold, I am naturally submissive sissy and find conventional sex with my wife difficult, I wanted my wife to enjoy a good sex life with a masculine dominant man, so I became a cuckold
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  13. hankhavelock

    hankhavelock Well-Known Member

    Oh dear - you can bet I eagerly chose it - and once a reality it did beat the fantasy by lenghts!

    I think the original premises of this fine thread are a bit limited and fantasized, but aside from that I’d without a doubt still choose to be the cuckold as I am. Actually, I have been the bull in some circumstances (yes, it’s true), and while entertaining and hot too, for sure, the sensations come nowhere close to the intensity of being cuckolded.

    To me cuckolding was like “finding myself” sexually and it has given me the most intense feelings of love, eroticism and what have you to a degree that no other “kink” has. As a matter of fact, cuckolding to me is not merely a kink, it’s who I am fair and square. And I love and adore it! And I’ve been lucky in that both my x and my current partner immediately agreed – no need for me to convince a reluctant spouse – they took to it like fish in tropical waters.

    So cuckold is my vote :)
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  14. trvlandply

    trvlandply New Member

    Cuckold hands down ... not even close for me
  15. aloneandneeding

    aloneandneeding Active Member

    At my age and now looking back on what could have been. If I could be 20 knowing what know now I would marry a breathtakingly beautiful wife and submit too her control wishing her to be a BBC only white wife as her permanently pussy free cuckold.
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  16. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Not only would I choose Life A, so would my wife. Our life is good; most importantly our health is great and we're doing well financially. Although she has several male lovers, Audrey's desire for women is just as great - greater if you consider that she has me to give her dick when she wants. (Audrey's lovers comprise three married couples, a single male and a single female.) So although she does mostly FMFs (with the couples and with me and her single girlfriend), and occasional couples swaps with me, we could be pretty happy with just other women.
  17. MyDesiShyWife

    MyDesiShyWife New Member

    I am enjoying Cuck as of now. So I prefer to be C
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  18. barbietiz

    barbietiz Active Member

    it is what it is, last night my wife lover spend the night, they were is active furious sex for over three hours. The rare occasions I have a chance with her I only last one minute or less, so I feel nothing but devotion and admiration for him.
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  19. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    "Admiration" and "devotion" of a husband for a younger, stronger and spunkier and overall more beautiful and worthier lover of his wife. I know those feelings only too well Barbietiz !

    Add to those feelings my ones of homosexually loving and lusting for my young buddy's breathtaking Afro-American physique and awesome uncircumcised cock, and you have a recipe for envy and jealousy that gets me off every time he fucks and fills my ex-wife and gets her to orgasm convulsively underneath him---usually several times a night, taking some 20 to 40 minutes to orgasm and ejaculate copiously in her every single time :p

  20. barbietiz

    barbietiz Active Member

    Yes dear, my wife's lover is not african american or younger but he centerly is strong, viril and smart while Im a transvestite sissy cuck.

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