which life will you take? a bull or cuckold?

Discussion in 'Controversial Issues' started by kennysiu, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. kennysiu

    kennysiu Member

    Imagine you could only make your choice once in your lifetime and no turning back once you've confirmed your decision. Which of the following will you choose?

    Life A - A successful bull
    You are a successful alpha male with all the women you want, driving porsche living in a great house, having professional career , great income, beautiful life.

    Life B - A cuckold
    You are a full-time cuckold slave to a beautiful hot woman you always want to worship, but you can't have her. She may only take you as her pet or slave, not even a cuckold. She has lovers, both male and female. You live in her house and sleep in the cage, you've got nothing ,no assets no money, no friends, no job, no social circles,...she and her lover own you and you provide domestic service to them, they rarely allow you to orgasm, or only allow milking. They may castrate you at anytime if they want. You have signed a contract to them, not even police will help you at anytime if you feel regret and want to leave.

    Which choice will you pick
  2. obedientcuck

    obedientcuck Well-Known Member

    Here's an analogy. Would you rather be Superman or Jimmy Olsen?

    Well, of course i'd rather be Superman. Since i can't be Superman, like Lex Luthor i can live a miserable existence resenting the existence of a superior man, or like Jimmy Olsen i can make the best of the cards life deals me and bask in the reflected glory of my hero.

    i have no doubt that our Bull's sexual pleasure and general pleasure vastly exceeds mine. i'd trade lives with him in a heartbeat, but since i can't be him i am happy to serve him.
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  3. cucked4ever

    cucked4ever New Member

    Since I prefer sexually servicing her men, I have no desire to be a stud for her or any women.
  4. OwnedCuck

    OwnedCuck New Member

    I envy my wife's bull a great deal, I even fantasize about what it would be like to be him. I can't imagine a better life than being an alpha, having women spreading their legs for me, having men respect me. If I had a choice it would be an easy one. But unfortunately we are who we are, and its up to us to make the best of it.
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  5. small9

    small9 Active Member

    If I had the choice I would choose to be a bull. However I am what I am and am a cuckold. I make the best of that situation.
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  6. BigWhiteCock11

    BigWhiteCock11 New Member

    Obviously, if i had to pick i'd be a Bull mostly because i'm not retarded, i don't have any psychological problems, i'm confident, i have a great wife that i can satisfy, i'm not a complete liberal faggot and partly because i've never seen a guy with a bigger cock than mine so being a cuck is automatically out of the equation.
  7. wycome38

    wycome38 Member

    Love my wife fucking other guys, and love fuking other guys wives :)
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  8. Mbgdallas

    Mbgdallas Member Founding Member

  9. I choose my life:

    A beautiful, loving wife; a long and happy marriage; a degree, professional qualifications and very successful business career; a great family; high income, pension and wealth; early retirement; two BMW's; beautiful house and vacation lodge, worldwide travel; health and happiness; all in all a wonderful life.

    Oh.....and I get to be my Wife's cuckold as well, which only makes it better.
  10. Kudalskies

    Kudalskies Well-Known Member Founding Member

    This describes me the most :) But like once a week one late night... all night I love the feeling of the other side... a total cuckold... humiliated and abused by the bull as he have his way dominating my submissive wife. what does that make me :confused:
  11. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    You are awesome...I am so glad you found CF.

    I want my life also. And I would never want option B for anyone. Cucks are respected, valued, loved, appreciated, and desired by me.
  12. Dear Deanna,

    Thank you for your very kind words.

    I entirely agree with you: option B should not be for anyone. Cuckoldresses, Cuckolds, Bulls and anyone fitting into any other category should at all times be fully respected, valued, loved, appreciated and desired. You are a wise Lady and I respect you.
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  13. aloneandneeding

    aloneandneeding Active Member

    I am neither. I would like to make my own option. I do want a wife /girlfriend who would be in many ways like Deanna. If I even attempt to be a Cuckold that would be willing to submit 100% I would need trust to her completely. I am far enough in life to know what I wouldn't want. First I don't want to be a bull with all bull crap that goes with the expectations. I have been with many married women but as a lover giving them more attention then they had. My Hotwife would have to have at least a few of these characteristics. She would have to be Intelligent with good common sense. She should have a nice streak of dominance to control our sex life. I would like to have her breathtakingly beautiful. Not because of my vanity but if she is going to have an active sex life without me, I would want my heart to burn because I will know what I am missing when she is with another lover. Lastly she would need to be independent (free as a bird).
  14. Mr.mpes.hub

    Mr.mpes.hub New Member

    I would pick life B. There would be a few reservations, but on the balance I would still prefer to be a cuckold.

    Being a cuckold, I would have a good appreciation for men who achieved life A.

    I would also like to point out that life is a process. So life A is not a finish line like in fairy tales, but there is a continual process that follows, which I know little about. But getting to life B would be that much more valuable if I competed for a life A and saw the process of how the superior men achieved life A.
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  15. jean.soumis

    jean.soumis Guest

    HAHA, exactly what I would choose!
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  16. pemex

    pemex New Member

    I'm pretty much almost entirely fitting description B at the moment, so I guess I would choose B
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  17. legshowcuck

    legshowcuck Well-Known Member

    that is it!

    me and my Wife...
  18. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    My husband is a total A
    But when my lover takes out his 9" cock he becomes a total B
    End of story
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  19. Wife4others

    Wife4others Guest

    I'll take our life now. A successful alpha at work. A successful beta at our house and in the bedroom.
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  20. CityOfLondon

    CityOfLondon New Member

    People play their part in life and generally accept it. I just take what I want often with little regard to consequences.

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